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I love, love, love bright lips, and I also love purple and black lips when going out at night. Unnatural is where it’s at!

I love smokey and dark eyes, and I love a pop of color in eye makeup – like a neutral eye with a teal liner – and I’ll wear that kind of thing myself.

As for an eye look made entirely of bright colors, I can appreciate it if it’s well done, it really shows skill off well, and it can look awesome, but it’s not something I wear myself on a day to day basis.

Colorfulness is my favorite aspect of makeup! (You might not be surprised to know that I did not buy the Naked palettes :P)

I think it’s great if it’s done tastefully. there’s a line between colorful, daring makeup and looking ridiculous and clownish.

I love colorful makeup but don’t always know how to incorporate items into a daily look so checking tutorials, looks, blogs teaches me ideas on how to use Woodstock in the crease when it’s a color I liked but thought would make me look like I had been crying for weeks if I wore it. After time, I’m able to create some of my own variations…including those that I only do when I’m not leaving home 🙂

I. LOVE. IT. Mhmmm. 😀 It’s art to me. I’ve always been attracted to colors, textures, and finishes; however, I can’t draw, paint, etc. Well, I can, but I mean it wouldn’t be good, lol. Makeup is my one artsy, fun thing. I am a big fan of more wearable, natural/neutral looks, too. I feel more comfortable and appropriate in certain settings with minimal or toned down looks. Also, sometimes I just want too look polished and put together with little effort, so use makeup to simply enhance. More colorful makeup will always be my first love when it comes to makeup, though. I have absolutely no problem with wearing the looks I create to go out of the house, either. I try to wear bright or more colorful makeup in a variety of ways; sometimes just a pop of a bright color, other times more color, but still wearable, and sometimes more avant garde/editorial type looks (Usually out of boredom, but rarely wear those out.).

I’ve also noticed, I have a hard time buying neutral makeup, especially if it’s more expensive. It’s not unique, unless it’s an exceptional formula that I can’t find elsewhere, so it just seems silly to me. I don’t know, but anyone who knows me knows I’m weirder when it comes to neutral makeup whereas most people have a weirdness about colorful makeup.

I think some people have faces better suited to it than others, but generally really like it. Personally, I tend to be a bit shy about really bold eye shades, but I regularly rock a bold fuschia or magenta lip.

I love it! I’ve been doing more neutral toned looks lately out of tiredness, but I still love my bright, vivid colors.

I love bright lipstick and blush but I’m sometimes too lazy to do bright eyes because they take more planning and work than neutral eyeshadow. I loveee bright eyeshadow on other people though! 🙂

I used to ONLY wear neutral colors and blue eyeshadow (except for lips). Then I started buying palettes with bright colours (THANKS UD!!). I don’t wear bright colours everyday because I find I just can’t slap on and go out the house. For me colour placement and colour matching is important, or else I look like a clown. I wear bright/colorful make-up probably 3-4 times a week, and more if I wake up on time *LOL*

I love a cut crease and gradient effect. In the Spring I love pastels and the summer full on primary colours. In the fall and winter I wear both depending on the outfit colour.

I won’t wear bright, colorful eye (or cheek!) look but if I’m going out or feeling feisty I love a bright lipstick 🙂

It depends. I love colors but I have my limits lol. I personally haven’t figured out how to combine matte colors on my lids, but then again I have very little lid space to play with so perhaps that’s why!

It’s gorgeous but bright colours can be very difficult to wear, so this kind of make-up has to be perfect !

Looks fantastic on people who do it well, but I have fat in my brow bone, or ‘hooded lids’, so the colour always smudges.

I do love to wear bright lips, but I tend to shy away from bright eyeshadows on myself. Somehow it never looks quite right on me.

I think bright, colorful makeup looks great on the right person. Not EVERYONE should try to wear it, it’s a very youthful look. My 18 year old daughter looks amazing, me…not so much. 🙂

I love it! I love naturals, and make up that enhances my natural beauty and I think it’s quite an art to make yourself look better without actually making it obvious you’re wearing tonnes of makeup.

BUT I love bright and colourful makeup! It’s the best. It’s so much fun to play with, it is really obvious to look at, I get loads of compliments wearing green eyeshadow.

