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I’m the same way, but if they keep asking me and following me around while I browse and watching EVERYTHING I do, I’ll just leave and come back another time.

I tell them that I’m just looking but that I’ll be sure to let them know if I have any questions or need help. It seems to work fairly well with all pushy salespeople. 

I simply ask them to leave me alone.  If I need them, I’ll ask them for help.  I do not consider that rude considering how much they lie and phony compliment just to sell me a product that I am clearly uninterested in.

Well, if I know what I want, and I want to avoid pushy sales associates then I purchase and leave quickly. If I want to shop around then I just say that I’m only browsing for the moment, or I will give an indication that I have items in mind, but that I would like to look around and swatch alone first, but that I will let them know if I need any assistance. I always try to be polite because I know in most cases they are only trying to do their job. If I’m approached repeatedly, I may be annoyed, but I still try to be courteous. If products are being pushed on me, if I am open to a product, I usually ask for a sample stating I don’t like to return items. If I actually like the item, and they weren’t being overly pushy, and I was open to purchasing something off my list then it’s sometimes nice that the product was suggested. Even if I may find the person/people/behavior annoying, I generally try to remain in a positive, polite manner. If I feel uncomfortable, I will try to let the person know in a nice manner, or I will just leave the setting. I, typically, only get catty when faced with someone who just wants to be a know-it-all or a bitch and takes it too far.
I can only remember one time I really “caved.” It wasn’t so much that I bought products the girl was pushing, but rather, she was pushy, so I didn’t get to look at products, so I just picked and got out of there. I ended up not liking anything I purchased. This was at MAC many years ago, I told the associate I just wanted to browse alone for a little bit, but I would grab her when I was ready. This chick followed me to every fricken location jumping in at every.single.product. UGH! I just grabbed products and got out of there. This was the first time I was put in a situation with an extremely pushy and rude sales associate. I should have returned all the damn products citing that annoying fucking chick as the reason for return. LOL.
P.S. – Pushy, rude sales people are bad, but so are pushy, rude customers. Stay classy, ladies and gents!

Perfect timing! I was just going to ask you are they on commission at stores like Nordies? The last couple of trips to the counter I felt obligated to buy because everything I looked at or asked a question about was immediately put next to he register for me to buy. When I was ready to leave they were ringing them up. What I really wanted was my questions answered so I can decide what to buy. Today he sales lady did the exaggerated “it’s sooooo gorgeous!” for everything. Sad to say I bought out of guilt for taking up their time:(

 @Mrs Crna Gora You shouldn’t feel guilted into buying anything.  Yes, they make commission and their job performance is based on how much products they’re selling, but that’s their problem, not yours.  How much they sell is dependent upon on how good their products are, how much traffic they get in a store, and how much people want to spend.  A good salesperson will suggest products you will love, but a bad salesperson will push products on you that you don’t want/need.

 @Mrs Crna Gora Yes, they work on commission at department stores.  (Or maybe I should say “we” now since I work in cosmetics retailing as well.)  I can say that most of us are trained NOT to do that very thing.  But if you haven’t sold all day there is a lot of pressure on you to make your goal per hour/day.  Having said this, that’s not YOUR fault and you should never be subjected to bad service so I am sorry this happened to you.  You should never feel obligated to buy anything from anyone and the retailers should give you honest opinions, answers and suggestions rather than show you how “absolutely GORGEOUS” everything is .  Next time I suggest coming back when another MUA/SA is available or going to another dept. store that has the same brand.  You don’t need to be scared off you’re favorite brand because of one bad experience. 🙂  Hope this was helpful!

I’m pretty much on the same page as Christine with this… I politely tell them I’m just looking, but if there is something in particular I want or need help with I will let them know.  More often than not I am just looking… and if they continue to push me I simply just go away.  Oddly enough, it seems that when I do actually need help with something the sales people are nowhere to be found. Needless to say, I do most of my shopping on the internet.  

I think my body language scares most of them away because I don’t get help unless I ask for it. So I don’t really have a problem with pushy sales staff. If I do though, I have no problem telling them that I’m just browsing or that I’ll think about it.

