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Brushes in a Bobbi Brown brush bag…works great, nice and long. Makeup in makeup bag (medium sized) and liquids in plastic bags. My problem is always eye shadows….what to bring, what to leave? I have too many and want to bring them all……sigh!!

I try to narrow down what I’m taking enough that it fits in my “every day travel kit” – I use the EcoTools Alicia Silverstone brush bag, it holds five brushes on the front in a zippered compartment and then there’s a bigger compartment in the back for makeup. I use that for everything non-liquid (and I try to leave out as many liquids as possible) and then I put liquids in a clear zippered bag that goes in my suitcase. (If I’m not checking a bag liquids go in a quart ziploc bag in my backpack). But mostly the only liquids I’m packing are my BB cream/foundation and skincare.

One small, two-zippered make-up bag to hold my essentials (including travel-sized brushes and black eyeliner) and rely on whatever lip product I have in my purse. If I knew I was going to travel for a long time, I’d add one small card organizer to hold loose eyeshadow sample baggies and one medium make-up pouch to hold lipsticks, blushes, colored eyeliners, etc.

I use 2 small canvas makeup bag – one for makeup and one for skincare and one pencil case for brushes / mascara / base …. and then i keep one handy “little brown bag” from bloomingdales for some expensive lipsticks ( and for show off too πŸ˜› )
i am crazyyyyyyy about makeup bags so couldnt help sharing my answer … πŸ™‚
and I keep changing my makeup bags every now and then πŸ™‚

ohhh …. in India we get this small bangle box , i keep my compacts in that πŸ™‚ like beauty powder , blush and studio fix powder πŸ™‚ …
it is round in shape and holds around 6 – 7 compacts n is very sturdy with close button too πŸ™‚

A weekend? What I’m wearing, plus a lipstick, two glosses, plus two eye palates. And treatment, in a small Bobby Brown case that pops in my suitcase.

For a week? Drag out huge train case, fill it up. Neurotically repack it twice, just as badly. Three hours later after packing a tiny bag with two pairs of jeans and a few things- all black- I’ll check out the destinations weather online and unpack the giant train case, get the small one, add a few things to the weekend case. It’s total drama! But I like this small case because it has two tiers, holders, made for makeup. Wet treatment gets a zipper top bag, but treatment is easy.

I’ve been looking for a good train case that can transport my collection from place to place. Do you have any good recommendations? I’m just looking for one that could be carried…not a rollable one! (I don’t have quite that much stuff that I couldn’t carry it all, although I wouldn’t say my collection is small by any means:P)

I’ve never really had to travel with a great deal of make up. For the few things I do take, they’re normally just in a medium-sized cosmetics bag with all my other toiletries, with tissue padding if necessary.

I’m interested to hear everyone else’s systems, since I’ll be travelling quite a lot later in the year!

Depends on if I’m driving or going by plane and have to condense. If I’m driving I’ll bring a whole caboodle/case with tons of options because I don’t know what I’ll be in the mood for. If I’m going by plane and I have to be practical I pack as few liquids as possible and try to fit it all in one bag thinking specifically about what I know I will wear. I put the make up bag in my carry on because I don’t want it to get lost. I tend to go with 1 or 2 eyeshadow palettes maybΓ¨ 2 blushes a couple lipsticks and one of everything else.

I usually use the Vera Bradley makeup bag in the largest size; that thing is huge and fits so much. With my liquid foundation, I normally pour some into a small jar. I’m not a huge fan of traveling with a lot of liquid products, so I try to keep those to a minimum.

I usually manage to get most of it into one medium makeup bag. I really like my Sonia Kashuk one that I got at target because it has a section for long things like brushes and liners and a square area to pile everything else in.

I usually keep anything liquid in ziplock bags because I’ve had things spill out before and get all over the place so that all goes separately.

My trick for keeping it safe is I like to put the makeup bag between my folded clothing, that way it has a built in cushion so the more delicate items don’t break when the bag gets banged around. So far using this method, I have never had anything come out broken!

Medium sized bag at the very most. I really push myself to travel VERY LIGHT in all aspects. However, the funny thing is, if it’s just a weekend away and there’s no air travel involved, I tend to bring more makeup, but even then it’s just the bare necessities and neutrals! I haven’t gone on any big trips since I became a palette, blush and highlighter fanatic though, so I’m sure my old system would be out the window now. I used to just select a couple neutral eyeshadows, foundation, mascara, two lipsticks… now since my makeup collection has exploded in size I wouldn’t even know where to begin!

