How often do you vary up your makeup?

Quite a bit, I’d say! I definitely don’t have a “go-to” look or something that I routinely do over and over again. I end up with similar-looking eyeshadow combinations over time based on the similarity between releases and seasonal trends, though, but I’m not actively repeating color combinations!

— Christine
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On weekends, I have a daytime barely-there look that pretty much stays the same. For going out in the evenings, I have a couple of favorite established looks I choose from. But for weekdays, I like to change it up every day. Rarely ever do I wear the exact same look twice in one week when I go to work…unless I’ve had a rough morning, in which case I do the basic LM Caviar Stick one-and-done eye with MLBB lipstick.

Any time I get something new or pull out a product I’ve set aside for a long time, my look will vary though for the most part, all my looks are pretty neutral and “workplace friendly” – it’s what I like and it’s what fits my lifestyle. But I picked up the new Dior 5-pan yesterday and today, my eye look is a bit more “gold plated” than I usually go for and I’m really like the finished product so this might actually become a “go to” for me.

Really liking the cool toned look you are wearing here, Christina– wondering what it is?
For myself, I am changing my looks pretty continuously, and always experimenting. I use more than one palette at a time, and often seek out ways to make colors that don’t work for me– work in different combinations. I also rediscover new ways to use older palettes in my collection. Currently, the ND Blue-Purple palette is undergoing a revival now that blues are coming back. As is the Viseart Dark Mattes, which I’ve come to realize can work on me in new ways. I’m finding the Smoke Stacks palette is a lot of fun to mix with other palettes for a bit of a grungy fall look. I realize those on tighter schedules would not perhaps have time to mix several palettes– but it does create variety.

Every day! I have my go-to techniques that I use, but always mix up what products I use on a day to day basis. I love thinking about what color combo to wear each day and seeing how everything turns out once my morning routine is done.

In an attempt to get through my stash — and since I get bored with one makeup look very quickly — I vary my makeup everyday, specifically eye makeup. In fact, I had taken your recommendation to heart and often have two different eye looks. What frustrates me is when I think I’m switching things up but somehow the difference is negligible in application. Just goes to show you (me) that no matter how different something looks from something else in the pan, it doesn’t always translate on the eye.

I’m sharing the sale issue: I own a lot of palettes and I have a lot of similar shades across them that look very similar One to the the other. Maybe from the pans or from arm-swatches I’m able ti spot some slightly differences… But usually on the lid I’m going to obtain almost the sale results. Consider Also that I wear eyeglasses that tend ti soften each eyelook… Instead I have more luck with the lipsticks, since slightly differences usually are translated on the lips (of you, like me, prefer Matt or totally opaque lipsticks than sheer Ones)

Since I’m not someone who wears a true signature look, I’d say I change things up on the regular. I do have several “go-to” looks that I love doing because of how easy and quick they are to throw together or because they fetch lots of compliments.

I never have a “go-to” look, I vary the eyeshadow and lipstick color I wear almost everyday, sometimes I’ll do a winged eye liner, sometimes I’ll smudge an eye pencil along my lashline. I don’t do seasonal (I love a burgundy lipstick even in the summer), and my workplace allows to be somewhat edgy if I want (some will look odd at me, but people who know me for a long time don’t care). My variations are not that huge… but in one week you’ll see me wear one day a nude, the other a red, maybe a burgundy on Friday and a chocolate brown in between; one day might be a smoky grey, the other a plain winged liner and the others a green or blue or red-brown inspired look.

I think I am pretty typical of people who are makeup junkies in that I love to play with my makeup and not just try different products but also different placement. In general, when leaving the house, my makeup will follow a pretty similar vein. I have very hooded eyes so shadow placement is pretty much dictated by that. Sometimes I will put a shimmer in my crease but it never looks particularly good so I tend to leave that to weekend makeup and not makeup I would wear out of the house, (my go to the dump looks are usually looks that I find a little too much for daily wear!!). Whenever I purchase a new product I always try and play with it and I will try different placement.

I’ve a couple standard tecniques for my daytime looks. basically I use 2 shimmers on the lid (sometimes the ligher shimmer Is in the inner of the lid, some other times I Place it in the centre). Then I use a dark matte for the outer corner, One other matte as transition shade, and an other darker matte for Deep the crease , plus the Brown bone higlighter (usually a very Fair matte or satin shades). In the lower outer lash line I prefer using an colourfull eyepencil rather than an eyeshadow (since Here my skin Is a bit dry). This Is my standard look. However, since I have a lot of palletes, I own almost every colour and I love to play with them. Moreover I try to rotate every few days between my palletes, in order to use them equally. I’m Alsoo trying to force myself to use equally all the shades inside a single palette! So basically there are endless variation of my standard look since I don’t wear the Se colour scheme for two following days!

Steps and technique are exactly the same every day. while I rotate through lipstick and eye shadow shades. To get to know my lipsticks better, I try to use the same one for at least three days in a row. That way, I have learned which ones are truly my favorites and which don’t work as well as I thought they had. I used to vary my makeup colors by what I was wearing but because I have gravitated towards dark neutral clothing, now everything goes with everything.

I use different colors all the time, but the same placement – it’s what I think looks best on me.
And the colors themselves are mostly fairly subtle, so in the end I think it’s 99% for my own enjoyment. The most noticeable difference from the outside (I’m guessing) is how much sheen is going on in a particular look. But again, nothing super matte on the one hand or glittery on the other, so it’s all playing the middle. As I age, (and w/ lt-med coloring) the makeup wears me if it’s too dark/bright/flat.

I challenge myself daily to come up with very different eye looks as I am trying to get the most out of all of my palettes, quads and quints. And whilst my foundation, blush, and eye brow pencil remains the same, I also use different lipsticks to pair with the overall look as well.

I tend to vary my makeup colors seasonally.
I’ve depotted my powder products into winter, spring, summer, and fall palettes. Each varies in hues and intensities (ie deeper shades of bronzer in the summer palette). I’m hoping to be able to better use all the powders in my collection that way.
As far as application goes – I try different methods (mostly YouTube inspired) but rarely change.

Everytime I apply my makeup I use different products. It is one way I justify having so much. I may use the same primer and foundation for 2 or 3 days, alternating undereye concealer as well. I go from powder to cream to liquid blush. Same with bronzer and highlighter- or I may not wear these at all. I usually switch up eyeshadow palettes every day, sometimes incorporating singles, sometimes using singles only. Even if I use the same es palette days in a row (ABH Sultry) I use different shades each time. Sometimes one and done cream eyeshadows, sometimes eye crayons.
Same goes for lip product. Lipsticks to lipgloss to tinted balms. Multiple shades of each.
About the only thing I wear consistently day in, day out is my mascara. For the past month I’ve been loving Hourglass Caution on top lashes and MAC Gigablack on my bottom lashes.

Lol I feel like I do your job and don’t get paid for it, in that I constantly try new stuff but don’t have a blog. I do something new just about every day. Yes, there are looks that feel especially “me” but I’m pretty open. Between sub boxes and my own shopping habit, I am always trying new makeup.

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