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None. I stayed home and only went to the gym. Did not dare go to the store. Bought too much makeup this year. As for gift…havent figure that one out yet.

Now that’s discipline! Going to the gym after T Day and not buying anything?!? I bet you can also walk by a Cinnabon without ordering one.

I went to the gym too and didn’t set foot in a store on Black Friday. Thats amateur day at the malls, no thank you. But I shopped online, Giorgio Armani 20% off plus free shipping plus ebates.com, I went crazy. Got maestro foundation and concealer, lip maestro in 201 and 500, neo brown fall easy chic palette, a powder brush and a face brush. Can’t wait till they get here!

I didn’t buy any beauty-related items either, didn’t buy much at all, actually. for the two years before, I always saved up to load up on Sugarpill with their awesome discount

I didn’t buy anything during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales. I refuse to support Black Friday, especially when stores are now starting their Black Friday sales on Thanksgiving. I don’t really have anything against Cyber Monday, except that I don’t have much money right now to indulge in anything.

Yeah, I feel the same way about stores being open T Day–so wrong! The sales aren’t usually that good on Black Friday.

Beautybay had 20% so I bought a nail strengthener from OPI (I really need it), a hairbrush and a kit with five eyeliner pencils from Bare Minerals. I had earlier decided that if the kit was on sale – then I was allowed to buy it so just following my own rules. 🙂

I didn’t buy anything at all…I’ve been buying a lot the past several months and I felt guilty about it. So this month I’m on my first formal no-buy, I guess. I need to save up to get my first tattoo anyway!

I could´t resist the occ offer and eve pearl huge sales….I´m from czech republic so these brands are available only through online shopping. This is my firs time trying them so I can´t wait:)))

I actually took advantage of the NARS 20% off sale, thanks to your recent red lipstick posts! I’ll be taking advantage of the red lipglosses hopefully at the next Sephora sale.

My fiance bought so much stuff (some of it for me) that I got all my sticker shock vicariously through him. I’m notoriously frugal with money, so even a great deal gives me anxiety if it’s still a lot of money, lol. I didn’t spend a penny.

SO glad I’m not the only one!!! I ended up making a last minute Cyber Monday purchase at Inglot because I just couldn’t pass up every sale. Really excited to get my first Freedom palette though. 😀

I picked up the UD lip set, a mini Juicy Couture fragrance set from Kohls, and 24s from Inglot (the Inglot shipping just kills me, $7 for one es!)

I resisted the call with a little help in the form of a major upcoming bill. 😛 The NARS one was hard to pass up, though. I kept eying the big Warhol collector’s set, since it would be a pretty penny off with that discount!

I picked up the Benefit “pretty committee” set at Sephora and used the code for the mystery grab bag. I almost did an order from Too Faced, but eventually decided it wasn’t what I wanted.

I indulged in OCC’s promo for a free Triptych lip tar, but to be fair, I was on the brink of ordering from them anyway. Now I’m getting an extra gold lip tar, which means I’ll be making “holiday” versions of all my colours. Yay!

This is the first time that Canada has tried to match US sales, so it was quite overwhelming! This was also my first year actually going out the morning of =] Surprisingly I didn’t spend too much on makeup (Only the Sephora deals), but I did spend quite a bit on clothes (Lululemon, AE, VS) which turned out to be more expensive =\

I was at the mall from 8:00 to 9:00 friday and was completely overwhelmed. I got some nail polish for myself and then ventured in to buy some xmas ornaments, but by the time i had left the there were cars waiting in line for parking spots. too much for me. I skipped cyber monday deals. I was tempted but i have already spent so much money on other gifts

For myself, I picked up 2 of the Armani Lip Maestros (501 rosewood & 400 the red) and the Effetto Nude ETK quad.

For my co-workers – it’s always hard. Some you love, others… mmm not so much. But I try to spend $5 or less on each and be consistent. So, I placed my first order with Haus of Gloi and got them all Bubbling Scrubs and a whipped soap for myself. No Cyber sale, but I did buy them yesterday 😉

Took advantage of Coastal Scents and Sugarpill online. Stay clear of the mall all weekend as we are have a for a few stores taking advantage of the Black Friday hype in the US. 😉

In Canada we only have Boxing Day sales for years the day after Christmas as our sales up here.

