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I’m too frugal to pay extra for packaging. I might like it, but if it’s the same ol’ stuff in different colors or with a different pattern, it’s not worth it.

Image wise, packaging in general is not very important to me with one exception: Burberry beauty line. I’m obsessed with their packaging. Me actually loving the products inside the pretty packaging is just an added bonus :).

If it’s limited and it’s like a brand I really like ie. MAC and also have a collection already going on. Why not! If not, I can’t be bothered but it’s heaps pretty and useful ie. like a bottle etc. Then I don’t mind paying a little extra.  

As long as it’s functional and not completely hideous I’m fine. Sometimes I also wish my MAC products actually matched too. Like my Bobbi Brown, Laura Mercier, NARS, etc., stuff all match, but I have MAC stuff in all sorts of random packaging.

I prefer the quality of the product over packaging. Sure, it’s a plus if it’s cute/chic/elegant, but what I’m really interested in is the product itself.

I don t mind too much if it is in differernt colour as long as the size is the same but in a way i would perfer if they are all the same.
I don’t actualy like fancy packaging, they take up too much space and I don’t really buy any limited edition with complicated patterns on actual products because i know I would never use them after all or they will just get distroyed.

If the packaging is really cute and LE I tend to want to buy at least one thing from the collection. Brands in general draw me in if they package stuff cute… I’m easily lured in by silly things like that.

Typically, I *hate* it; however, I am looking forward to the NARS Warhol collaboration, and will actually be willing to pay a bit extra for the packaging, especially if the proceeds go to the Warhol Foundation. But then, Warhols art speaks to me more, than say, a couple of blue & white stripes on otherwise regular packaging. Also, I depot almost everything, except NARS & my Kat Von D palettes (which just happen to be really pretty).

 @xamyx  Amy, me too, ever since you mentioned it and for a lot of the same reasons. It is the one L/E collection that I’m not only excited about but which I’m willing to pay more for. And I have high hopes for the packaging, too since I think François Nars has a good eye. The one thing is, I hear it’s going to be a Marilyn tribute à la Warhol. I hope that doesn’t mean it will be more suitable for blonde beauties.  (Totally OT, would you be ok if I asked Christine to pass along your email addy or to give you mine?)

@Kafka First of all, I would love to exchange email addy’s (I was totally thinking about that the other day!). As for the NARS Warhol collection, I haven’t heard anything pertaining to Marilyn. There is a “teaser” clip that shows a bunch of silver mylar baloons, which calls to mind the Factory, so I’m expecting vivid/dark eyes & bright and/or pale lips. Either way, I will have at least one compact; I’ve always wanted to own a Warhol! The Marilyn reference may have been to the MAC collection, also in October. Well, even if the NARS collection is a Marilyn tribute, I’m sure the colors will still be flattering to most tones, like most of the other permanant items. Besides, it’s not like Marilyn was a “real” blonde, LOL!

 @xamyx  @Kafka  Yay, I will email Christine and ask if she will forward you my email if she doesn’t mind. I’m so happy. 🙂 As for the Warhol collection, guess what? It seems some of the nail varnishes from the collection are already on eBay! One is called “NY Dolls” and is a lovely dark black purple-eggplanty colour (or so it seems from the photo) and another is an orange-y one called “TV Party.” I’ve definitely read that the collection would be a tribute to Marilyn and specifically, Warhol’s screenprint of her. Today though, I read something about Debbie Harry on 2 diff. sites. Checking further just now before writing to you, I saw Jackie O mentioned as well and this possible explanation: http://www.hauteliving.com/2012/03/nars-andy-warhol-pop-art-makeup/   If so, I think it’s smart because the collection will be able to appeal to a wide range of colouring and styles. And seriously, it’s going to be as cool as….. well, you know! 😉 

I love pretty packagings. ” low cost ” is not my cup of tea except for very good and girly products such as Two Faced. We don’t have Nvey Eco or Chantecaille here, both are very classy I think one is Bio and natural, the other supports environmental causes I love this kind of brands !

For me, limited edition packaging not important in the least unless it’s essentially art, an attempt to replicate art or something chic beyond compare. Anything short of that, I don’t care. I certainly don’t want to pay more for it! (My cheapskate side, you know. lol)  And, if they want me to pay more but for cheap(er) looking packaging (like the recent MAC plastic-y stripes), then that actually antagonises me and puts me off the brand. (Or, in the case of MAC, puts me even *more* off the brand.) 

For me, limited edition packaging is not important in the least unless it’s essentially art, an attempt to replicate art or something chic beyond compare. Anything short of that, I don’t care. I certainly don’t want to pay more for it! (My cheapskate side, you know. LOL)  And, if they want me to pay more but for cheap(er) looking packaging (like the recent MAC plastic-y stripes), then that actually antagonises me and puts me off the brand. (Or, in the case of MAC, puts me even *more* off the brand.)

