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With my blogger hat on, I tend to buy it as soon as it’s out, because I need every second after to review/test–assuming I’m even able to get it reviewed before it sells out. With my regular customer hat on, I wait to see if I really want it. A lot of times I’ll see something that I LOVE (whatever it may be), but I’ll forget about it a few hours later – that’s how I know it’s not really that special.

— Christine

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We hope you'll consider supporting Temptalia by shopping through our links below. Thanks!


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I always wait. First I scope out my target, secondly I read reviews (sometimes this is the first step). Thirdly I save a picture to my computer so I can look at it and mull it over for at least a week. And finally, I buy it and then shortly after, start the whole process over again. I have more makeup than I need but I swear I must be part magpie because I cannot resist something new and shiny for my hoard.

I ALWAYS wait until reviews for things that I’m interested in, unless I know it’s limited edition and I’m not likely to see the display anywhere else in my area. And most of the time, I will also wait until sales! Unless, again, it’s limited edition and not likely to go on sale before all the products are gone, haha. 

I keep a list that I keep in my purse, and basically, when I can afford to make a purchase, I refer to the list. While the list is “prioritized”, sometimes things lower on the list get bumped up if I catch a good deal, or if I can only afford an expensive item, and a less expensive one. My list also consists of primarily permanent items, and I’m actually down to the last few items, and unless something *spectacular* comes along, I’ll probably curb my spending for at least 6 months, or so. This also keeps me from alot of impulse buys.

 @xamyx i do this too!! my boyfriend thinks i’m nuts that i keep a list of things i want to buy on me all the time.

SGOLB [email protected] I’ve been doing it for *years*. It *really* cuts down the impulse buys (at least for me), and my list is “updated” weekly. I’ve actually taken several items off within the last month or so, because I decided I really don’t need them, or they weren’t so incredible that they’ve been replaced by other items. People think I’m insane, but I’ve been noticing *alot* of comments on different blogs that many women do this.

 @xamyx  @MIRIANV i update mine constantly too. i also have a separate list for perfumes. i wish i could say that i did it to avoid impulse buys, but it’s actually there as a sort of aid. whenever i go shopping i immediately feel anxious and overwhelmed with too many options and my list helps me focus! it reminds me that i came in to look at “these three products” and to choose one or none.

@MIRIANV That’s what I mean when I say impulse buys. Sometimes, I’ll go to Sephora to buy a specific item, but for whatever reason, it may not be in stock, and I’ll have a look around and something else may catch my eye. I have several palettes, while very good (Too Faced, Smashbox, Stila), I really don’t use them, because I find paalettes too overwhelming sometimes. I was going through my makeup a couple of months ago, and I realized if I would have just held out a bit, I’d already have all the items I *really* want. I do use my palettes on occasion, but I really prefer duos.

I try to at least read a review and find swatches before I buy anything, because I usually forget to bring things back and if I hate a product, I’m out the money. So on the one hand I try to be careful about it, but on the other hand I’m all about instant gratification and I’m really impatient *g* I really do try to at least read two reviews of a product before I buy it, if it’s new, or find reviews of the line and swatches if it’s an older product. 

It depends on so many factors.  If it’s a limited edition product that I think I’ll really like, I try to be fairly quick off the mark, since those can vanish quite literally overnight and I find a frenzy kicks in (quite unnecessary; this is “only” makeup but I’m sure many others understand this “frenzy”)!  If it’s not LE, I will try to read reviews – especially here at Temptalia, as  your reviews are done so professionally, Christine, and your photos of the products offer a good representation of what they look like.  Ideally, I do try to wait for reviews and until I can see something “in-store”.  And sometimes I will actually cool my jets a bit and see how much I really “need” it.  My 2 most recent purchases – Nars Habanera duo and Damage lipstick – are items I’ve been wanting on and off for at least a year but I have so much makeup that I kept “hemming and ha’ing” and as they are permanent products, there was no need to make a hasty purchase.

If possible, I try to wait for a review.  I have a lot of instant love affairs with things because of my love for colour and so I leave them on the back burner for a couple of days to make sure it is something I want.  A good example is the new Chanel nail laquer in Vertigo.  I was intrigued by it from your reivew, Christine, but I have been waiting to see if the mood passes or if I absolutely have to have it.  Jury says, I need it.  Although, sometimes with collections, you simply cannot wait and have to take the plunge and hope for the best.

Of it’s not a limited edition item i wait for a couple weeks to have the chance to read some reviews before. 

I usually wait for reviews and try to look at swatches, especially lip colors. Sometimes I don’t wait and then have to return the product, a pain in the neck. However, I just couldn’t wait for Christine’s Chanel Fall 2012 review. I looked at her color description and took a chance, and I’m very happy. Now I can’t wait for fall!

I will wait a week or so, sometimes even months (if the product isn’t limited edition) before purchasing something. If I’m going to invest my money in makeup, I want to make sure I’m getting the most bang for my buck. I tend to read pages upon pages of reviews that will eventually lead me to purchase or not purchase the product. I also have a list started of beauty products that I would eventually like to own and I carry it with me and once in a while I treat myself to one or two things off the list.

