How did your 2015 beauty resolutions go?

I think I’m sleeping better (that was one of my things I wanted to work on last year), but the healthier eating definitely went south over the last few months!

— Christine
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Katherine T. Avatar

My 2015 resolution was to make a big dent in my stash. Well… I failed on makeup/skincare, as my collection exploded (Colour Pop is my weakness), but I did stick very well to a no-buy on glosses and mascara, as those go bad much faster. And after rounding up all my red lipsticks/glosses and realizing I had 2 drawerfuls, I stuck to a no-buy for that color, unless something very special came along. And I did use up a lot of shampoos, conditioners, styling products, and body lotions (yay!) and will stick to low buy for that. So for 2016, I will need to use up more makeup/skincare and trying to resist new buys, unless they are really unique, LE, or needed to round out my collection

Katherine T. Avatar

Oh, and I’m so glad to hear you are sleeping better! I know I probably sound like your mom, but I worry about you. And yep, my eating went south over the holidays too, but 2016 is a new start! Will be hauling my ass back onto that dang treadmill/clothes hanger!

Nancy T Avatar

I realized that I really did do pretty dang good at doing what I said I’d do when it came to looking on here first before just spontaneously, and perhaps maniacally buying something spur of the moment just because “ooh, that’s pretty!”, getting it home and being disappointed, then having to return it! This past year saw way fewer returns or exchanges!

So happy to read that your sleep (deprivation) issues have improved! Not getting enough or quality sleep wreaks havoc on the whole person. I used to struggle with it for decades on and off. As for eating? Welcome to Arizona! It’s difficult eating healthy here because tempations are LITERALLY on every corner.

Marie-Estelle Avatar

I didn’t have a beauty resolution per se for 2015 but I did achieve a lot this year! I started by taking better care of my skin (layering for the face, rich cream every single night on my body and hands, masks, etc). I also went back to the gym… my aim is to keep it up in 2016! 🙂

Kuávsui Avatar

I started working out but also took up smoking again for a few weeks. I had made no resolutions though, just kept on trying to improve my life and habits – I think all round I made a lot of progress! Still dont know how to do hair though.

Nicole Avatar

I honestly can’t remember what mine were! probably about working on my health situation. well, I had 6 hour neurosurgery in July. It helped some. I also, am on a new Neurologist. That’s a work in progress. I’m fortunate that I’m a nurse with some research background. So, this past summer I started looking to out of state doctors because my insurance agreed to cover. I’m going to Mayo in AZ in Feb. If that falls through, I will go to NYC. I’m asking my doctor here about a different medication on Mon.
Onto Beauty! I grew my brows pretty well! the left one is till a pain. They do need filled to be “full’ of course as I am a makeup child of the 90’s. (read pencil-thin brows) .
As far as getting my stash organized-not yet! fail! I partially got this though-maybe? i have the cabinet,lol. So, it’s just the getting everything moved from the smaller cabinet and organized neatly into the larger cabinet that is haunting me. Ugh..I really,really need to do that. Most of the Holiday things I got are still either on my vanity or stacked on this little side table I pulled over because their is no room! Stash makeover time! 😀

Pearl Avatar

I think I did pretty well with being careful and discerning about my purchases. I checked here first and I shopped my stash first, so that saved me A LOT of money. Also everything is cataloged and organized. The organization has helped in other areas as well, because now I’m organizing my pantry and kitchen and instead of the idea of it sending me into a panic, I am actually looking forward to it. I can see what I need now and it’s just a matter of finding, moving, shifting, changing out the old, installing the new, etc.

Fran Avatar

I’m glad to hear that you’re sleeping better, Christine! It wasn’t a New Years’ resolution (I don’t really make them), but I am working on a goal of maintaining my weight loss. The first few months was effortless, but then the weight started to pile back on even though I wasn’t eating any more. I think it was the stress of gritting my teeth and enduring a part-time job I was beginning to hate — causing chronically elevated cortisol levels. Anyway, I’ve had to resume modified intermittent fasting two days a week, which is how I lost the weight, and the re-gain is (slowly) melting away — I think it will be easier once the job that’s bothering me is out of my life, and I begin the new (but more exciting) stress of job-hunting. I can relate to the fact that eating healthy requires time, planning, and effort, but I’ve come to believe that great home cooking is worth it — it’s actually the secret of life, lol. I’m lucky because my son and I take turns cooking — I don’t have to do it all. Even so, we often make enough to have leftovers another night — served a different way, or with a different side dish. That helps.

