How do body highlighters fit into your regular routine?

They typically don’t! I’ll test them for reviews, but it’s rare that I’ll remember to wear one–I can be quite forgetful that isn’t being applied to test, LOL!

— Christine
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I do not wear them, but on rare occasions I might dust a bit of darker h/l on top of moisturizer.. collar bones, shoulders.. not much. I’m not one for showing a lot of skin.

Oooopppfffhhh- 20 years ago when I was in college it was more routine. I had a light dust of body shimmer on my arms and neck. Now its just for special occasions.

I have never used one. I think they look pretty when the Youtubers do… but I just never have. I don’t know what sort of occasion I would need them for – I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything by not using them.

They don’t. Between not being one to expose much skin & a predominantly black wardrobe, they just aren’t conducive to my lifestyle… That said, when I was younger, and frequently going out at night, I did dabble a bit in them, as well as body glitter, but found they really were more trouble than they’re worth due to the mess they left not only on my clothing, but on others, too…

Body highlighter? Never. Just not on my radar. While I dress up my jeans and t-shirt with colorful make-up, body highlighters just aren’t of interest.

However, back in the day, Urban Decay’s flavored body powders were in regular rotation. I went through several boxes of marshmallow and cocoa. I’m pretty sure I had at least a box each of red hot, honey, and cake. Every now and again I get nostalgic and wish they were still around.

Haha I mentioned the UD powders too. I coveted them all through my teens and finally got the marshmallow one in the final time it was available with a bridal set. Iconic 00s teen culture, would totally buy at a reasonable price point. <3

As pretty as I find them and would like to use them, I don’t use them b/c I pole dance. The last thing I need is to put something on that’s going to make me slide and fall off the pole… which is painful… I know from experience. Or leave a residue that’s going to make someone else slide and fall. I have to be very careful and mindful on what I put on my body. I love shea butter, but I can only use it on off days b/c of how slippy it is. So having something like a body highlighter which I would only be able to use 1 or 2 times a week would be extremely wasteful. I will use something like Fenty’s shimmer matchstix or a loose highlighting powder on my collarbones, but a liquid body highlighter is out of the question for my lifestyle.

Maybe a little when I wear something off the shoulder? Since I live in the great white north, that doesn’t happen for too long out of the year, so I’m going to say they work in 1% of the time. To the point where I’m shocked at how many brands are bringing them out now, but there must be a market!

I used to love body highlight almost head to toe in the summer especially since I lived in a bikini as I live in southern California.
But 3yrs ago I became chronically ill and started suffering from chronic pain, my weight dropped dangerously low (I’m now malnourished and vitamin deficient no matter what supplements I take, prescription vitamins usually) to very underweight (Drs are trying to get me to agree to a feeding tube that goes straight to my stomach called a G Tube I think) so it’s not like I’m 5 lbs under… I have a malabsorption issue.
But my shoulder bones and collarbone are VERY pronounced, im very self conscious about how my bones stick out..
But this year I have been trying to conquer that, and I’ve gone back to using body highlight.
I think on all women it looks great dusted on the tops of shoulders, along the collarbone, (if you’re not shy, highlight the top of your upper arms to look a lil more toned), no woman wearing shorts, a bathing suit, or skirt, shouldn’t highlight the front of your legs to create leaner longer legs. Finish with (depending on your setting, an oil (banana boat makes great ones and over certain powder or cream highlighters, it mimics body lavas etc), or Neutrogena Sheer Sunscreen? It’s in a can and comes in 30 and a ridiculously high number… This leaves a beautiful glow and protects the skin (MUAs used this on me when I used to model and I recently found out that Scott Barnes uses it on J. Lo)

I definitely think that if I lived somewhere consistently warm like CA or FL my thoughts would be different. Now, if someone gifted me a body highlight I’d find a way to use it for sure! I saw that Scott Barnes trick too – does the sunscreen not wear off/sink in quickly or make you feel sticky? I’ve never had a sunscreen maintain a shine so figured that was just for photo ops vs real life?

Won’t catch me near a body highlighter (I barely do face, and most times is something very soft like MAC Emphasize). 😆

I’m always trying to remember to use them more often because I have too many (and too large!) highlighters to use up on my face. Like I really love Becca Pearl liquid highlighter and Cover FX Glitter and Enhancer Drops but they’re all unreasonably huge, so I try to sink some product onto my arms or chest or collarbones. I know it can be tacky for actual glitters but it’s still fun and I like the sparkle. The shimmer finish ones look really tasteful and subtle.

I haven’t purchased a product actually marketed as a body highlighter since ye olde UD Lickable Body Powder. I can’t see picking up a liquid formulation because I’d be afraid of it going bad, but I might do a cute scented powder puff at some point for nostalgia’s sake.

Not at all. I do have a nice body and face bronzer/glow-y lotion from Lise Watier and a golden body oil from NUXE but I rarely, rarely use either one (and if I do, it’s just on my legs)

About the most I ever bother doing is to mix some MJ Dew You Dew Drops to my body moisturizer and then apply that to my legs. Great for when it’s too hot for pantyhose!

Growing up on the beaches of Southern California, I used quite a bit of shimmer that came in a spray can. I can’t recall the brand or anything. In my 30’s and 40’s I found a really pretty scented lotion with shimmer in it at Bath and Body Works. It was an intense Vanilla/Brown Sugar scent. I used it on my arms and legs and really liked it. It dried down a little and wasn’t sticky, otherwise, I wouldn’t have worn it. In my 50’s I stopped using them and now in my 60’s they just wouldn’t fit my lifestyle. I rarely wear anything but jeans and T-shirts. I thought about taking one with me to Europe but airline restrictions made it not worth it to sacrifice something I really needed.

Hi everyone!
I’m a “mature “ lady with a very square face. It is so difficult to apply highlight to my cheekbones . My cheekbones are very high and meet my under eye area, where I apply a brightening concealer.

I don’t tan and don’t always like to bother self tanning, so it depends what you consider a body highlighter. I love Tom Ford Soleil Blanc Shimmering Body Oil in the summer. It smells amazing and I love the way it makes my arms and legs glow. I’m 57, if I want my legs to look a bit more camouflaged I use Charlotte Tilbury Supermodel Body Highlighter. Got this on sale during Nordstrom Anniversary sale last year. Lasts forever. It’s great.

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