I usually try to tell them that I’m just browsing. If they don’t stop, I get really uncomfortable, wait for them to turn around, and sneak out.

I want to say 99% of the times I know more than sales associates at the makeup counter so I don’t get intimidated by pushy sales people.  I’m always open to whatever they’re selling if it’s to my liking, but I won’t buy something just because I’m feeling pressured.  For example, I went to buy a moisturizer at the Chanel counter, and this guy is trying to sell me Chanel Le Blanc (a moisturizer and whitening cream).  On top of it being very rude that he told me I had bad skin from sun damage, I didn’t want to buy the cream because it made the back of my hand appear whiter in a matter of seconds.  I think there might be some kind of white pigment in it.  I ended up getting exactly what I wanted there and didn’t buy anything I hadn’t already gone in there to buy.
If there’s nothing in particular I’m there to buy I’ll tell the associate I’m just browsing.

Unless they’re rude, I remain patient.  I once worked for a store that enforced pushy customer service as a rule, so I understand that these people are just trying to make a living and risk losing their job if they don’t do it (and in this economic climate, who can afford that?).  As far as I’m concerned, there’s very little excuse to be impolite to an associate unless they first violate a social boundary.

If it was a shop i was just walking past & i haven’t been too before i would say i was just having a look and was browsing, if they were extremely pushy though i would just walk out as i don’t like that kind of sales pitch (as others have said).
Lucky for me  I have developed relationships with the sales people that i go to @ my local debenhams beauty counter… (i am in there all the time, the ladies at the benefit and helen-e counter know me well, too well i fear lmao)

It depends on the brand…I have a weakness for Mac and it’s not that expensive, but if it’s BB or YSL I will try really hard not to spend my gas money:)

I usually just tell them I would like a minute to browse on my own I actually work at an Estee Lauder counter and I treat my customers the way I like sales people to treat me. If a customer say they are just browsing I say “No problem! Let me know if you have any questions” And I don’t bug them until they come to me. 

OMFG i had that happen to me at MAC last week  – like they had this attitude of “buy something or get out” – maybe i was paranoid but the salesgirls were just hovering around me ugh :(OOH speaking of MAC, Jealousy Wakes is still available online?! Did it get promoted to permanent or something 😀

I’d tell that I’m just looking. Tbh the treatment that usually caused me to cave was mostly enthusiasm and willingness to help. If an SA helped me a lot or recommending great products or letting me wear the product first then come back when i think it’s good enough, I usually caved and purchase more. Guess everything looks better when someone have just been nice to you.

I try and be friendly and polite too. It depends on how pushy they are. My friend and I were at a make-up store (I won’t mention which one) and the sales people wouldn’t leave her alone. They just kept asking over and over again if she needed help. After a while it went from trying to honestly help to being rude, the tone in their voice changed. We didn’t say anything, but afterwards my friend definitely complained to me about it and how they always do that to her at this store. I can put up with only so much until I’m done… nothing that bad has happened ever tho. 🙂

the worst is pushy perfume counter sales women. oh my god. it’s like they don’t stop. i sometimes like to take my time and really smell something individually and they’re spraying me and my hair and my clothes. i walk out smelling like a baby hooker.

I tell them I’m just browsing but if they get way too pushy I just say “thank you but I don’t think you can help me” and get out… pushy salespeople are a huge turn off! I might even be decided to buy something but if they don’t let me breathe I won’t… That’s why I shop online most of the time! No bugging… x

I tell them politely I’m browsing. Sometimes they will stay in my immediate area and scrutinize what I’m doing. *rolleyes*. In that case, I politely ask them if they want to take a closer look. 😛
Or another way of not dealing with pushy sales people is to dress casually (jeans – t-shirt – sneakers or ballerinas) with no make-up on. It works like a charm (I look younger than I am, it helps a lot). They generally assume I have no money and/or I’m not really interested in make-up, so they immediateley turn to any other customer in the area. And voila, browsing in peace achieved! 😛

@Marie Exactly. I also find it amusing when I go to pay, and they see me pull out my American Express Gold Card, and they look stunned, and I’m sure they all wish they *at least* acknowledged me then when I’m at the other side, buying from another brand that shares the counter. I was at Nordstrom not too long ago, and the women at the NARS counter were busy, but they at least-both of them-tell me they’d be right with me. As I was leaving, after making my purchase, I stopped by the Armani counter, where not one, but *two* SAs were *trying* to sell to a customer, and they just kept glancing toward me, not saying a word. I continued browsing, but after more than 10 minutes, I decided to leave, but as I passed the SAs, I made sure I told them that they just lost a *definite* sale, and I walked out. I seriousl doubt the one customer left with *anything*.

