How do you apply your foundation currently?

How do you apply your foundation currently? Share!

I take one pump’s worth of foundation and dab it on my forehead, nose, cheeks, and chin, and then I take a brush like Real Techniques’ Expert Face and use downward strokes to spread out the foundation and light patting motions to smooth everything into place after I’ve spread most of the product out.

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I’m dealing with some pretty bad break outs right now so I use Clinique Acne Solutions foundation in number 1 and 2. To apply, I squeeze an equal amount of both on one finger and dab all over my face. Then I blend in circular motions with either my Real Techniques Expert Face brush or my Bobby Brown Full Coverage Face brush until my face is covered. I use patting motions on my cheeks (where I have the most acne) and then a very light hand and very little foundation on my forehead and nose (where I have no acne). I apply a tiny bit more if I still feel like my cheeks do not have enough coverage and use a patting motion for more coverage. Sorry that this is so long!

Christine, how often do you wash your Real Techniques brush?

I’m not Christine (obviously!), but any brush used to apply liquid or cream products (including eyeshadows and blushes) should be cleaned after every use. Brushes used to apply liquid or cream products can grow a LOT of bacteria in a very short time, so you never want to use one that hasn’t been thoroughly cleaned after each use. Not to mention, having the residue of product from a previous application still on the brush will adversely affect the brush’s performance.

The easiest, least expensive, and quickest way to do this is to use 91% isopropyl alcohol. Pour about 1/2″ of the alcohol into a cup, dip the bristles in, swirl it around (pressing the bristles against the side of the cup will help to get all the gunk out – especially with very dense brushes, like the RT Expert Face Brush). Once all the makeup is released, you can give the brush a quick pass under warm running water (brush head only – don’t want to get water up in the ferrule), then blot on a clean towel. 91% isopropyl alcohol will even get stubborn, waterproof products out of brushes in just a few seconds – and will kill any lingering bacteria at the same time. One caveat – you should only use 91% isopropyl alcohol on synthetic brushes. It’s too drying for natural bristle brushes (but you wouldn’t want to use a natural bristle brush to apply liquid or cream products anyway due to their porosity).

normally,I just used one pump of foundation on the back of my hand then used my finger dot foundation in five points,fore head,nose,cheeks,chin and then blend it with MUFE #108 large foundation brush

Lately I’m mixing a bit of two foundations to get the right color on the back of my hand, then dabbing it directly onto my cheeks and forehead and using a damp Beauty Blender to pat it in and spread it over the rest of my face.

Powder Foundation: I tap a small amount into the lid. I swirl the top of a goat hair kabuki brush in it, then tap off the excess. I buff it around my face and neck using circular motions. If I need more coverage, I just buff in some more.

Liquid/Cream: I squeeze or pump a small amount onto the back of my hand, and use my fingers to dab on my forehead, nose, cheeks, chin and neck. Then I use my fingers or beauty blender to spread the makeup out and join the areas together. It’s always better to start with less and add more if you need it.

Stick: I put a short swipe on my forehead, nose, each cheek, and chin, plus two or three on my neck. I use a beauty blender to spread the makeup out and join the areas together. Again, It’s always better to start with less and add more if you need it.

I also dab 1 pump’s worth of either foundation or CC cream onto a finger or the back of my hand and dab it around my face (rather than pumping onto a brush or dipping my brush into the product) and use either Shiseido’s foundation brush (the best, IMO) or an IT Cosmetics flat paddle type foundation brush to sweep and stipple the product.

I do the same except I’m not as precise as one pump because not all foundations have pumps. I use whichever brush from Mac 187, sigma HD brushes, sephora 55 or 56, real techniques, damp and dry sponges and real and lookalike beauty blender. I might even have a Sonia kashuk and crown foundation brush too. I tend to not really like the traditional foundation brushes though, because when it comes down to it, I think other ones just give a better finish and are easier. When I first got into makeup I heard rave reviews about the smashbox foundation brush but it really makes no difference, I don’t like any of the flat paddle ones.

