How do your makeup choices relate to your clothing choices?

I usually get dressed before I’ve decided on what makeup to wear, so I usually end up going back and changing if I find the color of my top is too drastic/at odds with the makeup I ended up wearing. For a special occasion, I tend to pick what I’m wearing and have my makeup coordinate with it.

— Christine
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Usually I coordinate my makeup to my outfit if I have it planned. Sometimes I buy a top or something to go with new makeup I’ve bought. Other times I wear neutral-ish makeup colors and just pick an outfit that goes ok with it.

I mentally decide what I’m wearing then do my make-up to complement it 9 times out of 10.
When I get new make-up or really want to wear a strong statement colour/product I’ll come up with an outfit to suit it though!

I coordinate my makeup with the colors and style of what I’m wearing. Usually I pick my clothes first, so I choose my makeup accordingly.

It all hinges on two things. 1.) Which am I most excited to wear that day, a new top or dress? Or some new makeup goodies? I’ll go with whichever one is moving me! 2.) My mood. That always plays a part in my clothing color. Which tends to parlay into my makeup for that day’s colors, unless it goes the other way around!

I usually do my makeup before choosing my outfit so I try to pick something that doesn’t clash with the colours on my face. I like pairing bolder lip colours like KVD L.U.V or LC Beet It with white tops, because I think the overall look is less intense than with black. Otherwise, anything is fair game.

I’m similar to you Christine- clothing and occasion dictate the makeup, though I’m more likely to change my makeup look than change my outfit mainly as I usually pick it out the night before, or if it’s an evening thing already have a rough idea of what I’m wearing.

For me a bit of a mixed bag: sometimes, I’ll be in a particular mood so clothing and makeup choices come together without much though, as when it’s hot summer day I’ll be in lighter colored linens and without thought more light, summery makeup. Other times, it’s more conscious — e.g., since I have to dress relatively conservatively for work that translates to more basic colors or style, in which case I’ll consciously pick brighter lips and eyeliners.

I only coordinate my makeup to my outfit (rather to my accessories) in special occasions. The rest of the time either I’m using very neutral colors that go with anything or I just don’t care lol.

It’s rarely an issue. Since I tend to stick to cool toned lipsticks and blushes and any colourful tops I might wear also tend to be cool tones (you won’t find peach or coral in my wardrobe except in a few yoga tops), everything tends to work together.

I don’t branch out too far in terms of color and tone, especially for eyes — think the KVD Shade & Light palette. Unless I go crazy and throw in some MAC Naked Lunch or use my Becca Ombre Rose palette (which are all just versions of neutrals 🙂 ), those KVD eye tones are the kinds I use 99.9% of the time.

I will say that reading and listening here has gotten me far more clued in to coordinating tone and intensity to match what I’m wearing more than ever before. So thanks to all you awesome women here! I’ve always coordinated lipstick, but never with the overall look to the degree I do now. Yesterday, I went cooler to match what I was wearing, and it looked so nice altogether. That choice is directly from the influences here. 🙂

if it’s a special occasion i’m going to do more drastic makeup…and if i wear neutral colors i wear neutral makeup. if i’m wearing a brighter color i try to make a small detail in somewhere my makeup routine a matching color to what i’m wearing.

I mostly try to make sure my makeup isn’t too “done” or full on for how relatively casual my clothes are. My beat up jeans feel mismatched with a really structured, colorful eye-that kind of thing.

It’s something I I know I didn’t used to be as conscious of even a few years ago, and definitely not as a teen when I LOVED wearing heavy, crazy makeup every day with my worn Chucks and jeans. Part of it is probably age, now that I’m firmly into adulthood, but I think there are other factors too, like having a generally more sophisticated understanding of how a unified look actually comes together rather than just a fixation on the makeup portion of it. I also think that very heavy makeup was more in style in the context of casual looks when I came of age than it is now. Looking back on, like, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears 10-15 years ago, I think it’s a fair assessment. Not that Paris and Britney were ever the Audrey Hepburn or Michelle Obama of their day in terms of good taste, and they weren’t really my personal faves, but I do think they say something about their time in pop culture and fashion.