I always say that Im just browsing, it makes me unconfortable to have them following me around when I dont quite know if or what I want to buy. I also find that I would rather not have help if Im not completely sure I want to buy something, because I end up feeling guilty or akward if the salesperson has helped me and I dont buy anything (I dont remember actually buying anything just because if that guilt though). If the salesperson is really pushy though I will just leave, I HATE to have someone hovering over me when I am just looking around.
I wanted to ask you all a question though: do you find that makeup salespeople are generally honest? or do they try to make the sale no matter what they personally think about the product?

 @OliviaMullins I think they are only honest when you pay upfront for a makeover. If I’m just browsing, I always get finagled into sitting in the chair while they put makeup on me.  I feel like they don’t listen to my needs and then put so. much. crap. on my face that looks bad. I usually end up saying ‘let me walk around and think about it’ and then leave as fast as possible, go home and use makeup remover wipes. When they have listened in the past to what I want, and don’t push anything I don’t, I actually spend more and am happier with the products. But I just don’t think they really believe you look nice in whatever they put on you. They just think the price tag looks nice for their commission. 

I do find that almost all of them are pushy these days and it’s easy to be pressured/dazzled by their sales-pitches but I also tell them I’m just looking, not buying and just want to see “what’s out there”.

I’ve often wondered what would happen if, instead of leaving out of aggravation or to escape a pushy salesperson, I confronted them politely and said something like, “I understand you’re on a commission, but being followed this closely is making me very uncomfortable.  I prefer to browse at my leisure and will call you over if I have a question. If this is not possible, I will have to order what I want online.”
Anyone ever try the “direct” approach?  I’d love to know!

Hi, NeenaJ! I have pretty much used the exact words you mentioned in your post to sales associates in the past. Now, I usually only try it with sales associates that I think will be receptive. The ones that handle it well, in my experience, are the ones who seem genuinely nice, but just come off as annoying in their behavior. I try to pull them aside where others won’t overhear, and just explain politely/calmly that I understand that sales are a part of their job, and that they understandably feel pressure to meet goals, but that their behavior makes me feel “insert whatever feeling,* and that I am inclined to purchase, but that I will not be inclined to purchase or shop there in the future if explained behavior continues. I always make sure they know I’m not doing this as a personal attack, but rather just making sure it is explicitly clear that I would like to look in peace at my own pace. I have actually had more positive responses with this than negative ones.

Oh, and I always make sure to explain the *exact* behavior that puts me off, so that there is no question about what is causing the aggravation. I’ll say something along the lines of, “I don’t mind this, but this make me feel aggravated/overwhelmed, or whatever.”

I don’t encounter this issue too often, but I think it’s because I dress *way* down whenever I go shopping, unless I’m oon my way to/from somewhere else (which is rare). I don’t wear makeup, my hair is pulled back, and I’m wearing clothes I can easily slip in/out of (I like to be able to try things on quickly and not transfer makeup all over everything). I was at Sephora a few weeks ago, and I had a little extra time, so when the SA wanted to show me nail polish, I politely indulged her, because she’s always so sweet whenever I go in. At the other Sephora I frequent, they know how I am, so they might let me know what’s new in the brands I like (or something comparable), but aside from that, they just leave me alone to shop. It works out for both sides, as it frees them up to “help” other customers that want/need it, but for someone like me, it’s pretty much guaranteed I will leave with something. On the rare occasion I am approached by someone pushy, I usually leave without buying anything, and I politely (yet firmly) tell them why, without buying *anything*.

