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Erica Avatar

I don’t usually wear it. Sometimes it just works with your look. Every now and then I will add my Butter Bronzer to warm up my face but it is not a daily routine even in Summer. I guess I just like a less complicated look:)

Lea Avatar

Armani makes a good one for pale/cool tones. I used to feel the same way as you until my MUA tried Armani on me. It gives the skin a nice warmth. It’s a sheer formulation, so you don’t get the muddy Oompa Loompa look.

Claire Renee Avatar

Oops…..that should be NC15! I embrace my paleness and don’t use bronzer ever. I don’t tan so my skin color doesn’t change in summer. I can’t be bothered to spend the time and money in search of some bronzer that MIGHT not look like crap on me….LOL. In my late 50’s and am happy to use less makeup instead of more.

Anne Avatar

As a very, very pale person, I go light on the bronzer if I use it at all. If I use it, I do a very light version of the “3” shape on either side and that works to make me look less like I’ve been ill for 5 years.

kjh Avatar

This is my only remaining use for too faced. I love snow bunny in the winter. It’s one of the only products I have repurchased. (Magpies like the new and shiny..) SB has some pink and some taupe, and is not OTT shimmery. Hope they didn’t reformulate. Summers, Bronzing is overkill, if you live near a beach…you can’t avoid color, even with massive spf. I often see egregious examples of makeup don’ts with bronzer. Winter reverse eagle is not a good look, esp with a pale neck. Seriously? Yet, I see it pretty frequently. Not to mention that injudicious application looks very flat.

LindaP Avatar

As opposed to contouring, bronzer I like! I use a bit of bronzer nearly every day under the cheekbones with a large brush (Sigma F20) to add a bit of structure. And I really like it at the hairline since I have a high forehead. It’s all with a light hand and it’s just enough.

Sometimes with a bold eye, I will rely on my Laura Mercier bronzer blush or my Sephora Quad in Sultry instead of a dedicated blush. That depends, but it can work well.

I have no favorite, however, and will look forward to reading what y’all use and like.

Nancy T Avatar

If I do want to have a sunkissed bronzy look, I’ll use something like MAC Cheek Pollen blush with Colourpop Butterfly Beach on my cheeks. During summertime, I may use a little bronzer for *light* contouring only because during the warmer half of the year I’m an NC40 skintone. That’s without any “tanning”, I always use sunscreen and try to avoid midday sun. I just darken even with all precautions. At NC37-40, I don’t need to do much in the way of bronzing, really.

L Avatar

In the summer its a nice-to-have it bonus when I remember, in the winter, again – when I remember to do it… I like it to keep me from looking washed out since I’m on the pale side, or maybe it’ that I miss warm weather and it makes me think of summer! The one time I’m consistent with thinking to do is is if I’m wearing a bolder lip for a night out or occasion again, to help my skintone stand up to the bold lip color. I wonder sometimes though if that’s more a subjective matter since I think other pale people look fine in bolder lips – meaning that the bronzer helps less so objectively and more in terms of my adjustment to something I’m not used to seeing (since i routinely do nudes).

Marie-Estelle Avatar

I don’t bronzer since a long time but since I found good brushes for it, it is an extra step I take time for. Especially when my makeup leans in the cool side (gives me a doll face or a tired look really fast).

Nevertheless, sometimes a peachy blush can be enough to add some healthy warmth!

Pearl Avatar

I do it in the 3 pattern on the side of my face whenever I wear a full face (so pretty much daily). I was told to think of it as my all over shade, like on your eyes and the blush is your crease shade? I think I got that right. Anyway, that analogy had really helped me with placement and having a much lighter hand. I love the warmth it puts back into my face.

Jade Avatar

When I was younger, everyone was CRAZY into bronzer and I hated it! I could never get it to work on me because had such even, fair skin, even a super light application looked awful. Now I’m more of a light skintone, and my face is prone to looking lighter than my neck when I wear makeup, so I like bronzer for creating some dimension and depth in my face. I apply MAC Give Me Sun! MSFN under my cheekbones and on my temples quite frequently, but I’m not really tempted to branch out and get different bronzers (unless I really like the next MAC summer collection packaging, then I might be tempted to pick up Refined Golden LOL).

