How long could you resist buying makeup?

How long could you resist buying makeup? Not that you have or need to, but if you did – how long do you think you could last?

Not for long if I wanted people to still visit Temptalia! I could last quite some time, I would say, if it was necessary to stop purchasing, but if it was just to test my will power, I doubt I would last all that long!

Thanks to Mirella for today’s question!

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I would only last until I needed to buy more foundation, concealer, eye primer, or mascara! I could probably live with never needing to buy another eyeshadow though haha.

15 minutes!

Not that I buy makeup every 15 minutes, but once I made the conscious decision to not buy it, I’d go crazy immediately!

Hi Temptalia!!! I think i find myself buying something atleast every week but if i had to i think i can resist in between Collections that i like, for instance when i bought items for Quite Cute from Mac (thank you so much for the review btw πŸ˜‰ ) i didnt buy makeup in a large quantity ha ha until the Semi Precious collection came out πŸ˜‰ and my latest buy was the 15 year Anniversary for UD. But i do buy the essentials such as Foundation/Blushes etc when im in need πŸ™‚ but over all its hard because it fun to buy and play with makeup ha ha ha

Not very long. There are always great, new products coming out. I definitely have enough eyeshadows to last me my lifetime but I love them so much. That’s my one weakness.

I lasted a whole year, August to August! I had very bad acne and was covering it up with loads of makeup so I decided to give myself a one year makeup no-buy. My skin is SO much better now, it’s ridiculous! I celebrated the end of my no-buy with a Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick in dark red.

Yep, a full year. Mind you, that was a makeup no-buy, not a skin- or hair-care no-buy πŸ˜› I needed to set something like that for myself, else I would keep trying to distract from my bad skin with green eye shadow, or a new pink lip gloss or some such nonsense. It’s honestly amazing how much better my skin became the day I stopped using foundation. Now, I can afford to use just a light dusting of Jane Iredale mineral powder, and maybe a wee bit o’ NARS on special occasions.

I have no idea. I certainly have enough makeup already, but it’s fun to collect products from new/limited edition collections and they always seem to be coming out. It’s hard to resist.

One month so far. But that is simply because I am really broke and need money for food and water. I reckon I will go back to buying once I have money though >__<

I resisted for three months until I splurged on the Tarte for True Blood palette(which is much prettier and vibrant in store) last weekend on a random Sephora trip. But that amount of time is probably not normal for me because MAC releases so many collections in that span so I was just lucky that none of the spring/summer collections were a home run for me.

Been resisting for a month now and I’m seeing some paper in my bank account! I’m definitely trying to go 6 months.

Hello my name is Jennifer and I’m a makeupaholic.

I’ve gone for about a month not buying anything new, but kind of like shopping my stash and looking for stuff I own but have forgotten how beautiful they are. I could go longer if I was saving towards vacation or something else.

I try to be good about it because I live paycheck to paycheck, so I can go quite a while until I need foundation or mascara. However, Urban Decay makes me question just how important food is. Le sigh…

Its irresistible not to buy (._.) I buy something every week either in the store or online but I just started somewhere this year after Mac Tartan collection.In the past I didn’t buy many coz i didn’t know Mac yet. It fulfils my passion in arts. The most expensive collection I got so far is Mac Semi-precious collection(>__<)so I'm sooo banned myself to pro store but Inglot is my next stop xD

not long, ive tried but failed many times, i need to stop buying and start using up what i have before it goes nasty. i can never resist mac collections though, if it wasnt for them id be ok ha ha.x

Maybe one month, though I never really thought about it. I always pre-define how much makeup money I can spend that month and try to stick to it. Of course, some months that’s not so – Naked palette release, MAC Venomous Villains collections…. u I think that, if I really really had to stop, I could only resist 2 or 3 months..

Not long at all! I put myself on a self-imposed “no buy” about 2 weeks ago and failed miserably – didn’t even last the week and got some new Benefit eye shadows and some other things (can’t even recall what now!) and then saw the UD 15th anniversary eyeshadow palette here and knew I was TOAST! I think I am going to try to go the rest of August without purchasing anything because, honestly, there is nothing I need and I am running out of room (actually, I ran out of room a while ago!)

