How do you feel about purchasing backups?

I try hard to resist the need to purchase backups of color cosmetics, in general, unless it’s something like a brow product that I know I tend to stick to and will actually use up. For skincare/haircare, if it’s become a staple, then I’ll have one or two on hand (depending on how quickly I go through it) based on purchasing during sales/promos.

— Christine
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Backups of products I love make me feel happy and secure. Especially at a time like this, where we have experienced a global pandemic and have been asked to stay at home. Having backups has made life much easier!

I only bought one backup of color cosmetics and it was Sydney Grace’s Enduring Love (Light) palette but only because I dropped my original one and cracked a bunch of shades and weakened the lid hinge (no longer shuts as firmly). This was pre-pandemic times and I had planned to take it with me for my cruise wedding/honeymoon but was worried that trip would beat it up further. I bought the backup so I wouldn’t have to worry about the original getting beat-up and possibly destroyed…but then the trip never happened. (Yes, wedding was postponed. Thanks, pandemic.)

Your wedding will be beautiful, when you get to have it. My next door neighbor rescheduled to December, but who knows? It’s incredibly sad that people cannot mark their milestones, but someday, yes!

I’m guilty of FOMO with makeup items I love, so yeah, I do have backups. I have backups of several MAC eye shadows in some old colors that were amazing. I also have three backups of The Perfect Cheek blush, which was limited edition and is indeed the perfect cheek on me, and four backups of Springsheen blush after I learned it was discontinued.

So yeah, I am guilty of hoarding backups.

I used to buy backups, but I never quite got to use them. I don’t do it anymore. I just want to see where the new trends head and if I don’t like it, I hit up a different brand.

Mostly, I just buy backups for staple daily products, usually when they’re on sale. I don’t usually bother with color products, unless it’s something really special. I have backups for a few all-time favorite lipsticks that were LE or discontinued, and I have backups of three Urban Decay eyeshadow palettes, because I consider them to pretty perfect, and I’d be really sad if I lost or broke them (Electric, Gwen Stefani, and Naked Basics). I’ve bought backups of fragrances that were discontinued, such as the Elizabeth and James Nirvana line and Lady Gaga Fame Black Fluid.

Color products are usually pretty easy to dupe, or something even better comes along, so I’m not willing to spend the money on backups for most things, even if I love them. That just becomes wasteful and unsustainable after a point.

I totally wish I bought a couple backups of the UD Naked Basics palette–it’s my favorite palette but I’m always so paranoid I’m going to lose it.

I might buy a backup for a product that’s on its last leg. Otherwise I enjoy trying new products as I use each one up.

I don’t consider some products to be back ups. If I can get hair products at a discount and have some useful freebie or a nice Rakuten cash back throw in, it’s taking advantage of a good deal.

Also getting a discount on a skin care item I will need a month from now is taking advantage of getting a product I use on sale. A GWP means travel sized products. With some products being out of stock in stores, it makes sense. The pandemic made me happy that I bought some things before I needed them.

Other than that, I really don’t have many back ups. It takes a long time to use some products. I probably have bought products with similar colours, and a eyeliner that I like.

I purchase back ups of shampoos and conditioners I love, but not make up or skin care. Those products have a shorter shelf life IMO. (especially costly skincare and sunscreens)
Ironically, I have recently considered purchasing make up back ups for the first time: the new MJB summer 2020 Highliners.
Until I decide on that, the only other back ups I will continue to purchase ( I have learned from these past 3 months) are : flour, sugar, yeast, rice, dry pasta, clothes detergent, bleach, anti- bac hand soap , and , of course, TP!!!

I usually start stocking up on household staples in the fall. Flour and sugar can last a long time. Also keep a few cans of soup on hand, rice, instant pasta, laundry detergent, dryer sheets, etc.

Since I have a small freezer, I buy meat on sale, frozen veggies, bread, etc. You save some money and usually have something to eat in the house.

Ah, shampoos are the one thing I can’t do backups of. I can’t even safely buy them in the larger sizes and be confident I’ll finish them. My scalp is crazy sensitive so every new bottle, even of a product I’ve used for forever, is like trying something for the first time. Or it finally has had enough of a product and reacts badly halfway through a bottle I’ve had for a while.

But pantry staples? Absolutely! I also do that with herbs and spices that I go through pretty quickly.

I stopped buying backups several years ago. I just don’t think any product is so unique that it can’t be replaced with something else and it takes so long to finish things anyway. That being said, I bought several bottles of a foundation I liked that was going to be discontinued just to avoid having to go through the process of finding the right shade and finish in a new product.

Wanna take a peek at my fridge vegetable crisper drawer? That would certainly answer that question! LOL ?
Seriously though, I really do have quite a few backups of my favorite lip products and pencil eyeliners in my refrigerator. And backups of skincare in my dresser drawer, too. Oddly, very few eyeshadow b/ups. There are also random haircare and body care b/ups around here somewhere, too.

