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I’m normally a gold/bronze/neutral or dark brown/black shadow person. But when I do go the color route, I always go with something in a similar color family as my clothes but not the exact same shade or something that will compliment the color. For example if I’m wearing a deep blue blouse I opt for purple eyes/lips

It depends, if I want to play with makeup (ie colorful eyeshadows, fake eyelashes, dark lips, though not all at once 😛 ) I wear something simple in gray or black on top, austere lines, maybe super-dark wash jeans and I am fully covered 😉 in order to avoid the drag queen look. If I want to wear something nice and more girly, I do a very natural makeup. And if I wear black and white, I pair it with a red lipstick, my tribute to Coco Chanel!

Dark green outfits – peachy lips and blush, dark eyes
Dark blue outfits – orangish lips and earthy blush, neutral eyes
Purple, light blue – pinkish plum lips, no blush, neutral eyes
Brown, beige outfits – no rules, anything goes
Black – rosy lips and blush, neutral eyes
Pink – rose brown lips, pink blush, dark eyes

I think it’s all about the color of your eyes rather then the one of your clothes.

I’m a blue eyes girl and I always wear eye shadows in warm tones: pink, golden. I think it looks good whatever color I’m wearing.

But I do want to learn more so… if anyone else knows any better..

I can be pretty clumsy so I pretty much only wear black. You know, if it gets dirty it tends not to be too obvious. ^^;

So I don’t really need to coordinate at all. I am starting to warm up to reds though, since I do love red lips and it coordinates well with red accents on the outfit.

when it comes to clothes worn traditionally bt my parents culture (im south asian) i will wear colours similar to what im wearing, i.e pink sari, i will try and opt for an eye colour with a bit of pink, but i will wear pink lipstick

when it comes to my western clothing, every day clothing is really just a neutral eye, or maybe a soft smokey eye. if im wearing a cocktail dress or something fo a night out, then i will wear a really intense smokey eye with a red lip.

Not really. I hate to match them (like green shirt and green eyeshadow) but if they don’t fit together I hate that! (Like orange shirt and pink eyeshadow! Big no! AHah)

I only use shades that coordinate with my hazel eyes (ie no blues) so that takes priority. After that, I use the colors in my clothing to create a main color, darker accent and highlight. Sometimes I do makeup before deciding what to wear so then it’s a neutral palette.

I don’t coordinate eye color – unless I’m going very colorful – but I do coordinate lipstick. I match reds, but use peach lipsticks with purples.

The challenge is to match intensity to the color. When I wear any non-neutral color other than red, I keep my eyes as the focus point. Let’s use purple as an example: if the purple is vibrant, I make my eye makeup more intense. If the purple is muted, then so is my eye. I’ll change this up if I’m wearing a scarf to hold my hair back, because that adds to the color on my face. Matching intensity makes it so that my outfit isn’t wearing me instead of me wearing it.

Not sure that I do but somehow if I stay within a certain range of shades (taupes, bronzes, grays) then it works for whatever I wear. If I’m using something like Jealousy Wakes then I use neutrals for the clothes. I guess it’s a system of a sort.

Sometimes I’ll coordinate clothes with eye makeup but it’s usually the other way around.

For earth tones/browns, I’ll do bronze/brown looks. For black/red/bright colors, I may do bright colors or black/gray. A very natural look goes with anything and everything, and I do that if I’m pressed for time. If I’m wearing a shirt with a lot of different colors in it, and I really want to wear color that day, I’ll usually pick one of the lesser colors and incorporate that into my eyeshadow. If I’m wearing a solid color and want to wear color, I’ll just wear eyeliner and use the same color as my shirt, but in a very dark or muted shade.

oooh i would LOVE more advice on this! not just on coordinating my makeup to my clothes, but coordinating the different components of my makeup with each other, lol 🙂

Not in the color match sense – I do try to coordinate my makeup style with what I’m wearing, but because I usually dress very casually, I have been known to do a colorful or smoky eye with a hoodie and jeans – then all it needs is a studded cuff to balance it out! Wearing all black, as long as it’s somewhat tailored (slacks and fitted tee, for example) is a good excuse to wear any look I feel like.

I always wear lipcolor when I go out unless it’s just a store run, and am particular about my lipcolor not being too “loud” for the rest of my outfit, so I may actually finish my current favorite nude gloss (HC All American Girl) someday.

I don’t necessarily try to match my makeup to my clothes, but I do make sure my makeup doesn’t clash with what I’m wearing. For insistence, if I’m wearing I’m wearing a lot of color in my outfit, I like to keep my makeup more neural and simple. But if I want to wear something bright or out there, then I’ll make sure I have a simple solid color shirt or top on.

I make it simple on myself – if I’m doing bold, colorful makeup, I wear neutrals. If I’m doing a bold, colorful outfit, I do neutral or understated makeup. 😀

I usually do what’s opposite on the color wheel. Except when I wear purple I don’t wear yellow but more gold and sometimes silver tones.

I mostly just match the tones. If I am wearing cool tones on my clothes then I wear something cool on my eyes but not the same color, like if i wear blue top then I choose a cool tone grey or pink. I don’t like to go too match-y match-y unless its the ‘look/trend’ I am going for.

I always do very neutral eyes and sometimes a pop of color on the lips but if I’m wearing clothes with warmer color I like to do a warmer look (gold, bronze eyes) and if I have cooler colors in my outfit I do a cooler face (pinks, taupes, black…) That’s it 🙂

i always, always, ALWAYS coordinate my makeup to my clothes. like if i’m wearing a peach-pink top, i use a peach-pink blush and similar shades of eyeshadow. if i use a blue top, i use navy eyeliner. when i’m wearing like an orange shirt, though, (i don’t own orange makeup), i just use black eyeliner + mascara.

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