How have your makeup preferences for your own look stayed the same over time?

I still LOVE coral — cheeks, lips, and eyes! I also tend to coordinate my colors (eyes/lips/cheeks/outfit) the same way as I’ve always done it, with some nod to a color in the outfit (e.g. a shirt with teal accents might be worn with a teal eyeshadow look). I still very much prefer my shimmers!

— Christine
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One may think I’d have grown bored with a winged liner look after 44 years, but nope! Still love wearing them as much at 58 as I did when I started my first faltering messy attempts at 14. I’ve always accentuated my eyes more than my other features, too. Certain colors still win me over every time, like teals/turquoises, purples/plums and warmer browns, coppers, bronzes. Especially love a good metallic or shimmer now, we used to only have frost!

I used to abhor the very idea of frosted or shimmery eyeshadows but now, just the opposite is true and I find they are far more flattering than mattes. Even after I “embraced” shimmer shadows, I still loved matte skin (I remember the late Way Bandy, in a Vogue mag feature, talking about how your skin should be matte and only your eyes should be twinkling from that matte surface) but in the past 2 or so years, I have decided that a more moist, somewhat dewy skin look is much nicer and more natural so I’ve seriously incorporated illuminating products into my routine – Strobe cream or Becca liquid skin perfector mixed with my CC creams, Becca’s Backlight Primer worn on its own, Tatcha facial spray as a “finishing touch” to my face, no matter what I’m wearing or not wearing on my face. Once the dog days of summer descend, I scale back on this, since the heat and humidity give my face enough “glow” but for 2/3 of the year, I use illuminating products or a touch of highlighter on my face.

…and I now realize I’ve totally MISUNDERSTOOD the question. Okay – I still avoid a nude lip, don’t like matte lipsticks for the most part (so drying and uncomfortable and they really don’t look as appealing as a more “juicy” looking mouth!) and I still fall for neutral eyeshadows every time (which is why I’m virtually awash in neutral eyeshadows, palettes, cream shadows, shadow pencils….you name it!)

Much more has stayed the same or as I get older, the more I know who I am and what works for me and what I prefer. Neutral, bronzey or earth tone shadows. Peachy pink or nude blushes. Nude lips. Blackest Black mascara. Bronzey brown eyeliner. Matte foubdation. Mascara/eyeliner on top lash/line. Not that I don’t try new trends but I know who I am not. Red lips are not me. Glitter is not me (glitter not shimmer). Goth makeup is not me. False lashes is not me. I feel too I’ve reached an age where I can be like this is who I am and I don’t have to be a slave to trends. Dabble in them, sure, but I don’t have to try anything I don’t want to. Doesn’t mean I don’t have fun with makeup but I don’t let others dictate too much how I have that fun

I loved a dark vampy lip when I was a teenager in the days of grunge and goth, and I still love it now! Thankfully I can still rock it if I keep the rest of my face basic.

It took me years to find out that I look so much better in cooler shades for lipstick and blush….pinks and reds, maybe a cool coral or peach when I can find it. That color range lights up my complexion. My best shade of eyeshadow is a cool gray. I love MAC Knight Divine and have purchased it several times. It’s my go-to eyeshadow for a quick face. When I have time, I try new shades of eyeshadow for a change-up but I pretty much stick to my cooler selections of blush and lipstick. I look horrid in any kind of bronzer or warm bronze or anything warm orange. I’ve just given up on wearing it lol. So, I guess I would say the cooler colors have been my mainstay. 🙂

I love a lash heavy look, even if it’s just a little extra mascara. Even if it’s brown or colored mascara, I will never like a fully bare lash look on myself.

I love berry everything, black everything, and coral everything. It’s very evident in my makeup choices on the day to day.

I’ve also realized that even though I love colorful eye and cheek looks, my facial structure and coloring don’t really allow for complex looks.

I’ve also learned I’m creative but lazy when it comes to keeping my brushes clean so I can use the same brush for Kitten for a few uses before washing it 😛

While I play around with berries for cheeks and lips more than ever before, I still love corals. I still think if anything on me is to be bold, eyes are the way to go. That’s always been my go-to. Hasn’t changed.