Same as Christine. However, if they are still pushy or follow me around the store, I leave. If that happens on more than one occaasion in any store, I never come back again. If I’ve had a particularly annoying experience, I share it with my friends as a warning of what store(s) to avoid.
There are so many beauty stores to choose from that I don’t want to waste my energy, time, and money at a store that disrespects me as a customer.

Usually if I’m asked more than 2x if I need help I literally just ignore them if they ask any more times. Initially when they ask I tell them “I’m just looking”, then when it’s the same person asking 5 seconds later I just ignore them. Or if like 12 people have asked me within a 3 minute time frame I ignore them too. 
My big question is: How does Sephora expect customers to trust them and their associates if they don’t even trust their customers? It makes that store look embarassing and sometimes I just avoid Sephora all together because of the rude, stuck up, stalker associates!

One time I even almost blurted out to a Sephora associate who followed my every move (If only they knew how many points I had on my VIB card…), I almost said to her “If you don’t quit following me you’re probably going to end up on America’s Most Wanted for being the closest following STALKER!”

I just say “I’m just looking, thank you.” I basically just order everything online these days to avoid salespeople, crowds, lines etc. I just don’t have the patience for it any more!

Same here, I say I’m just browsing. If I get approached by a different staff person every few minutes, I’ll just walk out. My patience maxes out at 5 sales associates within a 20 minute period…I thought my head was going to pop off that day!!

I don’t usually have this problem too often, but it does happen. Usually when I go to shop, I already have something in mind and I also usually have questions. So I’ll go and browse and look at the product and kind of get a feel for it myself and then when a sales associate approaches me, that’s when I tend to ask the questions I had about the product. I find at Mac they really jump on you the minute you walk through the door which I’m not a huge fan of because I don’t even get a chance to look before they say “Can I help you with anything?!” But I don’t let it bother me too much because after all, that’s part of their job.

This is why I read reviews on Temptalia and buy online! I love Sephora, but the salespeople at the one near me are exceptionally rude.

Honestly I feel like no matter where I go they are pushy. Either they want to help when I just want to look, Or worse, they STARE while I swatched and consider etc. And then if I actually want help, I am swarmed with piles of crap and phony compliments. I quickly learned to tell colors online and just purchase from home. It’s so much easier.

I’ve never really experienced a truly pushy sales associate – maybe I’m just lucky, but generally I’ll just say “No thanks, I’m just browsing” (or “I’m looking for (x product)”) and I tend to get left alone. The worst I’ve ever really had is “Well, just to let you know we have (blah promotion) and (fancy new product) here today if you’d like to look!” which I usually reply to with “Okay, I’ll have a look in a sec, thanks!” and that’s it.

I’ll try to be polite and say that I’m just browsing, I don’t want any help at the moment but if I do I’ll come find you. If they start being really pushy and don’t leave me alone I tend to get a bit annoyed and most of the time I’ll just leave. I don’t want to shop somewhere where I feel I they don’t have good service and I don’t have a good experience.

I’m very direct about it…I ask them, point-blank, “Are you on commission?”  If they respond affirmatively, I’ll tell them “If I have a question, I’ll find you…what’s your name?” then take their name and say “I prefer to browse…I already own half the store.  But if you hover?  I’ll give the commission to someone else.”  It works.  Then, if I’m approached by someone else?  “I’m already working with so-and-so, but thanks.”

Hmmm I generally don’t have this problem with most of the stores I go to (whether it be Sephora or a beauty counter at the department store).  As a matter of fact, I have a hard time finding someone to help me and give me the time of the day, but I’m wondering if it’s just a local (Canadian) thing (whether it be management, no commission, understaffed or overall employee attitude) because I never have this problem when I shop in the States, where various people will greet me and ask if I need help within 5 minutes.   It is particularly bad with the MAC counters at the Bay where they are always busy or pretend not to see me, even if I have a product in my hand and obviously want to buy something…  although in general, the Clinique and Lancome counters at the Bay are just as bad, especially during holiday seasons or GWP days.  Short of grabbing someone physically or pulling them away from another customer, I’d have to wait 10-15 min for someone to even say hi to me.  Meh~  That’s why I prefer looking at swatches online and then buying it at Sephora.  No fuss or customer service needed.  I can swatch, help myself to the product and the prices are all there.

