If you could create a beauty collection inspired by a music album, which album would you pick?

If you could create a beauty collection inspired by a music album, which album would you pick? Share! (Bonus points if you share what kind of shades would be in it!)

Garbage (well, by Garbage, their self-titled album!). A deep red, fuchsia pink, slate gray, pewter, some kind of duochrome.

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Oh how I wish I had the money to have this made!! The bright pink feathers with that stenciled G on the cover is the perfect blend of pretty and grungy. I was just listening to this album the other day, I’d forgotten how good it is – it’s been ages since I’d listened it and not just a song here or there on my iPod. Milk is my fave, it’s so depressing and haunting. <3

Cyndi Lauper. The album with “Girls just wanna have fun”….colorful, bold, red, outlandish and all girl. Punk era. Glad I had a punk hair cut when I was young in college.

I would pick Metric – Fantasies.

A dirty red gold duochrome for Help I’m Alive, a glittering platinum gold for Gold Girls Guns, a shimmering jade-gold for Blindness and a candy pink with gold shimmer for Stadium Love.

Can you tell I like shimmer?

The Disappearance of the Girl by Phildel. In fact, I have made a franken eyeshadow collection based on it. I can’t help that I find it very inspiring! πŸ˜›

Blink182 Enema of the State! It would have really bold bright eyeshadows, jet black liner, red/fuschia lipstick and it would be wonderful haha! πŸ™‚

Ceremonials by Florence + The Machine. I love the Deco style of the images/text and a collection based around that would be super wearable and really versatile. It would probably need eyeshadows in gold, coral-peach, ivory, and a matte brown, a black eyeliner (maybe kohl), and red lipstick.

For me- No Doubt’s ‘Return of Saturn’. There are really fun ska dance songs like “Bathwater” where you could fun colors (brights greens, yellows, oranges, turquoise, reds) and more dark songs like “Dark Blue” where you could do a nice metallic shimmery midnight blue. The album is centered around the return of Saturn (an astrological phenomena) so you could do lots of glitter, metallic, shimmer, duo chrome and really dark (black, dark purple, midnight blue, dark metalic grey), bright colors ( hot pink, yellow, aqua, purple) or pale (shimmery whites, pastels, golds, slivers, opals) . You always associate a hot pink with no doubt, so that would automatically be in there. and they have a song called “Magic’s in the Makeup” how more perfect could you get? lol

I’d probably pick Stereo Alchemy’s “God of Love” album (it’s fairly obscure, but seriously it’s an amazing album). There’d probably be a true red lipstick and a nude lipstick, then super-pigmented black and brown eyeliner, maybe an eyeshadow palette with some matte nude shades (an off-white highlighter, a nude beige, a nude brown, and a black). Which sounds fairly boring, I suddenly realize. Oh, well.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band! Bright colors like the Beatle’s marching band uiforms: Paul’s electric blue, John’s neon green, Ringo’s hot pink, and George’s candy apple red; and pure psychedlia from the lyrics: tangerine (trees), marmalade (skies), think Summer of Love. I know I would buy it…but I would buy anything related to my beloved Beatles!

Ditto. Sgt. Pepper was a turning point for the Beatles. They insisted that everything on it be “different” resulting in approximately 700 hours of recording time. It was a time of great experimentation in a number areas of their lives – I would expect Sgt. Pepper collection to include some incredible new makeup textures and colors.

And I was but a ‘youngin at the time.

Haha, for some strange reason, when I listen to 21 by Adele, I just see a MAC collection collaboration with Adele. Set Fire to the Rain would be a red lipstick, and Someone Like You would be a warm-toned pale pink blush, and Rolling in the Deep would be a brown eye shadow, Rumor Has It would be a nude/pink lipstick, and a face primer or eye shadow primer called He Won’t Go.

Going by album covers, I really like Discovery LP (by Discovery). It’s so colorful and has this psychedelic, 80s feel to it. The music reflects that as well. It would make for a great eyeshadow range.

