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same here, I don’t even do anything to my hair. Its not a priority lol, making sure I blend correctly IS

I don’t think about it either because I have black brown hair with caramel highlights with brown eyes. Anything goes for me too.

I’m a hair color chameleon so parts of my makeup definitely change with each new color. I’m uber pale so when I’m platinum blond I have to wear more makeup because my face is the same color as my hair. When it’s dark or red I wear less makeup because the contrast makes even the slightest bit of makeup stand out. The hardest part is making sure the eyebrows always match

I tend to wear more bronze-y colors when my hair is lighter. I just went from a a brownish honey blonde color to a blackish red. I also have dred locs and wear glasses. That’s a lot going on, so I try at the very least to not clash with my hair color.

Me either, I don’t even think about my hair color. Of course some colors will match your hair (together with skintone) better than others, but I think it doesn’t keep you from wearing any color you like. Be it black, burgundy, brunette, blond or red, even pink.

When I’m blonde I feel like I’m a bit washed out & have 2 wear heaviEr eye makeup, but not super bright colors. When my hair is black I don’t need as much , but I can pull off crazy bright colors. With my natural color (med/light brown I can wear either. Lips are the complete opposite. Blonde I prefer more nude colors, black hair I prefer darker or bolder colors & brunette I wear either.

I usually don’t think about my hair color except certain cases. If I have just dyed it and it’s really dark I make sure to use blush/bronzer to counteract looking pale. When my hair is really blonde I also do the same so I don’t look washed out.

I don’t think about it either, and even if I had hair that might clash with my makeup (I have medium-dark brown, green eyes), I’m not sure I’d care… I wouldn’t want to limit myself & creativity! 🙂

When I was in college, I dyed my hair a lot. It has been hot pink, purple, blue, and red (not all at once though). It definitely affected my choices in makeup! It could be a challenge working with color. Although, now my hair is back to natural black and I never really think about my hair color.

It never really occurred to me to consider my hair colour. I’m more concerned about m/u items clashing with my warm-tanned skin tone.

Unless my hair color changes drastically (i.e, blonde to brunette or vice versa), I don’t really consider it to be an issue. I do notice, however, that when you find that PERFECT hair color that just lights up your complexion and eyes, you don’t need to wear as much makeup to look glowing and gorgeous.

Just my two cents!

Big time. My hair is a very light almost silver blonde so I always make sure my make-up is not too dark or harsh because heavy make-up with hair this light could easily make me look cheap!

When my hair was lighter… i’d typically do my eyemakeup lighter just so it wouldn’t overpower and look too harsh. Now that my hair is dark… i do really gothy/smokey eyes everyday! Hmm… dark hair is definitely for me because I feel more creative with my eyes!

It’s not so much that I avoid colors so much as I can get away with colors. I have flaming red hair and I can wear yellow/orange eyeshadow as my “neutral, go-to” look. I joked about my peacock taste in eyeshadow while wearing orange/yellow/sparkly eyeshadow at work and everyone just said “It matches your hair; it looks good!”

Same here. With bright red hair, oranges are practically neutrals. And a lot colors that are neutrals for others, like ashy browns and black eyeliner, look really harsh.

I think hair color does affect makeup! My natural color is medium/light brown and I just dyed it dark brown. My makeup looks much prettier now and the colors are more intense.

I just went from my natural brown hair to dying it to a dark red wine/burgundy color. I’ve noticed that I definately avoid certain blushes and bronzers now due to my new hair hue! I’ve even toned down my naturally golden complexion to more of a light beige because my hair color was making my skin look more yellow than I prefer. And of course, the dark my hair color, the darker my eyebrow pencil will be in the end aswell…

I don’t now, but I keep not dying my hair red because I love pink lipstick but I hate pink and red together.

I have green eyes NC20 skin tone and medium brown hair.
I am getting it cut and dyed tomorrow. I usually go two or so shades darker than my natural color. Which fortunately I can do since my eyebrows are so dark. In fact most people don’t notice that I’ve colored it, so it must really be basically my hair color anyways. I like how it unifies everything and it brings out my eye color and makes certain lipstick colors etc pop more…I find bright fuchsia lip colors look really nice with the darker color and green eyes.
I don’t change much… I suppose the color is like my natural color, because I never get any visible roots.

Well, at the moment, my hair is black with blue highlights. I try not to let it limit my colors too much. (I let my super pale skin and pink undertone do that!) But I do notice that I like my hair more with certain colors. I think it looks the best with purple eyeshadow (because my blue highlights have a gorgeous purple tone to them, so it matches really nicely.) I try not to do entirely blue looks, because its a little too matchy-matchy. I’ll usually add another color to keep me from looking like a blueberry. Though sometimes I am guilty of it!
Besides that, I don’t let it stop me.

being blonde i try and avoid pinks because i think it makes me look washed out – but other then that everything is fair game i think 😀

If I bleach or color my hair it really doe affect what color make up I wear. Otherwise with my brown hair and eyes I can do anything. LOL

Yes, because im a pale blonde i tend to stay away from oranges, browns and yellows. Also if i wear coral on my lips it makes me look kind of sick!

Yes, it does! When I dyed my hair lighter over the summer my makeup was completely different & now that it’s back to near black I feel like I have more versatility.

I am a redhead so not everything suits me but i only wear neutrals so i don’t really think about my hair.

Not at all! I try and do my makeup around my extremely pale skin (NC15) and blue eyes….if something I would put on would clash, that’s what it’d clash with!

