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1. Dont buy from anything Made in China.
2. Dont buy from Sephora.
3. Read the reviews on Temptalia before buying.
4. Test/ swatch the product at the store.
5. Dont buy from gimmicky advertisement such as MAC presentations.

I do this by going through my stash and try to find a dupe! Of course, sometimes this has the opposite effect if I can’t find a similar product in my shade already. ^^;

This may seem extreme, but I limit myself to only a handful of specific brands that I’ve concluded have yielded the best results, or otherwise fit into my collection. While it may seem I’m “missing out” on some amazing products, I take solace in knowing that my collection is a bit more cohesive. This applies primarily to higher end brands, as I’m a bit more flexible in the budget range, although there are some I just won’t touch. Also, if there is a very unique product that I feel I can rotate into my stash, I’ll make an exception.

I also make “to buy” lists of all the products I want to eventually pick up, and look at how much I can afford, then choosing what I will buy next.

I’m pretty much done buying for a while, with only a 10 or so things I feel are “must-haves”, so unless something spectacular & unique comes along, I don’t think I’ll stray from my “system”. The only things I’m finding it tough to resist are foundations, but even after a major purge, I still have much more than I can ever get through; however, I’ve put myself on a foundation “no-buy” until New Years, and only then will I just toss everything and start over. Meanwhile, I’m just going to focus on my list.

Totally with you on the first two paragraphs! =D Very well put Xamyx!

But then again, I have a (very) weak spot for lipsticks and (now) highlighters! Oh dear….

I shop online and when I get to the check out screen, I force myself to close the window. And if I put the same thing in there every few weeks, I know I really want it and go to the store and purchase it. ๐Ÿ™‚

After years of buying make-up I can normally spot things that are or aren’t likely to work but I still do homework as I generally buy more expensive items these days.

1) sites like yours with swatches, it was why I first started coming here
2) A good look at the store / swatching on my own skin and if necessary checking in daylight, I try to use brushes as well as a finger swatch so I can see how pigmented etc it is.
3) If I’m still not convinced I’ll ask for a trial (Makeover or what ever) the brands I like in my home town know if I like something I’ll buy it so they don’t worry about spending the time.

Most of the time I can rationalise myself out of it. The new green speckled polish was screaming at me at Illamasqua, but it’s something I’m not going to use very much, no matter how gorgeous it is, so it wouldn’t be worth the $22.50 for me. I can’t always resist purchasing though, whether its new or old products! When I just have to have something I’ll try and satisfy my need to buy with a cheaper equivalent. For example, I bought a $2 nail polish today that’s pretty close to Illamasqua Nomad, one I’ve been lemming for ages. If it turns out to be a colour I don’t wear much, well, no waste, and if I use it a lot and run through it, it’s much nicer to repurchase at that price.

Good question. February was my no-buy month. I have avoided all drugstores, beauty stores, and cosmetic counters. I’m keeping a wish list for what I’ve seen on blogs that I really want. I’ve got 8 more days to go…

im saving up for my wedding, i say to myself, id rather have a beautiful elegant wedding, than waste money on another lipstick! I can buy makeup any time in the future, But having a wedding the way i want to, is not one of those things that may happen again.

If I already have something that is close to the tempting product I can resist. Unfortunately, all too often I can justify my beauty purchase as something I absolutely need

I think about what I have, and also, how likely I am to use it. I look at reviews/swatches and REALLY avoid buying on impusle. I try to be 90% practical with my shopping and 10% on a color/product that I may not use as much.

Do I have something similar that I actually like? Yes- then I don’t need it. No? The. I can buy it.

There is one exception. Do I own something similar that I don’t like the formula or it just doesn’t quite work on me? I didn’t use to walk away and see if I still liked it, needed it. Or wanted it in a couple of hours. I try stuff first now.

I also give away all my old makeup that I don’t like, doesn’t work, or I have weird skin issues with to my little sister. She hasn’t got as many allergies and has a different skin type. She loves getting new stuff because she doesn’t often splurge on makeup for herself. Win win situation for both of us.

I click the X on my browser and walk away…LOL! I know what my budget is and most weeks, treats like makeup are not a part of it. I’m working on discipline!!

After the shock of being level 16 at Ulta last quarter, it was pretty easy to convince myself not to spend anymore money on makeup and skincare. Over a rent payment at ONE store? I have a pic of the coupon to remind myself in moments of weakness (but it was a lot of fun to “spend” those point!)

Part of it is “I already have enough products, do I really need another one?” Another part is the fact that I’m a commuting college student, so would I rather have money for gas or makeup? (Considering how gas is soon to be over $4 where I live, I’ve definitely been cutting back on makeup purchases.)

I try to make two lists…things I need (staples like foundation, powder, etc.) vs. things I want (a new red lipstick, peach blush, etc.). Also, I have stopped drugstore impulse buys as saying no to a couple of these items every month means I can say yes to a higher-end item that I really want.

Think of dupes or similar colors I already have.

Think of my overflowing storage boxes for makeup/nail polish and try to think of where I would physically put any extras!

Use free product samples, or sample in-store, to scratch the “ooh! new product!” itch without having to buy and then use up a full-size item.

Think of things I have at home and haven’t tried yet, or have only barely used.

My job! I’m in the military, and that has been one of the main things that has kept me away from hoarding make up in the past few years. First of all, being stationed overseas makes it kind of hard to get some things shipped. Some vendors/retailers just don’t ship to APO/FPO addresses, and other times, some products just can’t be shipped because they’re considered hazardous materials (such as nail polish ;\). Another factor is uniform regulations. While on duty, I have to have very conservative make up and I can’t wear most shades of nail polish. They have to be either neutrals or french manicures. I suppose I could polish my toes, but 5 days of the week, I’m wearing boots. Seems kind of pointless. While I miss having a huge collection of pretty shades of everything, my wallet has been thanking me over the past 3 years. I definitely think about how often I’ll actually be able to wear something (considering expiration dates and all) before I throw down some cash on it.