Sigur RΓ³s “Takk…” Nude lips, shimmery green eyes. Actually, there’s a lot I would do from them. “MeΓ° SuΓ° Í Eyrum ViΓ° Spilum Endalaust” could make a collection of the greatest explosion of color!

Sopor Aeternus-The Inexperienced Spiral Traveller

Dark, blackened lips & eyes, with purples, taupes, greys, and plums; strong sculpting products.

Marc Almond/Michael Cashmore-Feasting With Panthers

Red lips, bold lashes, neutral mattes & metallics for eyes, bold blush.
(This would also be inspired by Torment and Toreros, also Marc Almond)

Stranger Things-Marc Almond

Ethereal duo-chromes for eyes, pale, sheer, sparkly glosses, nude lipstick, and an illuminator to mix with foundation, soft cheeks.

I could go on, and on… I am heavily influenced by the music I listen to the night before, or while I’m getting dressed, whichever is most recent. Sometrimes, it’s the opposite; if I have something in mind that I want to try, I’ll choose music that seems most suitable.

Ahh, too many choices! Definitely one for Hello Fascination by Breathe Carolina. Matte primary red, yellow, and blue eyeshadows, sparkly black eyeliner, and lots of shimmery neon eyeshadows and eyeliners. And some bright pink blushes, a bright red lip with some sparkle, and a matte neon hot pink lippie. (:

Sempiternal by Bring Me The Horizon: Matte black eyeshadow, black with colored sparkles eyeshadow (Like Stella by Sugarpill), a dark olive or forest green with gold shimmer eyeshadow, jet black eyeliner, and an eyeliner that looks like liquid gold. (:

If you make me go through every album I’d pick, this would be longer than any essay I had to write in high school. xD

Styx Paradise Theater…(showing my age) But, the colors would be inspired by the album artwork and the awesome holographic theater engraved on the limited edition record (yes, record, not vinyl, this was YEARS AGO). The colors would be soft lilacs, purples, definitely a black with some kind of holographic glitter, deep and light greys, and a pop of pink. The packaging would be a mid-tone purple, slightly holo with gunmetal accents. And the color names would be like “Mr. Roboto” “Rockin’ the Paradise” “Best of Times”
Aww…now I want to do a classic rock themed makeup line…who wants to put down the capital for that??? hahaha

My Chemical Romance’s Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys.
The colors would be really bright, matte, primary and secondary colors, with some neons thrown in. The packaging would feature art from the comics and be generally awesome.

I would make a collection based off of the Cruisin’ 1958 album cover. (Cruisin’ was a popular compilation album that was released from 1950 to about 1971, and each album cover had the single frame of a comic strip based around the life and times of Peg and Eddie.) I’d love to see a rockabilly 50s retro makeup collection done like the Cruisin’ album covers. The colors would have bright blues, retro greens, subtle yellows, and vintage pinks and reds. I’m thinking colorful winged liner, and bold pink or red lips. A classic look, but with comic book colors.

The Phantom of the Opera film soundtrack! There would be gold, silver, scarlet, sapphire, and black. However, there could be many different collections based on each song.

Yeah! I want musical inspired make-up. When I had irrealistic dreams, I wanted to make a scarf line inspired by musicals and my country’s most prominent musical actors. Later I got a job at a place selling scarves, and I spent a lot of my time deciding which musical this or that scarf reminded me of :D. Ah, memories…

I’d choose the album “I Got a Boy” by Girls’ Generation. It features tattoo-inspired artwork with bright colors and gradients. It’s VERY vibrant. My idea would be to make ombre/gradient eyeshadow palettes from a few of the colors. For example, the roses on the album have petals that fade from red to dark pink to light pink to white. (Now that I’m taking another look, one of the faces on the album is wearing these colors on her eyes!) Another example is the picture of the buck that is colored in with shades of blue. Maybe this could be another eyeshadow palette. The Girls’ Generation logo is bright pink with a yellow border. Maybe these could be nail colors. The pink could even make for a great lipstick.