Because it is now summer, I almost always use BB cream, which I do apply with clean fingertips, followed up with lightweight powder foundation applied with a kabuki. But when I do regular foundation, I have been using those sponge wedges one buys at say, Ulta. That’s about to change. The other day, my daughter and I stopped in a JCP Sephora, and she was looking for a new foundation, got matched, applied it herself with a foundation brush, and I was blown away at how PERFECTLY airbrushed and flawless her face looked! So I am now currently in the market for a foundation brush myself! So in the very near future, a Real Techniques foundation brush is coming home with me.

I pump out 1 pumps worth onto the back of my hand, dip my RT expert face brush into it then start to buff it into one side of my face using small circle motions. Re-dip and do the other side. I’ll then apply concealer and use my beauty blender to gently pat it all so that it blends and there’s no visible brush strokes

One pump (and a bit extra) of foundation, dab spots on nose, cheeks, chin and forehead. Blend out with dry beauty blender, set with translucent powder and large powder brush.

My skin has been super dry lately so I can’t use brushes until my skin gets it together again. Right now, all I use is the Beauty Blender.

I pour, squeeze, or pump my foundation out on my mixing plate from Crown Brush. I always do this. Especially when I need to mix colors (getting darker) and when I need to mix in my illuminator. I use one of my many (lol) Real Technique Expert Face brushes to apply my foundation. If those are all dirty, then I’ll use my Sigma F80, Coastal Scents Flat Top Foundation Brush, or a Beauty Blender.

When I apply it, I usually press it into the skin first, and then buff it in. I find that this method makes my application smoother and stay on longer.

With fingers. I pre-mix on my hands (IT CC Cream SPF 50+ Neutrogena Shine Control SPF 20+ Becca Highlighter in Moonstone or Opal) than apply to face.

I stopped using foundation as I want my youthful skin to shine! I take a pump of CC cream and mix in a drop of tinted moisturizer on the back of my hand. I use a damp beauty blender or the RT sponge to sheer out the CC cream on my entire face, focusing on the chin area where I have quite a bit of acne scarring. Then I use a full coverage concealer to spot correct any blemishes and undereye darkness.

I’m using NARS Luminous Weightless Foundation now. I shake it, pump on the back of my hand, and let it warm up awhile. If using luminizer, I also put some hand, warm it up, and mix the two. I load up my MAC 187 and apply all over, then spread it out with strokes until it looks even. I usually take a fluffyish buffing brush from Coastal Scents and use stippling motions and bounce it all over my face to get a more natural finish and blend everything flawlessly πŸ™‚

Sarah, I just discovered that my MAC 188 applies concealer like a dream and now want to buy the 187 for foundation. I also Just started using Nars Luminous Weightless and was wondering if a stippling brush would work with it. Thanks for sharing, I will try this later today!

Awesome Tammy! It really is a lovely foundation and I get such great results with the brush! You just have to shake the bottle well, or I heard it doesn’t look as great – though I’ve definitely forgotten to shake a few times and haven’t noticed a difference. πŸ™‚

I was told by a NARS rep that the foundation, like all the others, was formulated to be used with fingers for best results. Of course, everyone’s skin differs, as do opinions, but I thought I’djust put it out there!

They recommend using your fingers on the package itself, too! I’m just not comfortable using my fingers, though, so I hesitantly used my usual brush and was surprised how great it came out. I don’t think there’s any certain way to get the ‘best’ result though, everyone is different. πŸ™‚

Physician’s Formula Mineral Wear Airbrushing Kabuki brush gets top notch reviews (Muse and MakeupAlley). I have one to buff/stipple liquid foundations and another for blush. I picked up mine at Ulta, where you can use the $3.50 coupon.

I love that brush! However, since I’ve pretty much stopped using any type of setting/finishing powder (although now that it’s getting sooo humid here, I may start again…), I typically use itclean/dry to buff my foundation midday.

