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I use a lip scrub before using anything that could potentially be drying, when done, I do my lip liner, then apply MAC Prep & Prime for lips, then the lipstick. I’ll carry a ChapStick in my bag to apply lightly over my lipstick if necessary. But every single night I apply a good thick coat of Jack Black lip balm, and I swear I’ve not had the really bad chapping I would get when I was much younger. That stuff WORKS. Today, I wore KVD Hawkwind ELL from 3 p.m. until now. It’s 11:14 p.m. and my lips feel fine!

Oh I forgot lip scrub. I use that periodically too. I also keep water at my bedside too. Drinking enough water keeps your lips from being chapped. I drink enough and I haven’t had chapped lips in years. I am not bothered by matte l/s or liquid lips. I prefer creamy or moisturing l/s like a MAC lustre or creamsheen but a matte too like a MAC matte bc they are a moisturizing matte or a liquid lip like KVD’s!

Water, too! Before moving to AZ 14 years ago, I hardly ever drank actual water. But since I’ve been out here, I do sip water all day long, and I do keep it by my bedside, too. And now I almost never drink soda the way I did when I lived back east! There is DEFINITELY something to drinking water instead.

Hi Caroline, I’ve used quite a few that I really liked, but my 2 favorite ones have to be, Jelly Pong Pong Coffee + Coconut Lip Scrub which I received in one of my Ipsy Bags, and one by e.l.f. that is in a lipstick-like tube. I found that the JPP potted one is gentler. Just not sure where to purchase it once I run out, though.

Quite frankly: I don’t use them. Maybe once every blue moon if I am mad about the color, but I tend to stick to shades that are easy to work with in terms of formulation.

Honestly, I don’t! I can’t stand drying lip products. I tried to get on the liquid lipstick train but ended up returning or giving away all but one (Revlon HD in Seduction) within a few weeks of buying them. I like balmy lipsticks, I guess.

I recently got Glamglow’s Poutmud lip treatment and though it might sound weird, it’s the best thing to ever happen to my lips. It’s super hydrating, tastes like mint and manages to rehydrate my lips after even the driest lip formulas!

In general, I just totally avoid them, and that’s one reason I tend to stay away entirely from matte lipsticks. If I do have one that I want to wear but which feels drying, I’ll put on some lip balm first (lately, I’m liking that Farmacy Repair Salve but EA 8 Hour Cream or the same Clarins Balm that Christine mentioned also work well) and let it sink in a bit and then rub in/rub off the excess before applying the “culprit” lipstick.

A lip balm applied first. I also apply lip balm morning and night to keep them soft and flake free. Right now I’m using a bunch of lip products up from lip slackers to Keihls to Smiths Rosebud salve to Jack Blacks Shea butter lip balm. Lip balms are part of my no buy/ use up project.

Erica, I’m like you! I’m trying to use up a lot of lip balms as well. At this time, I have 4 in my purse that I’m trying to use up with 2 handfuls at home that I haven’t even begun to use. To make matters worse, I just purchased the Chapstick Duo (I had a coupon that was B1G1F that I tried to resist). Good luck

Haha I am not allowed to buy anymore and I have them stuck everywhere so I use them up. In my purse. By my nightstand. On my vanity. In my work desk drawer. Lip balms are an obsession and I have to get it under control!

I outright avoid anything that could be even a little drying. My lips get so, so dry — very cracked etc. — that I use Jack Black balm day and night. Occasionally I’ll rotate in Bite’s agave mask treatment, and I used to use liquid vitamin E to try to get some healing, but always have to go back to Jack Black because that’s more effective for me.

If you balm w/ the agave and let it sink in, is it useable before app of kvd, abh, etc? I have been using a PC product w/2 apps, and it works, but eliminating a step is always good. S SA gave me a sample yesterday of agave. Not springing for the new stick, thanks to your review. I have inferred that agave is primarily a night treatment product.