To begin with, they haven’t made a berry lip color that I haven’t loved and that will never change. I think that most of the things I have loved over the years and that remain in my preferences are related to color. My color preferences have not changed over time. I still love a green eye shadow and a berry lip!

Always preferred sheer coverage for foundation/BB cream. Been drawn to berry & russet lipsticks since a teen many moons ago. Eyeshadows: purple, lilac/lavender shimmers, & pale-to-med-light grays/silvers are perennial faves. Lastly, I’ve worn black mascara every single day of my life since I was 13.

I just started getting into makeup otherwise I would wear a little foundation but most of the time I was tan so hardly any. And a very neutral eye cream for the lower lid and a darker matte for the crease and mascara. I really was not into makeup I was always put together but a natural look with a little bit of blush and a lip gloss. Now it is costing me a fortune because I like makeup but I still apply it lightly I never liked a full face of makeup it looks like a mask! I am like you Christine I love Coral Cheeks the best and coral on my eyes along with platinum. I also like plums for the cheeks but not so much on my eyes. I like more of a color balm or gloss instead of a dark color on the lip I don’t like in your face lipstick. I think your lips look fuller with lighter shades on the lips.

Still obsessed with glosses.

Glossy skin, glossy lids, glossy lips!

Also, I find myself gravitating towards browny-pinky-blushy-nudey hues. I haven’t strayed away from that colour scheme before, and I don’t think I ever will!

I have emphasized eyes over lips since I started wearing make-up in the 1960’s. I didn’t start wearing lipstick until very recently.

I’ve always liked my foundation matte or satin (and still hate the dewy look on me). I still like brights, and unconventional colors and finishes. I still favor dramatic looks. I’ve always loved purples on my eyes. I’ve always been a huge fan of using lipliner after lipstick.

I have never been into natural or “no makeup makeup” looks. I still avoid “concealer lips” nude lipsticks. I still don’t use bronzer much and never self-tan.

I have always loved coppery brown shimmer lipsticks – they really suit my complexion and colouring and that will never change. I still love wearing shades of grey eye shadow with a bright red lip too.

I still love a berry-brown lip but not matte. Satin or glossy. Always black mascara. And some shimmer on my eye—I don’t care if I’m of a “certain age”, I wear it anyway. 44 is not too old for it. I think any age can pull it off.

Still adore greens for eyes. Still require major concealer, but the products are better now. Have been into reds and red browns for lips for decades now. My neutral preferences are still cooler..Taupes, greiges. Warm pink and pink coral lips still look pretty poor, though a tad of those shades as blended blush, or in an eye look are ok. Still have problems with base products being too yellow, though I am far warmer as I age.

I still like a balanced look with nothing too much out of place. I may follow what the trends of the moment are, but do not wear all of them at once on my face. I still like a colorful eye, but will keep it neutral on occasion. I still like color on my cheeks and I still try to make sure that my lips tie into something else on my face, or something on my body. And I never leave the house without a spritz of perfume.

I still like an eye look with dimension (still use 3 or 4 colors with differing finishes) and I still like to get my makeup done and make a face chart/catalog the look. I still love the same makeup brand I cut my teeth on 25 years ago (MAC) and am brand loyal to them.

1) I gave up my beloved fake eyelashes that I used to wear every day. Not only were my natural eyelashes thinning but they were starting to look more matronly than glam.

2) I spend more $ on quality foundations now than I do on ‘color’ items like lippys, eyeshadows, and blushes. I need a better performing base that won’t settle into my fine lines and evens out my lingering mask of pregnancy.

3) I pencil my brows. My once lush brows are now fading. Wah. Nevertheless, a structured brow frames the face & is an essential part of today’s look. I’m still an 80’s girl and just lightly I just do some light feathery strokes with a pencil for a ‘natural brow’ look rather than the ABH dipbrow/instagram glam thing

4) I highlight my inner eye corner with some garish sparkly shade like MAC Nylon. I just started doing this like 5 yrs ago. I LOVE IT! It really makes my deep set & slightly close set eyes pop! Why didn’t I start doing this sooner? I shall go to the grave with my inner eye corners highlighted!

5) No vampy stuff. Just too harsh for my face now. Tends to make me look corpse-like rather than glam or vampy.

