How do you coordinate your makeup with your outfit?

Half the time, I don’t, since I live in lounge wear and work from home… but more often, I’ll start wearing something, apply makeup, and end up changing my top to something else that coordinates (usually picking one shade on my eyes or going with the general color family, e.g. plum eyeshadow coordinates with neutral, black, and deep plum tops). I usually wear jeans if I’m leaving the house so it never occurs to be coordinate there, haha.

— Christine
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Most of the time, my eye look is very neutral, so it comes down to the lip color. Funny you should ask this question today, because I’m wearing a red sweater and I put on red lipstick. But when I got to work and looked in the mirror, I realized the lipstick shade I chose is slightly too warm for the coolness of the red in my sweater. I know it’s not something anyone else will notice, but it still bothers me.

But if I’m wearing black, which I often do, then anything goes!

I don’t coordinate as much as keep in general color themes — like, I wear a lot of black and grey in winter, so then I’ll use more purples and pinks in makeup. If I’m wearing more general warm tones — camels, olives, creams — I’ll wear more warm reds and browns.

I mostly coordinate by activity, as that influences both make-up and outfit. If I’m wearing a colorful eye look (blue or green, let’s say), I try not use colors in my outfits that clash to much with that. But I’ll wear a bold lip with almost anything, personally.

Since I tend to wear either jeans or black jeggings on my lower half, any actual “color” that I may have on is usually in my myriad of tops. Many of those are black or jewel tones (burgundy, teal, emerald green, purple, red, rust) and a few neutral ones in olive green, charcoal gray, heather gray or cream. This does give me some significant wiggle room for what to coordinate with whatever look I may have in mind….provided that I am caught up on doing my laundry!

My wardrobe is pretty much all black, with a handful of white/ivory/ cream & jewel-toned pieces, so in terms of “color”, I don’t take any inspiration from my actual clothing. For that, I tend to coordinate with my jewelry. That said, I will take my clothing into account when it comes to things like texture & formula, as well as overall “looks”. For example, if I’m wearing lace or silk, I tend to go for sheerer coverage, dewier finishes, more shimmer, overall “softer” looks. Conversely, if I’m wearing wool or velvet, I tend to wear fuller coverage, opaque mattes, and more “defined” looks. Also, if I’m wearing more “casual” clothing, such as leggings & t-shirts, I’ll wear more minimal looks, as opposed to full-glam with more tailored outfits.

Most of my wardrobe is black or dark gray, so it’s usually not an issue.

When I do wear color or colored pattern, I often pick it up in my lipstick or eyeliner. Sometimes I match it with the eyeshadow, though! It just depends on how inspiration strikes me that particular day.

I use dark brown, olive, and white as my other neutrals. Maybe 5% of my wardrobe are pops of brights or jewel tones: Red, burgundy, purple, teal, and a couple pieces each of bright yellow, royal blue, dusty pink, and some on-ofs. Then there’s my Lisa Frank rainbow unicorn t-shirt. lol

I absolutely adore co-ordinating my makeup with my outfit. It is one of the most favourite things I like to do.
I either pick the clothes first and then check out my eyeshadow/lipstick stash OR decide I am going to try a new eye palette and/or lipstick and then pick my clothes accordingly.
In autumn/winter I tend to go for neutrals, golds, copper, olives or shades of grey that work well with my autumn/winter clothes and in summer I tend to go more for greens and blues.
My lipstick shades vary as well – winter – browns, copper, berry and reds. Summer – ginger. rosy nudes and generally lighter shades.
When I look at what I am wearing, I pick out the key shades that will co-ordinate well either in eye or lip.

I rarely wear an exact match to my clothes (though I go for it occasionally), but I always make sure my makeup at least compliments my outfit or vice versa. To be honest, though, most of the time all black is a pretty safe choice! ๐Ÿ˜‰

I work from home also and donโ€™t necessarily match my makeup with my clothing. Mostly wear jeans or black leggings with some nice sweater now that it is winter. I enjoy wearing grey tops since anything and everything almost matches with it and especially a nice red liistick. I tend to get creative wearing greys is my wild time Lol! Mostly will wear grey in winter sweaters a few times not all the time Iโ€™m into colors but do like grey.

I often do match eyeliners. . When I wear green shirts then I like to wear dark green or dark blue eyeliners. When I wear blue shirts I also like dark blue or green eyeliners. When I wear red I normally use brown eyeliner. I wear more colorful make-up over the winter when there is only few hour daylight.
However, I always love somekind of gray blue eyeliners in my waterline because I think it makes my eyes more alive.

I like makeup better than I like clothing, so I usually do makeup to suit my mood, and *then* choose clothes colors that either coordinate or sit back and let the makeup take the wheel. While most of my jackets (I always layer) are grey, neutral olive, tan, or black, the vast majority of my tops are very brightly or strongly-colored (magenta, fuchsia, cobalt blue, pine green, vivid teal, marigold yellow, wine red, etc…), and I usually choose a top that somehow echos my makeup or references it in some way. Below the waist is inevitably jeans plus either brown or black boots or white sneakers, so no effect on my choices there.

Only if I’m wearing a monochromatic outfit will I take my clothing into play for my makeup, otherwise very little.

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