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How does your makeup style compare to your fragrance style?

I tend to prefer heavy fragrances that run more traditionally masculine, and I guess the only way I could say it compares is that I’m happy to wear bolder looks (eyes or lips). That being said, I like makeup in all of its form – barely there, natural, glam, bold, etc. and do different things as I feel like it! With perfume, my nose just doesn’t tolerate a lot of lighter, floral scents as well (just makes me feel like it’s spring and allergy season!).

— Christine


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cherie Avatar

Fragrance is much more limited to me since the scents will smell different from person to person thanks to compounds in our skin. Anything with a citrus note ends us smelling like pine sol so I stay away from those. I tend to wear more vanilla/sandal wood scents and some light florals. Makeup, on the other hand, isn’t as limiting since I too like all kinds of looks that work for me.

Mariella Avatar

Many years ago, Hubert de Givenchy said that a woman of true style only has three fragrances. Why three? (Trinity, Stooges, Fates…3 seems to be quite the number). I don’t know why he settled on 3 but it has stuck with me. While I do have more than 3 fragrances that I use, that has really stayed with me and, compared with my makeup collection, my fragrance collection is quite small and restrained. When I see people showing off their massive fragrance collections, I can’t help thinking “Well, I wonder what Hubert de Givenchy would say about THAT if he weren’t dead!”

Alecto Avatar

Great question! Very intriguing — can’t wait to read everyone’s responses.

I prefer masculine fragrances, but not heavy, spicy ones … more warm, and ideally citrusy (though that’s not a deal-breaker). My favorite scents have notes like tobacco and leather. I have to stay away from florals as most don’t play well (rose smells like death on me … like literal decay).

My makeup almost always involves one very strong element (eyes or lips). When I do strong eyes, it’s generally in the rocker/metal-chick vein, with the occasional goth-y feel thrown in. If I choose to go with very natural makeup for a day, I supplement with “bone” jewelry (skulls, femurs, etc. — one of my nicknames is “Bones”) to keep myself grounded. (That wasn’t about makeup, I know, but it seemed relevant to the feel of the question.)

Alecto Avatar

I guess, re-reading, that there isn’t any connection between my makeup and my preferred scents. I’m not sure what perfume would “fit” the makeup I described, though, so maybe this was a pointless exercise for me. Still, interesting to read others’ responses.

LindaP Avatar

Never thought about it, but I think my makeup taste and fragrance preferences are closely aligned.

I like classic, enhancing makeup running to neutrals but with definition for daytime, and a more dramatic, dark lines for evening.

For fragrance, I like perfumes that are clean, leaning more to fresh (sometimes citrus-y), but scents that wear close to the body. The last thing I ever want is my fragrance walking into a room before I do. (A friend of mine has done this for 25+ years, and I still despise what she wears. Yep, it’s still the same perfume. It’s her “signature, ” and it makes me gag even though I love her. 🙂 )

Right now my favorite fragrances are Chanel No. 5 L’Eau (funny, because I’m not a fan of the original, but adore this one), and Lunbin’s Gin Fizz. They wear close for me to enjoy all day, but I don’t impose it on anyone else.

Deborah S. Avatar

If there is a relationship it is pretty nebulas. I tend to choose my scent by my mood for the day or a circumstance. I tend to do my makeup based on something more tenable such as what I am wearing, where I am going, if I have new makeup I want to play with, etc.

Erica Avatar

I guess they correlate. I like warmer muskier scents. Cannot stand fruity or too floral. Yup allergies. And I like more classic and warmer looks with my makeup.

Dustin Avatar

Good one. I think my preference in makeup probably is broader than my preference in fragrance (I’m a picky smeller) but taking colors and notes aside, I think I prefer a similar “performance” from both:

I enjoy minimalist makeup – especially with foundation and even with bright, graphic looks. I like to see skin. I like bold, not over-worked designs (even if the eyeshadow is bright red or the lips are glossy black).

Likewise, I prefer fragrances that hug the body. I don’t like a lot of projection. I don’t enjoy smelling someone who isn’t in the room anymore and I’d much rather someone comment on my fragrance when they hug me than when I enter a room.

I have the same taste in music actually. In fact as I think about it, probably the same with fashion, art and food too.

