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I dont really know how I pick now that I think about it. I just usually pick the blushes that usually work for me and thats it

… It depends on my eye makeup… It I have something dramatic then I do a soft blush!… If I have something soft on the eyes then I go for a little of more pop on the blush!…;0)

Same here, absolutely (and sometimes what clothes I’m wearing and what the occasion is, i.e., softer for office, more dramatic for parties, etc

this is kind of silly but since i don’t wear much myself… i just have a few colors and i tend to match it to my mood/the weather more than anything else. if it’s bright and sunny i pick something that’s peachy or bronzy, if it’s colder out then i pick something that’s more pinky. i also like to look more glossy in warm weather so i’ll often go for something with a little bit of shimmer in it OR highlight with clear gloss 😛

in the summer i usually have nars orgasm and nars penny lane in my ‘everyday’ makeup drawer. on the winter it’s mac plum foolery and nars penny lane, so i’ll grab for them most of the time…

I’m the same as you, I always use a blush that matches or is at least in the same “family” as my lips. Although sometimes, if I’m doing really strong lips I’ll go for a neutral blush or even opt out and just do a little highlight and contour

It usually will be in the same color family as the lipcolor I choose. If I’m wearing very dramatic eyes or lips, I go light on the blush. But if I’m not wearing very much color on the rest of my face, I might play up the cheeks.

I generally base it on my lipstick. Peachy with warm lips, pinkish with pink or purpley. Still working on finding the right red and figuring out what other makeup to use with it…

I use a warm toned blush if I’m wearing cool toned colors on my eyes. Then I wear a cool toned blush if I’m wearing warm colors on my eyes. Then peach blush if I’m wearing a smoky eye.

Can you do a review and thoughts on the Nars blushes, with swatches pictures, and you wearing them on your face? I wanna buy a few, but really not sure which ones. Thanks Christine!

Oh, and answer to your question.
Heavey smokey eye; Nude lips to tone it down
Natural eye; Dark lips or bright lip with color

It depends on what I’m wearing. For instance, if I’m wearing a purple shirt, I’m not going to wear a peach or bronze blush. I’d wear a blush that’s pink or plum to complement it.

I only have like two blushe shade…is that bad? How much of an effect do you think blush makes on a look? Should a pay more attention on my blushes??

i actually go by season/weather. if it looks super gloomy outside, i’ll wear a deep plum or another autumn-esque color. if it is rather sunny out, i’ll opt for a brighter pink or a bronzey peach. of course, this is also based on how heavy my eye makeup is, if im wearing very bright lid colors, i will try to go for a more natural peachy tan shade, if im wearing a neutral eye, i’ll wear a rosy pink blush.

This is kind of embarrassing but I just started wearing blush last yr? I believe…I only own two, one being a cream blush. My options are pretty limited. Now I am thinking of just using something like Guerlain Meteorites…

It depends on my mood and my eye make-up 🙂 Then I choose the lipgloss according to the colour of the blush 😉

It depends more on my eye makeup. For example, if I’m sporting a sparkly smokey eye, then I’ll probably reach for a matte blush (just to make sure there isn’t an absurd amount of shimmer on my face).

I don’t like having a lot of different products. I currently have three items, doubling lipsticks aside, that I can use as a blush. I base my decision mostly on the weather and light. Bright, sunny summer weather? Soft look, light on the cheeks but everything else as well. Dark, cold, gloomy weather? Pop on a bit more overall, though never too much on the cheeks when you have dramatic eyes or lips.

im ethnic so its complicated >__<
pink blush + red lipstick makes me look like a clown. i wear light bronzer or fun and games when i do bold lips (even pink colors lol) or eye make up. And i only wear pink blush with clear gloss on the lips.

what my skin is like that day. if it’s kind of oily i’ll pick a cool toned powder blush, if it’s dry a creme blush. If it already has a flush, a subtle blush and if it is really pale, a darker blush.

In fact I have difficulty in choosing which blush to wear; I always don’t know what colors work well together so I always end up choosing the safer/universal colors..

A blush color has to be slightly warmer the color of my lipstick/gloss , It always works for me and adds warmth and radiance to my face

According on the tones of my eye make-up. if i use warm colours on the eyes, i pick a peachy or coral blush; if i use cool ones, i pick a pink or mauve blush.
I never overdo with blush: having very fair skin, i always put a soft wash of colour, and that’s enough!

I usually wear something bright to bring some life to my face. If I decide to wear bright eye color I keep the blush nuetral. I don’t wear lipstick or gloss so the blush is usually the main feature.

I make my blush decision after I put my eyeshadow on and choose something that compliments that. Lipstick is usually chosen last.

I coordinate the blush to the eyeshadow and then the lipstick/gloss to the total look. For me it all starts with the eyes.

