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I’m really good about it except if my skin is really, really dry, then the cream I usually fall back to is just super effective but has no SPF. But if I know I’ll be outside for more than just to and from the car, then I’ll put sunscreen over that. I used to be horrible, but I try to only use daytime moisturizers with SPF.

— Christine

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I try, I really try. I have sunscreen in the car and easily 10 bottles of sunscreen in total on my dresser table. However, there are days where I don’t wear sunscreen, justifying that I’m only going to be in the car to pick up a child and then back home.

Wearing sunscreen everyday is not an issue for me at all. I have extremely sensitive and dry skin that it is prone to sun burns easily. I even carry a mini sunscreen bottle in my purse to re apply every other few hours. I think applying sunscreen is great to protect the skin from anti aging and skin cancer.

I’m a sunscreen zealot. I’m indoors most of the time, with the blinds drawn, and I still put on SPF 50 sunscreen on my face every morning — No exception, I get hyperpigmentation as is (Aussie sunshine is brutal, even worse than Indonesia’s).

When I go out, I actually layer my sunscreen to ensure I apply enough to get the optimum protection. The two things I could be better about is reapplication (I carry powder sunscreen with me, but I just. Never. Remember) and applying sunscreen on my hands when I stay inside.

I’m terrible about it. 🙁 I need to do better, especially since I”m super pale and burn easily. In my defense I work in a windowless room (cave) and I used to have a five minute commute to work. Buuuuut now I have half an hour and I’m driving in the sun and yeah, I need to start wearing sunscreen. Can anyone recommend a good non-greasy facial sunscreen that works with oily skin?

Neutrogena Pure and Free LIquid. I think this is great, on the contingency the user is pale. It’s a physical sunblock (great for sensitive skin) so it leaves a slight white-ish cast. But I rub it in carefully, even though it seems a bit gritty. At first I thought it was “balling up” like some silicone based primers can do, but if it is, I don’t care because I swear it makes my foundation last longer! Like, better than the foundation primer products I’ve used.

I like the “Kiss My Face” brand a lot for facial sunscreen. I used to buy it at Whole Foods I believe, but I’m sure you can get it cheaper online. 🙂

I should be better about it. I have SPF in my facial moisturizer which I know isn’t the best way to get sun protection, but I don’t burn very easily, so I forget a lot.

Neutrogena is my go-to brand for sunscreens Stateside. But a recent buy from Aveeno has also proven to be good.

However, if you like chemical sunscreens, Japanese brands like Biore and Shiseido have garnered good reviews.

I’ve also heard good things about a Taiwanese sunscreen from am+pm, it comes in a tube and has over 10% titanium oxide! If u have any questions, let me know via my blog.

Probably not as good as I could be, but I also avoid the sun like the plague because I have nasty Lupus sun sensitivities and chronically low vit D as a result.

WWENDALYNNE, you should try Institute Esthederm’s Sun Intolerance High Protection Face Cream. You can find it on beautybay.com. Here is the description: Institut Esthederm Sun Intolerance High Protection Face Cream is a high protection face cream ideal for skin that is intolerable to the sun.

Specifically designed for sensitive and sun intolerant skin, Sun Intolerance High Protection Face Cream allows skin to become accustomed to sun exposure whilst minimising the risk of cutaneous reaction and allergies.

Awful. Unless I’ve got some crazy amount of outdoor activity planned (like when I spent all of the 100+ degree 4th of July in a pool last summer), I don’t wear any but what’s in my makeup. And that varies on my base product.

I’m extremely sun-intolerant, AND I live in Australia, so I feel it more than most when I don’t protect myself from the sun. I established my habits years ago, so its just a part of my morning routine now, every time I cleanse and moisturise. I don’t leave the house without it.