I’m a fan of the “bizarre” in many art forms – but I prefer minimalism to throwing everything you’ve got at someone. It’s probably because it’s not something I do very well. I have a tendency to over-think and keep adding and adding and adding! I prefer singular focus, its just a struggle for me to get there myself.

Elizabeth Avatar

As for makeup, I guess I go in the opposite direction of my “sweet” perfume preference most of the time – I like a lot of brownish muted 90s lip colors, and plum or taupe eyeshadow is my favorite. Although I really enjoy rocking glitter lips and eyeshadow when I go out anywhere…I just feel self conscious! I wish I could feel confident doing rainbow looks every day. So I guess my soul is candyish!

Kelly Avatar

Mine don’t correlate at all. I do fruity light summery fragrances year-round. Escada Taj Sunset or Fiesta usually. Smells are very powerful in keeping me grounded, so smelling like my favorite season and place helps to keep me in a good island-vibes chillax mindset. My makeup, on the other hand, is all over. Dramatic, goth, day, night, beachy, natural… whatever the day or situation calls for or whatever whim I’m feeling at the time.

Nancy T Avatar

I think they match up fairly well! Most of the time?
During our cooler winter season, both my fragrance choices and my makeup looks go richer and bolder. As in TF Black Orchid or Christian LaCroix Absynthe for fragrances, and deeper, vampy lips and/or a smokey eye look that tends towards richer neutrals or plum/purple.
During our very long, hot season, fragrance picks go citrus infused, as in: Fresh Life or Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine. Sometimes, I go outrageous and use MAC Candy Yum Yum perfume! Makeup looks also tend towards extremes, too. Usually something *fairly* neutral, but other days, I will go full-on peacock eye or flamingo coral-pink lips! Or, an all purple monochromatic look.

Seraphine Avatar

What an interesting question. I’ve never thought about his before. I’m not really sure how one relates to the other.

I have dark hair and light skin, and for daytime I tend towards rosy nude eyeshadows (such as UD Naked3) that make the most of my green eyes. I like my cheeks to have a natural-looking pink hue, rather than wearing obvious blush. But I love experimenting with different lip colors, from nudes, browns, and mauves to bright reds and purples. At night, I mostly go for smoky eyes and vampy red lips.

Fragrance-wise, various notes I like include vanilla, jasmine, citrus, coffee, woody, ginger, patchouli. I dislike most florals or anything powdery. I have three favorite fragrances that I alternate between depending on mood and situation. I’m intrigued by Tom Ford’s Black Orchid, but I haven’t tested it on my skin yet, as it seems to both attract and repel me at the same time every time I’ve sniffed a tester at the store.

Anne Avatar

I’ve never thought to compare my taste in fragrance with my makeup style. I know what I like regarding each, but I have no clue how to compare them. I can’t imagine someone who knows my makeup style saying: Oh, I bet you wear such and such fragrance. Or visa versa. Sorry. I can’t connect any dots.

Anne Avatar

I’m trying, but the only thing I can come up with is understated. I’ve never been into hard-edgy or ultra femme — mostly just classic and understated. I like one good hit of drama in my makeup and clothing, and the rest is the supporting cast. My fragrance choice is always a member of the supporting cast. I think what I just wrote sounds ridiculous, but since you asked, I thought I should give it a go. 🙂

Heather Avatar

I skew more light and cheerful than sexy or dark or dramatic, which goes for both my makeup and fragrances. I love the cheerful crispness of citrus and light woods (like cedar), while light vanilla always smells friendly and inviting on me.

I do love masculine scents, but they don’t always love me; anything too sexy/spicy gives me a nasty headache; and I have yet to find a floral blend that sits quite right on my skin — but I don’t skew too high-femme in my makeup application, so perhaps that fits as well.

Brenda C Avatar

I can go with any makeup look depending on what I am wearing for the day or evening. Fragrance is a harder thing, First of all, I have a hard time finding any that smells nice on me . My all time favorite is Elizabeth Arden’s 5th Avenue, but I don’t wear it all the time, I don’t want to get sick of it as I have with some others that I used to love as Beautiful from Estee Lauder and Vera Wang’s fragrances. I don’t know what you call these fragrances as they are not flowery or citrusy. I cannot wear any rose fragrances anymore, that scent turns my stomach now for some reason. (I love receiving bouquets of roses though!)

lisa Avatar

Depends on where I’m going. If going out shopping or some other day event, light makeup, bright lips and light fragrance Angel, Aqua di Gio, or Dolce. Night, dark smoky for both. no spice perfumes tho. I like Narciso Rodrieguez “For Her” or YSL Black Opium for night among others.

