How does your makeup reflect your personality?

How does your makeup reflect your personality? Share!

I think that you have to be comfortable in your own skin, so it’s about wearing products that make you feel good and that you’re confident in, which is often how I choose what products I wear when I’m not testing. I also feel that people should wear what they want to, and never, ever be made to feel less-than because they’ve embraced one trend and not another, or they’ve created their own trends, which is why I’m happy to feature and wear products that may otherwise be relegated as “other,” because I love that they exist and enjoy trying them out, and I’d like them to be a normal option for anyone who wishes to wear it.

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As I’ve gotten older, I’ve been feeling more confident about myself, and it’s reflected in my makeup. Before I stuck to mainly neutral eyes and basic lipcolors. Now, I’m regularly wearing more colorful shadows (blues, purples, greens, smoky eyes) and lippies ( purples, brighter pinks, corals). For a while I wasn’t wearing my favorite brown-red lippies because they were out of fashion (so ’90s). But after they came back in fashion, and I started wearing them again, I realized I shouldn’t have succumbed to what others say is in vs. out of fashion. Looking good and feeling good is always in fashion!

Love your answer, Christine! <3

I'm not too sure how make-up reflects my personality. Perhaps the part where I don't wear it for beautification purposes but purely for self-expression? (I don't believe in "flattering", so to speak).

When I wear makeup, in my mind it draws focus to my face rather than the other parts of my body that I am not confident about. it also shows people a version of myself that I don’t need to express in words. Depending on the colors I choose, it’ll show what mood I’m in if they care to look. It’s there for them to see, interpret, love or dislike.

I love very deep shades of lipstick, my favorite are blacks and reds and a bold, black liner. I feel like this has become something that I feel really comfortable in, it feels like enough, it feels like something I wear for myself. I used to be concerned with make up “rules”, which made it feel like I wore my make up for other people. Eventually, I realized I wear make up for me, nobody else, nobody has to like it but me, that made a huge difference in my confidence.

I think it does. I’m probably older than 90% of the people here but my style, even when I was younger, tended to be “classic” rather than “cutting edge” or “Goth”, etc. and that hasn’t changed. What has changed, largely from reading this blog and watching way too many youtube makeup videos, is that I am somewhat less fearful of colour. The first “colour” eyeshadow I ever bought was MAC’s Birds&Berries, which gives a sense of how “new” colour is to me (talking eyeshadows, not lipstick, etc.) and I had no idea what to do with it. I bought it because it just looked so dog-gone pretty in the pan! Anyway, I use it a fair bit, either as a pop of colour to line my lower lash line or smudged into the outer crease, etc. But I still stick to fairly classic looks which is probably why I get palpitations when I see a fabulous new neutral eyeshadow palette or amazing taupe eyeshadow!

What a kind and encouraging thing for you to say! I’m a teacher, and want to look professional, but also LOVE playing with color and contouring, sometimes trying out looks that work, some that don’t! I know that some of my co-workers judge me based on my makeup routine, but can’t let it bother me because it makes me feel good! 🙂

Children are naturally attracted to bright colors, which I wear a lot of. In addition, when my fifth grade girls see me on a good makeup day, it goes a long way in strengthening the relationship I have with them when we can have “girl talk” about makeup. They even came in one day before school and did my makeup!

Love your answer! I really think you do that well! My answer isn’t that refreshing, but it really is a way of expressing how I’m feeling that day. Feeling bold? Deep lip and strong eyeliner it is. Feeling fresh? A minimal makeup for me. 🙂

I’m pretty neutral/natural in my looks, but there’s always a pop of colour somewhere, usually the lips! I think it reflects my low-maintenance, easygoing personality… But there’s still a bit of fun peeking through. Also rocking a bold colour projects a certain confidence. My number one comment on my lip colour is usually “Wow, I can’t wear that…”

Some days my make up is full -out and others is paired down neutral. But neutral can be nice and even dramatic. My makeup just depends on how I am feeling,work obligations, and how much time I have. As a parent, I go to a lot of events and many moms wear the same exact makeup or what seems to be none or very little makeup all the time. That’s okay with me if that is what makes them happy. But,I really enjoy seeing what looks I can do and yeah, I don’t care if they stare at my purple lipstick.I wear my makeup how I chose. This is America- the land of the free. I embrace,lol! I also have a lot of tattos. I didn’t get any of them until I was 33. So, they were all well thought out and not a “young and dumb” decision. I don’t regret them. I don’t believe in living in regret.

