How would you describe your makeup preferences?

Everything but the kitchen sink? I like dabbling across types of products and finishes, though toning it down and using one or two products is hard for me personally, but I like products of all kinds – natural, bright, pigmented, sheer, shiny, matte, glittery, whatever. Good eyeshadow always gets me excited as eye makeup is still the area that I really enjoy playing with.

— Christine
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Eclectic! I like to try everything and I like to use “unwearable” colours at work (anything that isn’t brown or beige). Mostly shimmer eyeshadows though, matte eyeshadows make my eyes look weird since the rest of my face is oily.

Subtle face (barely there natural) with as light foundation as I can get away with (I dislike the texture of many on my skin). Often quite bold lip colour (surprisingly, I used to crave nudes and soft pinks and shy away from red. Soft/ nude doesn’t suit my colouring). Eyes, often quite bold colours, experimental, but contained on the lid so it rarely looks too scary (hiding behind glasses helps too)I lean matte rather than glossy, and dislike the dewy look on myself.
I’d say I’m pretty conservative in my sense of style, but when I try to translate that into makeup I look tired or sick, often worse than not wearing anything. So I’ve adapted.

Eyes: I prefer mostly matte, cool neutral eyeshadow shades, with a pop of shimmer on the lid (not glitter). I tightline the top lid rather than drawing a line above the lashes, because that doesn’t work with the shape of my eyes. I like my brows (or what’s left of them) to look as natural as possible. I mascara on my top lashes, but my bottom lashes are few and far between, so I don’t like to emphasize them. I sometimes put a bit of color along the outer third under my lower lashes.

Face: Matte makeup with a light touch of highlighter on top of my cheekbones. I like blush that gives me a natural-looking flush. No contouring or bronzing.

Lips: I mostly use bullet lipsticks. Satins are my favorite formula, but I have a little of everything except glittery lipstick. I use lip pencils to keep creamier shades from feathering. (It helps only a little.) Color-wise, I avoid “greige” shades and shades that are lighter than my natural lip color, as they make me look dead. Shades that are too dark make my lips look thinner, so I avoid those, too. Other than that, almost anything goes: red, mauve, fuchsia, purple, brown, pink, orange, beige, even teal! Lips are where I get the most experimental.

On the spectrum, I’m probably on conservative side of middle. I generally prefer mattes and satins in finishes — blush, eyeshadow — as more sparkly on maturing skin doesn’t make me look better. Lips I’ll go more frosted or shiny; matte doesn’t do me any favors.
I’ll go more sparkly and stronger colors for night time, but still not very ‘out there’ (eg just don’t see me trying a blue lipstick).
I haven’t gone bare or apparently-bare though in years. So definitely stuff on for generally better looks, even if it’s more neutral or ‘natural’ just to look good and healthy, and during the work week, professional

For lips: I prefer Matt lipsticks, bright and warm like oranges, red-oranges, warm fuxias and corals. I Also have a couple of Cool reds anche fuxia, plus some dark lipsticks but My favourites are the bright and warmer
For eyes: i like a veil of shimmer eyeshadows (but not too Sparky) on the mobile lid, paired with neutral matte on the crease and outer corner, plus a very very Thin line of eyepencil for definition. I use almost every color, but with light band fircachieve a delicate effect (because the focus are mainly the lips): from warm neutrals (coppers, golds), to green, Blue, plums purples and lilacs. The colors that I fell not confident to use on the lids are the dark ones (I hate on myself black Smokey, I do not own any black eyeshadows) Grays and fuxias.
Face: the most of the time I don’t wear any foundation since my facial skin Is good. In the special occasions I wear a very light bb cream. While I usually wear fard (with very very light hand!), using matte warm Shades (Coral and Orange). Finally I add a very very subtle hint of highlight on the cheeckbones (but I prefer formulas that are luminous but without Sparkle)

Eclectic and conservative at the same time??? I like to experiment and on a given week I might have 5 different make-up looks; but my preferences are both broad and narrowed at the same time.

