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I just go with whatever “lipstick mood” I am in when I wake up. Also if I have to wear something specific for a certain occasion I try to coordinate my lipstick with that.

i call it the lipstick lottery. stick my hand in the drawer and wear whatever comes out. haha. (i own like the exact same color all in different hues so they all match everything lol)

Im kind of the same..i try to think about what the weather is like..if its too cold i dont like to wear to bright of a pink or red..and i go for darker corals or maroons..but since i am a pinky crazy..lol i tend to stay within corals and pinks just different shades.. But i do always keep my blush & lipsticks within the same shades!!!

I usually grab a flesh-toned beige or pink that’s neutral on days I’m off to college or in a rush. If I go for something fancier on the lips, I pare down the amount of drama going on in the eye-makeup department.

I decide based on my top and where i’m going! I don’t like wearing too bold of lipsticks to class, but I’ll wear bold colors when I go out to eat or party! 🙂

Depends on what I’m doing. I usually wear some shade of nude or my favorite MAC Gel lipstick. Sometimes I’ll match my nail polish. On days I’m wearing sunglasses for most of the day I might wear a bright barbie pink for fun.

The colour of clothes I’m wearing is the biggest decider, and bright or more subdued according to how I’m feeling and where I’m going.

If it’s a case of grabbing and applying lipstick in a hurry before leaving the house, then I always have a neutral ‘my lips’ colour to hand.

it depends on what i wear on clothes..if i have pink i chose a pinkish lipstick and maybe some gloss over it… and if i wear a blue shirt and black i always take something bright althoug like pink or a dark lipstik witch although has to fit the my eyeshadow mix…(sorry bad english)

Sometimes I base my lipstick choice to the shade of eyeshadow I will wear, or I choose lipstick shade depending on my mood then work my whole makeup based on it.

I think the lips and cheeks should coordinate so I think about it as I’m doing my eye makeup. First, I match my blush with my eye makeup then match my lipstick to my blush.

I take so many things into account when choosing a lipstick. First, it has to be warm toned to go with my skin. Then, I decide based on whether it’s day or night. It has to go with the rest of the makeup….generally a heavier eye makeup gets a more neutral lip and vice versa. It has to go with the blush. Lastly, I look at the outfit I am wearing and make sure the makeup looks appropriate with the clothes. Phew.

it usually depends what eye look im wearing.

christine(or anybody) can you suggest a lipstick/lipgloss combo from mac preferablly that i could wear with this look i came up with for thankgiving. its goldmode on the inner 3rd cranberry on the middle and heritage rouge pigment in outer corner and crease. TIA!

For me, it depends on what makeup I put on first. If I do my eye makeup first, which tends to be dramatic or glitzy, then I have to coordinate my lipstick to that (i.e. neutrals, or contrasting colors). If I do my lipstick first, I’ll tend to go for bold, unusual colors, (i.e. black, violet, silver), and have to coordinate my other makeup to that.

I always coordinate my eyeshadow and lipstick. Sometimes I wake up and want a bold lip, so I do a neutral eye. And sometimes I wake up and want a bold eye, so I’ll pick a neutral lip. Just depends on what pops into my head first.

I go by whatever I’m wearing on my eyes. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of neutral shadows with bright liners, so it works with either bright or neutral lipstick! But I usually try at least 2 combos before I settle on a lip look.

Heh. I’m backwards. I match my blush to my lipstick. I try to match my lipstick to my eye makeup, either complementing(Purple eyes and purple lips) or contrasting(strong eyes and dusky rose lips). Either way, I do my eyes first adn the lipstick is ALWAYS matched to those last.

Maybe one time in ten I decide “I want to wear orange lipstick today” and design my eye makeup around THAT instead.

I choose an eyeshadow based on whether or not it goes with the eyeshadows I’m wearing that day. Sometimes, it just depends on my mood. My lipsticks range isn’t big at all…it’s either nude or way out there…

I usually base my look around what lipstick I want to wear, and I base my lipstick choice on how religiously I feel like reapplying through the night. Bold colors are so fun but such a pain!

I always match my lipstick with my entire makeup look. I use nude lipstick when I do smokey eyes, and I always use a bright color when I do less on my eye makeup:)

i’ve only recently started wearing lipstick. before i was all about intense and bright eyeshadows. but now i just go with what i feel like… if i want intense eyes one day, ill wear nude lips (MAC Modesty lipstick and/or MAC Lust lipglass) but if i feel like a fun lip, i wear smokey neutral eyes.

loosely generally by the color clothing but usually i get into my mind i want to wear pink, red, orange, etc. and carry through unless it will crash with the clothing. Then I will rethink color choice

It depends on the occasion and company I’m with! Well of course it can’t clash with my clothes and blush, but once that’s been decided, I just think of the occasion and people who will be with me. Like, if it’s just a date with my boyfriend, it’s okay to try out new/wilder colors since I’m sure he won’t mind me sporting bolder lips. If it’s a more formal/structured event with more new people than people I’m close to, then I keep it safer. 🙂 perhaps just a classic red at most. 🙂 I can’t wear bright pink if my bosses are there!:P

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