I live in tropical country so wearing sunscreen is a must unless u want to have a sunburned skin. I try to find the best cosmetics with SPF so that i dont have to use sunblock after moisturizer

I rely on my foundation for sunscreen. I’ve never found a standalone sunscreen, or moisturizer with spf, that wasn’t too heavy for my oily skin. On the rare, RARE occasions that I leave the house without foundation I use Clinique’s City Block, which is ok, but still contribute to oil formation.
Frankly, I’m pretty skeptical of this whole sunscreen fanaticism. My mother, and grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, and great-great-…etc. all went around every day of their lives without sunscreen, and none of them got skin cancer. Why suddenly do we have to put a lead shield between ourselves and any tiny bit of sun? I mean, don’t we need sun exposure to produce Vitamin D?

Ya know? I was sooo not into wearing sunscreen most of my life. I have only ever burned once, when I was a baby, and that blistered. I never burned after that. The damage is enormous. I also have bottles of sunscreen on my dressing table, never use unless its over 110 and Im swimming. I am now 37, and I have horribly sun damaged skin on one side of my face/body from driving. Always the driver. My bad habits have caught up with me! If you have ever seen the online pic of the male trucker with a cap on, you can see one side of his face is wizened, and the other looks his own age. Sun damage. So, if narcissism is a good reason to wear sunscreen, and turn back some time, you may want to!! (Hope I’m not being preachy!)

I could definitely be better! I’m rarely outside, and have the blinds drawn most of the day. If I know I’ll be out for longer periods of time I’ll wear sunscreen even though it takes at least 5 hours for me to get a burn here in the summer. Getting a burn in the winter is impossible (for me) unless I’m up in the mountains.

Here in the UK the sun rarely shines! haha! So most of the year SPF isn’t really a concern for me. But in the summer I do make sure to wear at least SPF 25 lotion on my body, and switch to a high SPF face cream- just in case the sun decides to show up 🙂

Absolutely fanatical about it. If I am using a moisturizer that doesn’t have SPF, it’s because I’m wearing another product that does – so if my skin is dry and I feel that my BB cream isn’t moisturizing enough, I’ll put a cream under it that doesn’t have SPF. Or if I want to use either a particular moisturizer or foundation that is lacking or low, I’ll make sure to wear either Kiehls great facial sunscreen or one from Lise Watier. I saw the ravages the sun took on my mom and my aunties. My mom was absolutely gorgeous til she hit her 60’s and then her face sort of collapsed into a mass of wrinkles. Ditto my aunts. They had all been sun worshipers. I should be more conscientious about applying sunscreen to my hands, though. That’s one area I do worry about but with frequent hand-washing, I forget to reapply!

Ever since my skin went from dry to oily in the past four years I’ve been quite bad about it. All sunscreen lotions and liquids (including the ones that claim to be “matte” and good for oily skin) are so oily looking and feeling on my skin now. When my skin was dry I wore SPF everyday regardless of season or weather.

Now with my oily skin if I know I’m just going to be indoors all day I usually don’t bother. If I know I’m going to be outside the only kind of sunscreen I can put up with is powder sunscreen (I don’t wear it more often because is sometimes causes acne and it looks a bit cake-y on the skin.)

So good – I have to be, otherwise I burn. If I’m getting incidental light (walking to the subway and from the subway to work), I’ll wear a foundation with SPF 20-25 (I know the amount I wear doesn’t get me the full SPF, but I’ll often set with some Shiseido SPF powder). Any more sun exposure (30 minutes-1 hour) and I wear Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer with SPF 15 under my makeup. Then it goes up from there…if I’m going to be out in direct sunlight during the heat of the day, I’ll wear Elta MD Tinted Sunscreen SPF 41 between the Kiehl’s and foundation. Also, I’m hyper paranoid now because I don’t want to get pregnancy-related melasma 🙂

I’m really quite good now that I’ve found a facial sunscreen I really like – Ego Sunsense Daily Face Invisible Tint Finish SPF 30+. It doesn’t smell like sunscreen, doesn’t leave a film or residue at all, and I can layer makeup over it no problems. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure it’s only available in Australia! I’m not so great at remembering to apply it to my ears and right down my neck and chest, (though I do remember MOST of the time) and HOPELESS about the backs of my hands. I also wear a body sunscreen if I’m exposing my shoulders and arms, but I never apply it to my legs – I never colour there anyway!