I had to start wearing bolder lipstick colors when I dyed my hair back to its natural medium-dark brown – I’d had pretty aggressive highlights before. With the darker hair I need some color on my lips or I look ghostly!

I don’t believe it affects me. My natural hair color turns all sorts of shades during the summer, lol, so all of my normal shades work.

Since I have red hair, I usually stay away from blue-reds. I know reds can worn by red-heads, but I’m not ‘there’ yet.

Nope me neither. Brown hair and eyes = can wear everything. However I did dye my hair a strawberry blonde once and then I really had to think about what I could wear – think I had to keep 1/2 of my makeup and clothes off to the side because the colors clashed with my hair color.

I pay absolutely no attention. Brown hair and eyes, NW20. I used to care in high school when all those “brown eye” kits and stuff were out but… At this point, I’ll just wear whatever colors I want, hahahaha.

I haven’t seen my natural hair color since I was 12, when I started darkening up from my childhood super-blonde. Now, I regularly switch it up from platinum blonde to red to black with stops at several shades in between. (I get bored fast, LOVE variety.)

Although my skin is really neutral, when I’m red, it looks very warm, and I’m limited to nudes, peaches, corals, and warm pinks for cheek and lips if I don’t want to clash.

Black and platinum are both neutrals, and my skin reflects more neutral to cool as well, so I can expand my range into cooler and brighter pinks that don’t fit with a redhead look (Show Orchid on me red = nasty, rest of the time = love!!). Also, both black and platinum go so well with the classic winged black liquid liner, red lip sort of look.

Add in what time of year it is, what degree of freckles I have, and there are always factors to affect color and formulation choice. The beautiful thing is I never get settled into a routine (or a rut) and am always challenged to keep it fresh.

well…my hair is black and pink so i cant wear certain colors that will clash with my hair…lol.

i dont wear orange, blue or red e/s very often…just dont look good w my hair 🙁

It absolutely does. I’m a natural brunette and before I highlighted my hair blonde I had to wear much more pigmented colors and more bronzer (since I’m pale, NW 20-NW 25). I’ve been highlighting my hair blonde for 7 years or so and I need much less makeup and softer colors.

I dyed my haie blue-black so that I can wear cool-toned make up colors easier against my warm skin tone.

I lighten or darken with my hair actually. When I had really dark brown/black hair (my hair naturally has blonde near my face) I went with more dramatic looks. Now that it’s back to natural I have lightened my makeup considerably and stick more to sunny warm colours to harmonize with my red/blonde tones.

Not at all really. I have brown eyes, and natural red hair. I don’t wear red clothes though, its such an awful clash.

I think hair colour affects make-up, but those of us who keep our natural hair colour (or always dye it the same colour) have gotten used to what works for us and what doesn’t. Those of us who colour our hair different colours are more aware of how make-up changes with hair colour.

It doesn’t really affect my make-up but still..
I dyed my hair dark brown and I found that I could wear more nudes on my lips and pink blushes also.. After I turned light blonde-brunette again I find that peachy blushes and more colorful lips look better on me..
If I wear too nude lip-products I get washed out really easily and by using pink blushes it brings out the redness in my face and makes me look tired..

But my skintone and eye color affect my make-up the most, of course.. 😉

Not at all. Black goes with everything 😉

The trick is to find the right shade of each color to match my skin tone.

My hair is not a factor in my color chooses when it comes to my makeup. I wear what ever I like.

I don’t care what matches my hair color; as long as my premature grays are covered that’s all that matters.

When I had darker hair I could get away with a lot more colours. Now with my natural light reddish brown I can only wear warm shades.


My hair colour is a bright deep red the colour is called MAGENTA from Loreal pro line. So yes with this intense red you have to be cautious of colour combinations and eyebrow colour to balance the look.

Doesn’t at all. Neither does my skin tone (save for foundation/powder/concealer/blush of course!) or eye colour.

I shaved my hair for cancer fund raising. It was always dark blonde, foils of light blond and honey, sometimes chocolate too. When my hair grew back it was white. I no have a shock of white hair and don’t know how to do my make up!! NONE of the colors I used to use work for me anymore :((

Yeah, it affects what makeup I wear. My hair is bright pink, so I can’t go for orange/peach colours, and the blush I choose has to be pretty dainty and muted.

During the summer I get more blonde highlights and in the winter I go to dark brown. When I’m more blonde I tend to do more eye makeup and pale lips. When I’m dark I can wear darker shades of lipstick.

Oddly enough, it does affect me quite a lot.

My hair colour has been everything from blonde to red to brunette to black, which obviously has varying affect on my skin tone, thus resulting in a change particularly in application of products.

The products themselves don’t tend to change too much, but if I have a colour that washes me out slightly I might play up the blush a little more, for example.

it does effect your face, wearing the wrong colors. brunettes with brown eyes and pale skin use light pinks to bring out the color and strong foundation. to get yourself a rosy hue. redheads with blue or green eyes and a pale complexion, could go for a nude lipgloss and a light blush, drawing towards the cheekbone. natural color eyeshadow. people shouldn’t remember you as the girl with the blue eyeshadow. the girl with the blue eyes. blondes with blue eyes and pale skin would look good with a red hue to pink lipstick, peach eyeshadow and, like brunettes, a STRONG foundation. other than that, pretty much you’re good to go! as for tan people, sorry, this isn’t going to go over well with me! ask an expert! i just take tips from stylists! =D

For me it does. I change my hair color a lot. If I’m blonde I rarely ever use black or dark greys because I feel like it looks too harsh. If my hair is red I don’t use pink, orange, or red eyeshadows lol. I think it is all personal preference(:

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