How happy are you with your skincare routine right now?

I’m working through a really fun, random, worst-breakout-of-my-life situation (didn’t change up products and have no idea what triggered it), so I’m back on prescription antibiotics (topical) for it. Of course, it started resolving a bit more noticeably the day of my doctor’s appointment, but between what I was doing and the clindamycin, things are looking up again (wrote this answer a week ago; now it’s mostly cleared up, just some healing/fading of marks). My skincare routine has been really out of sorts since early December as I’ve been trying to prevent/heal from that breakout and less of my “norm,” which I was happy with.

— Christine


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Seraphine Avatar

I’ve been using the same skin care routine for years and I have rarely strayed because it works so well for me. Clinique Mild Face Wash, Clinique Moisture Surge (at night), Kiehl’s Avocado Eye Cream, Estée Lauder Daywear or CeraVe Moisturizer under makeup, and I use a Clarisonic Mia in the morning. So the answer to the question is I’m very happy with my skin care routine, and have no interest in trying new products!

Celesta Avatar

I’m sort of happy with my skincare routine but not very happy with my skin at the moment, lol. I’m working on using up a few products before opening up more and my skin just doesn’t like it. My skin is going through a sensitive stage right now because of the weather change in our area, so hopefully in a few weeks it will be better. I was wondering what else could have triggered my skin to be so off when I realized I hadn’t been using my hyaluronic acid! I added that back into my skincare routine a couple of days ago and I am seeing a definite improvement.

Phoebe Avatar

It’s been working well for me until recently, i use products that are fairly affordable and am able to keep my dry flakey skin under control so my foundation usually goes on well. However, I get so tired I often skip parts of the routine here or there and have been rubbish keeping up with it in the last month. The other day I got back into it but tiny pinkish bumps appeared around my nose (where I’m most dry and oily at the same time) so to be honest I don’t know what’s going on there.

Cameron Avatar

I’m sort of happy with my skincare routine right now. My moisture barrier is easily damaged, so experimenting is difficult. I’m using a non-foaming cleanser, vitamin C, snail mucin, and a very bland moisturizer. I’d like to incorporate some chemical exfoliation, but this seems difficult to me because anything can aggravate my rosacea.

Sam Avatar

This really resonated with me Christine! My skin recently went nuts out of nowhere. The thing that has helped me the most has been the Origins 10minute rescue mask. I got it in a Christmas mask set and tried it on a whim…and it’s a damn lifesaver.

Kelley Avatar

I have been having a lot of fun making my own skin care products. I’m using a hydrating mist made with Hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, niacinamide, ferulic acid, NAG, aloe and extracts. I made a facial oil with squalane, pomegranate oil, rosehip oil, chia oil, coenzyme Q and bisabolol. I make my own cleanser, too! My skin has never been happier! I’m usually very oily and acne prone, but my skin feels pretty normal now

Mariella Avatar

I don’t know that I have a “routine” per se. I have a bunch of products that I use (really, quite a bunch) and I just rotate through them as my mood and available time take me. But I am happy with the products I use, though that doesn’t stop me from always checking out new “stuff” (right now, it’s Summer Friday masks).

Blue Avatar

Pretty happy. I wish I hadn’t impulse bought two new face washes a few months back because I prefer PC Hydralight, which I had been using for years. Other than that, I sometimes what to try new serums like with propolis or the fancy makeup removers from Tatcha, but the basics of my routine are honestly exactly where I want them. It’s exciting to try new things, but my skin is really reactive so the majority of new products do more harm than good.

My ideal skin routine would be:
plain water, Bioderma, or Paula’s Choice Hydralight to cleanse
Holy Snails Snowbang/First Snow Essence spray
The Ordinary Niacinamide
TO Matrixyl
Paula’s Choice CALM moisturizer with SPF 35
Sun Bum SPF 50 stick spot applied to moles and scars
Whatever SPF body lotion I have around to neck and chest!!!

Bioderma and/or Hydralight to cleanse and remove makeup
Culinary orange infused olive oil to remove stubborn liquid lipstick if needed
TO 2% Retinoid in Squalane (roughly every other day) / PC Radiance Mask (twice a week) / TO AHA and Squalane (about once a week)

I also use PC BHA 9 as needed for breakouts and sebaceous filament management as needed and use PC Skin Recovery Hydrating Treatment Mask for an hour or two as needed or desired to keep my skin moisturized and hearty. I’m not sure if it’s lifestyle, hormones, or the rest of my skincare routine, but I haven’t needed to rely on the Hydrating Mask as much this winter for damage control as I have for the past couple years. It’s been a nice surprise, as I thought I was rapidly drying out as I approached 30. lol

In terms of supplements, I did try collagen powder for a while and it made my skin a little more plump and my nails DRAMATICALLY stronger, but I haven’t kept up with it.

