How do you fill in your brows?

I use a thin to medium thick, angled brush with fairly firm bristles (I don’t want them to bend on me), and then I use Anastasia Dip Brown to fill in with fine, hair-like strokes and I try to be as ligh-handed as possible. I usually start halfway through my brow and work toward the tail, and then I work on the inner portion,
where the hairs are sparser. After, I comb through using Smith’s spoolie brush to soften the overall color and any edges.
If I find I need more edge softening, I’ll use a large, flat eyeshadow brush and use the edge of that to diffuse the brow edges.

— Christine
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You have the best, natural looking brow…not that weave look…not that arched look like the brow is constantly raised…brows that look clean and natural. I wish I did not let someone puck my brows when I was a teenager. So unhappy with what he did. Too late now when brows thin out when one gets older.

I had the thinnest brows when I was younger (late teens)! I’m thankful that I did not let them stay that way for long so that they grew back pretty well! I think it was only because I didn’t know how to pluck them myself that I was saved.

My mom was more “natural” look so she wasn’t giving me a lot of makeup advice. But, she DID strongly advise against plucking along the top edge of eyebrow, with the advice that when she was young (50’s? early 60’s??) all the girls plucked into a thin line, or plucked all the way out (!) and redrew, and that “the line of hairs on the bottom will grow back but the ones on top and at the ends eventually won’t.” She felt her brows had been permanently thinned by her trendy plucking! I don’t even know if this is true or if thinning is just genetic! But it made me a cautious plucker (your statement made me remember this!!) And especially cautious about the top edge.

However, my entire brow is subtly thinner than when I was in my teens/twenties… I can see skin, never could when younger, fortunately still enough hair that the brow hairs cover the area I want… so I just use a hard angled brush ( actually an old cheap angled eyeliner brush that was WAY too hard, and way too thick, for eyeliner use, but is great for brows!) While I have a brow powder, I often use either naked basics eyeshadow palette to fill in. I go dark cool brown for a deeper brow look, or taupe for a “just defined” look (even tho my brow hairs are black… the taupe works fine on the skin, looks like shadow or something.) I just fill it in, staying INSIDE the outer rows or hair, so the edges of the brow are just natural hair. This means I can be fairly sloppy with the powder, I am not trying to make hairlines with it. Also, I finish with hairspray and a spoolie… my hairs are strong and sturdy, and need a strongest hold to not aim downward over the day! My brows end up looking “good” to “very good” but never “omg amazing” but that’s fine! I use other stuff sometimes (colored brow pomade, wax, colored brow mascara) but powder plus hairspray seems to be best for me.

Omg! I totally used to use a spoolie & hairspray! It works so well idk why more ppl don’t talk about it! I’ve since gotten a sample tube of the ABH clear brow gel that works just as well so I use that (it has lasted forever) but when it runs out I’ll def be going back to hairspray. It feels & looks exactly the same.

Tiny strokes in sparse areas with ABH Brow Wiz lately. Comb with spoolie after. Otherwise I use a tiny stiff angled brush from Essence and dip into ABH Dipbrow and you tiny feather motions in sparse areas. Comb with spoolie from elf. The middle of my brow needs the most product.

I have naturally thick brows so I only use Benefit’s Gimme Brow on its own. I like to make them look thick and bushy, but not necessarily perfectly filled with crisp edges, so they still look natural. I usually brush the hairs up like crazy, but they usually droop back down by the time I leave the house! I would love to do crazy grandpa brows if I could… maybe I should try out some brow gel…

I’ve gone to now using a Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil in Black-brown. It has the brush thingy on the cap, using that makes my pathetically sparse brows look existent! Afterwards, I take a stiff angled brush and apply some of my old standby; L’oreal Infallible Eyeshadow in Continuous Cocoa, a black-brown, to give them staying power and some oomph.

I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Brows as it acts like a tint, which is welcomed as I’m starting to see a few annoying white hairs that aren’t covered completely with powder or CT’s gel brow pencil. When I use powder (when I color my hair), I use Bobbi Brown’s brow brush, which is a stiff brush.

I start by combing the hairs up at the inner corner and ‘tint’ my brows using small strokes with CT’s Legendary Brows wand, ensuring even coverage as I go to the tail of the brow.

On a daily basis I simply use a tinted gel that contains fibers, such as Benetint Gimme Brow. If I’m doing a full face and want a more defined look, I’ll use a brow powder. Ash blonde from Anastasia is a good shade for me.

I used to use powder, but a few months ago I started using L’Oreal’s Brow Stylist plumping mascara/gel and I find it wayyy faster and better looking. It gives a natural look, so I still sometimes add a little powder if I want a bolder brow.

