How do you decide what eye makeup to wear?

It usually is based on what I need to test next! If I have a few palettes that I’m testing, then I might coordinate with whatever else I’m testing/wearing or try to make both eyes “match” in a general sense, like neutrals on both eyes rather than bold blues on one and golds on the other!

— Christine
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Do I have something new? Then I’m going to coordinate my outfit to go with my newest eyeshadow acquisition! Or I’ll just wear black, as I do pretty often anyhow, LoL.
As for what I do most days, I do coordinate my eye look to at least mesh well with my outfit, if not match it. But I generally don’t do extreme matchy-matchy eye makeup, just sometimes.

I like to keep it neutral with just a pop of color, usually to go with or at least compliment what I’m wearing. I decide on my ‘look of the week’ on Sunday and stick to that all week so I don’t take too much time in deciding and getting ready in the morning. I guess my eye makeup dictates what I’m going to wear daily, ha!

It depends on how much tired I am and how much my face is showing the lack of sleep. If I’m really tired, I just do a light lid wash, otherwise I go for more elaborate eye looks.

Depends on if there is something I particularly want to use or not. Otherwise I stare at my customized MAC palettes until inspiration hits. Then I usually pick an outfit that goes with what I have chosen

So many factors… if I’m rushed or tired, I’ll go one-and-done with sure things; what I’m wearing (e.g., if blacks/grays, more purple/pink liner or shadows); how long will I wear it (Mac fluidline liners last forever so good for redeye flights); what’s my current fancy (new palette or product); weekends it’s less overall makeup and more neutral.

There’s very little rhyme or reason behind my choices. Sometimes, it’s because I have something new that I want to wear or keep trying out in different combinations. Often, it’s because I’ve seen a mention or youtube video of a product/palette I have and that will get me wanting to use it again. Sometimes, it’s suddenly remembering something I haven’t used in a while and deciding “it’s time to give that palette an outing again” – this happened recently with the ABH Mario palette….it was buried under a few others and kind of forgotten so out it came for a week’s use. Because most of my clothing is neutral, matching eyes to clothes is never (or rarely) an issue, particularly since I don’t own stuff like red eyeshadow (so doing a red eye look with a red dress or blouse is never going to be a possibility). So mostly, it’s just what I feel like wearing or what I’ve remembered I have and suddenly want to wear again (in which case, I need to take it out the night before or I’ll forget again!)

This could have been written by me.
The only thing I might add is how much time I’ve allowed for getting ready. When I’m really stretched thin I will grab my UD Naked Basics and essentially contour my lids. I’ve done this so many times, using the same shades, that I know I can get it done in a little over five minutes, including liner and mascara.
Otherwise it is exactly as Mariella has said. (I saw the Too Faced Bon Bon palette on a video earlier today and already had a mental note to use it in the a.m.)

Karen, I should have mentioned that for me too, time is a factor. When I’m rushing to get ready in the morning and I’m pressed for time (early start or lingering too long over coffee), I’ll reach for a “standby” (often a MAC self-made quad or Tisse Rivoli or Empreinte du Desert from Chanel) as they are always quick and easy.

Mainly on the day of the week and what I’m wearing that day. I go for more fun looks on Fridays and the weekends while sticking with neutrals for the weekdays.

I just do what I feel like on any given day. That’s why Iike quads. I just pick the combo that strikes me, not much thinking, and go with it. Then I usually try to match my outfit so it doesn’t clash too badly. 🙂

I usually build the look around a specific shadow(s) that I feel like wearing (or want to pan). If no inspiration comes, I will pick something I didn’t wear since a while, or pair my lid color to something I wear.

If I have something new, I’ll usually wear that. If not, it can depend on things such as weather (less makeup and more forgiving colors when it’s hot), mood, energy levels, and what I’m wearing (usually I’m in black or dark gray, but I’ll often pull a color from the pattern or my accessories).

Selecting from just 5-10 favorite eyeshadows of the moment, coupled with the outfit I’m wearing, and how dressed up I want to get overall..

It varies for me. Sometimes I will build a look around specific shadow or palette especially if it’s new or if I haven’t used it recently. Most of the time it’s around what is going to compliment what I’m wearing. When I’m on vacation it’s all about what I’m wearing and what we are doing.

Usually I do a neutral look for work, and something a bit more adventurous on days off. Sometimes I will try to recreate a look that I saw either on a blog or on a video tutorial. I do like to throw a pop of color in once in a while regardless. What I am wearing also will determine what goes on my eyes. I always try to pick up on a color that I am wearing.

I usually choose something that blends with what I’m wearing apart from the days when I am in a ‘purple’ mood or an ‘apricot’ mood etc. I enjoy applying my eyeshadow and some days choose a colour that gives me a ‘mental’ lift. Some days you just need one don’t you! 🙂

I never know until I sit down in front of the mirror and even then it’s not after concealer and foundation. It’s pretty much dictated on the lip color. If I’am wearing a stronger lip color I tone down the eye color and a soft lip color a stronger eye color. I’am not one to go wild on eye color. Two maybe three eye colors in the same color family is pretty much my preference. I have to admit I love lipstick and sometimes forgo eye color with the exception of mascara, well groom eyebrows and a pair of large sunglasses. Lipstick is something I’am never seen without, except when I’am home.

Mostly it depends upon what I am wearing so I can complement the colours. And that is determined by the season too. I tend to wear more neutrals and olives in autumn and winter, with brighter and lighter shades in summer & spring.
Another factor is the palettes that are in my rotation for the fortnight – I usually have a neutral and one with colours to play around with so I am giving love to my stash.
At other times it might be a special occasion or I want to try out a new product.

Depends on top color of my shirt, blouse, dress I’m wearing or how my hazel eyesxwake up that morning more into green, brown or yellow. Lol! I live rovritate daiky though no matter what is fun to me.

In addition to what everyone else has said, I work from home and wear a lot of neutral colors, so I can basically suit myself as to looks. And the real challenge is varying my routine. In the colder months, I put the summery pink lipsticks and few warm eye palettes I have away and I get into more elaborate eye looks, sometimes gearing them to my clothing for the day. At this time of year, I will tend to have on hand some eye shadow singles in pale neutral colors and a few palettes I am into at the moment, and go more for the basics: eyebrow, color correction, concealer, pale shadow on lid, liner and mascara, which I will then vary depending on mood, clothes etc by the use of either a more vibrant crease color and/or under eye colored liner or shadow. Then I go for bright lipsticks and applications of blush after the re-application of sunscreen for a warmer season look.

I’m starting to pick my lipstick first. I put it on and then I end up with a much more balanced face. It’s easier to see when the look is going ‘wrong’.

On a daily basis I wear very neutral/natural for work. I try to rotate my palettes monthly so they all get a little love. And if I’m doing something a little special I’ll add color or coordinate to the season

Lately it’s been a nuetral eye with a bright liner (blue, purple, green) that will cordinate or brighten up what I am wearing.

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