Not at all. I find most of it cheap looking and since I’m up for the least amount of packaging possible, I’m far more likely to depot into a practical palette so don’t like paying for packaging I could happily do without. And some of it (UD’s BOS 3 and 4, TF Enchanted Glamourland) is so fiddly and delicate as to make it difficult to use the actual MAKEUP (the whole point of the purchase, IMO) without damaging the butterflies, skyline, fairies, etc….

@Mariella I actually depotted my BoS IV this weekend, along with my 6 Too Faced palettes. As pretty as the packaging is, they just weren’t practical in that they took up so much space, and I like to mix & match, so it’s nice having them all together! I’m actually thinking of getting a UNII palette & depotting my Naked palettes, since I use them both together, too.

Get a Z-palette deluxe is what I got.   Take a nail file (sharp pointed metal) and depot those  BOS.  BOS 4 drove me nuts.  I thought of getting the Uni- palette but then read it in Amazon comments and said it was not long lasting.  I am thinking of getting an empty coastal scents palette for 5 bucks and depot.  I used to get limited edition packaging from Estee Lauder and I found that the products were inferior.  That is how I feel about MAC LE products.  Cost more and I am not willing to pay for it.  BOS and Tarte x-mas packaging is so impractical.  I like UD Naked though.  Sorry for the run on sentences.

Packaging isn’t important at all to me, as long as the product is secure. Frequently, I just remove it and put it into a Z Palette or something else. I’m willing to pay more for a product that I want if it’s in special packaging, but I’m not paying for the packaging – just the product. MAC’s Barefoot is a good example: my backup is still in the striped packaging; my original Barefoot shadow is in a MAC palette already.

I love different packaging! I’m much more likely to buy something if it’s in special packaging. It’s also nice to have something different in my makeup drawer, like a stripped MAC lipstick bullet to break up the monotony of all the black ones! 

If the price is reasonable, the item is unique (colour, texture, etc) AND the packaging is something I really like (patterns, colour, blah blah blah) THEN I’ll try to buy and item or two from the collection.  If it doesn’t meet all three of those criteria, then I pass.  I’m pretty strict with those variables.

I don’t really like to pay extra for packaging, but it do had gaudy packaging. The Mac Surf Baby collection had really horrible packaging, to me. I initially didn’t even want anything because I hated it. But I think the Hey Sailor collection has amazing packaging. But normally I do prefer everything to match.

I am such a sucker for LE packaging. I’m not a fan of gaudy bulky packaging such as UD BOS and things like that but MAC is such a guilty pleasure for me that I’m willing to pay a little extra…but not a whole lot like Marcel Wanders which was way overpriced and not too impressive.

I love the LE packaging but I don’t like the price increase that sometimes the company adds to the product…!

It’s defenetly not important. The color  and texture of the makeup itself it’s what is important to me. 

I prefer the actual product to have the details, as they did for MAC’s Hey! Sailor. The box can be plain for all I care, it goes straight to the trash can!

I do like to collect interesting packaging, so I am more prone to buy the limited edition version if it’s a product that I already use or plan on trying.

I’m very rarely willing to pay a premium for LE packaging.  MAC’s Hello Kitty collection a few years ago was one of the few packaging schemes that really sucked me in.  I loved that stuff.  But I don’t know that I’ve bought anything before or since based only on the packaging.  There have definitely been times when I’ve been tempted, but usually sticker shock is enough to let go of my craving.
Most of the time LE packaging annoys me though.  A lot of the time I think the stuff looks cheap or ugly (Hellllo Giantly Disappointing Venomous Villains collection!), and high prices put on packaging I neither want or need is generally a turn off for me.  

I reaaly only care if packaging is appropriately functional. I can appreciate if something is also beautiful, but I would never buy just based on that.

I’m not a sucker for LE packaging, generally, but I will fall for LE *products* – it’s the whole “gotta get them while they’re here” mentality. But like you, I prefer matching packaging on products! 

If it is a ltd. edition color or dosen’t have a price increase, it’s a nice bonus, otherwise I don’t care.

I don’t really care about limited edition packaging.  I would never pay extra just for cute packaging on a lipstick or something like that, unless I really loved the actual product. And I usually depot eyeshadows/blush anyway so the packaging just goes in the bin.

I do not mind special packaging, but I do not want to pay for it, particularly if it is cheap and plasticky.  Yep, I’m still on my MAC bash.  Plus, MAC seems to be positioning their products, and prices surely, in-line with some of the pricier cosmetics and yet they still churn out the cosmetics with cheap crap packaging.  More MAC bashing..!  At the same point, sometimes the luxe brands go a little overboard in my opinion and while you end up with something feeling more durable and pretty, you also end up with a lot of heft and Guerlain G lippies are crazy big and heavy because of the added mirror.  If they were refillable or swapable, it would make so much more sense… buy one glam compact and 3 refills in different colours for example. 

I am not persuaded to by a product based on it’s packaging, and I have yet to by a product with limited edition packaging if it cost more than the product would typically.  I care way more about the quality of the product versus how it looks. 

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