Ana Maria Avatar

I’m quite satisfied with it at the morning, I build-up a routine that works for me and I can adjust depending how my skin feels any particular days.
Since moving to California Bay Area, my combination skin started to have more dry patches, so in the last 2.5 years I had to totally rethink my skincare (and even the make-up I use).

In the morning I keep it very simple: cleanser (a mild milky but efficient formula), toner (to re-balance my skin and add a light layer of hydration), eye cream (which I actually apply on my smile and forehead lines as well), SPF (30 in the winter, 50 in the summer). I don’t like to pile things in the morning and it’s fast, but efficient.

At night things get more complicated: cleanser (same), toner (same), AHA 8-10% (twice a week), BHA 2-4% (when I’m not using AHA), hyaluronic acid booster (I like liquid formulas, that I apply in multiple layers depending how dry my skin feels that night), vitamin C concentrate (3 times a week), retinol 1% concentrate (when I’m not using vitamin C), either a moisturizer or a oil (depending how dry my skin feels), Benzoyl peroxide 5% (once per week all over the face, spot treatment when needed), scrub + charcoal mask (twice a week).

Nancy T Avatar

Girl…it must be something in our water or air out here, because I’ve had several very nasty, even painful breakouts this winter, too! Two currently on the hairline at the back of my head are driving me crazy. I’ve never before had zits occur there, so it’s just plain weird and annoying.

As for my skincare. I do love the products I’m currently using. At least for their probable anti-aging and sun protection benefits. However, I do need to add something to *prevent* breakouts that will not dry my almost 60 y.o. skin. Suggestions welcome!
(I do have spot treatment med for when one decides to pop up.)

AB Avatar

Just this morning I was having a ‘what is going on’ moment with my skin. I haven’t changed a thing — same skin care products and practices, still a lot of water, sleep patterns ok, no big changes in eating patterns or stress or sun exposure or weather. But I’m breaking out like a teenager, and for a 50- something, it’s really annoying when just week things were so good I even went without foundation a couple of days.

I found clindamycin too harsh when I last used, so I use Aczone and also Paula’s Choice BHA 9 treatment. They help quite a bit. Otherwise I’m not changing anything else unless this goes on much longer.

Lesley Avatar

My skin is looking good lately so I guess I am happy with my routine but I wish I could make it simpler. In the morning I cleanse with something mild (currently itCosmetics Confidence in a Cleanser) and I remove residue with micellar water. Then a swipe of an acne pad on my nose, a moisturizing essence, Vitamin CE Ferulic serum, coQ-10 serum, some pigment lightening serum on the spots, and sunscreen. At night, cleansing oil, the Confidence Cleanser with the Clarisonic, essence, Vitamin C serum, pigment lightening serum, Matrixyl 3000 and Synthe 6 serums, niacinamide serum, sometimes hyaluronic acid serum, either prescription Retin-A or REN Wake Wonderful Night Time Facial (alternate nights and a night off in between in winter), moisturizer, and face oil. Collagen lip treatment and lip balm on my lips. Every week or two I use a charcoal mask on my nose, extract the blackheads, and follow with a clay mask. Also a REN glycolic mask every week or so. And let’s not forget the Dermaflash every few weeks.

Sarah Avatar

It’s alright. I’m in the process of finding a new sunscreen since my old fave (Biore Watery Essence) has just become too alcohol-y for me to handle. Also looking for a new moisturizer…this is just a guess, but I think my skin may be a little sensitive to silicones, so I’m on the lookout for a moisturizer without them to try out.

I like my routine for now…it’s simple and easy to stick to.

Morning: Splash face with water and apply sunscreen

-Boscia Cleansing Oil or La Roche Posay foaming cleanser (sometimes both, depends how much makeup I wore that day)

I wouldn’t mind adding an exfoliator in there eventually

Genevieve Avatar

I am pretty happy with my skincare reginme at the moment. Due to my mature age, my skin is dryer and it is prone to a bit of redness on the cheeks.
I am currently using a Trilogy Gentle cleanser, my beloved Argon Oil (or Chia Seed oil in rotation), Olay Regenerist Serum and A’kin Night cream. I am particularly happy witht he A’kin night cream.
I use the Essano’s Gentle Exfoliating scrub once a week.
During the day, the cleanser, Nutragena’s Hydrogel soothing gel to hydrate my skin, La Roche Posay’s Ultra light SPF 50 before foundation. So far, so good.

Beth Lincoln Avatar

I am extremely happy with my skin care routine. I have been using the Paula’s Choice Resist Anti Aging line, her retinol, boosters, AHA’s and BHA’s exclusively for the past 10+ years and wouldn’t dream of using any other brand. I also have a HydraFacial once a month. My skin is lovely.