Both, ShariP! First, because it extends the product longevity/shelf life and keeps them fresh for when I eventually need to replace their original counterpart. And secondly, I live in the Phoenix metro area, and the heat wreaks havoc on lip products here!

This is a vice of mine! I always buy backups; I hate running out of favorites. Even if I know that I can repurchase it, I worry about things being discontinued or reformulated (perfume!!!), and I find myself trying to slow down my usage if I don’t already have a backup stashed away somewhere. I’ve been trying not to buy as many backups, though. Sometimes I find that I want to try something new by the time I get to the end of a favorite product (especially favorites that take a couple of years to finish; a bronzer, for instance), or the reformulation actually looks just as good or better than the product I hoarded (an example: MUFE Liquid Lift foundation and the new Reboot foundation), and I know things don’t stay good indefinitely, even if they’re sealed up. I also live in an area that has been plagued by wildfires– I’ve had to evacuate my home for a week at a time 2x in the last 3 years– and one of the things that made me sick was the thought of having spent so much money on hoarding backups only to have them destroyed in a fire before I can use them. And really, that’s not unique to me or where I live; people experience hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, random house fires, etc… It seems like, in general, it would be wiser to limit the number of backups in one’s collection, but I just haven’t been able to let go of the habit. It’s like a security blanket.

it might be different in a fire, if you cant go home and pack. but all my backups are on one top shelf in the closet. if i leave for a hurricane, i am straight up packing those goodies up and they will evacuate with me. mine is mostly skincare, so we are talking about a sizeable chunk of change.

once the furbabies are safe, it’ll be my expensive purses, then a few MUTTS books i treasure, and then the backups. everything else is replaceable. am i the only person that has actually ran through these scenarios in my head, just in case?

I purchase (and stock up on) regularly used skin care that I know I’ll use up. I typically purchase enough to last me until the next sale 🙂 It’s been ages since I paid full price for the skin care that I love. Color cosmetics are another story entirely. Except for Nordstrom’s Mascara Madness event, I never purchase back-ups because trends keep changing, formulas get revamped, etc. Even items that are considered classic and neutral get updated and reformulated. I’d rather have the latest version of something.

I once bought a backup of a lipstick that was close to gone, when I found out the co. was going out of business. I’ve bought an extra It CC cream during sales, before my current tube was finished, since I know I’ll be repurchasing. Other than that, I’ll buy multiples if there’s a great sale on skincare that I love and will use. It’s more about taking advantage of sales than it is about being afraid of missing out on the product.

I found a pallet of the colors of my dreams and immediately bought. Backup. Too faced. Natural colors shimmer and matte

Like Christine, I resist buying back-ups of personal care products bc the shelf life of most products are finite unless it’s something that gets regular usage. I also only do so if I spot a great money-saving deal or if it’s about to be discontinued: like mascara, eyebrow pencil or even tinted moisturizer. IF it’s a product that has a long shelf life and has a unique formula/color that I’d rather not live without but I don’t use it regularly, then I might buy ONE backup. I’ve had to learn the hard way not to get multiple backups bc my sensitive skin can develop irritation to products that were fine before: I once had multiple backups of an MLBB color that was about to be discontinued only to later develop an irritation toward it.

On the other hand, if it’s something that the rest of my family will use, then I buy way more when I see a deal. I have 6 pots of Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream around for example–that’s enough for myself for the next few months or if I suddenly develop an irritation to this product–I can easily hand it over to family members.

I keep a few backups for my favorite eye liners and lipsticks as well as my favorite mascaras and eyebrow pencil and gel so that I don’t get caught short if they discontinue it before I can find another. That, and I have an extra to keep in my purse/ work bag/ gym bag if I am doing a lot of running around. It makes moving through the day a lot easier.

Usually get a b/u of shampoo at an Ulta sale. Just got 2 b/us of Paula long name TM today. Usually have a tube of FAB eye duty blah blah in reserve. I do know the names, but resent the length, etc. No need to complicate it. I do b/u skincare, esp if it has to be ordered from Yesstyle. (wailing… god, I hate ordering there. Cluster**** every time.). Scent was mentioned. I’m old, and decided never to replace any anymore. Rather sad. The Annick Goutal bottles and the Guerlain ‘gold’ canister, tossed? Maybe I should bury them or toss them to sea, with messages.

I feel quite good about purchasing backups of favourite beauty and skincare products. I often have backups for cleansers, daily moisturisers, serums, oils etc because you can run out of these at most inconvenient times. It makes sense to repurchase them when sales are on.
I also have backups of my favourite foundation and lipsticks too – especially with lipsticks as you never know when they are going to be discontinued….
As far as eyeshadow palettes go, the only backup I have ever repurchased is Lorac’s Pro Metal palette because of all the stunning metallic shades.