I wear some sort of SPF everyday (moisturizer or foundation at least). But I do wear a straight up sunscreen if I’m going to be out in the sun for a long time.

I am atrocious at it. I have fair skin, NW15 and I just don’t understand how to wear it at all. I have a question for sunscreen wearers, if you are meant to apply it every 3-4 hours then do you seriously need to wipe all your makeup off, put your sunscreen on and put your makeup back on – every 3-4 hours??? It’s a bit of a joke. It’s not realistic at all. Scientists even say that fluorescent lighting inside can damage your skin if exposed to everyday. We can’t win!

And powder sunscreens….do they even work? Funnily enough in Australia (where we have shocking UV levels) I have NEVER seen an effective (more than SPF 15) powder sunscreen.

I only reapply every 2 hours if I’m out in the middle of the day and/or getting wet/sweaty. In that case, the sunscreen will eventually wear down and off, so it needs to be reapplied. However, if I’m exercising or swimming, I’m obviously not going to wear makeup, so it’s not even an issue. Otherwise, on a regular day I only put it on once on my face – about twenty minutes before I do my makeup. If I’m out a lot, I may reapply on my arms or legs, but generally I just avoid the high UV hours altogether. I have never had to remove all my makeup and reapply to avoid getting burned, so it shouldn’t be a serious issue unless you’re exerting yourself excessively.

I always wear it, head to toe , at the beach. I don’t always wear it on a 1/2 hour bike ride or in my backyard pool (my pool screen has a UV shield of sorts). Luckily, I don’t get burned on quick exposures to the sun. I am afraid of Melanoma, so I try to use it if out for more than 40 min in the sun. I know that doesn’t sound cautious, but I really enjoy a little bit of it. Hey, that’s why I live in S. Florida :). I have seen people here with the worst skin you can imagine, and as a teenager I baked-I should be one of them. I am happy to say I have very few wrinkles, and my skin is aging really well,but sunscreen has been a blessing for me in the past 15 years-I’m glad it’s being used as much as it is.

Fellow S. Floridian here, glad you made the switch to sunscreen! It creeps me out seeing women in their 60s sunbathing with leathery brown skin.

Like Ryou above, I am quite obsessed with applying sunscreen. It’s the one product I would splurge on, and I wear sunscreens everyday, sunny or cloudy. I try to wear sunscreens even when I’m at home for accidental sun exposure, since my roommate prefers having all the blinds up. The only bad thing is that I’m not very good at re-applying because I would need to completely take it off with a cleansing oil before re-applying, since excessive layering can leave me looking like a Geisha.

I rarely leave the house anymore (fibromyalgia has made me nearly bedridden) but CC cream makes sunscreen a no brainer. Before that I rarely wore sunscreen unless I’d be in the sun all day; most break me out something terrible. And I was just plain lazy….:-\

I’ve been inconsistent with it until a few years ago – I’d only wear it during the summer, but I never spent much time outdoors much anyway so it felt unnecessary. Now I apply it every day, but I wish I’d been more diligent about it when I was younger!

I’m getting better due to having a moisturizer with it, but I still forget places like my neck…

I have sunscreen in my moisturizer so I always put it on. That’s all I do on a normal day. On days when I’m going to be in the sun a lot, I’ll use a “real” sunscreen with a stronger SPF.

I wear sunscreen (SPF50) 365 days a year whether I’m going out or not. It’s just habit. If the skin is exposed, it gets slathered in sunscreen. I always reapply mid-day and try to remember to reapply late afternoon.