I picked up 4 eyeshadows and some concealer from Inglot and a couple of polishes from Llarowe during a flash sale on Black Friday. So yeah, spent a decent amount of money on myself there but I’d been holding off on buying anything for either site so I felt okay about it. I also managed to get both of my mom’s Christmas presents online too. I thought I was pretty productive!

On black Friday I got a bare minerals little luxuries kit for 10 at ulta.com. And on Monday I got some soap and lotion from my one of my favorite etsy shops. Also picked up a couple lightening deals on amazon for gifts 🙂

I bought from Becca and Illamasqua as both were having 20% off plus free shipping. They are two brands I haven’t branched into yet so I thought I would try them. I bought my mom some skincare from Lancome as well. They had 14% cash back on Ebates and 20% off for friends and family discount. No other gifts yet, though!

I did some online shopping but I didn’t pick up many beauty items. On black friday I bought a kitchenaid blender I was eyeing forever, 47% off. On Cyber Monday I ordered from the bodyshop. They had 50% off everything and a few other deals. I did order a blush and a lipstick from there, but that is the only beauty items. I didn’t buy gifts because I’ve already gotten everyone’s presents.

I only purchased Coastal Scents brushes. As a MUA, I always need more brushes, and I was quite happy to see they were all 50% off! I bought 12 brushes for only $25. Yay!

I bought all the makeup gifts and refills I needed when Sephora had 20% off earlier this month. My only black friday purchase was a new cell phone.

It was pretty overwhelming so I picked up items I always intended to buy but with a discount were now irresistible. Then when it came down to Nars or Armani, I went with the one with the bigger ebates cash back. 🙂

Bought my sister the $10 Conair curling iron at Ulta but the big spending was the Xbox bundle, games and Xbox LIVE cards I got at Walmart for the boyfriend. 🙂

I absolutely refuse to go anywhere near a mall on Black Friday, and while I don’t care for online shopping throughout the year, I’m even more uncomfortable around the Holidays. Companies are far too busy, and the chances of my order getting lost, my order being filled wrong, my order not being delivered, etc increase. My peace of mind far outweighs saving a few bucks. If there’s any way I can pick something up in a Brick & Mortar store, I will; besides, shopping in-store helps to provide jobs, which we really need right now.

I didn’t do any shopping on Black Friday and for Cyber Monday I just ordered some clothes for my boyfriend.

Just like you! I walked into the mall and just got so overwhelmed I bought a cd that wasn’t even on sale and left without anything else…

I got MAC’s Grey Friday and a chromagraphic pencil. Otherwise, my makeup shopping wasn’t on Black Friday at all.

I only spend about 55 dls. online at Inglot.com and that’s it for me this year… I’m saving for IMATS LA. in January and even there I only plan to spend 200 to 300 dls. I plan to just take wonderful pictures of all the products and the work of the makeup artists that show case their work there. I didn’t wait for Inglot in IMATS because they usually have the longest lines and get you finally get there they don’t have what I really being dying to try like their duraline and some of their eyeshadows and pigments.

Not a single thing!! I swear I can hear my credit cards crying in my wallet from over-use from the past month or so…

I get tired just looking at the lines of people at the stores. I always shop online because it is quicker and easy. I know I won’t get stepped on, pushed, kicked, or shoved! People are freakin crazy during big sales. The nicest grandma could turn into Rambo with a shopping cart! I used to work in retail during the Black Friday and it tramatized me.

I did go shopping at Sephora (bought the tarte carried away collection, Lancôme skincare bundle, and too faced Bon Bon palette as gifts) and Bath and Body Works (buy 3 get 3 free), Ulta (bare minerals glow sets and tarte holiday sets), MAC (holiday collections and lipsticks), Sears (buy 1 get one half off on NYX, Relvlon, Loreal, Maybelline, gift fragrances sets)… But on Saturday after all the chaos is over. I’m almost done buying gifts and making gift baskets. I just need to get some non beauty related gifts. Gonna surprise my BFF with tickets to a Christmas show at Orange County Performing Arts Center because she hasn’t been on a “date” with her fiancée in such a long time (since she had her babies). I told her fiancée to get a babysitter for that night cuz my love for her does not extend to watching her little terrors! 😉

Definitely bought stuff…2 pairs of shoes from Solestruck, 2 pairs of leggings from Black Milk, all 3 Sugarpill palettes, Cinema Secrets brush cleaner, and a few Sedona Lace brushes. I get overwhelmed too though. Just thinking about choosing eyeshadows I can’t look at in person for an Inglot palette gives me anxiety, so even though I missed out on their last 20% off sale, I gave up this time too. It’s too much work. Same with ASOS.