After moisturizer and SPF, I may add some extra DE Virgin Marula Oil, and then I squeeze out a small amount of foundation on the back of my hand and use my fingers to dab it on, then also to blend out, as the heat helps it move into place and adhere. I go in with a RT expert face brush to buff out edges and perfect any areas that may need it after the thin layer settled, and then I take my MJB Bronzer brush and NARS’ loose Transparent Crystal setting powder and lightly press and roll that into it to set it well so that all looks natural and my base will be solid enough for me to go in with blush or whatever without the base being disrupted. πŸ˜€ Using Hourglass Ethereal ALP under eyes, on forehead, around nose, and cheeks really seals the deal in a flawless yet natural glowing base. πŸ™‚ Sometimes I use my Beauty Blender in lieu of a brush! It’s what u have handy and I do love using my fingers! They’re tiny so they work! πŸ™‚

Ltus, may I ask a few questions? I was wondering what skin type you feel you have? It seems normal/possibly dry since you can layer moisturizer and SPF, and maybe some extra DE Virgin Marula Oil. My face is combo, but the oily areas are REALLY bad, especially now with summer heat and humidity and if I layered all those things, or most specifically added the oil, my face would be even more of a grease wreck looking oil spill!! I currently use MUFE HD Loose Setting Powder, but was reading a lot of nice reviews about the NARS’ loose Transparent Crystal setting powder which makes me really want to try it.

Have you ever tried the MUFE HD Loose? (Or tarte’s Amazonian Loose in transparent? I’ve really been wanting to try that out, too!) If you tried either of those, how do they compare with the NARS’ loose Transparent Crystal setting powder do you think? Also, some reviewers said NARS’ loose Transparent Crystal setting powder gave them a sort of light shimmer/shine, which they did not like. I definitely don’t want anymore shine all over my face. What do you think about this talk of it giving a noticeable light shimmer or some sort of shine? Do you feel it lights you up just somehow “radiantly” but no shimmer that is detectable (even WAY super close up that only I’D do to myself in the mirror) even in the tiniest bit? Any other thoughts and experiences are also appreciated! Thank You!!

Hi Violet! Of course, don’t be shy! πŸ™‚ My skin has tendencies to dehydrate so I take extra care to that! πŸ™‚ T-zone will shine after awhile, nothing that a little bit of a brush dabbing can’t solve!

POWDER: I hope this helps! Yes, I’ve tried all of them. I cannot use Tarte, makes me itchy, and I dislike MUFE greatly because all it is comprised of is Silicone. And there’s flashback for some reason.. I don’t want that on my face! They have a mattifying loose one I won’t try. But I think application plays a great role here.. just swirling a fluffy brush in some powder in the cap, and tapping off excess, and PRESSING brush into face to apply the setting powder! NARS.. It’s been wonderful! I rarely get the bad T-zone breakthrough and it’s gentle! Application technique I described, it’s completely 100 percent transparent and really sets makeup well! Longer matte than MUFE! πŸ™‚ But it looks like natural skin.. Reflective in THAT way, but no shimmer or glow at all, nothing microscopic.. It’s just very well behaved! I’ve stayed with it for great reason! (I’m not a NARS face products fan) I hope that helps! πŸ™‚ NARS was a game changer for me.. <3

Hi again, Violet! I shoul also mention that my skin is combo as well as dehydrated so finding a good balance begins with skincare for me. I don’t like primers and the marula oil I use is the highest virgin vegan cosmetic grade possible, with no oilyness at all, just it’s soothing smithing properties as well as combatting oil with oil πŸ˜‰ And being that SPF is necessary, that is a must! I use Radical’s SPF and I rarely rarely need to use the marula oil, but that SPF is very kind! A liquid, goes on very smooth, perfects the skin, in my opinion, and helps base adhere beautifully. πŸ™‚ Have you tried investing in good skincare for your oilyness prior to clogging it w/makeup? A good cleanser that doesn’t strip, apropos moisture, and an SPF that gets along with you? Moisture is a necessity for all skin types! πŸ™‚ Application is key with powder.. These are my experiences with myself and those I’ve worked it and others um close to. πŸ™‚

I’m weird and don’t apply foundation to my forehead (it looks fine without it — and horrible if I apply more than sunscreen and lose powder).