Warm neutrals as a start point; eyeliner; red corals; lipsticks/glosses as more of a playground space (frosts, shimmers, pencils, glosses, neutrals, brights — it’s all fun space to me); sheerer foundation formulas or techniques.

I guess one way my makeup preferences have remained the same is that I still loveheavier, richer, darker colours & textures in the fall & winter, & brighter, lighter colors & textures in the spring & summer. Some people don’t care & wear the same makeup year-round but matching my look to the season has always been important to me.

Being a cool/deep winter, I still love dark red and fuchsia lipsticks and abhor nude or matte lips. Still rarely wear blush. Still can’t line my lower lashline because of the shape of my eyes. And still prefer gray and purple eyeshadow to nudes and browns, because my skin is so cool, gray is actually sort of my nude!

During college and in my early 20s I wore bold red and fuchsia lined lips with a sharply pointed bow, and winged liner with mascara, only. The liner and mascara stayed but the lip went muted and glossy. I never wore eyeshadow, except in highschool – could never seem to get it to look right.
That look stayed pretty status quo for 15-20 years until Sephora came to Canada. I moved into CC and BB creams, added blush (Nars Orgasm – of course) and only recently, in 2016, I went all in. Foundation (had never worn it as I never needed to), eyeshadow, bold and nude lips, contour, highlight, primer, finishing spray… it’s a whole new world.

I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup growing up as it was look down on. I actually didn’t even start wearing eyeliner until I was 21 –many many moons ago now. I would say that eyeliner is the one and only thing that’s stuck since the beginning. I’ve grown in my appreciation for makeup (and I am now happily a collector!) and my look is now changing as I learn new tricks and try out different things.

I have always liked shiny, shimmery lips. I have been lining my waterline since I was a teenager – my look has never changed drastically.

I also love and adore coral shades! Nothing pops more my hazel eyes than a coral lipstick even my pale skin. I love rotating everyday my eyeshadows I love bronze, rose pinks/golds, purple, plums and greens! On cheeks I keep it minimal but also have a collection of different shades. Coral Cove from Milani is a gorgeous one! Best fits on my skin are pinks, rose shades, light berries. Browns only if slightly mixed with pinks but alone no bueno. Just ordered Mama’s Apple Pie from Colourshop and first time trying them today in love with the super shock sparkly colors! Goes on so soft! Ordered also Studio 1400 which is more winter toned colors thecemerald one made me do it is so beautuful! I know I’ll be ordering some more. The Phase Out collection all peachy tones looks perfect for Summer. For lips I love berries, plum more than reds lately. Being pale I never which red looks ok. on me just find them too harsh sometimes although they do lift an outfit, face and spirits when ghostly. Eyes too will pop wearing the right red I’m a bit afraid of them but do wear them. Corals, pinks. The entire rainbow is welcomed I love checking new colors and products it never gets boring. I love many of the WetnWild eyeshadows I own, the blushes, lipsticks and their highliters are great! Bewtween WetnWild and now and my new discovered passion Colourpop my daughter introduced to them I know I’m in trouble! I know I should stick to cool colors but I try others as well and I have liked many high ends and drugstores alike. Lately is hard to tell the difference drugstores have surprised me big time!

Just as I get older. Some of the things that I was afraid to wear (lipstick) are now an all day/every day part of my look. And products that were not good on my younger, more broken-out skin, are great now. I also appreciate the subtlety and variety of neutral tones, not to the exclusion of any other shades, but when I was younger I wouldn’t have given them a second look. But then, I came of age in the ’80s. Did neutrals even exist other than black and white in the ’80s??

I definitely love a full brow, whereas when I was younger, like so many others, I shaved between them and thinned them out. Now I fill them in, and have been doing this for about 15 years. I’m also darker now than I was back then.

So it’s not so much my taste changed, but I did. I still love most of the looks I always did, but I have added a lot to my bag of tricks.

Ugh I got the question backwards. Although I’m sure there is a question of how my makeup preferences have changed either right before or right after this one. Maybe it should have been one question?

Anyway, I still love light pink lips, eyeliner, full coverage foundation, and all things shimmery.

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