I love a splash of color on the eyes or a bright lipstick! Of course in the daytime I dont go all crazy but i love smokey eyes on daily basis and incorporate color in it as a twist.

Love! But only in small doses. I’ll do bright lips or cheeks and tone down the eyes. If I want to do bright eyes usually I’ll do bright eyeliner or a bright color in the crease. Any more color and I look like a clown. Props to those who can wear lots of colors! I’m jealous!

I LOVE bright lips, and bright blush, applied carefully and lightly with a good fan brush, can look surprisingly fresh and youthful.
Since I have bright green eyes, though, I prefer neutral shadows and liners, to set off my eye color.
In general, I think brown eyes carry off colorful eye makeup best, since brown is a neutral color.

i like it on other people, not so much on myself. i just can’t get used to it, not to mention my main goal with makeup is to go as natural as possible most of the time.

I love it on some people but it doesn’t work that well for me.Some girls(such as you,xsparkage and many more) end up looking like real cartoon dolls and I find it really pretty.The bright lips trend is the one thing I find that suits me but for the eyes and cheeks,let the pros have it in their way:)

I love seeing tutorials and looks on youtube and on magazines but on me, personally I don’t think I can pull it off. I’m just a die hard neutrals girl at heart! 🙂

I love colourful makeup! It’s a good thing that i live in the caribbean where we are always sunny most of the year anyway so wearing bright colourful makeup year round is pretty easy to do!

I love it. There are days where I’m too self-conscious, but I’ve been known to wear my Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette to work. My favorite lately is mermaid eyes (turquoise, greens, and purples).

I love it love it<3 As much as I wear my NAKED palette I think it's so fun to pull out the rainbow and splash it on your face;) In fact, I did a blue look today and a nice nude face and lip..blue is tricky, but beautiful<3 I agree with Christine, artistry really shows through when using color<3

I used to love bright colors, until I realized that I didn’t look attractive in them with my fair skin. However, I do love a bright eyeliner or a muted red every now and then, but when it comes to acid greens and fuchsia (unless its sheer), then no way.

I love bright colorful makeup if done correctly. I see a lot of girls doing it wrong all the time though, like a clown. And also leave their eye shadows unblended, uneven and streaky. That’s when I want to scrub their face off. Trust me I’ve had my days (years actually) where I have worn bright makeup extremely incorrectly.

Love it, when done right for the right occasion. For every day wear, unless it’s just one bright say eye color or just the lip bright, then nope, that’s not working for me. But I often will do a bright fuchsia lip and have a nude eye. It’s one of my fav new looks this year.

I love, love, love bright and colorful makeup! I’ll wear either purple smokey eyes or fuchsia pink lipsticks. 😉

Nothing hurts more than seeing a woman wearing bright eyeshadow or blush . . . or whatever. I understand that it is a form of expression but, it takes away so much from the physical beauty.

J’ADORE Bright and Colorful makeup! Makeup is supposed to be fun. I love taking inspiration from Ads or Videos and creating looks that I can rock in my everyday life.

I normally tone down the looks I admire. But given the right occasion, there’s nothing wrong with playing up your makeup with brights or color. But you don’t want to look like a disaster so choose what you want to accentuate: Eyes, Lips or Cheeks. Doing all at once or multiple can ruin your look and distract more than attract.

Love it for editorial looks. My opinion is that it doesn’t translate well to real life unless you work specifically in the field like at MAC. If I see someone particularly striking it’s usually because they look very fresh faced and natural. Fortunatly not being into it saves me a lot of time and money!

I agree with you…I love the way makeup can become art; it’s beautiful. I do like to wear brights on my eyes, but shy away from them on the cheeks and lips. On a day to day basis I don’t reach for bright shadows, but when I do use them, I love the light up my entire complexion.

I love bright and colorful makeup because bright colors make me happy so when I wear bright makeup it makes my day that much better! Besides who wouldn’t want a rainbow on their face? 😀

I simply prefere the natural look or a hint of color. I like it on other girls / ladies, if it looks balanced or professional.

It’s my favorite! I’ve got nothing against natural or “no-makeup” looks, but if I’m in the mood to look like that I just don’t wear makeup. To me, the fun of makeup is using fun colors and glitter to dress up and do things that could never happen naturally.

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