Beyond that, I have an Ecotools brush from a super cheap travel set — brush is labeled “powder” but would be absolutely laughably horrible as a powder brush. Weirdly, I love it for foundation! Way better on my dry/sensitive skin than any brushes marketed for foundation.

I glorble the foundation where I need it, making sure to stay off forehead and apply symmetrically left/right, blend edges, boom. Done.

My application method changes as often as my foundation, LOL! I have a few I’m working through, so I change almost daily, and alot depends on the unpredictable weather we’ve been having in SoCal lately. Since it’s been so humid, I decided to go with Revlon ColorStay today. After applying sunscreen, followed by heavy moisturizing (I have drier skin), I applied a dab of foundation all over, and buffed with my RT Expert Face Brush, then repeated this step. Then, I went in with a damp Soho Beauty Blender knockoff, and blended out edges.

If I’m using something sheerer, like Maybelline Fit Me! (either formula), I’ll just use pretty much any non-paddle foundation brush, and buff it in.

As I have drier skin, I usually forgo any type of powder, and only use one to set undereye concealer, if I’m using one.

I use a large foundation brush (MAC 189, I don’t think they have it anymore) and dip it into the neck of my foundation. I know that’s probably bad practice ’cause it could spread germs or something but I’ve been doing it forever and it’s so not messy. Then I get my nose and chin, redip for each cheek (blending very well) and finally my forehead.

I pump/pour/squeeze it on my back of my hand (right now I mix two foundations + an illuminator), dab and then spread it lightly with my hands on my face, then blend out with Coastal Scents Bionic Buffer and well, buff it in.

how I apply foundation is determined by the formulation and the type of finish I want. For example, with my ClΓ© de Peau Radiant Fluid Foundation, I use clean fingers to apply it all over my face and then smooth it out by “bouncing” a damp Beauty Blender over it. With my Tom Ford Traceless Stick Foundation, I swipe it directly onto my face and then buff it in with TF’s cream foundation brush.

Liquid – Up to one pump on a Motives sponge. Dab on forehead, cheeks and chin. Pat to blend
Powder – MAC Kabuki brunch. Swirl over face, last application in a down motion

Right now, I’m using my fingers for liquid foundation, but I’m experimenting with various types of brushes. When I use the UD Naked Skin powder, I use the sponge that came with it and was then blend it out with a powder brush.

I’ve been using clean fingers to apply Chanel VitalumiΓ¨re Aqua. I’m trying to use it up since it’s about 2 years old 😐

I’m using Josie Maran Tinted Moisturizer. It’s thick, so I start with my fingers. Once it is on and I’ve smoothed it out, I go over my face with a damp beauty blender to press it into my skin a bit. I find it lasts a really long time this way, certainly longer than any TM/BB/CC product I’ve used in the past.

The past week or so I got some sun on my chest, so I mix 1 part Becca Bronzing Skin Perfector (liquid bronzer, I have like 4 deluxe samples of and I love it) with 1.5 parts Studio Fix, dab it onto my skin, and then blend it out with the e.l.f. Studio Face Kabuki brush (I think that’s what it’s called). I used to only use it for powders but one day I was in a rush and just grabbed it for my liquid foundation, and oh my gosh! It blends my foundation so evenly and quickly, it takes me like a 1/4 of the time to do my foundation. And the best part is, it’s $6.

I apply my foundation in a similar manner. I dab a spot on my forehead, nose, and cheeks. Buff it in with coastal scents stippling brush br-110. I always use primer and started using bb cream under my foundation for staying power, coverage, and oil control.

i take those white triangle sponges, spray it with distilled water to wet it down so it doesn’t soak up too much foundation. Then i take one pump foundation & dab on the forehead/nose/cheeks/chin and dab the sponge to spread it evenly. I’ve tried brushes but #1 more to clean and #2 i tend to break out more when i use brushes. especially when i use mineral foundation πŸ™

F80 brush all the way. Whenever I start to use something else and then go back to the F80, I always wonder why I left it. It’s so fast and easy and makes my foundation look flawless!