I usually skip them if I can. I’ll make sure that I wash off lipstick with my Fresh Seaberry Oil Cleanser. I use a non-sls toothpaste, and use a balm. If it’s really bad I’ll put on solid coconut oil, massage with a toothbrush, and then see if I can scrape any By Terry out of my pot. If I can praise be to the heavens. If not more Burts Bees.

Prior to applying drying lip colors, I apply a matte, non-waxy lip balm and allow it to sink in. I may even apply a second layer and allow it to absorb while I apply the rest of my makeup.

At night, I follow my usual routine of using a moisturizing lip balm nightly after brushing my teeth. By my bedside, I select from Nivea (blue tube), Wet ‘N’ Wild Jumbo Juicy Balm, Jack Black Intense Therapy, or Nuxe Reve de Miel. Out of those, I find that I reach for the Wet ‘N’ Wild the most.

If I’ve been wearing matte liquid lips or other drying products (ike stage or film makeup under hot lights turn into) I use the Fresh lip scrub gently and followup with Bite’s Agave Lip Mask. For normal nights with non-drying products I’ll use Suvana’s Paw Paw and Honey lip balm. But nothing I use dries me out too uncomfortably except for like…special FX makeup at work (if you mouth is “sewn shut” with liquid latex or something like that under hot lights your lips WILL dry out).

How do I handle drying lip colors? I toss them! There are entirely too many wonderfully hydrating formulas (including some mattes) to have to make a drying formula “work”.

By avoiding them! I have chronically dry, chapped lips, even during the summer, so I really try to stay away from truly drying formulas. I also apply lip balm throughout the day and use a very nourishing formula at night (L’Occitane pure shea butter, Nuxe Reve de Miel, Nivea balm in a tin…).
If I wear a liquid matte lipstick it’s usually just for a few hours: for a night out, or if I wear it to work I won’t reapply after lunch, I’ll just put on balm to even it out if there’s any left.

Generally a thin layer of lip balm offsets the drying effects, at least in my experience. I also try not to wear them for several days in a row if I can help it. That said, if the balm trick doesn’t work and my lips aren’t dry to begin with I scrap the lip product, not worth it. :/

If it’s too drying, I just don’t wear it, and return it if I can. If it’s something I can’t return, I usually will pass it on to a friend or shelter.

If it’s a unique color and not too drying, I’ll layer lip balm underneath or put a topper lipstick or gloss on top. Exfoliating my lips first helps, too.

Alternating different days with different products. I maybe wear a matte lipstick at most twice a week, with hydrating glosses in between. I love my bite agave lip mask for night treatment.

They are sworn off. Honestly, one of the nicest lip colors on me ever is ABH Kathryn. I tried a few times and thought I’d lose my mind with the discomfort. Drying lip products = I’m out.

DIOR Addict lip sugar scrub before applying any lip product. I try to wear lipsticks that are hydrating if it is a lip stain I will apply a clear moisturizing lip gloss over it.

I can’t use drying lipsticks. Mattes are out. Not only are they drying for me, they are very aging. I put a heavy coat of L’Occitane shea butter on my lips every night.

I don’t wear any drying lipsticks – matte formulas, lip glosses, lip stains etc that could lead to dry lips. I just wear moisturising, creamy lipsticks.
Every night I use a lip balm (I rotate through a few) and I would love to get hold of the Black Jack lip balm that Nancy raves about, but you just can’t get it here. I suffered from really badly chapped lips when I was a child.

My lips are extra dry anyway, so I regularly use a lip scrub. Then I use Paula’s Choice Lip & Body Balm morning, noon, night and in between! But before I apply a dry lipstick, I use MAC’s Prep & Prime after my lipcare ritual.
I don’t want to wreck my lips removing the lipstick either. So if my lips are stained, I use coconut oil, my lip scrub to remove residual color then and finish up with a thick coat of PC Lip Balm.