I don’t mind pushy sales people sometimes because I know that they’re just doing their job. Especially at places like Sephora (my good friend in a manager) they can get reprimanded if they do not offer help to the customers because some people expect it. When i go to blue mercury I get SO MAD because no one ever offers to help me when I need it so I don’t get to bugged out if people ask me if I need help at other places. The only time it does bother me is at the perfume counters because perfume is such a personal thing and I don’t want someone spraying scents in my face that completely overwhelm me. It’s best done alone.

I do my research, write out a list and send my husband in to buy everything!  They don’t question him at all or try to push products on him and now they know him so well that he gets served straight away.  😛

I always tell them “I’m just looking” and if I need help I ask them for it, My MAC counter is inside a department store, so the SA are on comission but they are quite nice to me, they already know me and we just joke around hehe.

But the Chanel counter GOD! I WILL NEVER GO AND BUY THERE AGAIN! 🙁 the SA lady was sooo rude to me I can’t even handle it… Bad for her I will buy the product in Mexico City and she just lost a client.

As a shopper, I can’t stand pushy sales people and I will usually just say that I’m browsing (unless I’m looking for something in particular.  On the flip side, I also can’t stand being ignored!  There must be a happy medium somewhere – a simple acknowledgement of my presence and an “I’ll be right with you” or “Can I answer any questions for you?” would be perfect.  The really BAD part?  I work for Lancome at a major department store and store & Lancome management STRONGLY disagree with what I would find to be the perfect interaction.  I’m heavily encouraged not only to be easily available (read: nearby or at hand), but also to upsell by suggesting additional items (eye makeup remover, mascara, foundation sample – you get the idea).  I had no idea how important sales goals were at a cosmetics counter until I started working at one.  The managers say that they want to build client relationships and encourage communication, however, they don’t want me to work with any one person for too long and they are definitely more interested in how much I can sell as opposed to whether I am answering all of the client’s questions or meeting their needs. 

I also work at a Lancome counter and feel your pain, but the main difference between my counter and yours is that the counter manager wants me to spend more time with each customer.  They actually added on another SA to give us more time with our customers!  But I do agree with they’re looking at how much we can sell rather than meeting their needs….

I understand that it’s their job to upsell… and MOST people don’t have the skill (or I should say the TRAINING) to sell well without coming off pushy and insincere. If I’m there to browse, I often just engage them in conversation – I can’t count the number of times I’ve fired back with “That’s nice but have you ever used _____? It’s way better than ______ because…” I guess I’m pushy right back at them? LOL
If I don’t want to talk to anyone, I just pretend I’m on my phone Haha

I usually try to be as polite as possible, since I’ve worked in the service industry and I know that, more often than not, employees are pushed very hard to interact with customers as much as possible. I don’t mind when they ask if I need help with anything. I usually just let them know that I’m browsing, since I usually am! My only pet peeve is when I am hovering near a product, clearly wanting to test it out or am in the process of testing it out, and looking for help — and when I make eye contact with an employee, they just walk right on by! Maybe I need to be more noticeable.
Anyway, being polite is the key for me. It’s usually very obvious when a salesperson is trying to upsell me, so I just politely decline and move on. It’s their job, so I don’t fault them for it unless they disrespect me and keep on trying to sell after I politely say no. If they do that, then we have a problem! 

I seem to have the opposite issue – when I’m at Sephora I have a hard time getting people to help me. But when I do they’re usually pretty good about it. I do feel, though, that when I ask for recommendations of something, I often end up buying it because I feel guilty that they’ve taken time to help me and explain a product to me and I ought to buy it rather than just say thank you and move on. At my local Chanel counter, though, the SA I usually work with got my gratitude and willingness to come back to her because she refused to sell me something once! I was buying makeup for a wedding, and we were discussing lipsticks, but I didn’t have my dress for the wedding yet. So she told me, quite rightly, to get the dress, see what color it was, then go back to her and we’d find something for me. She also remembered me when I went back. So I will totally work with her again.