It’s hard to explain… For example, I love color, I’ll switch between neutral eyeshadows looks and more colorful ones. But if I do color, it’s usually darker, jewel like tones (dark green, burgundy, blue, purple); you won’t see me near a neon or too pastel color. You won’t see me doing graphic eyeliner looks or cut-creases, but you might see a different eye look on me everyday of the week. Anything too shimmery or glittery is a no for me.
I’d rock a bold red or burgundy (or even MAC Cyber) every day at the work week if I like; but I might just wear every day my nude or my-lips-but-better color. I’m only sticking to classic lipstick (satin or mate); I don’t own or plan buying a liquid lipstick or lipgloss.
I will wear most days a perfectly coverage base (my foundation and concealer routine doesn’t change for work / casual outings / going-out), but I like to play around with contouring / bronzing / blush sometimes. But you won’t see intense contouring on me and I will skip highlighter 90% of the time.

Fairly adventurous for someone in my age range! Especially when it comes to my eye makeup looks. Very little is off the table, except chunky glitter and eye gloss. I’m also not averse to sporting a non-traditional color highlighter, a purple or deep vampy lipstick, or a peacock colored lip gloss (oh, and it’s literally called Peacock, too!)

When it comes to my face base products and the look preference I go for, it is more about perfecting an uneventful, splotchy complexion, but without heavy, full coverage foundation. Allowing my freckles to peek though no longer bugs me! I prefer to have my skin look a bit dewy, yet not greasy or overtly shimmery. And I abhor cakey, thick foundation on myself!

One word comes to mind for me, and that is extra. I love color, and I love sparkly, shiny everything on my face. I only use a tinted moisturizer as a base, and then go ham in the other stuff. I don’t leave the house without tons of color and shine, even if I’m going to work.

Coloring: lt-med warm, blue-green eyes, lt. reddish brown hair.
I like and use just about everything except neon, chalky pastel, very dark colors and chunky glitter. I’ll sometimes wear a cooler toned lip, but it takes more care to pull it off. So a warmer lip & cheek are go-tos, eyes can be any color/texture except what’s ‘banned’ above :). In application I’m going for blended, harmonious, dewy, flattering – and pleasing myself with beautiful color/texture. I’m too old for editorial looks, and they’ve never been my taste irl, though I can appreciate it on other people.

I am all about that shimmery/glittery life. I love shimmer in almost anything as long as it isn’t filled with a bunch of big glitter. I like there to be some decent pigmentation grounding the shimmer. I don’t generally go for any far out colours only because I live in such a small community and wearing black lipstick just wouldn’t be appreciated. Other than that, I have my preferences so stick pretty much to more wearable shades. I love glowy skin although I find it hard to get that look personally. I like a very pigmented lipstick in bolder shades because I have pretty pigmented lips and so MLBB’s don’t really work for me.

I like makeup that enhances a person’s natural beauty. Fresh, natural and feminine.

Shiny and sparkly catches my eye. I do love colors -pastels and bright ones but rarely wear them.
Thick foundations, overly powdered, dark heavy eyeliner and bold lips are overdone on me.

I do like natural looking lashes, cool tones and light peachy pink cheeks and lips as they are flattering on my complexion.

I’m very eclectic. I will try anything and if I think it looks good that’s what matters. My eyelids are starting to age too much to use shimmer on them anymore so that makes me sad and I’m having a hard time with that, as I’ve always worn shimmer and glitter. So I’m into a new learning phase with that. But I will persevere and conquer that obstacle. I only wear black lipstick on Halloween though.

I would describe my makeup preferences as colourful. I love bold lipstick shades such as coppery browns, berries and russet reds. I prefer creamy, glossier lipsticks over matte lipsticks and I never use lip glosses.
And I paricularly love autumnal eye shades of olive greens, mint, forest greens, golds, copper, smokey blue, teals, taupes and mid browns. I much prefer shimmery shades over mattes.
For my face, I have a porcelain complexion, so I use a peachy blush to add colour to my cheeks.

