How do you use reviews as part of your buying process?

For skincare/hair care, they often guide me to what might work better for my particular concern/skin or hair type, but I tend to look at the brand at a higher level to see what they’re selling and how they sell it more than a few reviews. For makeup, I tend to buy ahead of reviews, and if I’m buying to review in color cosmetics, I try to avoid reading/viewing too many reviews before I try it myself.

— Christine
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For hair care products, I pretty much go by what my hairdresser tells me. She knows my hair very well and her recommendations are always spot-on.

For makeup, reviews are essential! I start with Temptalia, then I might track down a YouTube video to watch someone using the product so I can see how it goes on (depending on the product). I try not to buy any makeup product without checking reviews.

I’ve been using the same skin care routine for ages. Even when I get samples, I usually give them away. I’m that happy with my normal regime! So I don’t bother with reviews.

I always look for reviews with my skincare, body care, hair care and make-up, either from retail shops (Amazon, Sephora, Ulta, etc.) and reviewing resources (temptalia, beautipedia, blogs, youtube videos). I almost never trust the site of the brand… most of them curate reviews too much.

But I have learned that reviews must be interpreted, not taken to the letter. People are different, have different needs and lifestyles, skin concerns, preferred application techniques, etc. That’s why I like reviews that detail how the product was used, and tried along several months and occasions.

For skincare and body care I rely on beautypedia reviews for ingredient and formula analysis, but I also do research on my own for the ingredients. I have learned what works for me based on ingredients, so I don’t really have to rely on reviews. But I’ll research a little some reviews, and in this case I try to find reviews that are detailed, that focus on application, consistency, results in time, even packaging.
For hair care I usually buy without reading reviews… it’s mostly trial and error, since most hyped products never worked for me. I guess I’m the only one that wasn’t convinced by Briogeo and that absolutely hates Quai and Drybar.

For make-up, I tend to over-search review; make-up is so personal sometimes, that I feel the need to hear opinions from many perspectives, especially for base products (primers, foundations, concealers). I’ll usually buy after the initial hype waters down; initial reviews are the worst, mostly biased (at least from my perspective). I also like to see how the products look on various skin types and skin tones.

Makeup: I always check on reviews before buying an item (well, almost always — sometimes I can’t help myself if it’s a pretty shiny thing next to a check out). The review can make or break a purchase. Also, if I see some product with an excellent review, then I will give it a try whereas before I may not have.

Other beauty products: since reviews are fewer and farther between, and those products are more specific to skin or hair type, I’ll often check if it a smaller brand I’ve not heard of, but more often than not just have to give it a go.

For color cosmetics, I use reviews to determine whether the quality is there to begin with. As in, is it even worth considering? Also, is it something I would actually get plenty of usage out of? And of course there’s whether or not it works with my coloring and application techniques, and my personal aesthetic to consider as well.

For foundation, other base products and skincare, it becomes a question of not only quality, but I look for reviewers with similar skin type and concerns. Also, I have somewhat sensitive skin that is prone to developing eczema patches or reddened areas, so whether a product is hypoallergenic and fairly gentle figures into my decision, too.

Haircare is more of a crapshoot, tbh. I’ve gotten turned onto some fabulous products via sample packets and bottles many times or by word of mouth from others with similar issues more often than not! (issues: dry breakage prone frizzpuff instead of cute ringlets, use of demi-permanent coloring on roots to cover white hair coming in fast, scalp dryness with eczema patches)

I use them for a number of checks usually before purchase (and sometimes while in store):
Sometimes initial research on a product
Most times to help me choose between products (i.e. skincare, face base makeup products)
To confirm (or not) that an eye palette is is a certain quality (pigmentation, wear for the price)
And finally, at times, to comfort me in my decision to purchase (or not)

OMG, the reviews have saved me so much money! I could think something would be great, but when I read a review like yours that give specifics about what’s good about the product and what isn’t, it strongly influences my buying decisions. I’d have a lot more disappointing products if I didn’t read reviews first!