I NEVER cave ever. If I have a clerk that is really pushy I either walk away with them fully knowing they ARE the reason I am not interested in looking even, or I find something to say/talk to them about that I KNOW they won’t know a thing about – usually I go for some kind of tie in to medical science – leaves them speachless typically.

Eh. I say “No thank you” or “I’m just browsing” and if they keep it up, I usually just ignore them.

HATE THEM.!! But either they’re pushy or they don’t even acknowledge you.! Total BS.!!

I’m usually pretty sarcastic or just say really silly stuff like ‘I’m allergic to cosmetics’. I work in retail, so I know what it’s like. Quota has to be met, or you’re on the chopping block!

Tell them I’m just browsing, and then walk away if they won’t leave me alone. I have to do this at Lush all of the time. They’re awful.

I usually tell them I know what I’m looking but if they are really pushy I leave, even if im not done shopping:(

lush is aweful with pushy sales people. the last time i was there this girl just takes my hand (without asking) and rubs some exfoliation cream on it. she rubbed it so hard..it was actually painful.

Don’t be so mean! I work on a beauty counter and it’s only our jobs to ask If you would like some help! You have no idea how many customers snap ‘no’ at you and then 2 seconds later are like ‘actually….’ oh now you’d like my help!

As a former salesperson who had quotas, I totally get why some people resort to being pushy. I like to establish that I’m browsing and am in a rush. If they keep pushing, I explain that I know what they’re doing and I appreciate their help. If that doesn’t work still, I leave. It sends the message that trying to push a product I don’t need and will regret buying is unprofessional. It sucks because I want to help, but I am not the customer to do this to. I am fairly aware of what I need and don’t need. But if you have to resort to pressure and following a customer, then you need to practice your job.

Tell them I dont currently need help and should that change I will let them know. I don’t feel bad for them…i work in retail and have quotas to meet and am able to sell our services without being pushy, rude, or annoying. You choose to be commision based, if you don’t like it get another job. That isnt a good excuse to harass customers.

being that we work on commission, give us a break. shop online if you don’t want to deal with it. ugh. we dislike rudeness as much as you do.

usually say im just looking. I have a 19 yr old family member who wont even go into mac because they are so overwhelming for her.

usually say im just looking. I have a 19 yr old family member who wont even go into mac because they are so overwhelming for her.

Never met a beauty sales persons who loves make up more than me, so I just asking really hard questions about their brand and ingredients, how it compares to others, rattle off done facts and they are usually flustered by the end of it and walk away. You annoy me after I told you I’m fine, I annoy you

if they’re too pushy I leave, if I tell a salesperson once that I’m just browsing and they persist…it’s their loss.

I expect people to ask me if I need any help, I think that’s a good thing. But when you say no and they say “Have you seen our new fragrance?!” and proceed to spray it on you without asking or “Have you seen these new lip glosses we have in? I know a colour that would look gorgeous on you! Sit down and I’ll put some on you!” and you do and then “Oh that’s gorgeous on you!” and you then say “Yeah, it is nice” “Do you want me to scan this through for you then??!” “I’m not really looking for a lip gloss, although it is lovely, I was just looking at foundations.” – “I can give you a sample of a foundation! But that lip gloss is THE perfect shade for you.”

— That actually happened to me 3, nearly 4 years ago and it was one of the first times I was on my own at a make-up counter. I ended up buying it because I’m stupid. I honestly felt so, so pressured. It was at Estee Lauder and I’ve never been back to that counter [when that girl’s been on] since. I don’t know how Estee Lauder didn’t lose custom at that counter. I’ve had people try to badger me into buying things at Lush, Urban Decay and I remember a girl at Benefit who kept saying “Go on! Buy it! Buy it!”

As I got older, I learned to say no and say it firm and if they pressured me to say something like “No, I’m not interested in that at all,” and make sure I sounded completely serious and blunt.

