How do you apply your mascara?

How do you apply your mascara? What’s your technique? Do you wiggle? Just brush through? How many coats?

I wiggle and do multiple passes of one pull of mascara for each eye, and then I use the residual amount for the lower lashes. I use a metal lash comb afterward.

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I put curl my lashes then put on as much mascara as I want to use and wait a 30 seconds for it to dry somewhat. Next I use an eyebrow brush (the one with soft but firm bristles on one side and plastic ones on the other)and use the soft side to get rid of any clumps and then use the hard plastic bristles to separate my lashes.

I feel like I don’t apply mascara like normal people. I apply soooo many coats I dont even know how many. A couple of coats just doesnt do it for me? BUT applying a ton of coats really gives my lashes volume and makes them longer, and I always get compliments…so I’m not sure if what I do is too bad?

Amanda, I do exactly the same thing, and people are amazed when they see my lashes. To this day, I’ve never heard that somebody does it too, so I always remained silent about my method. πŸ˜€

I wiggle – and do multiple ( enough) passes so that it doesn’t look clumpy… Just well defined. I know what I’m going to say next is gonna sound a little weird – however, after I decade of applying this way…’ my mouth has to be like open for it to work. Perhaps it’s just slightly ajar on a more “fluid” mascara, and then a full “O” on mascara that requires more manual labor to work, but either way, my mouth always winds up being agape when applying any type of liner,’mascara ( or even smudging ). It really can be quite amusing at times. Lmao

I’ve actually read that women do that while applying mascara/eyeliner because it helps us concentrate on what we’re doing, and in fact, it’s quite hard to put on mascara without your mouth opening. Try it sometime. Maybe it’s something to do with you’re not putting any muscular effort into keeping your mouth shut so you’re putting all the concentration/attention/precision on your eyes… if that makes sense…

With my toes. Sorry, I had to.

I do what Christine does, but rarely put mascara on my lower lashes. I only use a comb if there’s a a few lashes stuck together.

I wiggle it through my lashes a few times, and then I comb through on the other side of my lashes. This makes them super volumized and full looking :)then I use what is left on my bottom lashes.

OMGoodness! I’m doing a late night mascara review crawl on the ‘Net and the first place I go to – here, of course ;-P – has a mascara question. Christine, you must have ESPN or something!

Technique in mascara is as important as formula and wand, IMHO. In order not to have clumps, I start my mascara earlier in my makeup application and wait between layers, in order to let my mascara dry before the next layer. I place the wand at the base of the freshly-curled lashes, wiggle to get the hairs distributed and then run the wand up. Upper lashes get this twice and lower once. If I’m concerned about crying or sweating and getting raccoon eyes, I make the final layer a waterproof formula. I have a battery-operated curler in case I need to amp up my curling after the product is on the lashes. I’ve read that curling afterwards with a crimp curler won’t kill the lashes, but old habits die hard.

If I’m working with a model who has short, sparse lashes, I combine mascaras and use one for length and then one for width.

First, I wiggle around to make sure all the lashes are covered with mascara. Then I go from the roots to the end for several times. I prefer mascara’s with a plastic brush (like Maybelline One by One or Chanel Exceptionnel) which works as a comb. When I’m satisfied, I use the rest for te lower lashes. Done!

I put a business card over my lid, just at the base of my lashes, and then y brush through. That way you can brush every lash, create the “eyeliner effect” at their base aaand… protect your lid from mascara πŸ™‚ I go for one coat if I go to the uni and two coats on weekends ans holydays.

I do the same as you, Christine. Wiggle several times on one eye, put the wand back in to get more product out of the tube, do the other eye. But I go back a third time for lower lashes and make sure to brush off any excess on the tube neck. My lower lashes never get dark enough if I apply the rest of what’s left on the wand when I’m done with the upper lashes.

I usually do two coats on each eye for upper lashes, one for lower lashes.

I always blot the wand on a tissue for the first coat (if i don’t, it makes my carefully eyelash curled-lashes fall flat). Then I proceed with 2 or 3 more un-blotted coats. Recently switched back to Great Lash…the small wand gets in corners very well.

You’re being a little condescending here, and it’s kinda unwarranted. If a person’s got thick, dark, curly hair, there’s a good chance they’re fortunate enough to have naturally thick, dark, curled lashes.

If that’s the case, at least in my experience, that makes about 99% of mascaras the “wrong mascara.” I have found a mascara that makes me actually want to wear mascara, but I still will forego it on days I don’t do heavy eyeshadow looks.

