How do you feel when you finish a product?

Pretty awesome since it’s soooo rare! Except with skincare, because that really requires a repurchase/purchase, so it also means money out the door, haha.

— Christine


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Nancy T Avatar

A little bit stoked, yet a little bit saddened? Probably because I almost never finish up anything except foundation, bb cream, concealer, powders, mascara, eyeliners, along with skincare and haircare products. But lip stuff, eye shadows (especially palettes!) and cheek products just last and last some more! MAC Orb is down to just the sides of its pan!

Denise Avatar

I hear ya Nancy. I am the same way. I never finish up anything too. Except dshampoo,skincare,concealer,powders,macara,eyeliners,foundation. It would really take years to finish all the eyeshadow palettes,lipstick,liners,lip cremes,blush,eye primers etc. And never finish all the lipsticks too. Then I am crazy if I get to the end of a product I really love, I panic and run to order more. Its weird how makeup stuff really takes over my life.

Katherine T. Avatar

I feel great for about a 1/2 day, then I have to turn my attention to all of the other stuff that needs to be used up! But I did finish up some body creams, lip balms, and almost done with some hair conditioners and hair sprays. Drives me crazy then there’s only a little bit in the bottle, and that bottle is taking up counter space

Linda Avatar

Like Batman.

There is nothing more exciting and satisfying than squeezing out that last pump of foundation, scraping that last bit of pan, squirting the last drop of a bottle…and cracking open a fresh backup!

Jessica Avatar

Exactly! I have so much makeup, I’m likely to find a backup or something better to what I just finished. I love project panning 🙂

Madi Avatar

If it’s eyeshadow, sad because now I have to hunt out that specific pan again which is a pain in my opinion ? If it’s skincare, I don’t really mind because if I use it up, it means it’s making a difference in my skin; I rarely finish skincare with the exception of cleansers.
Finishing perfume usually leaves me fairly upset because I like expensive perfume and I can usually only to afford to purchase my perfume once every year or two

Rachel R. Avatar

It always feels like an accomplishment. If it’s a limited edition or discontinued product I love, it’s also a bit sad. If it’s something more expensive, like skincare, it does suck to have to spend a lot of money. However, at least I can feel proud for keeping up with my skincare routine, which until a few years ago I was pretty lazy with. If it’s a product I wasn’t crazy about, or something I found a better dupe for, then it’s a great feeling knowing I’m done with it and can move on to something better.

EmilyTheEngineer Avatar

Definitely agree with you! It does always feel like an accomplishment, but when its’ something limited or discontinued, it can also not only be saddening but intimidating because it’s usually an adventure trying to try a bunch of different things to find some product out there in the makeup universe thats comparable!

Gillian Avatar

I feel pretty good! It’s happening a lot more now that I’ve slowed down buying makeup and skincare. I recently finished quite a few things so that was a momentous occasion! It feels good to appreciate what I have rather than focus on the next item I want to buy. Not that I can forget about that entirely but I wish I could! ?

Mariella Avatar

A bit relieved/surprised, to be honest, because, like you, Christine, it’s a pretty rare occurrence for me except with skin care. I think the last makeup product I finished was a Clarins foundation and it felt like a bit of a accomplishment since it so rarely happens. I’m almost at the end of a bottle of MAC Pro Longwear concealer (I don’t use it daily but I do use it somewhat regularly so I’ve already repurchased.

Fran Avatar

It’s rare when I finish a color cosmetic — I just love all the colors and have so many that it’s hard to use up any single one of them! So it does feel like I’ve accomplished something when I use one up. I’ve finished one lipstick, YSL Rouge Volupte Shine in #19, Fuschia in Rage, and have almost finished a second, Make Up For Ever Rough Artist Natural in N27, Iridescent Blue Pink. Both are semi-sheer, glossy, purplish-pinks; probably the most flattering lip color of all on me, and easy to wear, so they do get worn a lot. I’ve repurchased both of them gladly.

I’ve given up on the idea of trying to make myself use up products that I’m not all that enthusiastic about. Life is too short not to feel great about how I put myself together every single day.

I use up skin care and base products what seems like shockingly quickly and am not so happy about it, because it means spending more money! I almost always have a back-up on hand of my favorite products: IT Cosmetics CC Cream in Light and Fair; Hourglass primers (both Mineral Veil and Serum No. 28) and Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light; makeup removers from Clinique and Sephora Collection; cleansers from CeraVe, First Aid Beauty and Paula’s Choice; moisturizers from CeraVe and FAB; PC exfoliants and serums and sunscreens; and several Living Proof hair products, plus Shu Uemura Wonder Worker. When I open a backup, I make a mental note to re-stock it the next time there’s a sale, at Sephora or Ulta or or, or at least triple points at Nordstrom. Just bought a backup tube of new favorite Dr. Jart+ Black Label Detox BB cream with $9.60 off in dollars. I am someone who hates running out of something and then having to pay full price for it if I could have avoided that by planning ahead. I’ve found that it’s good not to have more than one backup, though, because sometimes my favorites can change!

Michou Avatar

I generally feel really proud! I have the same situation, I own a ton of makeup so hitting pan is like a small miracle. It has happened before with Stila Kitten eyeshadow (3 times now, woo!) and once with Chanel gloss in Sonate. Honestly, I tend to throw things out because they’ve gone bad loooooooooong before I can finish them.

Erica Avatar

Impressed. Like mentioned, unless it is certain skincare or something like mascara or foundation , it doesn’t happen too often!

Deidre Avatar

Proud of myself. I can usually finish hair and skin care products but makeup products are harder for me. That is why I have been making an effort for the last 5 months or so to use up more products and so far I have used up some and is a good feeling to know I am using up products I probably wouldn’t have barely touched let alone used up.