I can completely relate to your post! I’ve hardened myself to being looked at when I wear bright lipcolors, especially when interacting with fellow parents and school personnel. However, compliments from other women who I find attractive and very well-kept are what I consider most flattering.

I believe it does. At work, I keep it pretty conservative, because I have to. On the weekends, I usually go for a bold lip but lately I have been into color on the eyes (maybe it’s due to the neutral palette overload lol) For mother’s day I did a teal/blue eye and a nude lip, loved it! I’m all for color somewhere on your face. An all neutral look is strictly for work, in my case 🙂

Some days, I’m practical, natural glam (often make-up less) me.
Other days, I’m a glam overload queen.

I’d say this definitely is lots of fun, freeing, and expresses me.

Funky and fun, Christine! I know I’m probably too old (sorry, no such thing…I’m only 45yo), but I love using bright colors, eye-catching vibrant colors! Actually, as of 2-3 years ago, I NEVER, if rarely, wore makeup. Now, I really look forward to my makeup routine in the morning. I turn up music, sing, an occasional dance and put my makeup on!

Interesting question!

I think my makeup reflects that I like to look put-together, but I don’t take myself too seriously. I’m a professional in my 40s but I love to be creative with my makeup. I might wear a very classic neutral look one day and wear glitter purple eyeshadow the next. To me, makeup is about self-confidence, creativity, and having fun.

Love your answer Christine. I don’t think there should be any rules about makeup.

I use makeup to highlight or improve how I look so that I’m more comfortable in my own skin. It takes several products even if I want a “no-makeup” makeup look. I admire those who are bolder with their makeup though! A red lip is about as bold as I go!!
I’ve always appreciated that you review a wide variety of brands at a variety of price points. And that you show a variety of looks as well! I love your answer to this question as well!

Yays to Christine and Nicole especially! 🙂 It took me getting to college to start getting more experimental with makeup of any sort. Growing up in a conservative Texas town with way too much blue eyeshadow and Aquanet doesn’t do much for your creativity. Thankfully Austin cured that, in a big way.

As for what I wear these days, I likey shiny things a lot. 😀 I guess you could say I live up to my Gemini roots by tending to go neutral/none or vivid, though I keep my eyes toned down if I’m wearing a lipstick called something like Fuchsia Flamethrower. My heart loves bold colors, but my head knows I have to keep things balanced. Not because that’s what you’re “supposed” to do. It’s because my art training showed me that balance and composition can make a look far more arresting and attractive than doing everything to the nines. I think people should wear what fits them, period, but I also think one sign of makeup “maturity” is having learned what works on you and what doesn’t – just like cuts of clothing – having made peace with that, and coming to love and celebrate what you have, however you choose to do that.

Because I rarely go anywhere without doing a full face, it seems that my meticulous nature tends to come across as others have made comments about it in the past. My attention to detail carries over into almost every aspect of my life, especially the kitchen. That’s why my kids keep moving back home — because of the food! =)

The more playful parts of my personality are expressed in my (currently) intense, red hair and my brightly-colored, metallic, foiled nails.

I’m pretty old (43) but I don’t care – I feel like makeup allows me to reflect my goth/witchy/dark side as well as whatever I’m being currently inspired by – fandom, writing, music, etc. I love being able to use it in this fashion!

Classic with an edge. I too have gotten more confident with my look as I’ve gotten older. I know exactly what products to use to achieve the effects I want and how to apply them. I’ve gotten more into middle- and higher-end products when they really make a positive difference. I’ve gotten very skillful with diet and skincare. I look at least ten years younger than my actual age. I flaunt my own rendition of the magazine model and runway looks I’ve admired so much over the years. All that “inspiration” has finally paid off.