Deborah S. Avatar

This may be a bit of a lengthy response so sorry in advance! While travelling through Europe I tried to take as little skin care with me as possible since we were travelling using just carry on luggage. My skin care didn’t make it through my whole trip and so I picked up a couple of testers at Sephora Paris and then again in Rome. When I got home I realized that I needed to order literally everything and with the 20% sale at Sephora looming, I started evaluating whether just to purchase everything I was using before or whether to change. Shortly thereafter, Renee at Gothamista on YT did a skin care video and I literally just decided to pick a product from each category and go forward. I am not sure what prompted my decision as I wasn’t really unhappy with my previous routine which was pretty much Drunk Elephant and Tatcha with a little Dr. Dennis Gross. Anyway, my skin care routine since October has been the following:
Cleanse with MIBA Calcium Ion Cleanser (this was not from Renee as she frequently doesn’t use a cleanser in the morning and I am old school and just feel like I have to!). This actually came from the Korean Makeup Artist/Personality/product developer, Pony.
I spray my face with Missha First Treatment Essence or Dr. Jart Cicapair Repairing Mist if I am having redness, chapping or feel like my skin needs a boost.
I follow that with the Blithe Vital Treatment Essence for Hydrating.
I also add Blithe Vital Treatment Essence for Firming. I mix the two and pat on my face.
I follow that with Tula 10% Glycolic Treatment and Vit. C serum from Kiehl’s.
I follow with Blithe Tundra Chaga Moisture Serum, Clinique Jelly Moisturizer, Belif Eye Cream and Algenist Collagen Lip Treament and Nuxe Reve de Miel Lip Balm. I apply sunscreen and that is my morning routine.

PM routine:
Remove makeup with Tatcha Camelia Cleansing Oil followed by MIBA Calcium Ion Cleanser or Nuxe Reve de Miel Cleanser. I use the Nuxe one when I feel like my skin needs more hydration, which is pretty much everyday now.
Same steps as AM with Missha, Blithe x 2, Farmacy Honeymoon Glow and Kiehl’s Vit C replacing the am Tula.
I follow that with the Tundra Chaga, Clinique Jelly Moisturizer, Belif Eye Cream, Woo Lash, Algenist Collagen Lip Treatment and finally Youth To The People Superberry Hydrate and Glow oil. I apply Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm.

Am I happy with the routine? Some things yes and some things no. I love all the Blithe products and will continue using those. I feel like I got better results from my Sunday Riley Good Genes as compared to the Farmacy Honeymoon Glow but that is hard to quantify and there has been some research done to suggest that it doesn’t work better but that since it was sort of the first of its kind, people are citing anecdotal evidence that it is superior. That coupled with the whole review debacle and I don’t know if I want to go back to it. So, sort of hunting around in that category. I have not been using my Dr. Dennis Gross Ferulic and Retinol Eye Gel but am definitely going back to that. The Belif is too heavy and is giving me breakouts around my eye which I have never had before. I like the Kiehl’s Vit C because it is a thicker lotion and seems to work better on my skin. I also like that the formula is more stable but Renee just did a favorites for 2018 video so I am considering making some changes in that area. I also am not getting enough hydration from the Clinique Jelly so am looking at that also. I think the Clinique was okay for pre-winter but since the temperatures have dropped I am feeling like my skin is parched and chapped.

So, overall , I am happy with it but feel like it needs a little tweaking. I just turned 65 last week and I notice that my nasal labial folds and marionette lines seem deeper and I had stopped using the Nivea Firming Gel in those areas so I am going to be starting that back as soon as I can find it, LOL!!

Nicole Avatar

Christine, speaking from experience, it is possible your skin suddenly developed a sensitivity to a product in your skin care (whether an additive or in the base). I used (for about 2 years) a variety of Asian skincare products in my routine, and randomly developed a sensitivity to niacinamide. Now I use simpler products and my skin is much happier and less inflamed. (I still highly recommend Asian skincare routines and product lines for anyone trying to get their skin in order, unfortunately I can’t anymore because most of the products seem to contain it.) Anyway, just something to consider if the issue persists. Happy Friday!

Christine Avatar

Hi Nicole,

It started clearing up as of a week ago, and it is now healing/fading, so I don’t think there’s an issue with the products I was using as I haven’t changed them (arguably, I’ve added more, LOL). My issue was acne, though, as if half my face clogged up overnight (it was in one section and then after two weeks, gradually started to spread), but I don’t have any visible active acne (like noticeable bumps, painful bumps, or whiteheads). Clindamycin started working for me quickly (which is what I used to use for acne), thankfully 🙂 Glad you found something that helped your skin feel better!

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