How has your enthusiasm for makeup changed in the last six months?

It’s the same — I’m still pretty excited about makeup and beauty, generally, though I have derived a lot of my enjoyment from as providing a service (reviews/swatches) vs. specifically getting really enthused about products themselves. I still really love to apply it!

— Christine


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Sarah Avatar

Yeah, I just don’t care too much anymore. I used to enjoy taking time to perfect my face in the mornings, but with masks being our way of life from here on out it’s just hard to find the motivation.

I’ve tried getting back into it. I’ve tried doing brows and simple eye looks. Still doesn’t bring back the passion. I wonder if it’ll ever come back.

Wednesday Avatar

Mine has waned significantly in the buying department. I am finding less satisfaction all around with the quality and uniqueness of products, but surely I have enough makeup to last me the rest of my life. Plus, pandemic has changed my perception of self and the amount of makeup I was wearing. I am more satisfied with far less. Plus, I do not get out much so do not find the need. Finally, mass consumerism is a problem in my estimation and the number of people saddling up to the trough to grab the few dollars some people may have troubles me. You know the margins are huge and the money making is easy… ‘cause sure, we need gazillionaires to develop makeup lines and money grab more of the pie. And yes, we need to keep piling product and clothing into landfills. Apologies for being political. If you do not agree, cool.

I still enjoy the process when I do wear makeup. That will never change. Wearing makeup and honing technique still keeps me interested. I can live vicariously through others purchases and excitement so Temptalia is perfect for that too.

kjh Avatar

Amen. I think many of us are shocked AS: the pandemic has caused everyone to re-examine choices and acquisitions. Why I have an over abundance of apparel for events that no longer exist stuns me. Why I have so many items of apparel that fit the same wardrobe niche also astounds me. Makeup? Same. At least I’ve been visiting Goodwill weekly with a carload. And you’re right: wasn’t it Orwell who said ‘Some are more equal than others.’ ? Some folks are just born prescient. David Attenborough for one.

Wednesday Avatar

Sigh. My closet has been paired down every single year for the past three and I still need to do more. It is difficult to let go of good quality clothing. Since pandemic, I am finding myself shopping previously loved and feeling far less guilt for picking up the odd piece. Consignment does not have the same presence in Canada. We do not have a well organized and centralized website like The Real Real and others of similar ilk. I wish we did. Denims, boots, shoes, sweaters, handbags are all problem areas for me.

Julia Avatar

I am probably a more extreme case… but my usage and purchases have probably dropped about 95% in the past 6 months. In mid-March my office closed and moved us all to Work From Home indefinitely (and that has been extended until “at least” Jan 2021) and that happened just before I had my first baby at the end of March and went on a 4 month maternity leave. I’m back to work (from home) now, but my husband does have to go in to his workplace, just rolls most of the grocery trips and errands into that. So, I rarely leave the house and the vast majority of my work conf calls are just phone, no video. That, coupled with just not having the time that I used to because I’m taking care of the baby… I’m probably putting on makeup a couple of times per month. I still enjoy it when I do it, but it’s nice not “having to” put on makeup to go into the office every day – certainly a timesaver!

Funny story – I think my most recent cosmetic purchase was the Glossy Posse (original) set when Sephora put it on sale. I literally have not even used it because it makes no sense to wear gloss under a mask lol. Looking forward to when we are past this mess and I can rock my sticky, shiny, glossy lip again!

Dannell Avatar

Honestly, my enthusiasm for makeup may have increased slightly? I have been using it as a way to keep myself accountable. Working from home can make the days run together…..I decided early on that I would continue to set my alarm, get up and get ready for my day even though the only people seeing me were my hubs and sons. I felt pretty and productive. I think I needed it to make me feel a little more ‘normal’ in a very not normal situation. Also, since they WERE the only people seeing me it allowed me to experiment and try out colors, combinations, and smokey eyes that probably would not have been work appropriate! LOL

Nicole Avatar

Way down. And I love makeup. I’m on maternity leave and would have been wearing less anyway (plus I wear less overall in summer), but I have nowhere to go anymore! Plus we have mandatory masks where I live so no one sees me. That being said, I still wear some makeup every day. It makes me feel human. Just not as much.