Depends on the time of year. Usually I can only use 2 bags. If it’s summer then I can just use one bag with my smudgeprooff mascara, tinted moisturizer and lip balm. But any other time of the year I definetly need 2 bags. One I put all my brushes in and then the second I can fit my eyeshadow pallette, mascara, liner, lipstick, lipgloss, foundation, blush, primers, and powders.

If I’m traveling for work then I have 3 or 4 bags so I have options and I just try to put all my eye products in a bag, lip and blushes in another bag, all my face products (foundation, bronzer, powder) in the third bag and then the last bag has all my brushes and a small thing of brush cleanser.

I’m a minimalist while traveling when it comes to makeup. I pack my Naked palette, a few brushes, foundation, blush, eye primer, and maybe a lipstick.

I have a fairly large rectangular bag I keep my “everyday-I-don’t-have-time/energy-to-figure-out-a-look” items. Currently, my Naked palettes (3), mascara, liquid & pencil liners (black), a TM, pressed powder, highlight & contour powders, and a tinted lip balm are in there. When packing for travel, I simply grab that bag, and I use a larger square bag for additional palettes, blush, lip products, primers, concealers, & brushes. There are slots on the top for brushes, so larger & double-ended ones go there, and I have a pouch for smaller ones that I also place in there. I also grab a third bag for things like sunscreen, brush cleaner, makeup remover, etc., but that’s usually a gallon-sized Ziploc bag. All of these then go into a tote-bag or backpack (along with other toiletries/sundries) which stays in my possession at all times. This, of course, is for trips that are longer. For overnight trips, I’ll just bring my “basics” bag, brush pouch, sunscreen, and facewash/moisturizer.

I have a well-traveled train case (which my Husband bought for me sometime around 1996 from The Container Store). In it, I keep this (http://www.dermstore.com/product_Leopard+Travel+Valet+Bag_36047.htm) full of a week’s worth of shampoo/conditioner/lotions/etc; two Chanel palettes (New York to Paris and Altitude); a set of Chanel travel brushes; and my toothbrush. Before a trip, I visit my Chanel associate for samples of my skincare items. I’m always ready to go! πŸ™‚

For regular travel (driving!) I try not to take too much, and it goes in a makeup bag. If I’m flying, it goes in a small rubbermaid box (liquids go in the ziplock, of course, but I try to take as few liquids as possible) in the bottom of the carry-on. I try whenever possible to go carry-on only. If I had to check it? In a rubbermaid box and wrapped in bubblewrap.

I’ve never NOT had something in the checked bag be at least a little battered, if not broken. The one time I used a hard makeup case in a checked bag both the mirror and my blush came out shattered. I’ve watched out the plane window as my suitcase was spiked like a football onto the conveyor belt so hard it bounced (my metal glasses case was severely dented and twisted when I arrived at my destination) so whenever possible I try not to check things. If I do check a bag it’s only stuff I can live without, and on the way back it’s filled with laundry so the souvenirs can go carry-on.

I’m very minimalist when I’m traveling unless I’m traveling for two weeks or longer (which doesn’t happen very often). I only take one makeup bag and I’ll put a BB cream, concealer, powder, blush, mascara, maybe an eyeshadow palette, and a lipgloss in it as well as a few brushes. I tend to keep my makeup bag in my purse or a carry on because I don’t want it getting smashed in my suitcase. If I’m traveling for a longer period of time, I just pack a couple of each item to give myself some variety.

All of the makeup not in my handbag lives in a padded ‘handbag organiser’, when I travel I just take out anything I don’t want and put it in a bag with my ‘reject makeup’ and I put the handbag organiser in a spare handbag in my luggage (I usually take a tiny purse on the plane). I keep stuff I use everyday (like mascara) in my handbag anyway.

I normally use a roll-out bag, the ones that have 3 compartments and a hook at the top to hang on the wall. One compartment holds base products (primer, liquid foundation, concealer, powder, blush, highlighter etc) one holds eye product (2-3 palettes, a single shadow or two if I use them a lot and some eyeliners & mascaras) and one holds lip products (whatever I’m loving at the time!). I can’t over-pack that bag because it won’t roll up if I do!