If I had to make a conscious decision not to buy I’d be very sad. Right now I buy something at least every week or 2. I couldn’t hold out longer than a month without buying something.

as long as i never went on any makeup forums/ shopping websites again, i could probably cope with just buying my msf natural, concealer and mascara for the rest of my life. i think the longest i’ve gone with not buying ANYTHING is probably a few months (unless you count the first 16yrs of my life lol).

I budget a certain amount a month for makeup but, if I have an emergency, the money goes there. It’s that level of discipline that gives me peace when I make my usual MAC and Sephora run each Friday ;-P.

3 months so far, My mascara is on the way out and I could use some more eyeliner. My gel liner dried out big time and I am trying to use up all my black pencils before I buy anymore. So I maybe be buying some essentials fairly soon within this month or next month but I am doing rather good on my no buy so far.

Not very long. I try to not buy something but will usually give in. If I say that I wont buy something non make-up related I will last for a long time but make-up is always the thing that makes me give in and just buy something!

Other than a birthday splurge (3 items) I haven’t bought anything since January. ^.^

It is easy once you get past the first little bit.

Depends on the time of year. If it’s mid-winter or something then I can go a month and a half probably, but my wallet is usually in trouble in September and in April.

I’ve been in makeup no-buys before and never was successful. I’m trying right now not to by makeup until the end of september. it’s been 13 days and counting, lol it’s a makeup rehab

I’m terrible with LE collection because I know they will sell out. I tarting to hate LE items. >___>

But things i can get at anytime I can wait usually up to a year to get the best deal on them if it’s not a staple item.

i went for 6 weeks without makeup, but that was because i was in another country that didnt sell the makeup i liked.

i could never ever stop buying it.

Ughh…probably about 2 months. I was out of a job and very low on funds. I remember my very first purchase was the UD Alice in Wonderland palette from Sephora!

It is so incredibly difficult! When I was saving for my wedding beauty products were the only thing I didn’t stop buying, but I did start experimenting with drugstore products more, and was generally better at evaluating my need. I feel that if I really put my mind to it I could probably go two months before I needed new concealer, mascara, powder or something that is pretty essential

funny that you post this. I started a spending abstinence plan 8-1-11 for makeup. I did buy two magnetic Z Palettes to depot some shadows so I’d use them more – that’s not technically makeup, is it? hahaha. To answer your question – not very long I think. There’s always something I MUST HAVE RIGHT NOW. gotta stop that way of thinking!

Until I run out of mascara lol. My dad swears I’m a hoarder so I’ve been resisting buying things lately lol, to prove I could do it and to use up the massive amount of stuff I already have :p

I can resist quite a bit of time but the problem is that when I finally start buying again I go crazy so I spend all the money I didn’t while not buying πŸ™ trust me it can get very ugly very soon lol

I think I could last a very long time, as long as buying for others doesn’t count, I’m pretty satisfied with my current collection

If I went on a break I’d have to cut myself off from any make-up information. New releases, etc, stuff like that. Reviews. Anything. :<

Until my next vacation! I’ve managed so far to stop myself from making online purchases, last vacation to a city with a sephora/MAC was in January. I am not going to be able to resist Aug/Sept when I take my next trip! Staying right across from a Sephora oye! In that case, when its right infront of me, I probably wouldn’t have much will power. I need to get new foundation I for once in my life have a tan and my MAC NC15 is unuseable!

It is easier when I’m totally broke, but I have gotten better about saving up for a few big purchases, rather than buying smaller things all the time.

Forever. -.- I can say that with ease.

I’m the type of person who stares at all these makeup blogs and I ‘ooh’ and ‘ah’ and say ‘I want this!” but if I see it in the store, I almost can never bring myself to buy it. There’s always that “Is it worth it? Should I wait until I can find a better deal?” notion that prevents me from buying. :\

I’m currently on a no buy – I promised myself not to buy anything for one month and it’s been so hard :(! I guess I could resist buying makeup if there was some urgent issue going on (which fortunately is not the case right now!). I have to go on no-buys in order to resist temptation – if not, I easily find myself buying something at least every week.