Martyna Avatar

I guess it has decreased somewhat. I still love make up and skin care, but now that I am no longer reaching for products from my stash as frequently as I used to, I’m less inclined to get excited about new releases. I feel like I have a lot of products and I’m not making enough use of them because there are fewer professional and social occasions to do so. That said, I still love the transformative power of make up 🙂

Lily Kelley Avatar

I still love wearing foundation, blush and eye shadow. I have not been wearing lipstick lately because of the mask but hopefully that will change soon.

kjh Avatar

It’s so true. You do provide a valuable service with what you do. Even though my enthusiasm at present is shot, I still read you and Muse daily and keep generally UTD on the industry.

Arena Avatar

I absolutely love makeup/skincare/beauty etc. I must be a frustrated artist! But I am getting a bit older, so technique is changing, and I am paying more attention (read: pickier) regarding texture, multi-tasking abilities and longevity. Also, I am more willing to call out BS Marketing. I will not put alcohol or fragrance on my face (especially if it’s within the top 2/3 of the inky list). I am more likely to watch the ‘Tubes and become educated about the *product* and the use (Lisa Eldreidge, Nadine Baggot or Taylor Wynn for example) rather than mindlessly be sold a product by some 19-year old flawless faced influencer.

I am also more willing to invest in a more expensive piece (example: Viseart or Natasha Denona) that will stand the test of time than buy cheaper pieces that may-or-may not work as well. This makes me happier to shop my stash rather than buy the next greatest thing.

Lesley Avatar

My skin has become very irritated by masks so I only do eye makeup and brows now. I look forward to doing that every day. I really miss the rest of it because I love the look of a smooth even complexion, which I don’t get without several products. I appreciate primer, foundation, concealer, color corrector and powder much more now even if I am not using them.

Latonya Avatar

It’s changed to the point that I don’t even put on lipstick anymore because unless I’m in my office, I have a mask on when I’m out. I would likely end up with lipstick all over my face because my masks are usually touching my lips or moving up my face as well as makeup all over the mask. And that’s a look I don’t like. Seems pointless right now. The good thing is the buying has slowed down.

Patty Avatar

Mine has about stayed the same, but in one way the actual appreciation of makeup has gone up. I am on video calls daily so I’m still putting it on, but not always first thing in the morning when I have somewhere to go. Then it’s only simple eyes and eyebrows, mask, out the door. So in that way I appreciate being able to get ready quicker. But then once I get home and the mask is off, I love the process of putting it on as a pick me up. The contrast makes me count makeup as an actual blessing, because it’s fun and makes me feel more happy, put together and ready for the calls. It feels more like a treat than a routine because I realize I miss it when I’m not wearing it. I’m not actually buying more, just really appreciating the fun of what I have.

Adrienne Avatar

I’m still as enthused as ever. I can’t wait to be able to do a full face of makeup in public like I used to do every day. I have been keeping myself entertained by doing some new eye looks to wear around the house, where it doesn’t matter if they would be too bold for the office. And I am using plenty of bold/bright lipstick because that looks best on me on Zoom. My typical Zoom look is brows, a contoured and highlighted face with the Hourglass Ghost edit palette, mascara, bold lipstick. If I ever leave the house, I usually just do eyes & brows and don’t bother with the rest under the mask. Makeup is helping to keep me sane …

AJ Avatar

I still enjoy the makeup I have, but I’m applying it a lot less frequently… and I rarely feel tempted to buy new makeup. I’ve only made a few purchases in the last 6 months, when something has really caught my eye. But I honestly have way more makeup than I could ever need, so something has to really WOW me to make me consider buying it. And lately, very few things have WOWed me. It mostly feels like more of the same in different packaging. I’ve really only been tempted by the Clionadh shadows.

I feel like my enthusiasm for new releases was already waning late last year, and the pandemic just sealed the deal.

Ana Maria Avatar

Although I wear makeup every work day to set the productivity mood to work from home, I can’t deny the enthusiasm has died down a little.

I am far less inclined to be excited by new products and formulas, I keep it safe and repurchase old favorites.

Lipstick, especially bold colors, are one of the things that always get me excited, and I barely wear even neutral colors these days.

Cherie Avatar

I’m only enthusiastic about reading about makeup now. Not so much purchasing it (thought I did get some sets as gifts from the Marc Jacobs closet sale and two lipsticks from the Bite Beauty Lip Lab). Other than that, its been mostly skincare purchases. I’ve worked from home for the past 7 years so that aspect didn’t change for me though having my husband work from home took some getting used to. Throw a toddler into the mix and we’ve got our hands full.

I’d love to be more excited about wearing makeup again. Sometimes I shop my stash and just wear makeup around the house for me..but that’s not too often.