Tracey E. Avatar

I feel great because I’m using what I have. Skincare needs replacement, so hopefully I’ve planned ahead or anticipated a deal. Often, I’ll pick a few item from my makeup – foundation, pressed powder, lipsticks – that are close to finished and put them on my counter do I reach for them first. I feel great when they’re finished – a testament to using what I have.

Stephanie G Avatar

I don’t recall ever having finished anything except foundation and BB/CC cream, but I still haven’t found my HG for any of these. I rarely get through mascara before it’s time to get rid of it, and I have so many problems with concealer that I’ve never gotten through a whole tube without getting frustrated and buying a different brand or type. So I typically feel something like, “Crap, I’m out of foundation/BB cream/CC cream. Wonder what I’ll try this time?”

MissJae1908 Avatar

That depends. If it’s skincare, I roll my eyes. Only because that means I have to repurchase that item and more than likely it was pricey. If it’s a makeup item, I jump for joy! It’s rare for me to finish and I probably have 12 other items in my collection that look just like it! Lol

Zoe Avatar

I agree totally!
Awesome when it’s most makeup.
But not when it’s skincare or foundation.
I would totally be more happy purchasing smaller sizes for a smaller price, like Stowaway’s model.
Unless you use specific products every day, getting through stuff is slow going.

Lulle Avatar

If only that ever happened with makeup, lol! I don’t think I’ve ever finished anything but mattifying powders and mascaras. Last time was a while ago… There’s usually a weird sense of achievement, and excitement to try something new.
I finish skincare regularly, and in this case I’m just worried about finding something new that will work for me and not make me break out.

Jessica Avatar

Never sad or upset, that’s for sure! I love using up my stuff! I have so much makeup that I’ve hoarded over the years thinking, “I’ll use that for a special event” but those are rare so why not use my things now before they expire? I’ve used up so much this year already, it’s very exciting!

Laura Avatar

I feel super excited to finish a product as it either means I have liked the product enough to finish it, can open a back-up either the same or a different brand, or I can research and buy a new item to take its place! I really try to use every scrap of make-up, so I’ll cut open soft skincare bottles and tubes and scraping out the product with cotton buds and store items upside down so that I get every last drop. I can’t wait to finish my current highlighter as I want to treat myself to an Hourglass or Becca one!

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

Laura, they make skinny make-up spatulas to get the last drop. I bought a set of three on QVC, I think. I also cut the one third are near the crimp in tubes so I can use the for a lid.
I’ve also asked at Ulta and Sephora if I could take a few of theirs before my other discovery. They always said yes but they are wide and have no lid..t
Thought you might like to know as cotton swabs can get fuzz on your face.

JCarbonel Avatar

I LOVE finishing a product! It feels like such an accomplishment and I don’t feel too bad about it because I usually have something lined up to use next due to the size of my collection lol. But you’re right about skincare! I go through skincare fairly often, so I hate to spend money on a repurchase lol.

Emmalynn Avatar

Its a double edged sword. I feel great that i got my compleat moneys worth and that it was a product worth using up. But compleatly devistated if i dont have a back up, or it had been discontinued in the meantime. It is hard because if makeup wasnt all about the lateist and greatist, products would be around for longer but at the same time the inovations that have happened wouldnt of this quickly. But theres now doubt for me its mentally hard to use up products without needing a backup plan for the item thats being panned.

miekogirlie Avatar

depends what it is…if its something like finishing powder, cream product or foundation then I’m happy but if its an LE item i tend to stop using it once it gets low in the hopes i an find a dupe

Bon Bon Avatar

I never finish a lipstick/stain and have way too many. It’s rare I find a blush that’s perfect for me and when I did they discontinued it before I could buy a back up. I pretty much licked it clean and was heartbroken after it was all gone.

Genevieve Avatar

Sad – especially if it’s a product I really like and then I have to decide whether to repurchase or try something new.
With skincare – I do go through it a lot and often will try something new – like Physicians Formula Argon Oil – absolutely fantastic.
Foundations I also go through pretty regularly and I stick to my favourite one.
Eye shadows – rarely do I get through all of these.

Susan Dowman Nevling Avatar

I can’t recall the last time it happened except I am religious about throwing away mascara after free months. Since I plan that, I always have a replacement.
I run out of some skin care and hair care items but usually have back up brands or samples because my hair and skin can be moody.
Anything else that I would finish would be such a shock, I’d have to make do and meet a friend for wine then shopping.

Rachel Avatar

When it’s makeup I’m usually conflicted- do I try a new product or repurchase the same.

I have old faithfuls, but always open to trying new formulas.

Alecto Avatar

If it’s skincare or powder, I don’t feel any particular way about it, since I go through those so quickly that finishing one couldn’t be considered an accomplishment. It’s been a long time since I used up anything with color in it, and I don’t foresee doing that any time soon.

Honestly, I feel pretty good just admitting to myself that a color or formula is never going to work and *throwing something away* for that reason (I’m getting ready to do that with a couple of lipsticks). I don’t like to waste money by throwing away an otherwise perfectly good product, but it’s just as much a waste of money for it to be sitting in my drawer permanently unused, and it adds incrementally to my stress every time I see it; why do that to myself?

RMW (Rose) Avatar

I know that I should have used less, to make it LAST a little longer!!!! L. I look at makeup and skin care like fruit or vegi’s! Lol. I love to buy a brand new product, where I know that it’s NOT half contaminated by germs or dried out a little bit or whatever the case may be. A brand spanking new, fresh, untouched product! And this time I will remember to put the lid on properly, or use a spatula to scoop out of the jar so I use less, and contaminate less! Lol. Does anyone else think that way sometimes, or am I the only weirdo?! Lol. 😉

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