How has your relationship with beauty changed over the last year?

I don’t think it has changed in the last year, actually! It’s still something that brings me joy and is my creative outlet.

— Christine


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Lisa Avatar

Oddly, I have grown more into using certain beauty products (mostly lippies) in the last year. At first I ignored them during shutdown, but then putting on a lipstick to sit at my desk brings me joy, as Chrisitine put it. Beauty products are for me.

Lily Kelley Avatar

I do not think it has changed , i love buying and wearing makeup. Just makes me fell good. I do wear more nude lipsticks now than before but that’s it.

Kira Avatar

I think my loyalty has grown stronger to my favorite high end brands, and I am less interested in looking at brand releases that come across as more fast fashion to me. I am always hyped about Pat McGrath, Natasha Denona and NARS releases. Love looking at Dior, YSL, and Tom Ford swatches. Putting on a full face of glam is still something that gets me very excited in the morning!

Ana Maria Avatar

Almost nothing change in the past year. Applying makeup is still my morning routine, to set the mood for work from home. Unlike last year, I attended a couple of more formal events (concerts, opera, musicals), but it was still my daily look.
I didn’t change my habits or spending habits.

Andrea Avatar

Somewhere along the first lockdown I discovered Temptalia and then I expanded beyond pink lipstick and Ruby Woo! This last year I’ve fallen in love with peach lipstick, which is is interesting given I’ve always been unconsciously biased against trying it -for some strange mysterious reason- and now I can’t seem to get enough!
I’ve carried on loving lipstick but I’ve also been devoting a lot of my attention to eyeshadows. I’ve found there is life beyond beige, pink and black eyeshadow. The most surprising thing was (don’t laugh!) learning about transitioning shades! What a difference that made!
I’ve also learnt the reason I could never seem to copy eye looks is because I have low brows (my eyes look like Emma Watson before she changed her eyebrows!), what a revelation that was! eheheheh! Nobody had told me that, would have saved me a lot of time tbh! Me with my tiny eyes trying to look like sb who’s got brows up in the forehead was never going to end well! hahha!
As far as skincare goes, not much as changed other than wearing retinol for the first time last winter. Oh and rosehip oil (the good stuff because there’s a difference) when put on the face at night makes my redness “disappear” in the morning. I’ve also realised over the last year my skin is the visible part of what’s going on in my body. I’d heard it a million times but finally saw it for myself and felt it. Also, my skin loves double cleansing and cleaning it in the morning makes a difference too.

kjh Avatar

I never realized I was a lowbrow. Actually I always did, but there’s a pun in there somewhere. Mine were always right along the orbital ridge. But mine are also untailed (some SA told me that I should not pluck my brows so far in. Never plucked ever. Actually laughed.)They’re still transparent blond at over 70. I just cover them w/long bangs. BTW, lockdown was a helluva time to discover Temptalia. The implications are staggering.

Andrea Avatar

Well, I see what you did there and I want to say I looked surprise but… *cough* *cough*… it’s not possible! 😀
Bangs are a no-go for me because I have a swirl not even hair gel can tame smack bang “in” the forehead, but tbh my brows never bothered me much!
The thing is, purely for the sake of curiosity & my scientific mind, how on earth do all these celebs -even young ones- went from proper low brows to lifted ones? Do they all go through surgery in their 20s? Can a true “brows” professional achieve that? Do they laser off the ends and tattoo them back on in another place? Are brow transplants a thing? Haaahh, I had such a middlebrow existence before but now I wonder if I would have more fun as a high brow…
Temptalia has been a thoroughly enjoyable, though somewhat expensive ride at times! Still, so far no regrets!

Meredith Avatar

Last year and into this year with COVID I was in a bit of a funk and it was a big task for me put a full face of make up on. Currently I am finding more interest in lipstick and embracing minimal eye make up and a dramatic lip color. While I have stepped back a bit from colorful eyeshadow looks, I still enjoy doing my eyes albeit with less eyeliner and more mascara to (hopefully) make my eyes look bigger.