Maybe not… I have a friend whose lashes are so thick and long, that if she puts on mascara it doesn’t really look different, but it makes her lashes wipe against her glasses.

Most of the time I use LashBlast and after about a week the amount on the brush is perfect and I use about a million coats until they all look even and clump-free.

Ok, I’m weird, I do my top lashes, first coat is before I do anything to my eyes, since I’m most likely to get it on my lid, but I put the wand on top of my lashes and twirl the wand, my lashes have some curl to them naturally, so it just gives it that little extra I need, then I do my eye make up, do a second coat from underneath with the wiggle pull technique, then eyeliner, and my final coat, which might be wiggle pull, but normally its just a pull through my lashes

I wiggle a volumizing mascara through my lashes for the first coat. Then, while applying my second coat, I just comb through. I then use a lengthening mascara (my favorite is Loreal Clean Definition Telescopic) to comb through my lashes, separating and lifting them. I highly suggest using 2 different kinds of mascara…it works so well!

I usually forget to curl, but oh well.

I pull the wand out, wipe off the excess on the end and wiggle from the base, I use several swipes of it. I then re-dip and do the same for the other eye. Then I use Clinique’s Bottom Lash Mascara for my bottom lashes. I also sometimes just use a clean mascara wand to seperate if necessary.

I wiggle first from the base to the tip. Then, I’ll usually flick the tips to create added length. Then, I’ll kind of just “go over” the lashes for a general coating and separate, if needed. Lastly, I use the leftover product on my lower lashes.

I use XXL Extensions by Maybelline, and it’s a twofer. So, I use the white lash primer on my top lashes only, one pass for both eyes, and I’m very careful to make sure it goes on evenly, there’s no clumps on the brush, because it’ll thicken up awfully quickly after I open up the tube.

Then it’s one pass of the black end for both eyes, unless that part’s starting to get a little drier, then I have to go back for more. I try to use a very light hand and do more of a combing swipe with the wand. For some reason, my left eye is almost always commercial-perfect, and my right eye is the one I’m trying to keep from clumping–and it doesn’t matter if I do it out of order, so it’s gotta be either the way my lashes grow, or my left hand is actually better at applying mascara, despite my being right-handed.

I don’t curl my lashes. Right now I’m using Fairy Drops mascara which has a curved applicator. So I angle it so the curve is convex against my eyelashes (I guess i would say… so it’s curved like a frown; the middle-part is upward) and sort of comb up through my lashes. I don’t comb out at all, just up.

I also feel like I may apply my mascara differently than others, because I absolutely do not wiggle.

I hold the wand parallel to the roots and rotate the wand (like spinning it) and continue to spin as I gentle lift the wand up to coat the tips of the lashes. Then I move on to any section of the lashes that didn’t get coated. The result is feathery, fanned out lashes that never have clumps!

I sort of go wiggle – brush – brush; that is, I put the wand at the base and wiggle all the way up to the ends for the first pass, and then without re-dipping, run the brush through the lashes 2-3 more times to make sure I covered everything. Lately I’ve been using Clinique High Impact and the brush for this one is particularly friendly for this technique.

Christine I really have to thank you for introducing me to the metal lash comb. It was literally life altering. I don’t remember when it was exactly but I recall you using it in a video – I am so grateful – no more clumpy lashes or cheap plastic lash combs breaking and needing to be replaced. I’ve had mine for a year now and love it. πŸ˜€

I can’t believe how many of you don’t curl your lashes – you luckies! If I don’t curl mine, they are stick straight.
I curl mine first, then apply one or two coats of waterproof LashBlast Volume. I’ve only recently started using the waterproof one. It has its drawbacks, like being a pain to take off, but it stays PUT.
I haven’t been putting any mascara on my lower lashes lately. I’m self-conscious about dark circles under my eyes and I just don’t want to add any more dark makeup to that area cause it seems to just accentuate the darkness.

Well, I do something no one else here seems to do. I put my mascara wand at the base of my lashes and blink into it – I do several passes of one pull this way. That puts a lot of mascara on the lashes while spreading them apart – great volume and definition.

Then, if needed, I do the wiggle technique for even more definition (it also catches any excess bits left from the blinking technique – you don’t really get clumps from the blink, unless your mascara is super-gunky, but some lashes can pick up more mascara than others).

I know the blink sounds like it would get mascara all over you, but it really doesn’t once you’ve had a little practice. You can also combine it with the business card to be absolutely sure.

I’m going to try the twist some of you are talking about, though. That sounds like it might do just as well and be a little easier to work with. (I’m always trying new techniques, but always come back to the blink.)

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