Christine, have you tried Balm Dot Com from Glossier? I hear it’s very hydrating and comparable to BITE’s lip mask. Would love your take on other Glossier products too šŸ™‚
For me, I try to moisturize well before using drying colors and may even use a primer if it is particularly bad (like KVD’s or OCC’s formulas). After wear, I will exfoliate with a damp cloth and use Rosebud Salve or Korres Lip Butter.

These days I rarely wear lippies that are drying. My lips are naturally dry so when I even try, I end up taking it off & putting something more creamy or hydrating on. As far as lip balms, a few months ago my lips were HORRIBLE. So dry it was actually painful. I tried everything, even DIY-ing some stuff. Then I found my 3 HGs. The 1st is Bag Balm, which I used to use all the time back in the day but the huge container just got to be too much of a pain. But I recently discovered that they came out w/ a tube version which is awesome. That stuff will heal anything overnight. It’s my heavy duty lip balm. And the other 2 which I rotate are, the Bioderma lip balm and Lasting Smiles organic lip balm. Both are great for my lips on a regular nightly basis. The Bag Balm is very thick, sometimes too thick which is why I reserve it for when I really need it. Since I’ve been using those 3 I’ve seen a huge improvement in my lips.

I don’t have a problem with this because I wear creamy lipsticks and gloss. I don’t think I have any drying lipsticks – or if I do, I don’t use them.

I hate drying lip products, particularly when there is such a vast ocean of options for lip cosmetics. But I am terrible about throwing things away before they are used up, so when I am unlucky enough to get a drying lip product, I 1) Use hydrating balm underneath (and no, I don’t wipe off the balm before putting on the lip product) 2) Alternate during the day with a much more hydrating product of similar color 3) Upon removal at night, exfoliate off the dry parched hard skin on my lower lip (thanks for nothing, you stupid drying lip product) 4) Sleep with very hydrating lip product on (I just recently purchased bite beauty agave lip mask, like it well enough but honestly I think bath and body works lemon lip CREAM works as well as anything) 5) most importantly, never ever buy that product again, no matter how much I may like the color or texture (looking at you in particular, Too Faced).

Sometimes during the coldest driest part of the winter, I carry elf’s lip exfoliator stick with me for the daytime if my lips are really bad – works better than any exfoliant around even though it can hurt!

I can’t help but notice all of the positive commentary about jack black. I’m happy with the products I have, but now feeling the need to give this brand a try.

I am also noticing how many comments there are from folks who don’t use liquid lippies or matte lippies or any drying products in general. I don’t feel so alone now ? Thank you for sharing that information. All of those products make my lips look awful, so I try to use them as little as possible.

Honestly? I just avoid them. I love some of the colors I’ve seen on liquid lips, but the three formulas I’ve tried (Stilla All Day, Smashbox, NYX Liquid Suede) left my lips super puckered and it was just unflattering.

The only lipstick I have that seriously dries me out is Ruby Woo, and I always exfoliate my lips and apply balm before and after I wear it.

My lips are so sensitive and dry, I simply cannot tolerate any lip color with a drying effect or that applies dry. I either see if my Mother or one of my sisters want it, return if I can or throw it away.

After reading through the comments I am wondering who is keeping this awful trend alive? I have never seen so many posts in agreement.
I will add my two cents worth too. I don’t use drying lip products, I dislike the feeling and am not at all fond of the flat, one dimensional look that liquid lipsticks, and even some matte finishes, impart to the lips.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! Then avoid the drying lip products. I only own a few liquid lip colors and some “comfortable” mattes by Milani. Milani also makes a lip oil I love wearing before bed, I wake up to soft, supple lips. I’ve been lucky to find some great colors in liquid lips but I prefer creamy lip colors above all else!