I usually wear all black because it just goes with any makeup look (I’m definitely someone who does her makeup first, then chooses what to wear)! However, I’m the same way with special occasions, I’ll choose an outfit then makeup to go with it.

I don’t coordinate my makeup with my outfit UNLESS the color I’m wearing requires it like today I wanted to wear my grey flats but my makeup which I always do first, required some dark colors to make the grey work so that’s when my makeup and outfit choices matter other than that, I usually make sure my makeup and clothes don’t match as I hate when I’m matchy matchy.

If I’m going somewhere special and I’ve planned an outfit, then I pick makeup to compliment the outfit. And, like many of you, I will often purchase makeup for a specific occasion and outfit. For everyday wear; however, I apply whatever makeup moves me and then get dressed accordingly. It works out well about 95% of the time because whatever mood prompted my makeup choice will usually prevail in my clothing choice. As for that other 5%, it’s usually something very minor like changing my lipstick color or formula. No big deal. I very definitely beleive that makeup and an outfit should compliment each other

I wear so many neutrals (mostly black and grey) and my everyday makeup is so neutral that it rarely matters. If I’m doing a bold lip or eyes in the evening it’s usually being paired with something neutral/dark as well. Occasionally I’ll be like “I’m wearing purple, I shouldn’t wear red lipstick” so that comes up from time to time. It’s mostly an issue with nail polish though, because that’s much harder to change up. When I’m wearing red I avoid greens and purples because I think it’s too much.

I’m usually dressed before I do my makeup, so I’ll select eye and lip shades based on what I feel like – the rest is pretty standard day-to-day. Apart from that, I wear a lot of black so it’s not a major issue.

Well I wear all black like 360days/year haha so I don’t really have to worry about making sure my makeup doesn’t clash with my clothes unless I’m wearing my DC ladies dress or one of my 3 not black shirts 🙂

I love color in my wardrobe so I definitely match what I’m wearing. If I am wearing a smoky eye I will accentuate it with a pop of color, let’s say, to match with the top I chose.

Good question!!! I hardly ever match my makeup to my clothing, because I use so many neutral colors, and my wardrobe is mostly blacks ,greys , navy,browns etc, My lipstick is in the neutral family too. Its not like I’m young and I can go crazy with the mix and matching of colors.
I have found that the lighter my makeup,the better I look. As we age, (UGH) bright colors highlight all the flaws, such as wrinkles,pores,dark circles. etc. Same goes for lipstick and liner. Too bright a shade will show the creepy fine lines around my mouth. I love all the advise I read from all you lovely ladies. It helps me to stay in tune with all the latest makeup .

I generally have in mind what clothes I am wearing and the makeup to go with it. If I have something new – a top for example, I will be already thinking about the eye shadow that will complement it. Yesterday I bought a beautiful top with the colours of green olive and black. So I already knew I have a few olive green eye shadows and that Peach Pop lipstick from Clinique that will work well with it. Or if I have a new eye shadow/lipstick, I will make sure I wear some thing that complements that.
For special occasions, the outfit comes first.
As I am now packing for our trip, I am making sure that I am taking my eye shadow palettes that will work with the colours I have chosen: Nakeds 1 & 2, Stila in the Garden, bareMinerals the Exotic Escape (for the beautiful teal and grey shades) and the bareminerals duo The Scenic Route. That should do it……..

Makeup has to go not match but go with what I’m wearing. Usually depends on mood and my motivation for putting it on. I have also been known to wear a very casual outfit and do a full face of makeup lol

Most of my wardrobe is black or gray, so usually it doesn’t matter what makeup I wear. If I am wearing any colors, I’ll coodinate with it. I also try to keep with the style of clothing. Some clothes scream for a pin-up look, others for more intense or gothy makeup, others for something softer and more feminine. I love using clothes and makeup to change my identity for the day.

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