I’m a creative, artistic person, and I think that my makeup reflects that. I’ve always played with looks and colors. It’s fun. It makes me happy and less anxious. If I want to wear electric blue eyeshadow or green lips, I do it. If I want to wear shimmery nudes with a subtle pinky-brown lip, I do it. I’m 45, and the older I get, the less I care what people think. I tried making everyone happy for so much of my life, but I was damned if I was ever going to do it with my clothes or makeup. The attitude has filtered into the rest of my life, I think.

Thank you for using my question Christine and I really agree with your answer.
For me, wearing makeup is about showing the real me – just like Kiss and Makeup’s reflection. I think I am strong, colourful and creative – and that’s what my makeup shows.
I am a teacher too and I have found that by wearing a “professional look” with makeup, the students know that I am serious about my role as their teacher and we are all here to learn.

I think my makeup style is beginning to reflect my personality. I’ve started wearing brighter eyeshadow colors and shimmers and metallics instead of the mattes someone my age is “supposed” to wear. I’ve started wearing brighter and/or darker lipstick too. I’m kind of done with worrying about what people think; I’ve always dressed for myself and now I’m doing the same with makeup–and my hair and tattoos and the new piercing for that matter. 🙂

I smile a lot – and I think my makeup reflects the cheerfulness in my personality – pinks – blushes – lipstick – a few corals here and there – happy colors : )

I think this is a difficult question as my make-up and reasons for wearing it have changed over the years. I started wearing some make-up in the early to mid 1960’s when in Jr. High. I’m now 65.
My face is very pink and pale and my eyes remind me of an alternative into rabbit because my lashes are pretty light. My eyes are blue grey. I think I’ve always had spider
veins too. In addition, I loved to draw family essure and naturally added color to the pictures. I read everything I could about it bc no one in my family wore it.
Initially, I think I wore make-up to hide as I was extremely shy and to cover flaws. As I’ve gotten older I wear it for the joy of self expression. As far as others wearing or not wearing make-up, that’s their personal choice. Not my concern.

Lovely answer, Christine!

Ever since I started wearing make-up at about 22, I’ve always felt make-up lifts my emotional posture; it turns a mostly ordinary or not-so-great day into something more colorful and exciting in an instant. I have a lot to learn and play with in terms of eye-makeup, and what I have realized and made peace with is that I am simply not into it (yet)! Skin, lips, brows, cheeks – I’m there. Eye make-up – not quite, and I’ve been told I’m missing on a lot of fun stuff, and I feel that’s actually okay. I suppose this circles back to knowing that I’m doing what I do for me.

I’ve always thought my some NC37-40 skin color was much too dark for bright colors, not until I discovered all the possibilities. My make-up is simple but I do like a bright lip oftentimes. It reflects my personality being mellow, laid-back with some spunk as you get closer.

It reflects who I AM. Not a trend, not what others are doing, not what’s on point, but what personifies ME. Unpredictable, careful, no boundaries, classy, flattering, whimsical, ethereal, enhancing/encouraging, healthy. (I try!) 🙂 Beet lips help! :*

Refined, calm, yet colorful. Relaxed, yet defined.. Whatever. Gigantic lashes that look fake, very pigmented skin over eyes, and very berry lips can be quite dramatic on their own! So if I opt for a dramatic look, you known I’m feeling very well to play around again! It more reflects my health and state of being. But that’s also my personality, to reflect my being.

Makeup absolutely reflects my personality! It says: I don’t care at all what others think aboutme, I only care what I think of myself. Boom.

Okay, this was oddly a more difficult question to answer for me, so here goes! I have always been someone who pushes the envelope as far as I am personally comfortable with and that shows in all areas of my life, including my makeup. Even though I do own a sizable stash of neutral and/ safe colors and shades, I have no problem putting together some really kick-ass looks that DO push that proverbial envelope to a limit that some love, usually other MUA’s, and others, usually other middle-age women who wear little or NO makeup, look at me sideways, oh well! And yet, I do use discernment. I realize that while yes, I can wear whatever I choose, I am a 56 y.o. grandmother, so nope, no blue or black lipstick for me at this stage as it just wouldn’t work on me now, but heck yeah, I know I would’ve worn it in my twenties, even early 30’s! I am classy, but colorful and bright and creative (and perhaps a little bit cray-cray, lol! ) Stable and resilient, but not one to go along with the masses or the court of public opinion.

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