I get why people up there ^ who work on counters are getting annoyed, because it is their job to sell products, but some sales assistants take it WAY TOO far and just put people off from ever coming back. I think it’s nice to be asked if you need help and nice to be shown certain offers and new products they have in – it doesn’t mean they’re pressuring you to buy one and I think it’s very ignorant if the customer is rude when they’re only asking if they need help. But I also think it’s disgusting how low some sales assistants sink when they put so much pressure on customers to buy things.

I like to do a lot of product research before I shop (including checking the availability of the product at my location), so by the time I walk in (there’s a Sephora nearby and I always end up there) I’m already on a mission.  The girls who work at my location are incredibly sweet and helpful, and while they’re talkative at times, they aren’t pushy with me. Even when I go in to browse, I am politely asked once or twice if I’m looking for something and then left to wander peacefully.  I’ve been known to draw their attention when whipping out my phone, because they see I’m looking up reviews and swatches (*coughHEREcough*) and we end up chatting, which is my usual way of warding off potential pushiness.  

I tell them that I’m just looking, but make a point of asking their names, “…so that, if I need anything, I can get it from you.” They’ll back off, but remain available.

i’m probably a bit mean to them… because of my temptalia knowledge, i never need help from a salesperson so they just get on my nerves. guess i should do my shopping online so i don’t offend anyone!

I just say “thanks but I am just browsing,” which usually works. I loath pushy/phony sales people, they drive me insane. The worst is when the SA follows you around and watches your every move like you are going to shove 5 lipsticks in your purse and make a break for it.I find the people at Sephora are nice, but not pushy. However, the SAs in the Bay  are useless, they always give me the wrong shades. Even when I say I need a yellow-based foundation to counter-act my redness, they end up giving me a pink-based foundation that makes me look like a peach.

I hate going into Lush. Why do 4 people need to ask me if I need any help? I much prefer to ask a member of staff questions if I need help. I think the amount of pushy MAC, Benefit and Lush staff I’ve encountered have totally put me off being approached at all – I just want to look in peace. Thank goodness for the internet!

I hope you know that those people are being pushed te do that right? Btw I prefer the European style, from the sales peoples side too, will be there to help if needed, if not we’ll leave you alone 😉

I hope you know that those people are being pushed te do that right? Btw I prefer the European style, from the sales peoples side too, will be there to help if needed, if not we’ll leave you alone 😉

I hope you know that those people are being pushed te do that right? Btw I prefer the European style, from the sales peoples side too, will be there to help if needed, if not we’ll leave you alone 😉

I was working for lush and yes it’s awfulllll how some girls try sooo hard. Now I’m not anymore there and I’m afraid to step in a lush shop because the music is loud, they dancing around like mentalist and everythings you touch they want to tell you what is for! Is a soap I know how to bloody use it!

Lol I was at Lush e few months ago and this girl was really kind of pushing their products on me. The products were facial stuff and she was talking about how she’s using it and it works for her stuff like that but then her facial skin is covered with acne!!! Yikes I managed not to be rude on declining whatver the saleslady is offering and not starig at her face.. but got a few things i really wanted to try out for myself.. Me and my boyfriend were laughing after leaving the store on how the saleslady persisted on selling me facial products she said works for her all the while her face is covered with acne..

Lol I was at Lush e few months ago and this girl was really kind of pushing their products on me. The products were facial stuff and she was talking about how she’s using it and it works for her stuff like that but then her facial skin is covered with acne!!! Yikes I managed not to be rude on declining whatver the saleslady is offering and not starig at her face.. but got a few things i really wanted to try out for myself.. Me and my boyfriend were laughing after leaving the store on how the saleslady persisted on selling me facial products she said works for her all the while her face is covered with acne..

Instead if gaining a sale from me they lose one cause with all that pushy selling they make me run out the store!

Instead if gaining a sale from me they lose one cause with all that pushy selling they make me run out the store!

I do try my best to be polite to all people and I often feel quite sorry for people dealing with the public on a regular basis since consumers can be equally rude.  However, I’m not a fan of overly aggressive and obnoxious salespeople and I have a rather quick mouth and can usually leave that type with their mouth hanging open.  I have to say that my worst experiences have been with men in car dealerships rather than make-up counters thankfully! 