I don’t usually wear drying lip colors as I prefer something quicker and easier to apply on the go. But, if I do wear one, I exfoliate my lips and apply a Jack Black balm, or another super-hydrating balm, at the beginning of my makeup so when it’s time to do my lips last, they’re nice and prepped. To remove the lipstick at the end of the day, I use the ELF Lip Color Remover because it breaks down the product quickly and comfortably and requires minimal tugging. Another option is just slathering on a regular chapstick over the lipstick and then wiping it off with a makeup remover wipe.

I absolutely love matte lipsticks and liquid lipsticks, and I don’t even own any lip tint / lip oil / glosses. Creamy lipstick isn’t usually what I would go for, unless the color is completely plague. My lips are chronically chapped since I was a kid, but I’ve figured out a way or two to make it work.
First of all, no matter how non drying a liquid lipstick is (compared to other LLs), there’s just so much my lips can take – they usually like to crumble and show my chapped lips after a few hours. So on days that I’m staying outside for the whole day, I use a traditional bullet lipstick. On days that I’m out about for a few days, I use my liquid lipsticks (so that I don’t have to reapply).
In the morning, I use the Dior sugar lip scrub (the only non messy lip exfoliator that works for me so far), followed by a thick, and I mean super thick layer of Laneige lip sleeping mask. Then I proceed to do my makeup elsewhere, and leave this mask on for like 20 minutes or so. Then I wipe it all off (usually more dead skin comes up and lip becomes baby soft at this point), put on my Mac prep and prime, let it dry, then apply my usual lipsticks. Sometimes, I use La Mer the lip balm to prime my lips before liquid lipsticks, as its matte and not greasy at all.
In the evening, I use Clinique take the day off for lips, lids and lashes on a cotton pad (completely soaked), then I basically put it over my lips for a bit before carefully removing all the lipstick. Sometimes I go back with a q tip vertically to remove stains in the lines. My evening lip routine basically involves a bunch of lip balms very frequently when I’m at home (rotating now between La Mer the lip balm, YSL top secrets lip perfector, and Burt’s bees lip balms). Every night I will use my Clinique repairwear lip treatment, this stuff is strong and is recommended to use only once a day! Then i top off the lips with Laneige lip sleeping mask but in principle any petroleum based lip balm can work as an occlusive to protect you through the night.
I drink a lot of water during the day and my lips are still not super moisturized, but if I don’t they’ll be even dryer! I’ll also add that a humidifier and/or essential oil diffuser is a great investment, especially when your radiator is on all night (or your climate is just drying all year round).

I put the Hourglass Lip Oil on before putting liquid lipstick on, works like a charm! Just be careful not to put to much, you only need a little bit. Much less drying this way.

I layer some balm underneath, and then keep on applying as needed throughout the day, or night. I loathe the feeling of dry lips, so I tend not to wear mattes that often.

I normally try to avoid wearing drying lip colors, but if I’m trying something new or just really into a shade, I use lip balm and fill in my lips with reverse lip liner first, then apply the color. As soon as it starts to feel dry, I put lip balm on top too. This might shorten the wear, but long-wearing without doing this just ends up in color collecting in lines and aging me anyway. So I’d rather reapply great-looking color than have ugly color lingering.

With any lipstick I use always chapstick I have many underneath lipstick and at night simple Vaseline lightly dabbed on lips. Nothing fancy no lip scrub If i ever scrub my lips would be just with my toothbrush. I run so I get tons of sun, wind, fog…you name it but hardly have dry lips. Even after using my WetnWild matte lipsticks whom lots find drying? Not the case with me and I have the entire rainbow at that price how can I resist? Rarely dry lips unless going under a cold. Or when I lived in Chicago much younger, that wind will do it! But not as much in S. California even much older. They don’t call it the Windy City for nothing.

It depends.. if I am not attached to the product, I will give it to a friend, or throw it out… or let it sit until it goes bad /:
But, if I really love it and want to wear it, I simply apply lip balm prior to its use. Believe it or not, one of the best things I have found, that does not cause the lip color application to change is Carmex. I LOVE Carmex Mixed Berry Comfort Care! Might sound crazy, but it works for me!

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