How has makeup affected how you see yourself?

How has makeup affected how you see yourself? Share!

Initially, it made me feel pretty for the first time in probably ten years, but then at the same time, almost uglier if I wasn’t wearing it. After a couple of years, it changed to makeup helped me look my best, but it was other things that made me feel my best.

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I’m not defined by my pimples anymore. A breakout doesn’t send me in to a depression spiral because I have some fabulous concealers.
The more skilled I have become at covering up my blemishes, the less makeup I feel I need to wear.

I used to wear a full face to work everyday. Now, I just go with tinted sunscreen and concealer.

After learning how to apply it well and how to use great quality products etc, it makes me feel so much better about myself – it, along with a few other things, are making me build up my confidence bit by bit.

its makes me feel colorful i like statementish makeup that so it tends to be a whimsical feeling that i get, like glitter eyeliner makes me feel like fairy, bold lipstick makes my skin look more clear and brighter then it really is and it makes me feel like getting ready in the morning cause its fun and a boost i frequently dont feel like brushing my hair but playing with colorful makeup and the boost i get help me go through the whole getting ready ritual

It hasn’t, really. To me, makeup is nothing more than an accessory; while it makes me look more polished & put-together, it really doesn’t do anything more than a necklace or earrings.

I’ve never felt prettier with it, nor have I felt less pretty without. It’s just something I enjoy buying & wearing, but no more than shoes.

At my age, and yes I do feel old since I dont feel so sprightly, it really doesnt matter to me if I wear or not wear makeup. But I do own alot of makeup since my teenage years…I wear makeup mainly for work. I do believe people do look at you differently whether you have some or no makeup on. Makeup gives me the polished look and I dont even wear full on makeup…just enough for a polished look.
There was this experiment done where the servers in this casino got more tips when they wore makeup vs those who did not wear any makeup. I dont remember all the criteria for this study.

I would love to know more about that particular study, as there are so many variables that could have affected the outcome. Were the servers’ without makeup any different in the way they approached tables? Perhaps they were less “personable” due to their own perceptions of how they appeared without makeup. Maybe they just had crappy stations and/or customers. How long did this study go on, and did they switch things around, ie, did the server stations change, did they vary who wore makeup & who didn’t, did it go on for an extended amount of time, were different shifts included? I’ve worked in many positions, in several levels of restaurants in Los Angeles, and I found on days I wore no makeup had no effect on the amount of money I made (and I was always the “high girl”).

I read this in a newspaper regarding the study. I dont recall it being those scientific studies where you read in those research journals which I am familiar with. I dont remember all the criteria but I dont think this article spelled it out either. It was not a restaurant. It was in a casino in Nevada (not a big named casino) where those free drinks were serve….where they ask you if you want a drink while you gamble. So no money was exchanged. The result was that those who wore makeup was given more tip(total) than those who didnt were any makeup at the end of the day. I think they all wore the same uniform. If I remembered where I read the article, I would link it for you. But this was a long time ago. My take home message for myself…was to look polished in my job and I think putting some makeup on myself makes me look more polish.

I think it helps me enhance what I like, and improve what I don’t like as much. It gives me a way to put my best self out there even when my physical reality isn’t cooperating with my inner vision of who I am, lol.

I feel prettier, but I mostly feel a lot more confidant. I started to wear clothes I wanted to wear regardless of what people would think after highschool, and a couple of years later, makeup followed (even though my style is fairly conservative, in my academic environment, I’ve been judged for taking care of how I look!). It’s a way for me to have control over my own body and to assert my personality.
It’s one way (even if it’s neither the only one nor the main one) I feel empowered, and I think that’s pretty important.

Oooooo deep question…..I feel old sometimes, I look in the mirror and my skin has changed so I often have to remind myself that certain colours are…..unbecoming. But honestly yes, I use a lot less sparkle and a lot more shimmer. It’s just sensible at 43!

I don’t know, honestly. I feel prettier when I’m wearing makeup, but also insecure about it – I’m constantly worrying “is my blush too heavy? is my foundation streaky? am i shiny?” when I have makeup on. But when I’m not wearing it i’m thinking “am I shiny? do i have any color in my skin? what’s up with this mark on my cheek?” I guess it’s a toss-up, but I do think I’m prettier with makeup on. Which leads to a whole discussion of beauty standards and again, so not going there tonight.

To be honest, not really. For me, make-up is a creative outlet and something that I find fun to do. I’m certainly not going to feel any negative emotion to be seen bare-faced, especially since it wasn’t a confidence booster to begin with.

Definitely. I don’t feel like myself without make-up on. It has become a part of me. I guess you could say that make-up allows me to be the best version of myself πŸ™‚ But like you said, as a consequence I do feel kinda ugly without it… And that’s not a good feeling.

Also, I had eye surgery in October and I’m not allowed to wear eyeshadow at the moment. I do use eye pencil and a little mascara, but that’s it. And for me, that’s a HUGE adjustment. I really miss my make-up. I miss playing with the colors and I miss creating fun looks. I think my eyes are my biggest asset and it’s sad that I can’t do much with them now. I just feel like I look so boring: always the same look, every day, for weeks now. I really hope my eye heals soon so I can wear eyeshadow again!