Pearl Avatar

I like Neroli, Violet and Lily of the Valley scents – to me, they are pleasant and subtle. I’d say that describes my makeup style; I like makeup that is pleasing to the eye and it might have dimension but it is cohesive, polished and subtle.

Lea Avatar

I think my makeup style and fragrance style are complete opposites. I like my makeup more classic and polished; nothing really edgy. For fragrance I stick to spicy, sultry orientals year round. It just works for me.

Tarzi Avatar

Hmm, I don’t really know! I wear a lot of neutral work-safe makeup, and for the most part I don’t really wear fragrance because I work in a lot of government offices that forbid perfume (because of other people’s allergies). So I guess my correlation is that I’m restricted by my work environment hahah. I’ve honestly stayed away from fragrance as my mother is one of those women who thinks you can cover up too-lazy-to-shower or five-day-old-work-shirt or Tiger Balm with liberal application of Bath & Body Works fragrance mists lol. So between not being allowed it at work and associating with Weird Old People Things I’ve just not been interested, really! But I would LOVE to find a fragrance with the same scent as Living Proof hairspray……..I don’t know what that smell is but it’s honestly AMAZING. I’ve also got samples of KVD Saint and Sinner right now because I really like the bottles and want to see how they smell on me >_>

Genevieve Avatar

I prefer spicier scents and unusual fragrances (read expensive) and cannot tolerate the cheaper celebrity lines, apart from Elizabeth and James – which I have discovered and now loving.
And I am not afraid to wear a variety of eye shadow colours in jewel tones with a bright lip either.
I have as many perfumes as I have eye shadow palettes, so that’s saying something.
However I do like lighter and more semi floral fragrances as well and I think my fragrance preference changes with the seasons, just as I like to vary my eye and lip looks as well.

janine Avatar

I’m more adventurous with makeup. Primarily I worked in critical care nursing in which a lot of patients have respiratory issues so I didn’t wear fragrance at work. I had a bottle of Miracle and I swore it lasted 15 years.

Now I’m in dialysis so I wear something light and lightly applied. I’ve recently joined scent box and scent bird and just got my first shipment today. I’m incredibly picky about fragrance. But I’m excited about trying some new scents.

I may like some heavy scents but only wear them at night they seem too complex to wear most of the time.

Kat Avatar

I like to change up my makeup looks, I often get into certain types of looks or colors for a few weeks and then I change it up again. Sometimes I like glam, sometimes natural, sometimes colorful. On the other hand, I only own and wear a single perfume, Elizabeth and James Nirvana Bourbon!

Silvia Avatar

I cannot connect the two but somehow I like Stetson. Reminds me of some sexy cowboy! Lol! I rarely wear perfume since I find many hideous in others when they scream at my nostrils and give me a headache. I do like florals but not so sweet, don’t like citrus much and yes, find men’s perfume attractive.

Erin Avatar

I love all sorts of makeup, but perfume? No… I really hate cloying florals, fruitachouli unless it’s someone who does it well like TF, and anything that smells really young. I think my most hated perfumes at this time are Parada Candy as it gives me a headache even though it’s not bad smelling on most and Ralph Lauren Blue which smells like a toilet cleaner from the 80’s.

My preferences are towards more dark, masculine, or lonely scents but I’m open to others. It’s close to my natural inclination for makeup.

Julie Avatar

Hmmm, I like to match my makeup and perfume to my mood. I love a variety, and I choose all of the different options. When I try new makeup, I also try a new perfume, such as from scentbird, or maybe even a cheap copy of a perfume I want to get. A playful, colorful mood, would bring a playful rainbow look with a big wing, and maybe a a fruity, citrus floral with sandalwood undertones. Sometimes it would be the opposite though, and I would go for a clean basic, classic look, we’re talkin all nudes, and then something old and loud, like Ciara for my perfume. I love blackened anything on my lips, and I also love darker, smokier scents, too. <3 this question!

Alexis Avatar

I am unable to wear perfume and use most scented products. There are a few things I can handle. I get migraines really bad and scents are a trigger. Most people do not realize that perfume can make others sick. There’s been many times when I’ve been out in public and instantly vomited because of someone’s perfume or cologne.

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