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I don’t mind them doing them. Take those opportunities while they come. But I won’t shell out any money for them bc I just don’t care enough about any influencer to get their collaboration makeup. Now I may change my mind if something truly unique comes along but so far these influencer collaborations have been pretty underwhelming

Every once in a while, one comes along that is just right. Right aesthetic. Right quality. Right shades. Most of ColourPop’s collabs have hit all the right notes, ie; Kathleen Lights. MAC has done a respectable job at pulling off some really great collabs, too.
Too Faced? Not so much. That’s how *not* to do it.

I think they kind of start off with a disadvantage. The money needs to go to both the brand and the influencer so there’s less of a profit margin and I think quality often gets cut because of that. Also, brands know people will buy it even if it’s not good so there’s no incentive to make it good anyway.

I am not a fan of them as in in I do not buy from them. The only collaboration I purchased from that was something like that was MAC Bloggers Obession 😉 . I like how you got to see the bloggers creating their ideal makeup item; it was so authentic because these are people who I follow who have talked about beauty so they know their stuff.

Nowadays it seems like people slap their name on things and get a commission.

They don’t affect me one way or the other. Since I’ve no idea who these “influencers” are in the first place or if there’s anything about them that should have me wanting to emulate them, I really don’t care. But if it’s going to add a few bucks to the price of the item(s), then “no thank you”.

I feel like the popular influencers lack creativity. There is very little variation with their makeup techniques, colour schemes, and aesthetic.

As a result, the collabs end up being neutral palettes/ blinding highlights with social media buzzwords as shade names.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with any of that! I just feel like they’re missing the opportunity to be trendsetters and bring out something truly unique and artistic.

I’m a little indifferent. When a product is interesting to me, it’s interesting regardless of who creates or promotes it. When the quality is there, it’s there. When a brand relies on an influencer to sell a product of mediocre quality or a product that is just not unique in any way, I get irritated. I only purchased 2 collabs, and they were great additions to my collection because I didn’t own anything like them (or at least not those colors) at the time.

I watch influencers on youtube all the time, but their name on something isn’t enough to make me buy it. I don’t care how much I love your videos, I will not purchase ANOTHER NEUTRAL PALETTE just because your name is on it. When I go out in public, I just want makeup that flatters my skintone and interesting, workable eyeshadows. I like color, and I was never really on the warm eyeshadow train so when I see a bunch of those shadows marketed as something special, it’s a hard pass for me because once I put it on my face, it’s no longer about the influencer. Trying to support them is great, but not when the products seem lackluster or don’t work for my skintone. Some brands like doing “influencer favorites”, but if I’ve been watching said influencer for a few months, then I probably already have all that I need to create their looks (their REAL favorites). Collabs just often seem like a waste of money for me.

I’m all about them, especially when the beauty influencer had say in the formula, because they know what they like and (probably) wouldn’t put their name on crappy products. I’ve had some good experiences buying influencer collabs, but then again I don’t buy them that often so I’ve probably missed out on some duds.

In a way, they are enjoyable….as I pay no attention to the influencers, and basically get what I like, once it gets your seal of approval. For me, it’s the opposite way around. Tarte does Graveyard Girl, so I check out a couple of Bunny videos. I learn about the influencers when a collab is released, rather than get a product because I follow the influencer. That’s not exactly the co’s marketing strategy. It’s kind of a reverse way of getting in touch with contemporary culture. MAC and abh have introduced me to quite a few.

It’s weird but I feel like they cheapen the line. Probably because being into celebs is more for teenagers than for adults. The exception is VB& EL I had to get modern mercury.

I don’t have much of a different opinion about them than regular products. If I am attracted to the color combo, layout, and theme, I would buy it even if I didn’t know about the influencer. But if the products are bad, they don’t appeal to me, or there’s a controversy or the influencer seems to be a disingenous person, I won’t purchase it. Most collabs I’ve seen have been pretty bland, most are neutral, most basic set of colors with random pop of color thrown in (cough cough Too Faced) I haven’t bought any yet.

I don’t mind seeing them coming or going i enjoy seeing new ideas and presentations, the colors and the often empty but fun promise of many of these gadgets that claim will turn me into a beautiful princess and take away every skin issue as in a fairy tale. I don’t get persuaded to purchase unless I love the colors my self and know product will be at least decent or better yet, excellent since I’ll be paying for the collab as well as influencer’s fame & hype. I’ll buy whatever I like for my taste and skin color. True, manycare jyst another light nude with three choices if highliters or whatever they get rather boring. I will only support a person with a good reputation hate all the conflict going on among these top seller gurus and am unsubscribing from them specially that Jeffrey Stars I cannot stand him/she whatever the creature is. So snobbish. Arghhh! And anybody doing business with it.

It honestly makes me MORE critical of the product becasue I know the cost is higher since there are two ‘cooks’ in the kitchen. The only collab item I’ve purchased is the Makeup by Mario Anastasia palette. Also, most of these collabs get so overexposed on Youtube that I kind of get annoyed hearing about them. That said, if there was ever a Temptalia collab, I would give it genuine consideration.