I always decide what to do next after I do my eye makeup. Some days, I decide to just do a pale neutral eye, but them I end up going for the dramatic, smoky look. So, since I’m kind of unpredictable in that sense, I do my eyes first, then lipstick, then I decide what blush to wear (to compliment my lips).

I’m such a blush whore, and I have so many that I will switch it up daily. It is the last thin I apply, so I try to make it compliment the rest of the look and what I’m wearing.

I look at the undertones of my makeup. I have pretty well neutral skin, so if i have cool makeup, i pick warm blushes for contrast, and if i have warm makeup, i pick neutral or cool blushes. I mean, i try to match the tone to the color family of my lips, but all of that consideration comes AFTER looking at the eyes, and deciding which lips will balance it best.

It is the same for me, because I have neutral tones if I go all cool or all warm then it just doesn’t look right, so I find myself mixing it up to balance things out. I do seem to prefer wearing cool colours on my eyes and warmer on my cheeks and lips though because it brings out my eyes more and those are always my focus.

I usually coordinate the blush with type of eyeshadows: cool or warm; light or dark; playful or smokey; neutral or whatever shade. Then I choose the lipstick to go with the blush. Somehow it always works in this order. I wonder if it would work in the opposite direction; I’ll have to try!

sometimes it is hard for me to figure out what blush to use…if it’s really that hard i’ll go really soft on the cheeks like nyx glow cream blush..it works with any look. 🙂

I don’t wear blush every day, but when I do, I usually wear a soft, natural peachy pink colour. I don’t like blush to be noticeable on me and I hate looking flushed. If I want to do stronger cheeks, I’ll do a fun hot pink blush with a pink lip (the boldness varies on where I’m going and how I’m feeling) and neutral eyes.

Oooh, I don’t have a method as such – and I am crazy in love with blush! I have so many it’s not even funny… I suppose I try and compliment my eye makeup and lipstick, try and choose something that pulls the look together – if I do a purple eye I like a matte cool pink or a warm tawny pink beige, neutral eyes get a brighter pop of pink or plum (loving MAC Flirt & Tease at the mo) and darker or smoky eyes get a subtle peach or bit of bronzer.

I like to layer cheek products too, my favourite is to do a wash of soft or sheer colour and then pop a bit brighter or deeper tone on the apples of my cheeks. If I’m going out, a sweep of highlighter over the cheekbones to finish off.

I’m very pink undertoned and spend a bit of time everyday toning down the color of my face with concealer and powder, so I never wear blush.

I struggle to not just reach for my go-to blush everyday, I like to switch things up as needed. Typically, i’d say I go with whatever suites my mood that day, aka, the makeup i’m wearing. You know, if i feel like crap I steer away from makeup, if I feel awesome, I pack it on (It might be the opposite for a lot of people though). So I choose blush accordingly.

I have always been afraid of using blush. I was afraid that I would look like a clown. I have seen so many people choose the wrong shade or put to much on. I tried blush for the first time this summer it was Torrid by NARS. I did not pick it out though. The salesperson in Sephora picked it for me and it was beautiful.

Chanel, congrats on finding Nars Torrid. It’s the only blush I use. Looks awesome on me too. 🙂 I am trying to add to my makeup collection slowly and found that Clinique Precious Posy and Bobbi Brown Pink Truffle pot rouge are also beautiful blushes. Sephora lipsticks are wonderful I think. Not long wearing but at the same time doesn’t stain your lips which is great. They have nice colors and are moisturizing.

I also just discovered there are pink lipstick-blush and corally lipstick-blush that go well together, as some have said on the thread. Sometimes celebrities wear pink lipstick with coral blush. Looks not so nice I think.

Could anyone please suggest – what blush/lipsticks are good to wear with i. plum liner/shadow ii. charcoal iii. green iv. brown
I would love this advice from the experienced make up wearers on this thread. Thank you 🙂

I suppose with navy, corals or pinks work.

Can anyone please suggest what color blush

it depends on where i’m going and what look i want to do. otherwise it’s usually random – whatever i pick out first.

I usually stick to colors that flatter me and like a lot of people here I try to create balance. When I’m wearing heavy eyemakeup, I’ll wear a soft shade of blush and I match my blush to my lipstick or gloss.

I’m still pretty new to blush but I really love it. I pick the tone based on my eye makeup, warmer colors for warmer eye, pinkish for cooler eye looks; softer colors for dark/smokey/sultry eyes. I don’t always wear lip products so that usually comes last.

i use my hot pinks whenever i go out. i alwayssssssss love rosey cheeks! but i’m a medical assistant so for school and internship it’s usually just boring shades =/ like springsheen, aglow from clinique ALOT and anything thats more bronzey than pinky or purply. but leave it up to me and i’d have pink rosey cheeks all the time! =D

Flavor of the week. All my makeup shades are in the same warm color family, so it all goes together and I can mix and match products for similar looks. I just dig through my stash and pick which one I like at the moment.

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