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Not very often at all! The only time I change things up is if I see that the regimen I’ve been using has either: a.) No longer as effective as before, or: b.) My skin (or eyes) have begun to react to a product, as both are on the sensitive side. Otherwise I just stick with whatever it is that I’m doing, because if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!

I haven’t changed the routine in years but I do change the product rotations. I have milk cleansers, gel or foam cleansers, cleansing oils, a few bar soaps and I’ll cleanse with a different one every night but I always follow it with toner, then serum (daytime) or retinol (nighttime) then an oil, then a moisturizer, and if it’s daytime, a sunscreen.

I definitely change up my routine for the seasons as we have very definitive seasons here in Montana and my skin requires a change to maintain health. In particular, my already dry skin becomes unbearably dry and chapped in the winter time with below zero temps. and lots of wind. If I don’t add a my hydrating deep moisturizer then I am dealing with chapped lips, skin and eyelids. Now, this winters routine will not be next winters routine. I do like to try new products otherwise how will you know when something better has hit the market. In general, over the past 18 months I have been introducing more Asian skin care into my routine and also trying to introduce more skin care benefits into my makeup. The later is a new goal and I am in the learning stage with regards to ingredients and what works for me and what doesn’t.

I only change it significantly when the needs of my skin change, so either according to the season or when I have recurring breakouts. Other wise, I keep a pretty regular routine, and I just replace products I finish – often with something similar from another brand.

I used to be constantly testing new stuff for the blog and so my routine would change all the time. These days I’m much more picky about what I add to my routine and once I’ve found something that works for me I tend to stick wit h it.

I try to give a new product at least four weeks to do its thing before addibg someting completely new, but as I still have a lot of new stuff to try I guess I introduce one new thing every threeish weeks.

Generally for me, it’s seasonal – more foamy cleansers, lighter moisturizers and higher level sun screen in the warmer months and I’m more likely to use toners; in the winter, I tend to use creamier cleansers, richer moisturizers (often in a cream form too) and more layers of stuff under my moisturizer (serums or facial oils). I’m also a little less fanatical about sun screen…I don’t worry quite so much about using it around my eyes, though I do use some type of sun protection on my face every day, year ’round. All through the year, if I find something new and interesting, I’ll give it a try though.

I really subscribe to Caroline Hirons outlook and protocols for skincare. I have a slew of products in various categories in order to mix it up every day/night. I like to alternate my acid, switch an anti-aging night cream for an oil or balm, vary my serums (e.g. vit C, vit D). I follow Caroline’s application protocol for night and day.

I don’t like changing the staples in my skincare routine, but am always open to trying new “treatments” like masks and exfoliators. For the past 12 years I have been a diehard Clinique fan, but in the past few months I made the decision to switch to Image Skincare, a fantastic professional skincare company that I was introduced to at my spa. The products are not tested on animals, there’s no petrochemicals, no chemical preservatives, no silicones and no parabens in their products. I absolutely love it and I see myself using this line for many, many more years to come.

I don’t change often, but when I do I seem to go nuclear. I’ve been researching and testing out this and that over the past six months. It led me to drop what I was doing entirely and take on a whole new line.

The change has also prompted me to eat a little crow re skin care. Granted, it cannot take the place of a bit of medical intervention after a certain age. But…the remarkable, incredible results of just introducing an acid toner has made me change my thinking. Couple that with “better” serums and moisturizers that have great efficacy on my skin and, honest to heavens, lines on my neck are gone, crinkling around my eyes gone in places and greatly diminished in others. The finish of my skin has never looked better, and this is in my 50s. I also think it will make the treatments I do last longer. I think I hit on what’s right for me — and I almost can’t believe the difference.

So many great products that work in the aggregate; while they are far less aggressive than spa treatments, for me that is a good thing. I don’t mind waiting a little longer for the results if it means I reduce the risk of reaction. I can’t believe how much tighter my orbital area has become throwing in a good vit A and ferulic combo eye treatment in my regimen. I’m completely with ya!

I never try new products! I have a skincare regimine that works really well for my situation. I’d rather not waste time and money experimenting with my skin. I do add a thicker moisturizer in the winter as I live in a very cold and dry climate. Then in the summer months I switch back to my lightweight serum exclusively.

I haven’t changed up my skin care since October when winter started, up here.

I’ll probably change it up again come mid may when it starts getting into summer here!

Not very often. I do a routine and use products till they don’t work any more. I added Eslor firming cream about a year ago. I recently have started changing things up due to perimenopausal hormones changing my skin. I’ve switched from Nu-Skin to Paula’s Choice, and I’m moisturizing more. The last big change in products and routine was nearly 10 years ago.

I have so many cleansers, moisturizers, masks, and TONS of random samples that I don’t think I’ve ever had a proper routine. I know it’s pointless, because you can’t really tell if something is working, but I love the variety and my skin doesn’t seem to mind.

Here along the coast of So Cal we do have seasons (Contrary to popular belief! LOL) so a little bit of adjustment is needed throughout the year because our weather can swing between very humid and very dry depending on from where the winds are coming: Alaska? Cold and dry. Mexico? Warm and humid. Desert? Hot and dry. And so it goes. The variances; however, are usually short lived and so major changes are seldom needed. I also have mild, very well-controlled rosacea (thanks to my wonderful dermatologist) and so I’m very much attuned to the needs of my skin. My basic skin care routine is tried and true and, therefore, it remains unchanged. As Nancy T said, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” 🙂

Not often. I change out my moisturizers by season (heavier one in winter, lighter in summer, etc) but they tend to be the same ones from the previous time that season came around. I’m pretty set in my routine so it takes a really special product for me to change it up. Though I did just go buy the Pixi Caroline Hirons Double Cleanse so we’ll see how that goes.