I’m gonna go a bit obscure here: Salem Al Fakir’s Ignore This. I know, it would be weird to see a make-up collection inspired by a man’s album, haha :). It would consist of greys, silvers, dark blues, brooding reds, steel greens.
As for an album from a female artist, definitely The Pipettes’ debut album! Ah! 60s mod styles, pastels and primary colors (yellow, red, blue in their rawest forms), pink lips, crazy lashes, brighter blushes, eyeliners, matt pink lips…

DECEMBERUNDERGROUND by AFI! Lots of cold colors; whites, blues, creams (music vids were wintery and songs were kind of depressing/made me think of all things cold), mixed with a bit of grey, black and some burgundies/maroons for Miss Murder in particular. Especially a dark, vampy lip color called Miss Murder too! πŸ˜€ Maybe throw in some pink and purple eyeshadows for their song Girls Not Grey even though it wasn’t on DECEMBERUNDERGROUND ~ Now I need a dark vampy color for a look idea.XD

I would make a collection based off Ne-Yo’s RED album. The whole album spans from sexy/sultry R&B to upbeat dance club. This whole album could be summed up with a great smokey eye palette which includes 1 metallic silver color. The main ingredient across the board would be a RED lip. Gotta have the RED lip. Your smokey eye could be as light or as dark as you need it depending on the song.

Pink Floyd’s Pulse concert album. Why? I like live albums, this one is long and has every song you might want to use as theme. The cover art is amazing. The performances are amazing! First thought was Dark Side Of The Moon, but that’s been so commercially worked over…

This is fun! I would do Prince Purple Rain album. If only because when I was little, i would watch my mom get ready to it and we would dance around. Good memories. Of course there would be…hmmm.PURPLE πŸ™‚ a palette of a white shimmery shade, black matte, a royal shimmering purple, a shimmering lilac, and a midtone matte eggplant shade, and a really dark blue/ purple duochrome. A blue toned pink lipstick and a blush with a light neutral pink shade. I would also want a nail polish with a galaxy-like look to it. A dark (almost black blue) blue base with varying sizes of glitter in purples,blues, and whites. With the really big glitters being bright vivid purple. This was an awesome questions! I love creative stuff like this

“De-loused in the Commatorium” by The Mars Volta. Dirty, duochromatic colors for the eye palette. A taupe blush for contouring, an iridiscent highlighter (we’re talking about The Mars Volta!) and a rich, matte red lipstick.

Songs In The Key Of Life by Stevie Wonder. The album cover is a sunburst of oranges, corals and bronzes. The makeup collection would incorporate those colors with a 70’s earthy vibe.

Wu-Tang Clan: 36 Chambers There be a bright matte yellow, satin army green, matte dollar bill green, navy, royal blue, bright red matte, strong glossy black, dazzling grill gold, diamond dazzling white opal, oversaturated kung-fu bamboo green, kung-fu oversaturated sky turquoise, murky hudson river blue green. It would be both bright and dark, Gothamesque. Ideally I’d like to have each color available as a matte and a satin/pearl/shimmer so you could create depth within the same shades or play with starker monochromatic looks.

Silverchair’s Diorama. Red angry, vampy lipstick, a pretty rose pink blush, dark, gothic eyeshadow palette, glittery pigments and eyeshadows in every colour of the rainbow. Pretty contradictory but so is the album, with songs that run the full emotional gamut from hopeful optimism to dreary hopelessness and love to hate. But everytime I listen to it, I see the colours of the rainbow. <3

The Neighborhood’s I Love You. Black and charcoal matte and shimmer eye shadows, darkest black pencil and liquid liner, and really deep red and purple matte lipsticks. Everything would be really mysterious, sexy, and brooding to match the vibe of the album.

Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours,” easy. It has a great mix of sad/serious and happy/hopeful songs that would be great to match with smoky eyes, or sweet looks, or different colors for “The Chain” or “Silver Springs…”

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