I indulged in offers for free shipping. I personally hate paying for shipping on anything so if a retailer wants my business all they need to say is “free shipping”. And if they offer $ or % off, even better! Specifically, I bought YSL lipstick gloss because it was 20% off items that never go on sale. It’s a great opportunity to try new products after seeing them featured in mags or blogs.

This was my first time doing Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and I did all beauty related items. I got some pretty good deals and I am just waiting for me things to arrive hehe 🙂

Personally I felt the opposite. I felt underwhelmed. The deals I saw weren’t that good at all. The $10 deal on certain products at Sephora didn’t appeal to me. I was more excited for the 20% VIB event than this Black Friday/Cyber Monday. MAC grey lipstick didn’t interest me. The deals on beauty.com was not as good as the $10 off $40 coupon I currently have and it is valid anytime until the end of this year. I know Shu Uemura has a 20% off deal but the only thing I want is about $30 and it won’t ship for free. So I’m going to wait for a free shipping deal from them later. Lastly, I already took advantage of the 20% off deal on YSL.com a week before.

So what did I end up buying?: An eyeshadow duo from NARS (20% off and free shipping), a YSL faux cils mascara from Bloomingdale’s (get free YSL black liner + free shipping), and Coach stack rings (25% off)

BF isn’t as big north of the border. Stores that participated basically gave an extra discount off of clearance items. Needless to say, I did not partake in the madness.

I did however, go to Petsmart, because their sale had a few things I wanted to pick up for the kitties for Christmas.

Online shopping: I got a couple of bottles of Model in a Bottle eyebrow sealer (my hg), a case and screen protector for my phone, and a jacket for my hubby for xmas. 😀

I don’t go anywhere near malls on Black Friday, but on Monday I bought a Dooney and Bourke bag that will ensure I won’t be buying too many cosmetics until after Christmas.

I have to agree with some people about the beauty sales this year being underwhelming. I wasn’t impressed by anything beauty related, but I did buy Christmas presents for family and friends this weekend! All I’m missing is one more thing for my husband. I’ve never been this ahead of the game before!

Black Friday sales were fairly underwhelming for me. Which was good, as I wanted to save for better holiday spending for the family. I shoved off temptation for the Nars sale but I did finally give in to OCC. I’d waited to buy two of the new Metallurgy lip tars and just never jumped to do it on release. Free Triptych for 25$+ on Black Friday just made me go, “Oh yeah!”

Which is a nice deal. Something free for two things I meant to buy anyhow.

A few weeks ago beauty.com had 20% off; I bought 4 NARS blushes so I didn’t need to take part in the NARS sale yesterday/today. On Black Friday/weekend, I bought a Sedona Lace brush and a brush from Eco Tools. I also bought the $9 urban decay travel setting spray & primer from Ulta and the buy 1 get 1 free Organix Argan oil; That’s it for beauty related products. The rest of my money went to my son’s, niece and nephew’s presents. I wasn’t too impressed with the sales and actually thought most of them were pretty lousy. Ohhh…I also bought a Sonicare toothbrush which I LOVE!!!

I didn’t find this year’s sales to be very appealing. I’m not a very impulsive buyer and it usually takes me time to decide on a product. This years I didn’t really see anything that appealing that was on sale. The Sephora $10 packages I didn’t find to be very special. I did end up getting some nail polishes and those weren’t even on sale lol.

I think I bought a lot more items from this BF/CM than last year’s. I can only vaguely remember Milani’s awesome 5O% off sale last yr.

This time around, I bought from The Body Shop (5O% off), CVS (5O% off CVS brand items), Ecotools (5O% off), Sephora ($1O deals), Sasa (Free shipping. My Beauty Diary face masks were on sale – wanted to try these ^^).