A year ago my rosacea was finally under enough control for me to try adding an AHA exfoliant and retinol treatment to my skin care regimen, and, while I haven’t always used them as consistently as I’d planned, I’ve been consistent enough that my some baby wrinkles have receded back to the status of “fine lines”. So that’s encouraging!

I also hoped to get my stuff (*all* my stuff, not just beauty stuff, which actually isn’t too much of a mess) better organized, and that did not happen during 2015 (although it didn’t get any worse, either, so that’s something). It still feels like a daunting task, but, if I can find a way to get it done before my 60th birthday this summer, I will be really pleased. That would be a great gift to myself.

I went a little crazy with buying clothes, makeup, and hair styling stuff to decorate my more slender body over the past few months. And I really did have to replace my entire wardrobe — *nothing* fit me any more, not even shoes. I don’t regret the purchases, but that definitely needs to slow down. I really have most of what I need at this point. I’ve just gotten into the habit of thinking that I should take advantage of sales and coupons — but I really don’t need to if there isn’t anything I need! I used to be able to pass them up without a thought, or at most a brief sigh of regret. I need to get back to that place.

Wishing everyone good fortune with their plans for this year!

Genevieve Avatar

Generally, pretty well. I have de-cluttered my home and am about to de clutter my beauty stash. I bought only the eye shadow palettes that I really loved.
It’s good to hear that you are sleeping more and better. Everyone’s eating goes south over the festive season, so you are not alone there.

SMITA Avatar

since I’m on meds I can’t lose much weight but am chubby. However I am maintaining my current weight throughout the year by cooking a lot and eating out less! Also I have maintained my skincare routine more or less and need to do something about my hair style. I did get some highlights put in but my hair is really curly/tangled type so need help there.

As for makeup I saved up for what I bought so have decided that it works well to keep some money aside again for future purchase. Really it was only to build my makeup collection I have achieved that-so this year less spending on makeup and more shopping my stash.


Judy H. Avatar

My 2015 beauty resolutions went down the tubes. I had promised that I would establish a good, no frills skin care program. FAIL! I also promised myself that I was going to find an attractive, easy makeup routine to use on a daily basis. FAIL!

Guess I’ll try this againin 2016.

fuji Avatar

2015 was a very busy year for me. I slept with my makeup on like a million times, which is bad for my skin. I would definitely make ‘wearing proper skincare or at least removing makeup before sleep’ my 2016 beauty resolution. I’ve done well in keeping budgets and splurges pretty wisely.

WARPAINTandUnicorns Avatar

Hmmm, well I looked it up!

Well, my plans where a fail, but this year I had my financial rug pulled out from under me (no work means, no pay as far as the accountant is concerned…. I’m still baffled by my boss not realizing she wasn’t sending me any work for a month), and I was diagnosed with being Type-1 Diabetic.

So I fundamentally failed to save for school because I was out of work. I think I did however spend less this year, but bough pretty much only from Sephora and ColourPop. lol

As for the tutorials that ground to stop, between meeting to apply for financial aid for school (this was like a 7 month odyssey of loops to jump), working full time at dead end job just to have some money, and doctors… My energy was a bit sapped for filming or finding time to film.

I did keep my previous 2 year commitment to avoid most of the LE stuff. I want to concentrate on products that people can still get 2 months later. I was personally getting sick of all these LE MAC lipsticks I own and not being able to repurchase them that made me really think of this as a path with my blog choices. Not that I’m not tempted! But it allowed me this year to try new brands in general.

My post from last year:

“Buying less makeup for sure! I’m saving to go back to school in the fall.

Do makeup tutorials. It’s just soo much easier to record a makeup look than take a photo of every step. lol”

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