I definitely feel uglier if I’m not wearing it. I have nice eyes, but they don’t look right without at least mascara. There’s nothing wrong with my lips, but I must have some lip color on, even if it’s just tinted balm. I’m that girl in the gym wearing makeup, even though I’m staying in the women-only room. It started out as a fun thing and a way to look a bit more polished, and now it’s a necessity. And I love it.

I feel lucky to have good skin and good bone structure and so can get away with wearing minimal makeup. But I am still a makeup junkie and i love collecting blushers and lipsticks !! Ages ago i made the mistake of plucking out my eyebrows myself and they are very thin now so my must have can’t live without beauty item is eyebrow pencil/shadow. Every morning i shape my eyebrows, a bit of highlighter on my lids, a touch of blusher on my cheek apples and lipgloss or sheer lipstick. But I could survive with just my eyebrow pencil in the worst case ! I honestly feel naked with my thin eyebrows !

For a while I thought that makeup made me look pretty and without it I looked gross. But lately I’ve been trying to eat better in order to have nicer skin – and it’s worked. So now I still prefer myself with makeup, but it’s not a huge deal to me anymore if I’m not wearing it.

I wore makeup for years with only the thought of pulling a more professional look together and putting my best foot forward. It felt like a necessary chore more than anything. Now makeup allows me to find the creative person inside as I have more time to enjoy the whole process.

Strangely enough, learning to do make-up well actually made me more comfortable going without any make-up at all, For years, I only wore eyeliner, mascara, and glass and I felt so plain without them. Once I started experimenting with a full face (foundation, countour, everything), I got more used what my face is and see going without make-up as just another variation of me.

It has made me realize that glamour is something different than beauty. I wear makeup to feel glamorous. It’s not that I think I am ugly, but makeup, to me, is about the fantasy of glamour. That’s what propelled me to become a makeup artist. I think the whole procedure of getting ready is so interesting and special to every person who does it.

I wear make up everyday and I think that my eyes without make up are quite impersonal and featureless! If I put only mascara and I go out I’d feel a bit awkward! I change my eye-make up everyday depending on how I feel, on the inspiration and creativity I have at the moment…It rains today in Milan,the weather is gloomy but I feel good and I’m a daydreamer so I’m wearing a sparkling blue-smokey and it seems a starry sky! *.*

CIAO πŸ˜€ I need your help! I’m studying make up on my own and I sometimes practise on my friends or acquaintances who are adults. I have to buy some new eyeshadows which can suit every girl of different age. Can you give me some advice of which colour and brand can suit all of them? Thank you! Grazie mille, Martina

I think it’s made me more confident. Not particularly for vain reasons but because it gave me a confidence that there was something I loved that I was good at. I remember, when I first started watching Youtube, being so envious of the girls who were makeup artists and the passion they’d talk about makeup with – until I realized that I shared in that passion. Being able to find colors that go together makes me confident, getting compliments on my eyeshadow or lips just makes my day. That said, it also taught me to embrace my features – how brown my eyes are, how they shift color if I use a teal or green shadow or how full my lips are and stuff like that. I feel confident without it just because of that. πŸ˜› I hope I’m making sense, lol.

Remember my babysteps. It was kinda like a combination of “hiding whatever I dislike on myself” and a full-blown, heavy ’80s-ish colour makeup. All this at the end of the 90s. πŸ™‚
Phase two was a lot less makeup, but the confidence boost was still high on.
And lately, I think I got the hang of it. No more hiding, rather this ‘oh I have some delicate eyes, HEY, EVERYONE, look how pretty they are!’ attitude. Not to mention the creativity to plan a look and the fun playing around means. All in all, it’s just one of those things that make being born a woman a fun thing.

Interesting question. Definitely there are times when I feel unpolished and tired looking when I don’t wear makeup since I know how makeup makes me look. That was worse when I was younger and it probably has to do more with our sexist media. I say that because after I started watching makeup tutorials and following bloggers I actually felt less pressure to wear makeup. Now it feels like I’m in touch with a community of makeup wearers who just do it for fun or at least for their own reasons. Now makeup makes me feel creative and in some ways it’s very liberating. I wear whatever I want, purple lipstick, glittery smoky eyes, whatever and I don’t care that men don’t like it.

I didn’t wear makeup until I was about 23, when I became fascinated with the idea of changing my appearance at will. I could make my eyes look bigger! I could make my lips purple! Two years later, I can’t say makeup has affected how I see myself, but I appreciate the freedom it allows me. I do wear it most days, but not because I think I’m ugly without it–I just like experimenting with different looks.

I think the same applies to me! I just.. don’t feel happy with who I am? Hahah just the nonsensical burbling of a teenager but I’ve always been the Ugly Duckling – high schoolers can be very cruel in terms of stereotyping and judgement and since I don’t have this outgoing, peppy persona, people just don’t give me as many chances as they would give someone else. Definitely makeup empowers me; it makes me feel pretty, if not my best. I don’t see it as a crutch but rather a tool that’s helping me get through this phase of life!