I’m obsessive about sunscreen. I wear Clarins SPF 40 on my face and neck everyday, and Sheshido suncare eye cream SPF 32 around my eyes. I’ve been doing this since I was 17, now 27 and no wrinkles yet 🙂

@Christine..May I ask what cream you use for your skin when it’s dry? Always looking for a new one 🙂 thanks!

Osmotics Extreme Cream! It’s SOOOOO expensive but it’s amazing. What I love is that it has all the awesomeness of a thick, heavy cream but ABSORBS.

I good about my face sunscreen and put it on everyday: Elta Clear 46 – it’s great under foundation. But I’m lazy about sunscreen for my chest and arms. I’ve started using Eucerin Daily Protection SPF 15 and I like it; it’s feels like a lotion going on and not sticky sunscreen.

I’m fanatical about it, but then I live at 4500 feet and play at higher elevations, increasing exposure to UV radiation. I also carry it with me if I’m exercising outside and will be out for more than an hour.

I wear my Neutrogena break-out free sunscreen, SPF 55, everyday. I just mix it in with my Kat Von D foundation to make my own tinted moisterizer! It’s a lot easier to get into the habit if you combine it with something.

I used to just use a daily moisturizer that had SPF 15 or 30 in it but I’ve recently switched over to Neutrogena Dry-Touch SPF 55 sunscreen and find it moisturizing enough for my mildly oily skin with a higher SPF that I know I’m using enough to get that SPF protection because its not as diluted with lotion.

I’m only 23 and trying hard to prevent signs of aging rather than attempting to reverse them later. I also have a tattoo on my arm that’s usually exposed to the sun and has white pigment in it so I have to be extra mindful of sunscreen so the tattoo doesn’t discolor and look like scarring.

I typically put sunblock before I put on my makeup. The only issue I have is that I start looking sort of oily at the end of the day. I can’t leave home without it. I try to lather as much I can when I know I am going to be out for the rest of the day. I bring that “we’re at the beach” smell with me with the body sunblock.

I really hate the feeling of sunscreen on my skin, so I usually dress to cover up instead – I’ll put on a light sweater, and I always wear a huuuuuuuge black sun hat in the summer. If I’m wearing shorts or sandals, I’ll put a combination bug spray/suncreen from Avon on my legs, and I always sunscreen up at the beach!

I almost never wear sunscreen, unless I’m on vacation. I live in northern Canada and the most I’m outside is walking to & from the car to get to work .

I wear it every day even if I don’t plan on going out. It’s simply part of my morning makeup routine. I have been using Cellex-C Sun Care SPF 30+ Broad Spectrum UV-A, UV-B Sunscreen and Moisturizer for probably 10 years. It’s perfectly balanced and because it has moisturizer in it, I can skip day face cream.

I was terrible about it in my teens and very early twenties, but after one really bad burn around 21-22 and after switching to public transit (LOTS of walking), I became zealous about it. My skin is never darker than NC15, even after a burn, so there’s no payoff in getting overexposed – not to mention that cancer does run in the family. I staunchly avoid midday sun as much as possible, and I plaster on the sunscreen at least twenty minutes before I go outside so it absorbs. SPF20-30 in the winter. SPF50+ in the spring/summer/early fall, and I generally switch to sunblock instead of sunscreen. Every day, regardless of weather. Raining? SPF15-20. Cloudy? SPF30. Hot, sunny summer day? Highest SPF possible, and if I have to go outdoors around noon, I suck up the discomfort and wear long sleeves and a hat. I make sure to double-coat my legs and hit all the places like feet, hands, knees, ears, etc. that people tend to forget. Now when I walk outdoors, it’s like, “Come at me, bro.”