Uhm… I am not going on a ‘no-buy’ ever, but I am trying the ‘less buy’ approach. If I really want something for three months, then I can have it. I recently bought the Naked palette after wanting it since it came out, that was such a good feeling! I’m going to IMATS London in february next year so I will continue the less buy to save some money for a big splurge!

I used to be really bad at resisting buying makeup. Like one week was torture and the longest I could go. But nowadays, I have much better self-discipline at it. Because of my prior makeup obsession, I have SO MUCH makeup. Now it’s my goal to get through them all in my lifetime, and only purchase items when I need new ones (i.e. foundation, eyeliner, mascara, etc.) So I make a makeup purchase maybe about every 1-3 months.

I resisted 10 month after spending 450$ at sephora suring last summer. I try not to buy from mac unless I find a really good and unique product that’s not similar to something i already have. As I have to order my make up online (living in a small town with only drugstore brands and higher end brands like lancΓ΄me and clarins that I dont particulary like) it makes me easier to resist!

I’ve done good resisting since the semi-precious collection (I’ve only repurchased essentials….oh, and I bought Jealousy Wakes when it came back in stock, but other than that I’ve done good). I’m saving up to go on a big haul for my birthday in a few weeks. Usually, I purchase new makeup products (non-essentials) every week.

Well I don’t wear makeup everyday so it’d take me quite a while to finish a bottle of foundation. Blushes, eyeshadows, etc. last longer than that. Maybe half year?

I have been on a six month No Buy and the toughest parts were the very beginning and when it ended it took me another month to make a makeup purchase for I was so out a practice, I got used to not buying makeup.

I recently attempted a Project 10 Pan.
Things I purchased while I was not supposed to be buying anything:
-had to buy new foundation and concealer (doesn’t really count because they are essentials)
-MAC lipstick in O
-Bite lipstick in Shiraz
-UD eyeshadow in Strip and Hotpants
-MUFE aqua cream (the light purple one)
-MUFE liquid eyeliner in red
-MAC Surf Baby bronzer stick in Billionaire Bronze
-UD 15th Anniversary eyeshadow palette
… and these were mostly on separate trips, so I guess I don’t resist very long?

If I had to, I could go a couple months. Doesn’t mean I can’t look! Half the time I’m just browsing anyway and don’t buy anything.

A week tops! This is my week off from buying makeup. On Sunday, I can promise you that I will be going on a makeup buying rampage lol. My lil sis thinks I have a serious addiction and I tell her, “Hey I need more lipstick and eyeshadow color choices in my collection!” Don’t judge :)!

Easily, just dont read the makeup blogs, go to makeup counters or Sephora….and dont think about it. There is enough makeup, except for foundation to last me for several years. I dont wear mascara.

I gave up buying cosmetics for Lent this past year…it was HORRIBLE!! And didn’t save me any money, because once I was able to buy again, I went crazy! I’ll never do that again LOL

Until I run out of staples (powder, foundation, mascara). Otherwise makeup is just something pleasureable I buy when I feel like having fun.

I haven’t bought any makeup this summer, but that’s because there isn’t a sephora or MAC in slovakia… but I actually don’t buy that much makeup, because I don’t have that much money (I’m 14 and don’t have a job except for occasional babysitting) what I find hard is deciding WHAT makeup to buy with my limited funds… :/

Wait, are we talking everyday products or just fun I-just-want-it buys. If the latter and I’m just testing my will power, then I could probably go a couple months. If it’s because I was low on money, then I could go for as long as I needed to, whether that be a week or a year.

Ugh, not very long at all! I’ve been trying really hard lately, and I’ve been really good…but it totally SUCKS when you run out of a product that you love. Such a dilemma!

I would say 2 weeks to a month. Hahaha! I usually buy makeup every payday…. unless I’m saving up for something really important. But if I can afford a tube or 2, I’ll definitely purchase. Hahahaha!

I could only probably resist a month or so. As long as I have the extra funds, I will wait if I can still shop around and look for the perfect item. I go absolutely CRAZY, though, if my hands are tied financially to the extent that I cannot shop (i.e. satisfy my gratification).

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