Your reviews of makeup, especially eyeshadows, lipsticks and blushes are part of my daily life. I don’t really buy anything of the above unless it has been reviewed here. Your reviews inform me about which are the best purchases and those I can leave.
Your rating system, combined with your dupe list, helps me to choose wisely and not waste my beauty dollars.
With skincare, I tend to use brands that have a good track record online, being very careful about reviewers who are paid by the company in question. I have a pretty good idea about what works for me and I do trial a brand if it is onsale. I don’t go for expensive skincare options because they are not always worth the money.

For me, it is the actual descriptive content of the review as opposed to pictures. I have to know the person’s skin type and have a loyalty to that person based on previous reviews on products that work for me. I really like that Christine reviews products against the description and claims of the brand. I have to buy on line quite a bit do to my location so I have learned a few things and while the brand may say it is highly pigmented, blends like a dream and wears forever, if Christine calls bull** on that then I am going with her description. I don’t trust my monitor to give me accurate colour regardless of who the reviewer is so that is why I rely on Christine. I don’t buy products based on YT’ers but I will watch their videos and watch their application and judge for myself. I 100% trust Christine’s reviews and frankly, I don’t really read or watch others.

For skin care: I do have a few people whose reviews for skin care, I trust. Again, without knowing a person’s skin type it is hard to put any weight to their review. They may or may not be treating the same concerns that you have. Ultimately, in skin care I think trial and error is probably the most accurate way. Products that others with the same skin concerns rave about, don’t always work for me. I trust Renee (Gothamista) and Angie (Hot and Flashy) because they are both out of their 30’s and are dealing with aging skin and specific concerns that I am dealing with. I don’t necessarily run out and buy everything they say but I do tend to put a little more weight in their reviews. Renee has dry skin and so do I so we frequently like the same things. Both Angie and Renee are well read, knowledgeable and strong individuals. They don’t back down when they know they are right and become wishy-washy about the products when others question their results.

I don’t use them much on makeup if I like something I’ll most likely jump to it although I mostly have drugstore I do enjoy what I own, very few items that I don’t care much for. I seldom trust you tubers as they all are trying to make $$$ selling stuff I watch them for swatches especially, tutorials although I haven’t learn much and some reviews. I like a very few with my same skin color or similar even different to compare coloring. I do prefer that they are educated I love Emily Noel, Jessica Braun, Kathleen Lights (besides being Cuban like me she’s cute & fun to watch I still laugh at a video she jumps at her pool to show some water proof foundation I thought it was hilarious! Ok. Girl I believe you!! Lol!) the most! and speak well and no nonsense sounds, silly speed/racing taking way too much time outside what they are presenting: makeup. No foul language some are gross to hear not that I don’t curse (privately at my home or joking with my family! Lol!) I’m no angel but some glad is a rare few turn me off that way I want a person to sound pleasant not nasty I’m not wasting my time on those Capesh. If is beauty related it should be pleasant and relaxing and clean without drama for this mama.
On skin care I do get more serious and check out some resources thanks to someone mentioning Beautypedia just subscribed. I don’t believe the hype in many Sephora skin care. Oh! I love listening to Beauty Brains I been learning lots from these guys. One runs marathons so there goes another connection/bonding to me. They are fun to listen to and silly but great! Is my favorite podcast.
I love Christines work here at Temptalia is excellent & also Musings of a Muse is it called? These both! Thanks so much!

I just recently became a makeup obsessed person……. and discovered youtube instagram pinterst all for searching for reviews and tutorials….. i love it…..its so educational and has opened sonmany doors for me……..i love love love cosmetics and yes temptalia is my 1st place i come when deciding to buy or not…..also since we have very similar coloring i can get great color ideas too…..i have purchased several of her favorites……and love them.
Hair products…… off the reservation with this and skin care also….only organic and mild…..super sensitive skin…..only bare minerals for foundation…….powders on top of this dont bother me…..also eyemakeup is ok too…..why i dont know.

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