How important is the functionality of packaging to you?

For me, that’s the most important aspect. I don’t need fancy or extravagant packaging, but I’d like it to hold and dispense product well and keep it from breaking easily.

— Christine
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Very important? I guess? I’m not entirely sure what this question means. What makes a package “functional” or “nonfunctional?” If I can’t use or get to the product, or if it can’t be stored safely, then that would be ridiculous, and a deal-breaker.

Middle of the road. I prefer luxe packaging, which for me can be glossy or matte but sleek and streamlined (i.e. Chanel, MAC, Tom Ford). I don’t care for boxy or chunky or oversized (i.e. UD Alice in Wonderland), but that’s because I like the luxe aesthetic, not because of any non-functionality or storage issues.

Pretty important. I was going to say it’s utmost but realized I do put up with Smashbox Camera Ready BB Water foundation dropper applicator because I like the product so much.

I don’t need cute or pretty packaging, but I DO need it work well for its intended purposes and be sturdy enough to hold up to wear & tear, and to make up for my clumsiness! Nothing too flimsy or difficult to open or access, either. One of my *favorite* blushes, Essence Satin Love, just had its lid break clean off a week ago. Thing is, even though I realize that it only costs a few bucks, I’m still feeling a bit sore over it. I’ll just tape where the hinge is, I suppose. Now, if this had been one of my MAC or UD blushes, I would have pitched a fit!

It certainly factors into any purchase I make and in some cases is a real deal breaker. A couple of UD releases come to mind. I purchased the Backtalk palette for my daughter and given that the shadows were pitiful but she loved the blushes, the fact that there was this huge mirror in the middle that even when removed you couldn’t close the palette made it unworkable. UD released a palette before Chritmas that was in a purple plastic slide case. I can’t remember the name of the palette but it was miserable packaging also. Some lipsticks just don’t work given how they are packaged. So overall, yes packaging is important and doing something just to be different that isn’t serviceable is just a no starter.

It’s very important, especially in a high end product. More important than aesthetic appeal. Pumps need to work. Packaging shouldn’t come open inside my purse. Packaging should be sturdy enough to protect what’s inside.

My personal gripe is cheap drug store packaging for powder products, where the lids crack after a few weeks, or the plastic hinges break. I also really hate it when lipstick or pencil lids come off inside my makeup bag or purse, ruining the product and getting it all over everything.

It is really important to me. No matter how well the product performs, if the package is being held together with tape (I am talking to you, Colourpop gel eyeliners), I get no pleasure from using it. The problem affects all brands. Right now I have a Chanel quad and a Nyx setting powder held together with rubber bands.

Really important I would say – I don’t need fancy boxes or pop ups etc (Too Faced), but I just need a sturdy box with an easy to open product (UD Mariposa is really tricky to open).
I don’t really like cheap and plasticky lids and not keen on palettes in white either.
If the product is a foundation/skincare with a pump nozzle, the pump HAS TO WORK – I’ve had a few problems lately and it is as annoying as anything when you can’t get the product out without dismantling the lid…
With lipsticks, the lip tube has to wind all the way down and the container protect it from everyday temperatures (if it’s a really hot day I put my lippie bag in the fridge).

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