Makeup has not changed how I see myself physically but I am always finding new creative ways to express myself with makeup. So I know see myself as a creative color master.

Great question! Makeup changed how I see myself, definitely. I used to feel very plain and awkward, which slowly changed as I left school and grew into myself as a woman (sounds cliche but it’s true!). Most of that time I felt very plain without my makeup, so I wore it most of the time, except for Sunday’s which were no makeup day (still are!). I still love makeup as much as I did, but now I feel okay or even good when I’m not wearing it, especially when my skin is in good condition.

As I’ve gotten older (I’m 26), I’ve learned to be comfortable with a bare face (proper skin care has helped with that too). I still love makeup and cosmetics (that’s why my career is in this industry!), but I love seeing how it makes other people feel rather than myself. Some days I leave the house with neutrals, some days I leave looking like a drag queen. That’s the beauty of cosmetics! It just depends on the day πŸ˜‰

Kayla…I’m in my 50’s and can’t stress enough good skincare at your age. Most importantly *use sunscreen daily!!!* When I was your age, it wasn’t important. Now, with all those years of tanning, I’m paying for it.

I always wore makeup to work and to go out, but I had trouble finding the right products, especially foundation that matched my skin, didn’t break me out, and lasted all day. Finding better products for my skin type and earning how to wear makeup well makes me feel a LOT more beautiful and confident. The one negative, though,is that I used to be a lot more comfortable going out without makeup. Now, I’m a lot more criticial of my appearance when I don’t have makeup on. I always go out with a minimum of tinted moisturizer, powder, blush, and mascara on the weekends. And often some eyeshadow too. I wear more makeup to work (more pronounced) and to go out.

When I was younger I used to feel prettier with make up. Today at 40 I am much more confident, I know how I look and I am ok with it, I even go bare faced sometimes, which was a no no in the past (lol), and make up has turned into something I can play with, I truly enjoy the time for myself with my make up, but I don’t need it to feel confident anymore.

It’a an interesting question… some years ago I didn’t use makeup… sometimes just a lipstick… But today I’m really addict on makeup, is just like a hobby. It makes me feel wonderful, but in general I try to not focus the beauty on my face as my happiness(like, if I’m beautiful, I’m happy)… I try to think that makeup is just improving what I have and how I feel…makeup is at really expressing how I feel!

When I was in my early 20’s, makeup was fun, and used more for dressing up. Into my 30’s and 40’s, I wouldn’t leave the house without it. I felt naked and ugly. I’m not sure if it was me or the times, or perhaps a bit of both. Now that I am in my 50’s, I am more comfortable with my looks, and will leave the house without makeup. I think I look better, more polished with makeup, and continue to greatly enjoy trying new products and looks.

Wow!! What a great question. When I was in my 20’s makeup was fun and I used it to cover up blemishes. In my 30’s I stopped using it. I became more interested in other things sports related. Now that I am in my mid 40’s I have fallen in love with it all over again through dancing. I understand the power that it has to transform and elevate my performance level.

Like Juiie Ann I can leave the house without “my face” but I got to have my eyebrows in tact… As I have gotten older they have gotten sparse- sad but true

When I first started to wear makeup, it did make me feel better – I liked how my lashes were visible :), how some powder made my skin look more even and how a little color on my lips and cheeks brightened up my face. I do feel the need to wear at least a little makeup every day; I guess I got used to see myself with it in order to feel more polished and ready to go out. However, the truth is that I wear makeup mainly for fun – one of my favorite parts of the day is to put on makeup. I am sort of conservative with my clothes, but as far as makeup is concerned, I am willing to try almost anything! ItΒ΄s the way I choose to enhance my “personal style”, I guess!

I feel prettier, more confident, and more polished and put-together when wearing makeup than when I’m not wearing makeup. I don’t think I look *ugly* or unattractive without makeup but I think makeup definitely makes the most of my features and makes me stand out more with my looks. Plus, makeup is fun to play with and it’s fun to experiment with different looks and different shades. So, in short, wearing makeup makes me feel more attractive and glamorous and it’s also fun to try out different brands, looks, and products. Without makeup, I feel less *exciting* and more ordinary…

I canΒ΄t live without my lipstick and lip liner. Every day to go out I shape my lips and use my lipstick on top of lip liner and the whole lips. There is nothing wrong with them they look fine…but I adore the polished look that I learned by myself through years of practice, I like how it makes me look and canΒ΄t go out without it…after that my other must have is concelear for those hereditary dark circles…and I can survive with just that. But if I doll up I will use black mascara and blush…all done πŸ˜€ .

it’s made me feel like someone who can temporarily modify my appearance at the stroke of a hand. night vixen. foreign woman walking with bright red lips. purposefully crazy bitch. sparkly nice lady. the professional. “what is it, Halloween??” etc. I LOVE IT!!!

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