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I think it depends how badly I wanted the product in the first place. I literally had dreams about the Naked Palette while it was out of stock, and I’m still excited about it like 6 months after I finally got it. Price plays a indirect role for me, just because the pricier things I buy are the ones that I decide are special enough to splurge on, so I get more excited about them.

It depends on the product itself more than on the price! I got a few eye shadows in recent weeks/months that I really love and which are unique, special colours and I am still excited to use them. Got a great new lip conditioning balm last week and get excited every time I remember that I’ve got it to keep my lips soft and really well cared for! I got a crazy Zoya nail polish a year ago and same thing – I still get excited just knowing that I have it and can paint my toes any ol’ time.

i think the longer i had to save up for something, the better it seems as the more excited i was when i got it. thugh sometimes its the prettiest things that make me excited for the longest. it depends if the next item is better i guess!

It depends on the product. I use Estee Lauder Lucidity foundation for over 20 years….Creme de la Mer for over 10 years….eyeshadows could be days or months and then I may go back to that color….skincare is dependent on the newest product that promotes younger looking skin and never dependent on the price. But there always is a new product that will appear exciting just around the corner.

It depends on the product. Usually if it’s something that I know will be highly sought after I get SUPER EXCITED! Like when I found the UD 15th Anniversary palette and yesterday when I found Wet n Wild’s I <3 Matte palette. I also get super excited when I buy high end sale items (I feel like I'm ripping the company off!).

Not long if I don’t like the product! If I do like it, the excitement fades after a few uses unless it’s some miracle product… it could keep me from wanting to make a new purchase for a weeks though.

As bad as this sounds, I think the excitement ends after I actually go out and buy the product. After I play with it a little bit, I start looking for my next buy.. :X

Until the guilt of how much money was spent sets in.

Inexpensive things keep me excited for a longer amount of time because I have a lower chance of regretting the amount of money spent.

Probably after I’ve used it a few times. If it’s really pretty, I’ll still have a twinge of excitement every time I use it. It’s always fun to put on pretty makeup. 🙂

That depends on the price AND whether I turned out to love the product as much as I thought I would. For higher-end products I usually observe forever before paying for them, and I guess the waiting intensifies the excitement. Also, I need to make special trips to for example a MAC store, whereas going to the drugstore could be an everyday thing, and that makes an “event” out of it.

I’d say it varies depending on how well the product works ( nothing Iike disappointing performance to take the thrill out of a new find) and how many other products I buy with it.

If the item is something that I coveted and waited a long time to purchase my excitement is sustained, particularly if the product lives up to the hype and my expectations. Nothing replaces the excitement of the instant gratification that I get with something as small as a new lipstick or eye shadow. It’s just unadulterated bliss–even though short-lived.

While recently reorganizing and labeling my lipsticks that I store by color family, I came across one that was new and never used. It was as if I had just purchased it. Sadly I was all too thrilled. Might a 12-step program be in order?

It depends on the product! If it’s something that I’ve been wanting for a while, and it turns out to be really nice, then the excitement stays for quite a while, :). Price is indirectly related, I suppose – the more expensive the product, the longer I’ve been hesitating on whether or not to splurge – so when I do end up buying it, the wait makes a difference.

It usually depends upon the products and collections. I know that
now all the holiday collections are coming out and I am like a kid
in the candy store. With all these limited editions like Mac, D & G,
Armani, etc I usually end up buying two of each and then in a few weeks
I sorry that I spent the money and one goes back to the store. I always
get excited about new shadows and blushes.

not very long. i wish i could be satisfied for longer. but it does depends on what it is. usually if a good bargin then i will actually be more excited than if it were costing more(e.g high end)

A few days or so…It depends on the product and how much or how long I wanted it before I finally bought it or received it. If it’s something I’ve really been wanting for a while, it takes a little longer for the excitement to wear off.

Like some other comments have said, I would say it depends on how long I’ve waited to have it and how many times I’ve almost bought it and how amazing it ends up being in the end! I tend to stay happy about new purchases for a long time though 😛

Generally, if it’s something I really wanted, the excitement doesn’t so much fade as slowly transition into a contentment with the overall product. The exciteable “new” feeling, however, tends to wear off the first time I use it. This goes double for the major palette I own, especially the ones with expensive packaging. Some of them are quite pretty, so I like admiring them for a few days before giving them some wear and tear. (The Naked palette was a big one for me. So chic and sleek!)

After first use. Sometimes, I forget I have it and when I discover it in my collection, I get excited all over again….until I put it on

For me, it depends on its availability. I know that I was just beaming after I bought the Lightscapade MSF because it hadn’t been out in years. But if it’s a permanent product that I got and was excited to try, it doesn’t last as long.

depends on product (I’m still excited for my naked palette… and everytime I see my collection I get more excited about all the products I own)

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