I always powder my brows first and then knock off the excess. i use a small very stiff natural haired brush (Hakuhodo S163) and Benefit Kabrow. I’ve had more success with this formula figuring out the proper pressure and technique. I entirely failed with ABH dipbrow over and over again. I love Kabrow colour 3 or 4 depending on how prominent I want my brows to be. Although I am dark brunette, I look better with these two medium colours. I start with the back 2/3’s of my brow, just before the arch and outline the shape and fill in with light feathery strokes and then I use what it left on my brush to finish and fill the first 1/3 of my brow. I use a small skinny Bobbi Brown bendable liner to diffuse the leading edge of my brow. I spoolie through to soften everything and then I use a gel to set. Sometimes I use clear, other times I use coloured gel depending on mood and eye look. If I have a more dramatic eye look going, I’ll usually offset with the darker brow colour and coloured gel to set. I also have a light blonde gel set by Charlotte Tilbury. I use it if I’ve gotten a bit heavy handed and need to tweak. Also, I have cut my fringe retro shorter so my brows are visible and have very light ash blonde grey silverish highlights just in the fringe area so this gel can work nicely to make my look very natural. My own brows are a very very dark ashy w green tinge.

If I want a fresh simple eye and clean brow look, I will use a concealer one shade lighter than skin with soft angle brush and line around back 2/3 top and bottom of brow which I blend outwards

Cool tip I picked up recently for mature faces: not that I have much in the tail area of brows due to illness so I can certainly play in this area. Theory is lifting the tails and creating a more defined high point on the arch gives the eye a natural lift. Rounded brows, particularly ones that curve and head downwards around the contour of the brow bone can be aging. I keep my brows quite straight so the tail point is never lower than the lowest part of the body of the brow. I can extend it out further towards the temples, but not downward. Also, thicker brows are less aging than thin. I go slightly outside my natural lines; particularly at the top on the body of the brow.

I use a pencil, either ABH Brow Wiz, ABH Brow Definer, or the ColourPop brow pencil (my holy grail). I have defined brows that are sparse in the front due to overplucking from fifth grade to seventh grade. I then set them in with Essence Make Me Brow brow gel, which is the only brow gel I’ve ever liked.

I use a pencil, either ABH Brow Wiz, ABH Brow Definer, or the ColourPop brow pencil (my holy grail). I have defined brows that are sparse in the front due to overplucking from fifth grade to seventh grade. I then set them in with Essence Make Me Brow brow gel, which is the only brow gel I’ve ever liked.

I use a small stiff angled brush.
I use sigma brow powder duo (it’s my fav – I used to use ABH Dipbrow until this)
I line the bottom of my brow then work upward from the tail end until I fill it in and try to use a steady hand to fill in the front of my brow not too dark.

My brows are naturally huge (think Emilia Clarke, Cara Delevingne, old-school Brook Shields, etc) and dark so I do as little as possible with them. My everyday go-to is Glossier’s Boy Brow in either Clear or Black depending on the intended look (Clear for most days, Black if I need some filling in). If I have to change their shape a bit for work then I use ABH’S Brow Wiz in Granite and ABH waterproofing clear finisher. Pomades look far too intense on me and really so does filling in most of the time so Boy Brow has been perfect. Keeps the hair in place, fills naturally, and offers a more finished look than just running a spoolie through on its own.

I use ABH Brow Wiz and start at the last 1/2 to 2/3 of my brow and fill it in as lightly as possible, then blend it out with the spoolie brush. I don’t fill in the first 1/4 of my brows. I like to take a lightly dampened Q-tip and lightly run it along the top edges of my brow to clean up any excess product that got outside the outline of my brow due to blending, I just find this makes my brows look really clean and defined, then finish with a light coat of the ABH brow gel.

I use the L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer pencil with spoolie on one end and a twist up pencil at the other end in the Brunette shade. I found that the Dark Brunette was too severe so the Brunette works best. I comb the brows first with the spoolie and then fill in the brows as needed.. I then recomb the brows if needed again. This pencil allows you to draw fine hairs or fill in spaces. It’s a great drugstore brand for your brows.

Currently on lighter makeup days, I just throw some NYX brow gel on. Days where I need a little more, I add a touch of their pencil in the tail and any sparse places up front.

Was strictly using a pencil but recently discovered ABH’s Brow Definer which I absolutely love and am getting a better hang of filling in my brows with it.

I use the Real Techniques Eyebrow Brush. I have full brows, but my my hair is dyed an unnatural shade of magenta/red. First, I brush my brows with a spoolie. Then, I use MUFE Eyeshadow in D850 (Nitro Pink), and fill in the outer 3/4 of my brows, then go back and fill in the inner 1/4, so it’s lighter. Then I use MUG e/s single in Bitten over the MUFE, in the same manner. Then I brush again with the spoolie. I just keep with the natural shape of my eyebrows, and I go for a more natural outline rather than “Instagram eyebrows.”

I first take a spoolie and I’ll brush through my brows to get any foundation or powder off of them, then I take a stiff angled brush, and I’ll do small, light strokes through my brows! I always do a line through the bottom edge of my brows, then I work on building them up! Once I have them lightly defined, I’ll take a different spoolie and I’ll blend everything together, then I take my tinted brow gel and lightly set my brows into place!!