I will change up a couple of times because of season. Some things that work in winter are to oily for summer and some things I use in the summer are not rich enough for my skin in winter. Also, I go by how my skin is behaving.

For the first time in years, I love my skincare regime. My skin changed dramatically over the past three or four years (to very sensitive and extremely dry), I was all over the place trying to find the answers. Since I’ve finally figured it out and now have the right products, I don’t plan to change a thing until my skin changes again — which better not be anytime soon!!!

I tend to vary it depending on if I have on makeup on, if the weather is particularly dry, etc.
AS for products? I tend to try new products if one isn’t working or if something new comes along that catches my eye.

Very rarely. CeraVe or Paula’s Choice cleanser, CeraVe sunscreen/moisturizer, occusoft eyelid cleanser, Paula’s choice hydrating mask or CeraVe nighttime moisturizer and CeraVe Eye cream. Readily available. Doesn’t cost a second mortgage. Effective, economical. I am 70 years old with fantastic skin. Stayed out of the sun all my life and am enjoying the benefits of that now.

I don’t switch things up too much…but most definitely as the seasons change. I really have to amp my skincare and hydration routines for winter, even mild winters in Texas, but it changes seasonally. At least I know this now and can prepare as the seasons change.

As I’ve gotten older, my skin has gotten extremely sensitive so I don’t switch brands too often. My skin responds to Philosophy very well. I tried to add a Kiehls serum a few weeks ago and I ended up with a horrible reaction!!! So I’m pretty limited on what I can try.

I make slight adjustments as my skin needs it during the different seasons, but I don’t do major upheavals. If I’m making a change, it’s usually with a product or line I have experience with and in incremental changes, so I don’t throw my skin off-balance.

Normally when I’m almost out of a product I’ll try something new, unless I really liked the one I just used. Kind of like shampoo. If I don’t like the new product, I stop using it as soon as I get its replacement.

I don’t change that often because I like to keep it simple and mainly because I am lazy and I will purchase new products and will use it once or twice and give up on the routine. So I primarily use Josie Maran’s Argan Milk and Argan Oil. Sometimes I will do something different.

I just started using Rodan & Fields – they have an exfoliater that is great! I just ran out and will reorder. I don’t use the entire skin recommendation, just this one.

I’m trying to minimize playing with new skincare products, because Lancer works so well for me, and it is such a simple regime. I do love the May Lindstrom line, both masques are gorgeous and very therapeutic, I tried them last year and fell in love with them. I’ve also added Creme de la Mer to my eyes and around my mouth, I received a deluxe sample in a Neimans gift, and it really is superb. Even my younger brother swears by it, not sure if it was the NASA story that beguiled him, but a skeptic like him can see the merits!
I had the privilege of seeing one of the best plastic surgeon’s in Canada five weeks ago about a cyst on my face, and he’s added a mild Retin A every other night to my regime plus a medication called Spironolactone for hormonal femal acne. It’s really great thus far, even though it can take up to three months to fully work. No break outs during my cycle, and it decreased my body hair which was a lovely side effect! He’s planning to blast as he said my skin with hydro quinine to rid the tiny bit of melasma I have next week, and later repair some tiny icepick scars with TCA at 100% on each scar alone. I’m so thrilled I saw him, he’s so kind and professional, and didn’t even charge me for the steroid shot to eliminate the cyst. It’s so lovely to have the hope of flawless skin at 48! The only good thing I can say about being oily and acnetic is that I have no wrinkles and sagging. I wish I had met him sooner, but I was so fortunate to see him at all, the wait list I heard from a friend is over a year!

Every 6 months!
We have 2 seasons here in the Himalayas-
Oct-March is the arid/cold season so I amp up and layer the heavy duty moisturizers, oil, and serums
April-Sept is the hot & humid Monsoon season so I lay off the heavy moisturizers and do my retinoid & vit C ‘treatments’ that can be overly drying

Generally have a core routine that I supplement by ‘reading’ my skin at the time. Have only 1 oil cleanser, but will choose Paula resist, Paula clear, Cosrx low pH, or KB stick, depending on which way my skin is leaning…towards the oily, clogged or anti aging need. The same applies for essence, serum, moisture. BHA has to be in the toner, mandatory. Beyond that, usually another acid layer, then a snail/syn-ake/ dragon’s blood heavier layer. When I’m feeling very ambitious, I lay it out on a weekly planner, for AHAs 3x / week and Vit C 4, etc. eyes are a similar story, with diff products. My friends would think I have a big arsenal, but T readers would not. I do incorporate retinols, and at times have tried an all light routine, nothing thicker than a tad thicker than water, with sachharomyces essence, etc. bec. Some weeks, even the Paula Ulta light serum is too thick! Certain that, like with Rx drugs, one should never add more than one at a time, and adjust/judge over time. Now, it’s time for niacinamide, maybe an N/C combo. My skin is so reactive, that it takes major research and Cosdnaing everything, and I cannot try products ad lib or unlabeled samples any more. Even curology is off the table, bec of the aloe base!

I don’t really. Have found my HG products. I use Elemis Balancing Lime Blossom cleanser. Murad Clarifying Toner, Liz Earle Instant Boost Skin Tonic and Elemis ProCollagen Marine Cream in the morning. At night I use Soap and Glory Peaches and Cream Cleanser, Liz Earle Toner and Elemis Oxygenating Night Cream.

2-3 times a week I use Lush Cup o Coffee as both a scrub and mask.

However if I feel my skin needs a pick me up I’ll use a mask and/or facial oil.

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