Maria Avatar

I own a few bronzers but I don’t ever wear it I guess I feel like it is overkill. Maybe if I knew exactly how to apply it without it being too much I would but without the proper application it would be just way over the top. I see a lot of photos of women or young women with makeup on and it looks like a mask I never liked that look and never will. When I was younger just like now less is always more. I find if they are trying to attract the right man it won’t be with a mask on.

WildDove Avatar

I also use bronzer as blush, especially when I have a good concentric circles bronzer with blush in the center.
Otherwise I add a pop of blush on top of the bronzer.

I rarely use bronzer other than on the cheeks. My neck and upper chest are very light, so I don’t want my face overall looking darker than my neck and upper chest.

Lydia Avatar

I bronze instead of contour a lot of the time because it’s less precise and easier/faster to do. I’m very warm-toned and have a medium complexion so bronzers are an easy way to add some natural-looking dimension and color to my face.

Amy S Avatar

I am fair and have never used it, but I got some samples of liquid bronzer this summer and found that rather than trying to apply it judiciously here and there, a drop or two mixed into my sunscreen came out looking really nice!

alexandra Avatar

Fair medium, olive yellow undertones, about nc 20-25
I can’t live without it. I use it in a sculptural way in the perimeter of my face and like i would use a contour.
I tried many and the best are Guerlain Terracotta, Dior Air Bronzer, Charlotte Tilburry and Hourglass for the J lo Glow

Rebecca Avatar

I currently don’t wear any, but I’ve awkwardly currently gotten a little bit of a tan so my foundation isn’t matching as well so it may be necessary soon.

Nichele Avatar

I’ve tried to make it work, but I’m so fair I guess I haven’t found the right one. I own the Too Faced pink leopard bronzer which I like as a blush with a very light hand, I like to use individual strips from the snow bunny bronzer (can’t use the darkest bronze color in it though), and I have the lightest milk chocolate soleil bronzer which is okay. Overall I prefer a brown or tan-based blush to bronzer though, I find it to be easier to work with and more forgiving on my fair skin.

Bonnie Avatar

Ahhh…bronzer is my life, at least in beauty. I use it every day on my face. Across cheekbones, forehead, bridge of nose, and chin. Across collarbone or in cleavage depending on the neckine I’m wearing. It’s one of those must-have items for me, and it has to be right – not too sparkly, not too muddy. Revlon used to make the perfect one, but they discontinued it. Chanel makes the best one I have found currently. I can skip a lot of my makeup routine, but bronzer is not one of those items.

Sherry Avatar

I’m very pale and don’t tan. Bronzers generally look muddy on me. Occasionally a MUA makes it look ok in the store but when I get it home I just can’t make it work and therefore have quite a stash of high end bronzers in my “graveyard” under the sink. What I use now to warm up my face just a bit and passes for bronzer is Hourglass Ambient Light in Dim Light.

Emilie Avatar

I practically never wear bronzer. Occasionally, if I’m wearing an overall warm look, I’ll use the tiniest amount to blend out contour or maybe act as a super subtle blush. I’m so fair that I always feel like I’d just rather not mess with it, as most of the time they’re prone to looking quite orangey or unnatural. I don’t even tan in the summertime so I think it’d just look out of place on me.

Silvia Avatar

I have no idea why I haven’t worn it years before. I wear it now every time very lightly since I’m pale and in winter (although I run I just don’t tan just get wrinkles and freckles instead or burn like a shrimp Lol!) so I been wearing lately all the time except to exercise. It makes such a difference! Even more than my foundation. Gives me a healthy glow I have bought tons actually it has become one of my favorite item!

Silvia Avatar

Forgot to mention. Ticket to Brazil from WetnWild surprisingly suits me best. Is in powder form and goes on hardly noticeable. That stuff is great on very fair skins like mine very subtle. I ended up purchasing a second. Love it!

Caroline Avatar

Very carefully! I don’t use an awful lot otherwise I’d end up looking like the ‘you’ve-been-tangoed-orange’ advert 🙂
On a more serious note, I tend to use bronzer in the summer instead of blush. As I’m pale it has to be applied sparingly to add just a pop of colour/glow. I don’t want to frighten anyone ….

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