I have naturally full, thick, defined brows. And if I fill them in TOO much I get too heavy/intagram/unnatural brows. So most days I just outline them and gel them into place!!

My favourite brow products are:

QUO Angled eye liner brush
Annabelle Brow to Go Kit in Medium/Dark (i’m on my second, almost third compact of this!)
MAC Waterproof Brow Set in Brown Ebony
Essence Make me Brow in Brownie brows!

I’m in love the Mac Pro longwear waterproof brow set,
It’s perfect for everyday work fast & easy, it’s my second time purchase..
You can fill them with color in while it combs the brow. Amazing technology
(Bold brunette is the shade I use)
xo highly recommend

I use fine tipped eyebrow brush(IT Cosmetics) and Benefit gimme brow gel in taupe. Brows are my biggest frustration but I can get them to come out better than if I had not done them at all.

With difficulty! I am currently using the Maybelline Brow kit – which will be tossed fairly shortly as it lacks staying power.
My brows are very pale, so I use a mix of light and darker brown shades to fill them in using a lip liner brush and a spoolie.
So I am looking forward to reading everyone’s comments here on products and techniques.

I use the NYX Microbrow to line the bottom & fill in the tail, then I use Benefit Goof Proof to fill in the rest. Usually filling a little & then flipping it around to use the spoolie to blend, doing this over & over until I’m happy. Then I set them w/ an eyebrow gel. ABH clear, Benefit Gimmebrow or Glossier Boy Brow, just whichever I’m feeling that day. I have so many brow products but I feel like pomades & things like Wunderbrow (which I have both) give me a more harsh brow than I like so I always just reach for my pencils. I just can’t get the hang of the others.

I just do light feathery strokes with a taupe skinny pencil filling in along my natural arch. Then I go over it with clear brow gel. I guess I’m stuck in the 80’s (my teen years) because I prefer a natural brow. Albeit my natural brow is more groomed than what I wore as a teen in the 80’s.
Sheesh, I used to have brows to rival Brooke Shields! Now I am seriously considering microblading as the tails have faded to near nothing.

Dip brow is my jam too. I have to create brows from almost nothing and it’s the best I’ve ever found. I do use a tinted brow gel (Loreal) over the top. Using at least two different products of at least slightly different shades gives the most natural look.
A tip for those who have issues with dip brow… put the tiniest bit on the brush, literally touch it to the product, then work it into the bristles on the inside of the jar cap. Gives you 1000x more control. You can always go back for more. The product left behind stays moist as well so it’s not a waste.
I’m loving the newer ELF beautifully precise brow brush (the pretty white ones), it’s amazingly soft yet still dense enough not to flop or splay, and it’s just the right size.
I also start from the arch, fill the tail, then use whatever is left on the brush to lightly dust from the arch to the front of the brow so it gets lighter as it goes. There should be next to nothing in the front edge. Those solid edges at the front are the worst… they just scream “fake”.

I don’t. I own an Anastasia brow pencil I used it twice not because I don’t like it; it works great it gives a very natural look especially after coming through your brows after application. I like a natural look for brows even if you use a brow pencil it has to look natural. I don’t like most filled in brows you see the makeup which looks so fake & overdone.

I use the Anastasia Beverly Hills #12 brush with TheBalm’s Brow Pow! I just try to dust a small amount of powder throughout the brows and apply more pressure on the top and bottom and also when drawing the tail, I really try to keep them natural looking. I’m also extra careful to properly set the foundation on the area just above my brow– if I forget to make sure it’s not at all tacky then the powder sticks to it when I’m defining the top of my brow and looks super harsh. After filling in I just set the brows with Benefit Gimme Brow, which really helps keep them in place but also gets rid of any powdery look.

I’m lucky in that I have quite full brows that I either get threaded or waxed to keep a cleaner but natural look so I don’t actually do my brows often. When I do, I use the Anastasia Brow Wiz (in medium brown usually, in dark brown if I’m going for a bolder look) to just fill them in a bit more, and if it’s a more “done” look I use the ABH clear brow get after.

I love my Elf the lightest color eyebrow gel/powder kit. Is a perfect match for me. It comes with its little slanted stiff brush. Of all the ones I have WetnWild (comes with its brush and little tweezers). It is good. Pixie (I have the tiniest small square kit which includes three shades a darker, lighter, and powder light brown highliter also, all powder I like it a lot also matches great!) and Boots (makes a nice one too, shades of brown darker/lighter plus highlight/gel can be used either way. WetnWild and Boits are darker shades for me. I feather the color up either powder or gel then use a kids toothbrush to diffuse and make it all even, softened. Sometimes I’ll use a clear gel to stiffen them up straight only on special ocasdikns so it’ll last longer.

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