An influenster’s name alone isn’t going to make me buy. I’ve avoided a few collabs where I liked the collection, but loathed the influenster too much to buy it. I think these collabs usually feel sub-par and overhyped any more. Most of these collaborations also feel like they are the same neutrals over and over again, so it’s hard for me to get too excited most of the time.

ColourPop does a great job with its collaborations, I think. Other than ColourPop, my favorite collab was Too Faced x Vegas Nay (but Too Faced collabs have sucked since, and if the rumors about their treatment of Nikki are true, I’m very disappointed). I appreciated how much thought Bunny put into her Grav3yard Girl Tarte Swamp Queen collection. It felt genuine.

I think they’re way overdone nowadays, so I don’t purchase them. I also think YouTubers/IGers tend to give all collabs glowing reviews so as not to upset the influencer…. so I don’t really trust their opinions when collabs are in question. I also think it sways the influencer in promoting that brand from there on out/ giving positive reviews. It’s kind of like being sponsored by a brand, you know?

I’m on the fence with the influencer collaborations.I do watch YouTube videos for different opinions on product and I like skincare recommendations from ones that have a similar skin type as me but I feel like every YouTuber is announcing that they are creating a makeup line or product and just because they do videos and have a lot of followers doesn’t mean that they are going to create great makeup products.I feel like I know more about products,brand new launches,and various other makeup related information than a lot of the influencers.I am a licensed cosmetologist,skincare and makeup obsessed,and knowledgeable about all the new products and trends as I’m sure most of you all that comment and follow Christine are as well.Im sure many of us go into Sephora or Ulta as an example and know more about what is already on their website and not in store than they do and just from watching a lot of influencers(not all of them)I just feel like they don’t know as much as they should especially when people are calling them beauty gurus.Nikkitutorials does amazing makeup but look at her collaboration with Too Faced.When I saw it in Ulta I knew I didn’t like the quality and I almost ordered it at first with out a credible review because I like her.On the opposite end of that her Ofra Highlighter Everglow is really great.I waited for reviews and then I ordered it and I also got Wanderlush Moisturizer collab with Ofra and Kim Thai and I like the product a lot but I waited on both so I made an informed decision.The Desi Perkins and Lusterlux collab with Dose Of Colors looks promising.Im interested in the highlighters and the eyeshadow quad but I really don’t want to buy until I see some trustworthy reviews so hopefully I can get an idea of how good the products really are before August 14th.I don’t have any of the BH cosmetics x Carli Bybel but for the price point the quality seems to be there.So I think I can really go either way with collabs.

I only casually follow ‘influencers’ (although Kimberly Clark can do no wrong), but even those I do follow have never induced me to buy a product I wouldn’t otherwise. I’ve heard great things about the KL x CP collab, but I don’t own any of that particular line … I think?

On the other hand, I appreciate when someone who clearly knows what they’re doing — like an obscure(-to-me) makeup artist — pairs with a brand; but only when their knowledge improves the product somehow (an unexpectedly well-curated seasonal release; a new formula; interesting new products) — and usually I’ll look up the artist AFTER being sold on the collab. 🙂

Depends on the influencer and the Company / Brand.

If the reviews were good enough and the product is interesting then I go ahead for the kill. To be honest, I am a believer in Jaclyn Hill and Kathleen Lights colabrations. The outcome product has never disappointed me.

Latest purchase was Vilote Voss x Nicol Concilio eyeshadow palette, I was impressed by the swatches and was curious to try Vilote Voss for the first time.

DesixKaty colab with Dose of Color is very beautiful as well. I might go for the eyeshadow palette and a highlight.

I’m not reaching anytime soon for Joure x Jefree Star colab since I’m not a supporter of the last.

I agree with you, I really like it when the quality is there and if it fills a hole or really represents the influencer or celebrity.

I don’t mind them, as long as the quality of the products being launched are of excellent quality eg Estee Lauder and Victoria Beckham last year. The eye shadow palette was stunning.
However when they come out every other week (eg MAC) and most of the products are so so, then it can be annoying and disappointing.

Not a fan. It seems companies skimp on quality of the product knowing their is a built-in market that will purchase it to show support to the influencer. And when things go wrong, the influencer’s name and reputation is on the line. The influencer has to make excuses because they have no control and limited input.

Would rather see influencers create their own product like Wayne Goss. His brushes are amazing quality and he has control & input!

I’m not sure who ‘influencers’ are, though when I see the term, I usually associate it with YouTube and move on regardless of the products.

I’m not a big fan of them and tend to skip them directly.

I understand why some brands do it but I don’t really think it’s a good idea.

Just because an influencer may be big news doesn’t necessarily mean their products will be great. I buy what I like and what suits me, regardless of who’s behind it.

Same as when a celebrity does it, or endorses it. If I like the influencer and his/her taste, I’ll excitedly give it a shot! As for the brand, there is only a very small handful of brands I don’t have good experiences with, and even those I’m willing to try again if they come out with something I’m interested in. Side note: every time I do give said brands another chance, I’m disappointed.

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