If it is a Mac product, I purchase right away, just because they sell out so quickly! specially LE items and pigments. I hate that!

Makeup wise, I *have* to try it on. If I like it enough I’ll buy it right away, if not I’ll take a picture of it in store or write it down to get for later. Some websites (Sephora, Beauty and Drugstore.com) allow you to keep a wishlist which makes it easy for me to keep track of my wants.

It depends on several factors:
1. How much does it cost? Generally the more pricey an item the longer I’ll think about it. 
2. Is it LE? Though I hate LE collections that are quickly sold out since I hate feeling like I’m making purchases out of duress (the reason why I own very few LE things). 
3. Do I have anything similar to it already? I do tend to gravitate to certain colors which can lead to having colors that are pretty much dupes of one another (though the quality may be different between products). I’m seriously lemming Burberry Almond eyeshadow, but I keep resisting the purchase because it looks so similar to MAC Wedge which I already own and is a favorite of mine. 
4. How much use would I reasonably get out of this product? If it’s something I could (and WOULD) wear most of the time (which generally means wear to work) I’m more likely to cave, if it’s a “special occasion” color or it’s an everyday color with fussy packaging that makes it take longer to use I’m far less likely to buy. 
Thorough purchaser is thorough

 @yellowlantern I don’t know how strong the red undertone is in MAC Wedge, but I have Burberry Almond and never wear it because it has too strong of a red cast for me. A little food for thought.

 @Jasmine Valistreri Hmmm…really? That’s disappointing about the red tone.I don’t like browns with red tones in them at all.
In swatches it looks almost like a medium brown with a hint of taupe. That’s pretty much how Wedge looks on me. This will take more investigation. ;p

I’ll usually wait for the first reviews to come out, and then try to see it in person. If it’s a rare LE and I know it will sell out really quickly, I might go for it as soon as I see it. I try not to buy impulsively though, cause I often regret my purchase afterwards.

I usually wait for reviews. I live in Mexico and therefore, collections and products arrive later that in the US, so I almost always are able to read reviews before and make a wishlist if something interests me. If I really like the product when I see it in person and its LE, I usually buy it at once. I keep a separate list of permanent products and take my time to think whether I’ll put them to good use and to look for reviews.  When I am able to do some makeup shopping (or when I actually do need to replace an item!), I check in person the products that interest me more.

Personally I’m too much of a obsessive compulsive shopper, so if I see something pretty I will buy it no matter how broke I am at the moment, and I don’t even think about it until afterwards. My advice, that I don’t follow, is to think about these things;
is it LE and/or do I have something like it already?

Here’s what I think about before I buy:
1) Does it catch my eye? Why do I like it?
2) Does it get good reviews?
3) Do I have something like it?
4) It is LE, so do I have to purchase it before I’m usually comfortable doing so?
5) And finally, the evil do I need it? This one gets me almost every time. 🙂 
I’m similar to you, Christine. I like to wait and read multiple reviews before I buy…I hate, hate, hate spending money on products that I end up not using or enjoying! 

If I see something on a blog or a YouTube tutorial, I will at least look at it the next time I’m out shopping. If I like it, I’ll buy it. If I come across something I like while shopping I buy it. But with foundations, I usually prefer to get a sample before I purchase it.

It depends on what the item is.  How much is it? Is it something that is really unique to my current collection?  It also depends on who is selling it.  For example, I want the new Urban Decay Smoked palette.  I have a Sephora gift card.  So, I’m waiting until it is available at Sephora before I buy it.  

I wait 24 hours after wearing it from the counter. If I think about it for the rest of the day I pick it up within the week. Some things (like the MAC 226 brush) I wait for the store to open cause I will never see it again!

I often like to wait to see beauty blogger reviews on the item. However, if it is something I just keep thinking about, I may end up purchasing it before a review. However, I wait for reviews on most items now.

Depends on price. Many things I want are out of price range to pick up. I will look at what I have already and make sure I love something more and not falling for just wanting something new that ends up never getting used.

On limited edition items: I usually get information on it before its launch. I then sleep on it a few nights decide if I really like it and on the launch date I actually get it as early as I can so I don’t run out online.
On permanent items: I sleep on it for about a week.

It depends on what it is. Most things, I will obsessively read about before letting go of my hard earned cash. Certain things I can buy will full faith that they will be amazing… like Urban Decay eyeshadows. You always know that a UD palette won’t be chalky and poorly pigmented, and can easily shop online without seeing them in store. Nars blushes as well… they are flipping amazing so if you like the shade just go for it, you know it will be awesome.

If it’s LE I buy it right away
If it’s permanent I prefer to save enough money or do something good to deserve it haha

It really depends, but I have a system down that helps me weed out the impulsive wants and the really wants. I have a computer post it on my desktop and whenever I see a product that interests me, I’ll put it on there. Then I do my research, read reviews, and look at swatches. If it is something I’m still interested in, then I’ll check it out in the store, and depending on the type of product, try to get a sample. If after all this, I still want the product and I can afford it, then I’ll get it. The one exception to this plan, is if the product is limited edition, but I find I don’t really buy too many limited edition products. 

if i see something i like i usually go online or youtube and look at reviews of the product if its worth buying or not!

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