There was really only one time I was ever upselled (upsold?) to a ridiculous amount. It was my second time ever visiting a MAC counter and I went in to look for Social Light lipglass and left with $200 worth of makeup. Part of it was definitely my fault, but a large part of it was also the salesperson (“Have you tried our new foundation? Sit down and let me put it on you! Oh, it looks gorgeous and you obviously need this specific brush to apply it properly.”) I let it slip that I was pretty impressionable when it came to makeup and she totally took advantage. -___- Since then she’s actually the person that usually helps me out and we’re sort of friendly, but I’ve made it clear that I’m not a makeup n00b anymore haha.
Nowadays, I’ve sort of found the best way to deal with pushy sales people is to just show them that you’re not falling for whatever they’re saying. I hate to say it but I definitely go in armed and ready to deflect their compliments/let them realize that I already know about what they’re trying to push on me. In my experience, once they recognize you as a fellow “beauty junkie” they don’t try and sell as hard because they think you’ll do it your own for them. xDD
What I haven’t figured out is the best way to deal with horrible customer service. >> This only happens at one MAC counter in particular, which I only go to if my main one doesn’t have a product I’m looking for. The people there are SO rude to me, and then act all fake like I didn’t see them rolling their eyes when I asked for their assistance. Like, wtf? I may be young (19, but I apparently look younger), but I’m a paying customer. A paying customer who will take my business elsewhere because you clearly don’t deserve it. It’s always the same two people there when I go, and they’re <i>such</i> assholes. After reading these comments, I think I’m going to try the direct approach the next time this happens.

From what I understand from my GF who’s a MAC artist, they don’t work on commission; they are, however, required to sell a quota each month, so they have to “make their numbers.”  If they’re pushy, they’re trying to make quota; if they’re rude, they’ve probably already made them.  Either way, if you go to the same location all the time, either find ONE person that you like and work with her/him exclusively, or identify the managing artist…that way, if you get crappy service, you know where to go to “tattle” before you take your business elsewhere.

While working in retail I understand the need to upsell to a customer. When I am shopping outside of my store (for brands I can’t buy there) I do a lot of research before I go in and always wait until I need multiple things (so I don’t lower the associates IPT). When I shop within my store, I am particular with shopping with only one sales associate. I just hand her a list (or sometimes two) and get everything at once. When I am unsure about something, she’s always gives me her opinion and I know it’s genuine.

If only that could apply to all retailers. If you can, find one SA that you really like, get their number (nearly all of us have work phones now), and they will usually appreciate a true client rather than just a big sale.

I remember I did feel intimidated when I made my first “high end” buys and I did end up buying more that I went for. But today I don´t let myself feel pushed and I dare to go freely from counter to counter and just ask. After all, sales persons are supposed to be there to help you, whether you buy or not. I understand how hard it is for sales persons, so I try to be as polite as possible. If they insist I should buy this or that as well, I say I already have it or that I actually prefer other brand. If they keep insisting, I say I only came to look for one roduct and that I´m not interested in anything else.
I guess any excess is bad – either if the sales person doesn’t leave you alone or if he/she ignores you. Service is so important and it It really sucks when you have a bad experience with a specific brand – that definitely has an impact on whether I go back or even stop at the counter. While Benefit gals have been very pushy, I don´t know if I prefer that than having an Estee Lauder lady tap on the counter while I’m looking at the products.

I have super pale skin (NW15 is too dark for me for reference), and I was browsing counters for a pale foundation. Most of the SA’s were very nice and helpful and even gave me samples, even if they didn’t carry anything light enough for me. Then I came around to Origins. I explained what I was looking for to the SA and she tried to sell me too dark of foundation and some powder and I tried to be clear that I wasn’t interested. Then she launched into a 20 minute sermon on how I should be really buying their face wash and some expensive serum and by the end of it I was nearly in tears and having a panic attack trying to explain that I already have face wash and I just wanted some liquid foundation in my color which they clearly didn’t have. I even directly said “ok I’m really frustrated now”, and she still wouldn’t back down. I ended up just leaving the store because I was too overwhelmed. Weeks later when I needed new skin care stuff I purchased my Origins products from Sephora instead of from the counter. >_>

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