I used to buy back ups for my favourites, then new better products would come out to replace them and I ended up wanting the new items. So now I try to only buy back ups if it is LE and I love it.

If it’s one of my favorite items I’m all for it, especially if I’ve gotten a good deal on the backup. If it’s just the average product that I like I’m okay not having a backup. Right now I wish I’d have bought a dozen backups of UD Vice lipstick in Rebel. I’d wear it more than I do now.

I typically only buy back ups of things I run out of and use constantly like mascara, fix +, concealer and my skin and body care items. If there is an amazing sale I may buy some back ups at that time but I try not to as there are so many new releases.

If the product is something like skincare or a primer that I use every single day, I purchase one back up and that is is. I will probably never purchase a back up of a color cosmetic, unless it is a MLBB that I use every single day.

I love it.
It makes no sense really, but every time I have done it, it turns out perfectly. And usually what happens is that I give a gift to someone else, they have no stash and they end up with a sad little stump of lipstick or a panned palette, and then I just smile and bring them a brand new one a couple days later.
So sometimes, rarely, I do it.
Now stuff I use every time I do my makeup but that is hard to find, I will buy 3 or 4 at a time but are those “back-ups” really?

I’ve only recently bought backups of mascara when on sale. And then some lip liners and glosses that are scattered in various purses. For the latter it is more of convenience than “backup”.

The one palette I have a backup for is PML Mthrship Bronze Temptation. There are three shadows in there that I thought, purchase singles, but for the price of the palette (On sale) it was cheaper. I’m almost at pan for three of them, so that was a good buy.

Then fragrances. Guerlain Mon Exclusif and am about to purchase Miss Dior Le Perfume because it is getting discontinued and my husband likes that one. I always have an extra bottle of No 5 and Coco as they are my staples. Hubby picked them up duty free when traveling. I also have some vintage Chanel’s I found at a second hand store for dirt cheap.

I also have skin care and lotions but that is because I like to keep one upstairs and one downstairs. And because my husband will start using them. He was so upset when Belif got rid of there body lotion and I said I have backups. He informed me he used them up. So now, we are at a trial for lotions and my Kiel’s is dangerously low after he informed me he was also using it. We’re visiting family in Key West and I got a bottle of Nivea that has that oil lotion texture he liked with Belif since my travel Kiel’s is almost empty. I’ve caught him using my face cream on his arms…which I had to inform him why he couldn’t do that. But, all in all it’s good. He looks 10 years younger than his brother and he’s the oldest.

Generally I don’t have backups of the same product, I do however have several formulas of some things like foundation, concealer and powder.
I’ve found in the past by the time I’m finished with one product a better option has hit the shelves.
The exceptions:
*Mascara (I don’t want to wait when I suddenly feel it’s time to ditch the one I’m using).
*A couple of skincare items that tend to be out of stock frequently like those from The Ordinary.
*A sale.

Like you, backups of things I know I’m going to go through and really like, I buy.

Nyx eyeshadow primer, Tarte shape tape, L’Oreal Voluminious lash primer, Colourpop Lipliner in As If, and Rimmel Lash Accelerator growth serum (which I use on my brows) are things I like to have on hand. They are HG products for me and I know I will want them again and again so I stock up. All the drugstore products, I buy 3 at a time. The Shape Tape is a little more pricey, so one backup when I open the backup I have is good enough. I used to do this with the Wet n Wild 2-pan contour palette, the one with the deeper contour and the yellow pressed powder, but they discontinued. While I have since used other contours, I haven’t found one that I put above all others.

I used to love purchasing backups until I found that many of my eyebrow pencils were breaking before I could finish using them. Now I have only two backups in my collection – one is a backup for PMG Sublime Bronze Temptation and the other is Dark Star because I really love those and I don’t know if the colours will ever be released again.

If i use skincare up and there is a good deal on Paula’s Choice, I may purchase another backup because I anticipate using it up but I have pruned my backup supply down significantly from previously

As a person who tracks with due diligence products and their use, back-ups are just a tick on the box. I track when I open a product, when I expect to finish it (based on previous use) and purchase a backup 1-2 months in advance. The more important a product is in my routine, the more important is to have a backup sooner (I can live without my green eye liner, but I need to have a cleanser and an SPF no matter what). Because of my system, I do tend to take advantage of sales to prepare. I know to play around anniversary, Black Friday, July 4th, Sephora, MAC sales and so on.

But due to the pandemic and many things shipping slower… I do try to have my skincare backups more prepared and advanced. If a second or third wave comes, my assumption is non-essentials will be hot harder. I have seen many brands (not only beauty, food and clothes including) having weeks with low availability and high shipping time, and I can only assume someone got sick in the manufacturing or shipping facilities and they had to scale it down while they get back to regular work.

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