I usually look up swatches and reviews, swatch it in Sephora/Ulta, and if I like it, I’ll buy it later. I’m trying to buy less because I have WAY more than I could probably ever use up in my lifetime, and I’m doing pretty well so far. (: I just usually tell myself that I could be spending on money on things far more harmful than makeup, however, which is a bit harmful to my wallet at times. xD

I like to buy everything of a product until I feel that I’ve found my HG… then I never feel the need to purchase another. I do have a ton of products that didn’t make the HG list and I’m not sure what to do with them except hoard them.

I ask myself “Is there something similar in my stash or routine that this product would replace? Would buying this mean that it would be more difficult to use up the products I already have?” and most of the time I end up passing on the product I wanted since I really want to work on cutting down on the amount of make-up I have.

If the products are tested on animals, or are owned by a company which tests on animals, then it’s a definite no-no for me.
Also, products which generate a lot of hype and ‘sheep-following-sheep-must-have-it’ mentality put me right off ๐Ÿ™

I just stay away from the cosmetics aisle or think that I have other important stuff to save my money on (like a brand new macbook pro which isn’t really cheap).
I’m getting really serious about my “no buy / shop my stash”.

Any product that’s tested on animals, or owned by a company which tests on animals, is a definite no-no for me. I’m also put off by products generating a lot of hype, with the ‘sheep-following-sheep-must-have-it’ mentality of the masses.

I am honestly considering eliminating most of my stash. I find that I grab for the same stuff alot so that is what I need the most of. Also, the products that I was saving for a special occasion (ex: Guerlain Wulong) make me feel amazing so I am going to just start using them! My grandma passed away on the 23rd and it was sad to see all the things that she never enjoyed because she was “saving it for a special occasion.” I am going to enjoy the things that I have.

Also, I just subscribed to Birch Box and Sample Society. They fulfill the need that I have for something new and fun, but do not break the bank. It also “forces” me to try products that I would not normally try ๐Ÿ™‚

Janelle, I’m sorry for your loss. You raise a good point about using the things we love instead of trying to use up the things we don’t really like and saving our holy grails for special occasions.

Ohh I’m really bad at resisting new blushes. I have about 10 and I have all the shades I want so I stop myself buying more by reasoning that in the last 4 years that I’ve been expanding my collection, I’ve only hit pan on one blush and I’m not close to hitting pan on any other blush, so that just means that I don’t really need yet another pretty blush! I haven’t bought a blush this year, and realistically I won’t need to buy another one. But I know at least one brand will come out with an amazing LE blush that I just have to have….

Pretty much by staying out of cosmetic departments and stores like Ulta, Sephora and MAC. Shopping in my own stash of makeup. I usually have a version of what’s new or LE already. I’m on a no buy again. My collection is more than sufficient.

I am not good at resisting temptation for beauty items…I admit I’m addicted – I just love to see, test and buy new products. I have become better at choosing things in colors or formulas that I know I will use, but for this, I had to earn some experience by testing a variety of products! I know I have way too much makeup, so these last few days I’ve been making an inventory of my stash just to be truly aware of everything I have and make sure I don’t repeat shades. I have also been calculating how much I’ve spent lately on makeup items I didn’t really need and the result hasn’t left me feeling any good! I guess Iยดm really an addict that does not want to be cured :). Anyway, after the inventory and the math, I want to be more careful with my choices and to actually use what I have. I guess my immediate solution to resist temptation would be not going to the mall or drugstore and shop my own stash!

I cant… I cant resist, that’s why I honestly admit to my beauty addiction. I guess for me I try to budget a dollar amount toward beauty, but lately, especially with new collections and the MUF tour, I’m little out of control.

Drag myself away from the counter and get out of the mall. Check my stash, check my balance. Sleep on it. If I wake up still nuts about it, high chance I’m buying, but the stash check usually kills off the problem. I can either dupe looks, or I get interested in playing with things I have. Distraction helps.

Hmm…I have a hard time resisting to be honest.

1. Check the ingredients list: am I seriously okay with putting that stuff on my irritation-prone skin?
2. Do I already have something similar?
3. From swatching and reviews, does this product seem better than decent?
4. Am I ok with the price per use and price per volume?
5. What is the longevity of the product? How much use can I get out of it?
6. Does it fit my packaging needs and is it easy to store?
7. Is this higher priority (like skincare) or just a want?

1. Swatch swatch swatch! I usually go here on see them and it really either puts me off or on.

2. Shop my stash first to see if I have it or something similar. If I do, then I pass.

3. Try to not watch “Favorites of the month” videos on youtube because they always pressure me into buying what other people like.

4. Try to avoid makeup counters, Sephora, Ulta etc…

5. Ask myself, “Do I have it? Do I need it? Am I going to return it?”

I am such a makeup junkie that I actually get let down when I can’t get a new product I want. Money is tight while in school though, so I’ll look at the collection photos and then search through my stash for dupes. Usually that makes me feel a little better. ๐Ÿ™‚

If a product is tested on animals, or owned by a company which tests on animals, it’s a definite no-no for me, now matter how gorgeous it is. I’m also put off by hyped-up products which generate a ‘sheep-follows-sheep-must-have-it’ mentality. I buy something because I myself like or want it, not just because everyone else does.

If a product is tested on animals, or owned by a company which tests on animals, then that’s a no-no for me. I’m also put off by a product which generates a ‘sheep-follows-sheep-must-have-it’ attitude; I buy products to suit me, not to follow trends.

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