Mostly polished and refined, with a little bit of fun. I tend to sticks with non-brown neutrals on my eyes, peach, pink, copper, beige and gold with little pops of colour every now and then and I like shimmers and satin finishes because I’ve got big black spectacles, so anything to lighten and brighten my eye works great.
I find myself using less and less eyeliner and putting more emphasis on my lashes, which seems counter intuitive but it works for me. I’d rather do a relatively “safe” eye (but still have fun with it) and then play up my blush & highlighter and finish with a great lipstick, than spend ages faffing about with cut creases, winged liner, smoking out, etc because a) nobody can see it behind my glasses and b) I usually can’t be bothered with that amount of close detail work on my eyes because c) I’m practically blind and d) also lazy. I do like to use a bit of purple glitter or metallic teal eyeliner on occasion, whenever whimsy strikes 🙂

Overall, I wear HEAPS of makeup that doesn’t look like too much makeup, if you know what I mean. 😉

Eclectic alternative glam. I just love color. That includes pretty neutrals. Because of a lifetime of oily skin, I like a matte or semi-matte base and add my shine with color cosmetics.

I like anything a little different and interesting: Whether a “weird” colored product, glitter, duo-chrome finish, or whatever. I like a bit of whimsy and fun, and I like to mix looks up. One day may be classic pin-up, another day more goth with creative eyeliner and black lips, the next day monochrome purple, and so on. But I don’t want to just load on a bunch of wild or weird stuff for the sake of it. I still want to look put-together, but in an interesting and creative way.

Natural, dewy, and “no makeup” looks don’t suit my face or my style, so I avoid those.

Dewy, medium to high coverage foundation with a strong wet look highlight and a light to medium lilac or cool toned pale pink blush, with a subtle contour. The highlight will often be pink, violet or blue iridescent and placed on cheek bones, temples, nose bridge and tip and a tiny bit on chin.

For lips I tend to go for pale pinks, Cool pinky nudes, lilacs and cool light mauves, occasionally a brighter bubblegum pink, light purple, or almost red pink matte lipstick. These can be lipgloss, satin finish or matte lipsticks.

I will either do a cat eyeliner or none at all, and mascara on top lashes only unless I’m doing a dark smokey eye. I like pinks, cool neutrals, purples, light blues, burgundys, greys, black, glittery, matte and iridescent eyeshadows and will usually do the lightest shimmery shade in the inner corner and work outwards to a darker matte colour as this flatters my hooded eyes. Ideally I want to look like a iridescent alien!

My overall makeup style is colorful and playful.
Face: I keep my foundation matte and medium-to-full coverage, to hide any breakouts. I get a bit adventurous with blush-I’ll wear matte or shimmer finishes in pinks, roses, peaches, plums, and mauves. I use contour in the hollows of my cheeks to sharpen my cheekbones; and if I’m in the mood for highlighter, I put a little on my browbone but concentrate most of it along the length of my cheekbones. I don’t use bronzer-I prefer to keep my natural pale skintone.
Eyes: I wear bright eyeshadows, often matching or coordinating them to my top/dress, and I’m not afraid to wear several bright shadows at a time. I exclusively stick to colored mascaras-the closest I get to a neutral mascara is burgundy.
Lips: I favor pinks, reds, burgundies, berries, coppers, golds, and bronzes-the more out-there colors look good on other people, but I don’t think they’d work on me. My preferred lipstick finishes range from shimmer/frost to matte-I generally avoid sheer. I’m very selective about lip gloss-it needs to have decent pigmentation and it must not be too sticky!

I love experimenting with makeup. That being said, I do have to stick to neutral tones 5 days a week for work, but I always push that to the edge. On my weekends I love to play with color! For foundation I usually prefer a medium coverage satin finish, something that looks more skin-like. I usually wear at least two blushes and two highlighters to mix tones and textures. For lips I always wear lip liner, lipstick (mostly creme finish) and a gloss (preferably a glittery one). I’m 42, live in FL, work outside in the heat & humidity (Disney), and realize this seems a bit much, but I don’t care because it makes me happy.

I tend to like color, pop, diversity in styles (going from neutral-nude to deeply smoky to peacock colorful, even back-to-back in the same week). I think eclectic is the best description. The only constant is that it’s rare that if I do my makeup I don’t do eyeshadow with at least three to four colors minimum.

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