Next time I go travelling internationally I’m planning to travel really REALLY light. So, a really small bag with a lip/cheek tint, one neutral cream shadow, a black pencil eyeliner, a matte lippie that doubles as a cheek colour, a lipbalm, mascara and a tinted moisturiser. Here’s hoping I actually DO that!!

I have to travel international to see family because they are scattered all over the globe. So this is how I pack for two to three weeks international stay. Every bottle that has a lid is taped with packaging tape. It is a hassle to take off when I get to my destination but it is worth it because nothing spills! Even my large hand sanitizer with a pump (I bring two, a small travel size one and a large one to refill). You need clean hands for makeup.

For my carry on: I take my powders and anything that may break, like eyeshadows, and eyelash curler. I’ve never had any problem with TSA throwing them away. In my quart bags, I have small samples of liquids, gels, and creams (sephora, online) that I collect to use on the plane and toss away. They are small and very convenient and I have quite a selection to choose from. I usually have facial serums, moisturizers, lotions, face mask, and contact lens case with sunscreen in one case foundation/bb cream in the other. It is a long flight so I try to keep my face hydrated. I bring my sample size mascara, lip gloss, eyeliner for before landing. On long flights, it is the best time for mini facials. Who cares if the other person looks at you, at least you know you won’t arrive looking drained. You don’t know them and they don’t know you…so pamper yourself. I always have my sunglasses and a red lipstick in my carryon in case I get lazy and don’t want to wear makeup. Put on my shades and red lipstick and instant glamour!

My luggage will have the rest of my makeup in ziplock bags and organized in my travel case. I put my makeup in a ziplock bag and in another ziplock bag and then put it in my travel case. It’s good to have extra bags on hand. My brushes usually goes in my carry on bag. Any makeup that may be breakable will be double wrapped and in ziplock bags. I usually bring bb creams, concealers, liquid long lasting foundation that can be sheered out, eye shadow palettes, lots of q-tips (the best thing ever from applying eye shadow as eye liners and smudging it out to removing makeup errors), lip liners, lip glosses, bronzer (not really a blush person), mascaras, and extra sunscreen (it gets really hot in south east Asia). The sad thing is that I pack a lot of makeup for my trips but I just end up wearing sunscreen and lip gloss most of my stay because it is so hot and sweat just drips off my face that I can’t wear any makeup. My makeup ends up being given away because I bought other things that I want to bring back to the States.

If I’m traveling domestic and only going for the weekend or a few days; I travel light. I have my small makeup removal wipes. My eyelash curler (shiseido), mascara (loreal), Mac quad palette (naked lunch, typographic, sable, cork or woodwinked), sunscreen (LancΓ΄me), concealer (estee Lauder), bb cream (face shop), and maybe one or two makeup brush in my small travel bag (benefit).

Two medium bags.
The first: sort of beauty box where I keep cleanser, brushes, toner, moisturizer, a primer. And a smaller one for proper make up: concealer, neutral eyeshadows ( a couple or a palette), black eyeline pencil, a cheek and lip tint, highlighter, foundation or bb cream, a couple of lipsticks( a nude and a berry/mauve/pink /dark red one, mascara eyelash curler.
Less of this….. I can’t!! :DD

Zip lock bags and keep the makeup simple…moisturizer for face and for body, eyepencil, lipstick. Dont want to deal with TSA. I should print this blog out. By the time I read some of the answers below, I would have arrived to that destination.

I donΒ΄t do anything special, I just came back from a one week trip, and all I did was take my purse with me and use the makeup I had in there. πŸ™‚

I have one large, one medium and small one. The large one has skincare, bodycare and tools in it. I always buy mini size of my products or I buy travel containers from Muji/drugstore and I decant my products. The medium one has all most worn/favourite makeup products and most used makeup brushes. The small one has a nail kit, nail remover pads, 2 nails varish plus 2n1 base coat and top coat. I also bring a heel file/buffer. I bring a lot on trips but I like to have my stuff with me. I don’t wear makeup on planes because tend to sleep on flights, so my in flight bag has my night cream, eye cream, hand cream, hand sanitizer and lip balm.

I have Trish McEvoy planners and they are very pretty, but for the most part don’t use them. I just throw EVERYTHING in Ziploc bags! That way everything is simple, clear, clean, enclosed tightly, and grouped. Of course the Ziploc bags need to be placed in your bag(s) such that they will have some padding around them and so forth, but if they are placed in the middle of your items in a bag so that they will not shift, they work great!

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