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Perhaps the question should be: Have you ever depotted a product and tossed its uber expensive, luxury packaging? My answer: Never. And, I cannot ever see myself doing so unless the packaging made application of the product impractical or impossible.

Gorgeous packaging attracts my eye, but I have to like what’s inside. I am guilty of buying a few things because of packaging (Tarte Rainforest of the Sea round eyeshadow palettes and Guerlain Rouge G), but I did plenty of research to make sure I’d like the product inside.

It’s not important. I need a palette to be sturdy but cute packaging is never a driving force for a makeup purchase. Sure there is stuff I think “ah so cute ” but more importantly I have to like the content inside. Mermaid, unicorns, fruit…I could care less about any of that.

The packaging doesn’t have to be gorgeous or lux or whatever, but I do get turned off by some packaging. Anything overly bulky, domed, or that has odd bits sticking out (like bows or what have you) does annoy me because I like to store stuff away and stack things if I have to. My favorite packaging is probably Sleek’s. So slim!!! Fits anywhere! And I honestly like the build your own Mac palettes too for the same reason.

Packaging will catch my eye, and it might even be what pushes me over the edge if I’m on the fence about buying something. By the same token, bad packaging will turn me off. If it seems really flimsy, too bulky, or difficult to open, or just plain ugly, I won’t buy it.

Also, I was just talking with a friend about expensive lipsticks and I was looking at the Christian Louboutin ones to remind myself of the price tag, and I think that packaging is just so over the top. I get that it may be someone peoples’ aesthetic, but even if I was going to spend $85-90 on lipstick, I don’t think I would want to buy those.

I find the Louboutin lip glosses to be really ugly. Not that I’d consider bc it’s ridiculously expensive but even if more affordable I wouldn’t bc they packaging looks so off putting to me

Packaging is everything to me. All my makeup is out on display except for a few overflow or backup items, so it needs to look good and cohesive! Nobody ever sees my collection but me, so this probably makes no sense practically LOL, but it’s my system!

Pretty important. If it’s chunky or kitschy or bulky, it’s a deterrent. I don’t care for “cute”, I like heft that’s sleek and elegant. Save for MAC, I keep everything in it’s original packaging/no de-potting, unless it’s MAC LE and then I typically wouldn’t de-pot that, either.

Rarely, will get a MAC LE for the theme/packaging, but only when the product is good. As a big depotter, have even deep sixed heavy gold tone Guerlain refillable items, bulky unwieldy UD, etc. More likely to do the opposite… aw, crap, another Nars rubberized thingy that will go icky in my house while the product is still good. Thank God some newer stuff is metal or hard plastic. Doubt that i’ve ever bought strictly on packaging esthetic. Viseart is great, their palettes, which were minimalist at baseline, are now slimline.

While it may look pretty on the outside, I care far more about what’s inside of it. It’s the actual product that appeals to me. The quality, shade(s), and whether the product works well with my coloring and personal tastes. Or, in the case of skin/hair/nails, successfully addresses my own needs for such. I could care less about how “cute” or “lux” the outside looks!

To me, pretty packaging is a bonus. I appreciate really beautiful packaging as art or collectors items. But it’s not as important as having functioning, sturdy, packaging. The most important thing is product quality. I never buy a high end product just for the packaging. I don’t depot anything with LE or really pretty packaging.

Im on a tight budget. I would rather it have basic packaging and a cheaper price tag then flashy packaging and a price I cant afford. I also feel like companies will use fancy packaging to hide the fact that the product is bad quality.

Not at all, though I have bought one thing for the packaging before — KVD’s Saints & Sinners palette (I really wanted the shadows, but the packaging pushed my purchase decision over the edge). I actually like the visuals of the UD Full Spectrum palette (which I own), but I’m more annoyed by it than anything because the packaging makes it hard to store. I really wanted the shadows, though…

Important. Part of my decision. Louboutin lipstick. Necklace for a party. Halston…for the heart shape design (this was in the 80s…I saw someone had it, and I had to buy it…I was a teen).

If the packaging is bulky like UD book of shadows, then have to consider the product too. Much I want to get Pretty Vulgar cosmetics, I just can’t. Don’t like cardboard.

Packaging is like buying an Louis Vuitton bag. Sometimes you pay for the packaging.
Yes, it sounds pretentious. I just like pretty things.

Quite frankly, I buy for the labels….but I don

The product can have the fanciest packaging in the world, but if the product itself is shoddy, well then what’s the point? Too Faced has been guilty of this in the past – fantatatic packaging and a sub standard product. Ultimately the packaging goes into the recycling bin…
I prefer a great product myself.

It’s moderately important to me. I take my makeup for travel, so the container has to be sturdy enough to protect the product.

And there are some kinds of packaging that are too bulky or annoying.

And aesthetically, I want elegant packaging. Some brands like Benefit are too much.

Although I appreciate beautiful packaging, it is not going to influence my purchase. It’s the quality of the products that count. I’m primarily a high end cosmetic shopper but that doesn’t mean I think it’s OK to spend money needlessly and so I’ll usually buy one case and then purchase refills for it. For example, I recently bought one Rouge G case for on the go and then four lipsticks as refills. I do the same when purchasing my Clé de Peau cosmetics. So much of CdP is available as refills which come in sturdy plastic packaging. Unless you’re going to be traveling with an item, you don’t even really need a case. So, although packaging doesn’t unduly influence me, I must say that childish or too gimmicky packaging can put me right off. I’m not interested in Superman, Mario, unicorns, etc. on my cosmetic cases.

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