How do you deal with your hair while you're applying makeup?

How do you deal with your hair while you’re applying makeup? Do you tie it back? Headband? (Sorry my short-haired beauties, this might not apply to you, but maybe you had long hair once upon a time and can chime in still!)

I tie it back into a ponytail/bun so I don’t get a bunch of strands in my face if I’m not planning on styling my hair. I prefer to blow dry and the like prior to makeup, just because of the higher heat element, so I just leave it however I styled it and do my makeup with it down in those instances.

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since the only part of my hair that’s bothersome is my fringe, i just tend to tilt my head a bit so it falls to the side because i know if i pin it up its just going to stay where i don’t want it to be!

I HAVE to tie it back and put on a headband because of my love for contouring and my crazy ass hair getting all over the place….I need it totally off my forehead while I am contouring so it doesn’t create any shadows. Great question!

I have to blow dry my hair first. If I dont, my side swept bangs dry up and sit weirdly for the rest of the day! Then I move my bangs to the side for a few seconds to apply foundation to my forehead then comb them back to place!

I wish I could move them out of the way, but im fine with what im currently doing!

My hair frizzes under dry heat, so I have to let it air dry. Since I always do my makeup after I get dressed, I just leave it in a wrapped towel or loose bun to keep it out of the way. Hair is always the last thing I do. 🙂

I shower and then put curl cream in my hair and loosely wrap it in a bun and then do my makeup. After makeup, I take my hair down and gently finger it out or if I have time I will dry it then.

I do my make up while my hairs wet so it just stays back anyway. If I dried mine and the tied it back, even for 20 mins, it would totally knock all the volume out of it and I’d have a ponytail in it kink all day.

I’ve got a very easy to style pixie cut. I do my make up first, with my hair back. I use a head band! When my make up is done, I quickly do my hair and that’s all.

My hair is long and touches the top of my butt so I always put my hair up into a bun before applying makeup. If I lean forward just slightly my hair is in my eyes. Putting it up is a necessity.

Because I try to maximize my time, I just keep my bangs away from my face with a clip and let the rest of my hair air dry with my fan so that when I’m done with my makeup, my hair is ready to be styled. 🙂

I have pretty darn long hair (for the “norm”) and don’t find it gets in the way for mascara at all. I usually have it in a scarf/headband for when I do foundation, though. If I do, I’ll leave it in that until my makeup is complete. I always do my hair after (if I do any heat styling, it’s very short-timed)

Aaaand I’m a dummy and thought the word “makeup” in your question said “mascara.” Honestly I could do all my eye makeup and lipstuffs with it down, it’s just that darn foundation…

I only have long hair on one side of my head (the other is shaved, the back is short), and I just use a medium sized hair clip to get it out of the way. I’ve found hair ties to leave dents and mess up the style of my hair, so I don’t use them.

I have about a million little baby hairs right around my face, so I always put my hair up in a high ponytail or messy bun, and then put on a headband, too. Otherwise, my little baby hairs get matted into my foundation, and sometimes even catch on my mascara wand, which can leave black marks on my face – not fun.

I sound kind of old school, lol, but I almost always have my hair in large Velcro rollers when I do my makeup. I blow dry my hair and put the curlers in, then do my makeup and get dressed while my hair cools. I take the rollers out right before it’s time to go. It’s nice for makeup application, because my hair is totally off my face but it’s not getting smashed!

I just leave it down and make sure my bangs aren’t getting in the way by tilting my head one side or the other or I’ll hold it down with my other hand. Bangs are the only part of my hair that’ll get in my face. But those are chin length now soo… I don’t really have trouble with it.

I blow dry first and do some light styling. If I am straightening my hair I fully straighten. If I am curling then I just blow dry. I use a large alligator clip to gently pull my hair back. I don’t like using a pony tail holder because sometimes it leaves kinks in my hair. Then I apply my makeup, unclip my hair and fix any last minute kinks or curl my hair.

My hair is usually up in a giant clip so hair isn’t in my face. I refuse to put my hair behind my ears–I hate that annoying curved crease that forms!!

Those velcro things look interesting though!

I blowdry my hair right before I do my makeup so my makeup doesn’t melt then use a headband to keep it off my face. After my makeup’s done I use my straightener, which doesn’t pose the same threat to my makeup as a blowdryer. 🙂

If I’m leaving it straight or putting it up, I will go ahead and do that before applying makeup. If I’m curling it, I will put hot-rollers in and do my makeup while my hair sets, or curl with an iron after applying makeup.

I just sort of flop my head around like a lunatic to keep my hair out of my way when I’m doing certain things in my makeup routine, haha.

After I shower, I brush my hair and put in up (while it is wet) in a claw clip. I get dressed, then I do my makeup. I then blowdry my hair (I have super curly hair), apply my mascara and lipgloss, and I am good to go for the day

I’ve got a side parted bob and I tuck one side behind an ear and gently pin up the other side (so it doesn’t leave an indent). I use those pin curl clips because they’re the least disruptive and I give it a quick blow out right after I finish my make-up.

Most days I do most my makeup with my wet hair up in a towel. I blow dry afterwards but it only takes 2 minutes max (mostly dry), and then I take about 2 minutes with the flat-iron. Then as my very last steps in my routine I apply mascara and lipgloss, lol.

I throw mine up in a Tassi on days I don’t wash my super long hair. On days I wash my hair, I have my wet hair wrapped up in a hair turban and blow dry or let down and air dry after applying my makeup.

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