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By brand! 🙂
China Glaze soon will take over an entire drawer and Zoya has to move in an other drawer of my IKEA Helmer drawer unit. I guess it will share one with OPI, Nubar and Essie. 😀

I put them in order of color and brand. Its all overly uptight and OCC, but if its in a drawer, its never used. I use the shelf things for herbs. I need something larger. I have TONS of polish.

in a four-drawer organizer, separated into these categories:

1. nudes, neutrals, glitters
2. brights
3. darks
4. MAC, chanel, dior

I organise my stash by brand. Each mini collection gets its own storage box and I put the polishes in there by shade.

Ive heard youre supposed to store them upright…so I guess Im breaking the rules…but I store them in this cute little vintage-y box/mini trunk thing.

Mine is to throw everything into a shoebox and slide it under my couch, occasionally weeding out the old and drying up polishes. I know, Im entirely unhelpful. More colors than fit in a shoebox, though, and I feel like Im never going to make it through them before theyre old (and I dont want to waste the money) Perhaps I will try grouping all the like-colors together in there, though. I do have a couple that are too similar for comfort…

I organize by shade and every season I rotate which colors are pushed to the back. Right now all my pinks are in the back and all my dark colors are up front!

I usually dont organize mine because it lives in a shoebox, but when I do attempt organization, I do it in colors and combos I use most often (e.g. navy blue lives next to green glitter!).

I recently got two stackable plastic drawers from Bed, Bath and Beyond that go in my linen closet. They fit (almost) my whole collection. The only downside is that I cant tell which bottle is which; I have to take out each one to find the color I want!
But, so far, so good. = )

PS: Your nail swatches are looking much better these days!

I organize by color. I have about 150 polishes that Ive split into 2 boxes, 1 with the greens/blues, blacks and holo/flakies and the other box has the reds, pinks and purples. Its still a work in progress (Im outgrowing the boxes), but it works for now.

I have a tall organize stacker thing with several drawers. My perfumes and polishes go in the very bottom. a few of the perfumes are separated in a small box that was cut at the top.

I have them in clear plastic shoe boxes standing upright. I would like to have nail polish racks though, but I dont have much wall space to put it up on.

My stash is not really organized. I just have a box of colours I am wearing for the season or colours I have been wearing or plan on wearing out. I have another box of retired polishes that I dont plan on wearing any time soon hidden away to be worn again when I feel like it.

I bought two 90-count nail polish racks and hung them in my closet (right above my makeup desk). I then organize them by color in the racks.

I have 2 containers from like bed bath and beyond – they are square and I separate my colors into warms and cools lol…bc I pretty much wear the rainbow…I don’t have any ‘natural’ colors lol but the ones that I really love like sally hansan hd – I leave those out on my make up dresser bc I like to look at the pretty colors lol

By colour, and within that by brand! I only have maybe 60-80 though, so it’s not that difficult to find what I need at any given time!

I use clear shoe boxes– I have one specifically for my untrieds. Those that I’ve worn before are then divided by brand.

I organize mine by color, in a rainbow-ish fashion, and subcategorize from dark to light and back so light blues could move into light purples which move into dark purples which move into dark reds to light reds to pink, etc etc.

My god, I’m a nerd.

I only have like 50 or so, and they’re in an unstable Ikea drawer box/organizer. I need a new home for them, but I can’t think of another way to store them except upright in box b/c I dont have any more space in my room to put in another set of drawers/chest. All of mine are organized by color – both in columns and rows…and then all my treatment nail polishes are in their own little corner along with other nail care items.

I don’t really have an organization system yet either LOL! I still have my nail polish confined to a small plastic tray and I hope to keep it that way, actually. So far I’ve been able to prune my stash every time it overflows. I used to sort by color within the tray, but the organization totally flies out the window every time I’m trying to pick a new mani combination.

I wish I could organize my nail polish! I used to sort them in tins or plastic containers by brand, how often i use the color, and how long ago it was purchased. Unfortunately, they are all thrown into ziplock bags to keep them out of reach of tiny hands!

I store some of them in my little train case that I used to use for my make up and now I dont have room to put some of my other nail polishes so I just put them in an big empty cottage cheese container. I know its a funny use of storage method.

hmmm…i was thinking i had too many polishes, but judging from the comments below…i don’t really have enough to have any issues with organisation…they are all standing upright in one shoebox, along with some nail files etc…

I keep my nail polish in the Ikea Helmer, organized by brand, within each brand by collection, within each collection I arrange them from darkest to lightest. I can find a bottle I’m looking for in a snap!

I toss ’em all in a drawer and use whatever I grab first. I have so many it would take a year to organize them all.

They moved from a tupperware flat storage bin to a body shop gift box that I got last Christmas… So glad you asked… Maybe all of us hopeless polish hoarders can get some ideas!!! 🙂

They’re all thrown in a giant plastic barrel that used to have bags of Halloween pretzels in it.

I’m not very organized.

Those plastic shoe boxes. I have three full. One with high-end stuff like OPI, Essie, and CG, One with all my Klean Color polishes (I get them at the beauty supply store for $1.59 and I love them!!) and then the other box with all the misc. other brands.

I just recently got into buying multiple polishes and painting my nails every week. so I have about 50 [just this month I bought over 20 nail polishes haha] and they’re on top of my dresser organized my color and alphabetical. then next to them is the top coats, base coats, quick dry etc organized by type and alphabetical.
I don’t want to put them in drawers because I like to see them so I’m thinking of getting a nail polish rack [From a salon] but I don’t know that might look too tacky. I need to figure it out soon though because the next season will be bringing in TONS of new polishes.

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