Nancy T Avatar

In so many unexpected ways. For one thing, I only purchased roughly half, if even that, compared to previous years. I’ve also been far more mindful of what and why I’ve either decided to buy or not a particular item.
One change that has me feeling a bit sad is that I don’t use my makeup as often as before this whole pandemic upturned all of our lives. Haven’t polished my nails since the lockdown began, except for one or two pedicures. Desperately WANT to wear all my beautiful tube lipsticks, but cannot due to the impractically of doing so, because masks.
Throw into the mix the worry and sadness over the entire situation, and I just haven’t been feeling like even bothering most days.

Latika Avatar

I don’t watch all of the influencers like I used to I don’t care about all the brands new releases except for pay McGrath – more self care lotions. Bath soaps body care – nail polish eye lashes – candles incense and things for my home. –

Shani Avatar

I’m a therapist and I’ve been providing teletherapy during the pandemic. So, I still get up, do my makeup, and put on work clothes on! I think I’m settling more into some higher end brands, I’ve bought quite a bit, and to make it feel like valid purchases I started uploading on YouTube lol so, I would say that the relationship had strengthened lol

ShariP Avatar

Not much has changed. I do allow myself to splurge on luxury brands if its something I’m really interested in. Otherwise, its a shift from old standbys like MAC and Urban Decay to PML and Sydney Grace. And I don’t fall prey to the fear of missing out of a limited edition product.

Nikki Avatar

I think I’ve become closer to makeup and beauty routines in the last year! I did give up lipstick during the first round of mask mandates, and even with the mask on I still felt naked without lipstick! I modified my approach during my area’s second round of mask mandates*-for that round and any future rounds, I wear blotted-down lipstick under my mask but skip glosses on days where my FOTD calls for one but I have to work or go to the store.
*My area is currently not under a mask mandate. I’m fully vaxxed and boosted and I feel comfortable going maskless at work due to the layout and ventilation of my workplace, but I still wear a mask in the grocery store because shoppers here don’t seem to respect each other’s personal space, even before the pandemic! Eating a grilled cheese inside my local (newish, well-ventilated, and-at the time-not crowded) Starbucks immediately after my booster (I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, got munchy, and had always planned on getting a therapeutic toasted white chocolate mocha after, which I also did) was my first indoor dining experience since before the pandemic-it’s currently too cold to eat outside and I just like the convenience of curbside pickup.

Nikki Avatar

On a day where my FOTD calls for a gloss but I have to be in a masking space (either because there’s a mandate or just because I have to get groceries), I wear a lipstick under my mask in the closest-to-the-gloss shade I can find and then wipe it off and switch to the gloss once I get home.

Jacqueline Lauren Hope Avatar

For me the two biggest changes have been in the base I choose to wear. I have severe rosacea and chronic hormonal acne and when I first started wearing make up I would wear very high coverage, mattifying foundations. Over time that was shifting towards more mid coverage dewy finishes but in 2021 I primarily started wearing BB cream as my base and finding a good skincare routine with Korean products that work for my skin. Western products tend to be too harsh for me and have additives that cause allergic reactions buy I’ve finally found a routine that works.

Z Avatar

A little. For a while I worked at a job where I couldn’t wear the things I loved (not sold by that company) and since leaving that job I’ve really delved in to the things in my collection that I love and enjoy using. I also have gotten to know my undertones and aesthetic even better and know what will, and won’t, work on me.

The downside is all this virus nonsense and mask usage (I continue to wear my mask when around others, “required” or not) is that my skin is fah-reaking out and almost everything is irritating it. Even my once rock solid eyelids are becoming inflamed on a regular basis (I’ve seen a derm, it’s as under control as it’s going to be until I can kick the mask and the stress of the world falling apart). Which means my heaps of eyeshadow palettes have been going unloved for the last few months and lipstick, my second love, isn’t really worn when out. I absolutely hate cleaning it off my masks. So I’ve really delved in to my brow products and highlighter.

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