TropicalCowgirl Avatar

My enthusiasm is there but focus has changed and, I am purchasing less. I just don’t “need” anything and I’m trying to downsize. I’ve attempted to have a more curated collection vs just having something to have it.

I am working from home and I believe we will be until June 2021. This has been a major influence.

I am trying to use up my moisturizers first instead of buying something else before I finish. I am wearing heavier moisturizer and oils vs lighter ones during the day when I used to put on a full face of foundation. My skin is looking amazing as a result. I almost don’t need foundation and when I do wear it, I don’t go the full face route…but apply with my hands/fingers and press into my skin for spot application. I’ve really become more about glowy, dewy skin. At least twice a week, I take a “lunch break” and steam and mask my skin too.

Since I don’t do a full face every day but unless I’m doing a video call, I love keeping lip colors I normally wouldn’t wear on my desk and try out new colors. My frameless glasses, which showed off my eye shadow, are getting repaired so now, if on video, I put a light wash of color over my lids with mascara and a light blush. My skin tone is now pretty even that I don’t need a full face. I also have played around with tan drops in my moisturizer. Pale skin doesn’t look good on me.

I feel satisfied with what I own. I still have some purging to do and will when my friend comes to visit. I still enjoy putting on looks. I love the ritual and always get excited when mapping out a new look. I still swoon when my husband compliments me too so I think that is part of it.

And of course, I love coming here. I may be purchasing less, but I love seeing everyone’s excitement and looking at the swatches. I am an empath, so that happiness and joy really rubs off on me even if a product won’t work for me. Checking my email and then Temptalia is part of my daily constant!

Mariella Avatar

I’m still wearing makeup (including lipstick, since I’m mostly at home and haven’t decided to go back to work yet) but much less of it since I’m frequently at the gym or out for intense walks (I can no longer run). But the difficulty of getting into stores, of trying or even swatching cosmetics has really truncated my makeup shopping/spending. Added to that is the realization that I have way more makeup than I could ever need or use. Also, the pandemic has really got me thinking about values, about my spending, about people who are losing so much so I feel a lot better spending on donations to the local women’s shelter or a program that works with street kids and high risk teens. This weekend, our neighbourhood is having a food drive (this happens twice a year) and I’m going out tomorrow to spend what I’d usually spend on makeup on baby formula, non perishable food items and health products like soap and shower gel instead.

Jess Avatar

I am still excited to read about new products, look at swatches, etc. But I don’t even wear makeup to the store anymore; I don’t need foundation and eyes to go buy groceries (maybe it’s because so much of my face is covered with my mask and my glasses that what’s left seems okay to me!). The only times I am putting on shadow, foundation, brows, etc. are when I am going to an appointment of some sort, like taking my kid to the dentist, or when I have a Zoom meeting. Otherwise, I am working from home for the foreseeable future and am relishing having the extra time. If the world ever goes back to some semblance of what it used to be, I will be wearing makeup again, but probably not as much.

(I will also still probably buy palettes that I don’t need.)

Nancy T Avatar

Between living in a semi-quarantined state of being since June, and almost fully so since mid March, wearing masks on my essential outings, going through various existential crisies and feeling like a blobfish, my personal zeal has waned quite a bit. As for when I spy new releases, my enthusiasm is still there. Most of the time, I talk myself out of purchases with the rationale of: “you hardly ever use all this stuff as it is, and you want to add more?” “Um, regular tube lipstick? Really?” “When do you even leave the house?”

Mary B. Avatar

While my makeup collection/stash and buying has decreased significantly, my **enthusiasm** has actually increased. I found that too much led to stress and indecision, plus the regret of wasted money. Decided to look at photos from when I was younger (plus magazines and ads from then too), and I remembered when makeup was fun and stress-free — minimal product categories and only a one or two favorites in each category. I’m trying to go back to pre-mega-palette days and pre-YouTube.

Rachel R. Avatar

My huge love of makeup is still there, and I’m still interested to see new releases. My enthusiasm for mainstream releases has waned the last couple of years, with even my favorite brands become watered down and boring, troublesome, or both. The indie brands are keeping the flame alive for me with more creative products.

That said, depression has been hitting hard between COVID lockdown and events in the U.S. and has made me feel unmotivated to wear makeup. Masks make wearing lip color senseless. Heat, allergy eyes, and wildfire smoke has made eye makeup impossible the last several weeks. I’m hoping autumn will reinvigorate my enthusiasm.

