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Katherine T. Avatar

If I have to test a new product out before the return period expires, that goes to the top of my list. Otherwise, it depends on my mood, the weather, how my skin looks that day, what I’m doing, what I’m wearing, etc. If it’s bright and sunny, I usually go with lighter, brighter colors. Cold foggy days might bring out the darker, vampier lipsticks. If I have dark circles, I avoid purple or blue shadows. If I have to meet a client, I go more neutral and classic. If my skin looks tired or gray, I bring out the highlighters and use brightening colors.

Nancy T Avatar

1. My outfit for that day or less commonly, that evening, factors into what shades and colors.
2. Where, if anywhere, I am planning on going sort of factors in a little bit.
3. What are the weather conditions out there is huge during summer, because this heat with its spells of high humidity and unpredictable severe t-storms means one needs some heavy-duty, meltproof, long weartime products!
4. Lastly, my mood will likely dictate how subdued or vibrant or cray I might go! ?

Julia Avatar

Usually based on mood or outfit/style for the day, but time is definitely a factor! Work has been crazy this week so I’ve been in a hurry in the mornings. I think I’ve used Bobbi Brown Telluride highlighter as my eyeshadow 90% of the time over the past week because it’s so flattering and easy. If I am applying leisurely, I use more products and often try to use things that I haven’t lately.

MissJae1908 Avatar

It depends. If there’s a time constraint, I’m probably going for something more neutral or a look that I’ve done a million times before. But if I’m just playing in makeup, I’ll pull out items that I have never used or haven’t used in a long time and try to create a look.

Ally Avatar

I told myself i won’t buy anything new until i get rid of something. Right now, i just look at which products are almost gone and try to pan/finish them.

Dianne Avatar

I wear neutral, more natural makeup 99% of the time, so it’s never that big of a decision– everything kind of goes together just fine. I pull about three blushes to use for a couple weeks and rotate through. Same thing with palettes. I rotate through and try not to use the same palette two days in a row. But as far as matching my clothes, that doesn’t factor in at all.

Marie-Estelle Avatar

A lot of factors can influence my picks but I realize that I often just feel like using a specific product on my eyes, lips or cheeks… and make it work around it!

If I don’t have much time, I take this as an opportunity to wear a bolder color on my lips without being frustrated. Doing my eyes always had been a favorite of mine in make up… and because I still find it difficult to both have strong eyes and strong lips (in term of combination, fear of doing too much, etc.)… I often have the feeling I have to “sacrifice” my eye make up to be able to wear a bold color on my lips.

If I’m wearing a black dress, I often end up with red lips and wings -just enough to shape my eyes in almond. That must be my french side picking through! Haha

Ouineque Avatar

It depends on what I feel like wearing (and the effort I’d like to put in my makeup that day), what I ll be doing, the day light (grey or bright) and my skin situation. And yeah, also what I am wearing. I do not do a full on eye look if I wear my sweat pants.

Debbie Avatar

Right now I am in the process of panning and/or using up as much as I can, so that partially determines what I am wearing. Product that is at pan is put into top shelf so that it can be helped along towards completion. Season and occasion also play into what I will wear.

Glenda Avatar

I try to plan what I’m wearing, how I want my makeup to look and plan ahead (even if only by 20 minutes). If I’m working through a product to finish it…I keep those close by so I can make a real concerted effort to finish the product.

RMW (Rose) Avatar

Well, I wear scrubs so that limits my clothes mostly. With makeup, it depends on how I’m feeling that day. I do a full face, the only thing that changes is a nude soft lipstick or a pink lipstick. And what color eyeshadow, a pinkish nude or a smokey eye. If I’m in regular clothes, the same thing. But I might extend the liquid eyeliner ontop.

AB Avatar

It all depends on mood/whim and time available. When time is short, it’s my tried-and-true set that’s basically most flattering neutrals. Lately, when I have more time I’ve been erring on side of lighter, more summery look, which has been kind of fun; with a little more gravitas/less sparkle during the office workday and a little more shimmer on weekends.

Donna Avatar

Definitely match in the same color family as what I am wearing. Also, if it is to a day or evening event. I’m in my 50’s but that doesn’t stop me from playing with color. I either emphasize my eyes or lips not both at the same time. When I have no time constraints I play, but if I do I fall back on my UD Naked Basics 2 palette (I only have a few). Then adding color accents that pop.

Donna Avatar

I am in my 50’s and can still play with color without looking overly made up.
I choose based on what I’m wearing and go lighter for day or darker for eve. Try to emphasize only one feature. If I am in a hurry will stick to one palette that I use most of the time (which is neutral) and add a pop of color.

Tammy Avatar

I usually have a week–or sometimes a month, lol–of looks I want to try. Sometimes I am working through a particular palette, and I will get online and find several “looks” that include that palette. Sometimes I will focus an entire week on just replicating looks I see in magazines, on Temptalia, on other blogs, in real life, etc. I can be inspired by anything! I try to do at least one video tutorial per week, and sometimes several, because I learn so much from youtubers. I keep a make up journal and occasionally go through my favorite looks just so I don’t forget what I’ve already loved.

Denise Avatar

Here is where my issues begin. Like Christine said, those that need testing are put aside for weekends or when I have lots of time to play with them. I have to factor in what type of day is ahead for me. Am I getting very dressed or somewhat dressed? Hows the weather outside for that day. Especially if its humid, hot, sticky? Or cold, rainy snowy? Its crazy that so many things come into play when planning my makeup for that day. I don’t dare share these issues with my co-workers or my friends, because they would never understand me. Thank God I have this wonderful site to read so many ideas and share my own issues,ideas and concerns.

Mo Merrell Avatar

Depends on one thing: How I feel when I wake up in the morning.

That feeling guides what I products I choose to wear. On days that I feel groggy and tired or am in too much pain (from condition I have) I wear minimal make up (which really is like one shadow color, my cheaper foundation brand, light to no blush and eyebrow) and usually choose a cream lipstick.

If I wake up feeling good I do an entire face. I always pick my lip color first and that guides what I choose to wear. I rarely match my makeup to my clothing; mostly it contrast in colors (light clothes/dark eye) if I find that my makeup and clothes match too much, I’ll change my clothing or the lipstick color.

I always wait with a new product until I’m going somewhere special unless the return policy is sooner rather than later.

Bonnie Avatar

Since I don’t buy any color cosmetics I’m not excited about, I throw all new items into a bag. Before I go to bed at night, I reach into the bag without looking and pull out an item. It’s my surprise for the next day. That item is the one I will debut the next day and I will build my look, including wardrobe (usually black, brown, or gray anyway), around that item. That bag of new items is a bottomless pit, always getting added to way before it’s empty, and I shake the bag so it’s not always last in, first out. It keeps makeup fun for me.

Nusayba Avatar

It’s a combo of how much time I have and what I’m feeling. I don’t usually have to coordinate with my clothes since i wear mostly black anyways and if I’m not I’ll match my clothes to my makeup. The exception is if I’m wearing formal clothing. Since I have so few peices I have to be able to match my makeup to the clothes and not vise versa.

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