I’m pretty satisfied with my haul. Excited for all these orders to arrive!!!! ^^

This was my first time going to shopping in a mall on BF so I went little crazy and spent $240 at Sephora and $560 at Macy’s and half of the stuff I got were beauty related and the rest are gifts for my family and friends. Cool thing is that on my way home from the mall I bought a lottery scratch ticket and ended up winning $2000!!! It was crazy but I feel so lucky I won money now I don’t have to feel guilty for buying all those stuff!!! I’ve had a best/first BF!!!

I get overwhelmed but still ended up buying too much! I only shopped online as I hate lines and waiting in stores for hours. I took advantage of sedona lace’s 50% off, OCC’s free lip tar and LIT’s B1G1 free. A couple liners from Inglot, and a couple small indie companies.

I also took advantage of the OCC free lip tar…I also purchased the Sephora OCC bundle (ends up being less for those 5 colors than it would be on the OCC website with pro discount so I figured it was worth it) along with the Nylon lip tar. So all of my beauty Black Friday purchases were for lip tars lol. In all I’ll end up with 5 from OCC (1 of those being the freebie) and 6 from Sephora.

Other items I purchased were movies and a Sopranos box set…all of which are gifts. So I didn’t do too much damage. I wasn’t too impressed with the sales options so I wasn’t too interested in shopping any further than I did.

I tired to mix mine up this year, Electronics, Clothes and Beauty. I dunno why i didn’t get anything from Sephora or Ulta, i guess their black friday offers didn’t impress me.

what i purchased:
thebalm from Hautelook.com, appx 50% off
Sonicare toothbrush, amazing deal!
The bodyshop 50%off
Express 50% off

I indulged a little…I figured I deserved some treats since my b-day is a couple of days away and there were a lot of things on sale. I bought a total of 4 eyeshadow palettes online–2 Coastal Scents palettes and 2 Tarte palettes that I’ve been wanting. There was still a lot more that I wanted, but I figured I had to have SOME restraint, lol.

now thats one American “tradition” I dont miss at all… but I remember when it used to be fun! There werent that many companies with international shipping (Inglot I hate you- why not everywhere discount!!) so I didnt do anything except reminisce!

I took advantage of the $25 gift card from Saks for a $100 purchase, I stocked up on my Chanel eye makeup remover (2) one of the new Chanel mascara and one package of cotton pads from Shiseido. For my family, I got my nephew a hoodie from JCPenny, I got my son a wireless speaker he wanted, it was $149 at Brookstone, but Staples had it at $99 and they offered a $25 coupon off $75 – woo hoo!

I went to Sephora on Black Friday and ended up getting quite a few things: bareMinerals The Star Treatment Eyeshadow palette, Shiseido eyelash curler, UD Naked eyeshadow (perfect brow color), Tarte mascara, Tarina Tarantino Magical Eyeshadow Palette, Tarina Tarantino Puppeteer, Tommy Jet, and Broken Doll eyeliners. Last but not least from MAC – Naked pigment.

I spent around $115, split up between Sephora ($21.40), ULTA ($28.88), Target (around $20) and the NARS F&F ($44.51). I’m okay with it because I don’t think I went too overboard!

Here’s what I got:
– Buxom In The Spotlight set
– Caudalie Cleansing & Lip Duo
– Tarte Balanced & Beautiful Amazonian Kit
– Rimmel Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Seduce Me
– The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (DVD)
– The Social Network (DVD)
– The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Third Season (DVD)
– NARS Blush – Taj Mahal
– NARS Matte Eyeshadow – Thunderball (already feeling shopper’s remorse on this one, going to call and ask if it can be taken off my order!)

Ugh, I forgot I went to the Chanel counter on Monday for a bit of self-indulgence >.< I had a $15 merchandise credit for Nordstrom and I decided to try my hand at something really luxurious. I ended up getting:

– Rouge Allure Luminous Intense #93 – Exaltee
– Glossimer #159 – Jalousie

Which set me back $52, even with the with gift card… How my wallet cringed! That's the first (and last) Chanel will be seeing of me for a long, long time lol

I didn’t really see any special discounts on makeup/skincare. I mean, you can get 20% (or so) off quite a few times throughout the year on various websites. I did buy some shoes and clothes though.

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