I mix a pump of Holia Holika Balancing rimer with a small pump (I try not to press down all the way) of Urban Decay Naked Foundation on my hand and dot it on my forhead, nose, cheeks, and chin. I spread it around with my fingers and then use Real Techniques Expert Face Brush in a stippling and then swirling motion to buff out.

I had been using Beauty Blenders for a while and then they just seemed to stop working for me.

ideally, foundation brush for shizzle! Smoother application than any other method. I can’t believe people still use sponges! Do they see all the product that’s wasted when they squeeze sponge? Sometimes use fingers if i a mad dash, but i notice i much more heavy handed with product.

I admire all women who wear foundation and look flawless! I have no clue which foundation works for my skin tone but for now, I just wear my moisturizer with SPF. I am more comfortable in my own skin. It is warmer and muggy now so the less I put on my skin the better for my pores.

I’ve mainly been using Bourjois’ healthy mix serum foundation, which works really well with a damp beauty blender. I just use one pump of foundation on the back of my hand, pat it on and blend away. Some days I’ll add on a bit with the RT expert face brush, or build up a bit more coverage with the same beauty blender, but there’s been a heatwave in my area recently so I mostly stick to light/medium coverage. I always pat on a setting powder with a Real Techniques powder brush (I alternate between Too Faced’s Primed and Poreless pressed powder and Bourjois healthy balance powder mostly) because I like a more matte finish.

i use a non-dewy foundation mostly, mixing it with illuminating primer (burberry fresh glow or tom ford primer) on the back of my hand, dot it on my cheeks, forehead, chin, buff it with sigma f80 and then blend with a beauty blender or a large blending brush. i use mattifying translucent powder to set it and after i highlight using concealer and/or cream contour.

2 pumps of Clinique DDML+ as a moisturizer-primer,
then a pea-sized amount of Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue applied with fingers,
followed by MAC Mineralize liquid foundation used as an undereye and blemish concealer also applied with fingers.
Excellent results, and lasts all day. Could not be more pleased with these products and routine.

I also take one pump’s worth of foundation and share it between my two fingers, tab some on my cheeks, forehead and then start rubbing it in using circular motions. It does the trick.

I’m I’m using a liquid foundation, I’ll apply dots of it all over my face (or one area at a time, if it dries fast) and then blend all of it with the RT sponge. For powder foundation, I just kinda stipple and then blend it on with a dense buffing brush.

It depends on what foundation I’m using. My choice for method of application differs with textures and finishes. For matte liquid foundations I prefer my beautyblender or real techniques blending sponge, and for more dewy/skin-like finishes I tend to reach for my sigma f84 angled buffing brush. I prefer the F84 over any other buffing brush because it’s not too dense which makes application a lot smoother.

Powder foundation: apply concealer where needed beforehand. Buff powder in with extremely dense flat top brush. Blend/buff over top with fluffy powder brush.

Liquid foundation (matte): put foundation on a mixing palette first. Dab damp beauty blender in foundation and apply directly to face.

Cream foundation: buff in with sigma f80. The dense synthetic bristles are the best to use with creams.

Liquid foundation (dewy/not matte): Dab on forehead, nose, chin, cheeks and blend in with sigma f84. The bristles are packed a little less dense which makes for the perfect smooth application.

For years, I’ve applied my foundation using flat brushes from the Body Shop and Yves Rocher. I have a brush for every day of the week and I wash them at the weekend. I pump a dab of foundation directly on the brush and spread it on my face. But when I’m in a hurry, the foundation sometimes ends up a little too thick. Lately, I’ve become curious about these egg-shaped sponges and bought two, one from Yves Rocher and another from Real Techniques. I’ll give them a try this weekend, but I have a feeling that they’re a bit time consuming to use.

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