Terrible, I’m always going back and forth. 
Didn’t use suncreen all that much back then and started 
to apply suncreen all the time and gradually stopped which 
I shouldn’t neglect because while I rarely break out but the sun
easily breaks me out massively even if I’m outside for minutes. 
While the suncreen is a big help just being in the sun breaks me out so now
I avoid the sun like the plague which doesn’t help at all because where I live there is nothing
but scorching sunny weather climate. ╥﹏╥

I am pretty good – my face moisturizer for day is a tinted one with spf and that is all I will wear now day – I am all about multi purpose products. I use the 2 formulas of Tarte Amazonian Clay – full coverage foundation or the Smooth Operater that is a tinted moisturizer – control oil, spf and evens out – sometime I need a little more treatment/moisture if I use the full coverage one. But the rest of my body not good about using spf but then I am not outside but rare in the past yr due to serious disabled condition – but when it’s time to hit the MD or the few times I get to go with to ride a long for errands, I do put a spf on my arms and legs. I am very light and burn easy plus live in an area where the air quality is good so more rays are hitting me and I am right on the beach so light can be intense or it can be totally fogged in.

Do it ladies….. I am almost 41 and people tell me all the time they thought I was in my mid 20’s. I started using SPF 50 religiously back in my late 20’s but prior to that I was never much of a sun worshipper. Don’t forget the forearms and backs of the hands even if you are just running an errand. And remember the sun doesn’t have to be out for you to be exposed to the UV Rays! A dermatologist once told me that unless you are going to point A to point B in an underground tunnel, you need a SPF. You will be glad you did one day when girls half your age have more crows feet and sun spots than you do;-) And no sun tanning! It just isn’t worth it. Fair skin is beautiful!!!

I started wearing SPF every single day about 2 years ago, when I was 19. What made me use it everyday was using a sunscreen instead of a moisturizer in the morning. I have normal to oily skin so my derm recommended La Roche Posay Anthelios AC, which is SPF 30 and I love it! However, I’m on my last bottle since it was discontinued” :'(

I don’t know what to use next since this is the only sunscreen I’ve tried that doesn’t feel greasy on my skin. It makes even Neutrogena Dry Touch feel like an oil slick!

I’m also thinking about getting something with a little more protection since I’m pretty fair (NC15-20) and I live at over 8000ft right at the Equator, which basically means the UV index where I live is 15+ every day of my life….

Have you tried the Josie Maran sunscreen? Its totally non greasy and lightweight. Estee Lauder and Paula’s Choice (the one for oily skin) are also good if you are trying to avoid greasy thick feeling sunscreens.

I am dark skinned (Mac NC 55/MUFE 178) and I wear sunscreen daily, all year long – even in my nighttime moisturizing regimen. During long NYC winters, I still wear sunscreen. Sunscreen is 2nd nature to me. Now if I can only drink more water consistently……

What sunscreen do you use? I have dark skin NC50 and I find I get a cast on my face whenever I try to put sunscreen

I currently reside in Singapore and trust me, we get plenty of sun. That being said, I do my best to wear sunscreen even when I can’t spot the sun (yes, even in London and on grey days). My theory is that it’s not the actual sunshine that you can see, but UV rays. I showed SO the need to wear sunscreen on overcast days by placing spectacles out in the open. Spectacles with Transitions Adaptive lenses would darken even on overcast days!

Not at all. I am inside most of the day, so I just don’t feel the need to wear sunscreen on a regular basis. I only go outside to get in my car from one location to another. If I am going to be outside for an extended period of time, I will slather it on to protect myself, but those occasions don’t come up too often.

Very diligent! I don’t like having SPF in my face cream because then I can double it up as night cream. I use a separate SPF 50+++ every morning! (I take pride in my diligence)

I have been wearing it more now that it is warmer. I know I should wear it in the winter too but I just don’t wear it as often when it is cool out.

I apply every morning, no exceptions. If I’m not wearing face makeup I reapply throughout the day as well. I’m trying to even out my skin tone so its a must.

I am good about it on my face, but that’s because it’s in my BB cream. I am not good about wearing it elsewhere unless I’m going swimming or to an outdoor concert, the obvious stuff.

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