Gilad Avatar

Since quarantine I’ve bought less. It’s easier not to be tempted when I can’t see swatches and displays in person. I’m mostly inside, so no masking there and so can wear what I like, except for Zoom calls when I feel a need to have my ‘professional face’ on. I’ve been shopping my stash more, and playing with best combo’s of eye/lip/cheek color which feeds my color-loving and experimental soul.

CeeBee Avatar

My enthusiasm and purchasing have gone up slightly but even ordering online has seen big hikes on shipping fees and extended delivery times, so it makes getting a package extra exciting for me. I tend to order more volume and $$$ worth, but less often and then spend at least a week trying everything new in varying combinations, which has been a nice change. I have been shopping my stash more (and I’ve reorganised it twice!) but since there is no mask requirement where I live, I still do a full face every day and I really enjoy it.

Pearl Avatar

About the same. I am buying less though and find I am only interested in a few brands anymore. I still wear a full face, still love taking my time to apply it all, even lipstick. I wear my mask in public places and I’m able to take it off once I’m in my office because it’s just me and I got the ok to be able to disinfect my cleaning space daily when I leave. Make up and applying it is still a bright spot in my day and I still look forward to collecting pieces.

Charlie Avatar

Even though I have nowhere to go (working from home) and don’t always do my makeup, I’ve found a new kind of freedom with it. I’m playing more with colors and placement, and indulging in finishes I wouldn’t have before (like the mini of Fenty’s How Many Carats?!).

I do have Zoom meetings frequently, so I’m learning more about lighting and “camera friendly” application, but to me that’s part of the fun. I have an interest in photography so this is just another way of learning lighting.

Prior to wfh, I typically did my makeup in the parking lot before going into work, so having the ability to create looks from my whole stash, and not just what made it into the car, feels like a real luxury, and now I view the times that I DO put on makeup as a time of self-pampering.

The result of all this is I have, as others have said, really had a chance to go through what I like and use and refine that. I have enough color cosmetics (though that’s unlikely to stop me from buying more), but I want to focus more on my complexion—finding a really great shade match and perfecting foundation and concealer, and a good, non-aging undereye powder.

Kitty Avatar

I like to do my eye makeup when I’m going out but since there’s nothing to do in my blue state right now except go to (tribal) casinos, applying even eye makeup is few and far between. I’m in the minority here but I think lockdowns like the one I’m living in are way more harmful than good. The electorate in our state seems blissfully ignorant of the long-term consequences. We are considering moving out of state soon if this keeps up.

Amery Avatar

From March-August, it remained the same. I was buying as much if not more, but somehow when September it, it just turned off. I still do my makeup most days, just for me/for fun, but I’ve unsubscribed from many of my YouTube channels, and I just don’t get the same thrill at a new release. As others have said, I’ve realized I have more than enough, I’m not going anywhere special any time soon, and the events of the world and this year just way too heavily to care as much. Interestingly, I have turned my attention more to fragrances. I’ve been watching more videos about it, and blind buying an occasion scent. It’s almost like I’m looking to capture that perfect scent that will transport me somewhere else.

Anne Avatar

I would say there has been a steady decline since mid March. I’ve been more picky about purchases in the past several years but now i really have to think how often I’d use what I’m buying. Since WFH i will occasionally put on makeup in the morning 2x a week. Some weeks I’m more excited about applying it because i definitely miss the routine and i feel like it starts my day off and others I’m too lazy to bother. I’m mostly just walking to grab coffee in the AM during the week. I even thought I’d might introduce getting ready prior as if i were going to work once the weather cools down. But most of the time unless we are spending the day out on the weekend, those are the only days I’m excited to put it on. I use a bandana so i find less smudging happening on the lips (sometimes more on the nose needs a touch up) but I’m still mindful about how many lip products I’m purchasing especially because i love gloss. I’m mostly taking the time to experiment with new products I’ve wanted to switch like primer and concealer from testing via a sample packette or gwp dlx. Probably the saddest part is still not being able to swatch in stores which prevents me from buying anything new like foundation because i love complexion products.

Jess Avatar

Yup. I havent bought anything new since covid and our state has had mandatory masks, even outdoors, since March so now I dont wear face makeup or lipstick either. My excitement and love for makeup has fallen drastically. Maybe when life is normal again I’ll rediscover my love.

zoe Avatar

Basically mask wearing has reduced a significant amount of makeup wearing, for me. I will do my eyes, brows, and maybe concealer. But with half my face covered, foundation, blush, highlighter, contour, and all lip colors are all passed over.

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