How did you learn how to apply makeup?

How did you learn how to apply makeup? Share!

Self-taught! I also had two Kevyn Aucoin books that I leafed through (but surely didn’t study thoroughly enough – I had them years before I was allowed to wear makeup, and then once I was wearing makeup, they weren’t with me!).

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Mostly self-taught, but I do read/watch tutorials when I see something I want to try and can’t quite get the hang of it on my own.

I was the first in my family to wear makeup, so no one showed me. It’s basically trial and error and still learning after +30 years! Started with lipgloss, blush, then shadows, etc. I read magazines for tips , surf internet blogs, watch you tube sometimes, but mostly practicing and experimenting on myself.

I went to make-up school for a couple of months, but I learned absolutely NOTHING there (other than “eyebrows should be shaved off almost entirely then redrawn, which is really not something I’d consider a rule). So I’d say I’m mainly self-taught.

Self taught and listening to makeup artists at the department stores. The you tubers, blogs, videos did not exist at the time. Also getting some books at the book store.

Self-taught as well here. I had the “Making Faces” book in my college days. But, I honestly only looked at it and scaled it down. I got most of my inspiration form “Seventeen” magazine. I had an older sister that I would watch if she would not shove me out of the room,lol.I was a huge athlete most of my younger life and really only held a small amount of makeup and wore the natural look mostly as I was going to be sweating it off at some point.Now, that I am a “big girl”, more established and way less athletic due to a chronic illness, I have regained my joy in beauty things. So, Moslty, I honed my skills later in life . I played and had fun with it in my late teens and 20’s, refined in my 30’s..but I assume that sound about right. 🙂

I initially learned to apply makeup from watching my Grandma, my Mom, and my older sister growing up. But when my sister introduced me to makeup videos back in 2009, my makeup game stepped up a lot.

I learned to do makeup at 4-h camp. The counselors always helped their girls get ready for the dance the final night and they’d do our hair and makeup, and teach us how to look nice. And then after the dance we’d go back to our cabins and keep doing makeup. There was also a major expectation in our 4-h animal shows, fashion review, speaking contests, and talent shows that the teen girls would have just enough face makeup on to make their faces show up to the judge, when the goal is making eye contact with the judge a little liner, mascara, blush, and lip gloss changes everything. We also had a workshop specifically geared to walking and turning in heels, so that when modeling clothes we made ourselves, we looked great and confident.

I think that’s awesome that they taught you guys all that. Excellent prep for real-world situations like work and formal occasions. I wish I’d been taught how to walk in heels. By the time I was old enough, my mom wasn’t interested in teaching me. I had to figure it out on my own, and I still don’t do really high heels well.

Just curious about your Temptalia name. Did you collect Breyer horses and others animals too? I loved them as a child but my family couldn’t afford them. Bought them for my daughter who is now 40. Beautiful animals for older children.

You, more or less. Because you’re what pulled me back into it after many years of not wearing it or knowing what to do with it. (Awaiting a haul of Makeup Revolution palettes.) Including watching tutorials. Funny, my presentation is very “soft butch” and I have a very conservative sense of style, but I really grok on dramatic looks.

I’ve always had the makeup bug, because I applied “makeup” to every Barbie and any other type of doll that I had, and I used to get into my mother’s makeup and apply it directly to the faces in her fashion magazines. This happened as far as I know from the age of 6 or 7. Then as a pre teen I started reading teen magazines, which were very popular at the time, and pretty much learned from there.

Actually, from a make-up artist. He ended up borrowing money from anyone he knew and fleeing town, but at least I got to learn something first. ;))

Trial and (lots of) error! I used to pile on eyeshadows because I thought you had to use everything in the palette at once, LOL! Allure magazine was also a big influence on me back in the day (before the Internet, etc.). I was always inspired by their makeup looks, and grateful that they included product info with every beauty shot!

Youtube! I watched a lot of tutorials. I learned the basics between my 8th and 9th grade years (coincidentally I had my last growth spurt and overhauled my wardrobe that same summer, too) and by the time I started high school no one recognized me, haha.

I can’t quite remember who I watched when I was first learning–all I can say for sure was that there was definitely a lot of Michelle Phan in the mix–but these days I watch a lot of pixiwoo (Sam & Nic Chapman’s channel), CoffeeBreakwithDani, emilynoel83 (as well as her other channel, Beauty Broadcast Express, for reviews!), and Lisa Eldridge.

I learned everything I know about makeup from YouTube videos! I started watching xsparkage and panacea81/Lauren Luke way way back in the day and I’ve been addicted to beauty videos ever since! Leesha’s channel is still one of my favourites too!

I learned a lot of tips and tricks through magazines, probably Sassy or Seventeen. But YouTube videos also helped expand my knowledge.

Initially, I think I just played with putting my mother’s limited makeup collection on my face, not really knowing what to do. I know I was pretty heavy-handed at times. In the past few years, I finally feel I have been shown how to apply makeup, and what to do with the various items, through watching you tube beauty bloggers. I didn’t know what a highlighter, or contour products were. You tube wasn’t around to teach me as a teen! My mother really wasn’t too fussed with makeup either. Girls are so lucky to have access to this kind of information so easily now. I learned in my 30’s!

I think when I was in Junior High, my sister-in-law introduced me to concealer and blue eyeliner. No blending, setting powder, or blush; just those two items was all I wore!!!!!!! I bet I’ve watched over 100 YouTube videos in the last 3 years, its really upped my game ;). This question really took me back!!!

youtube. I l had nobody to teach me and this was the only way. I think I just stumbled across a tutorial one night and I was like hmmm.. do you really need so many brushes? lol!

I know everything on youtube may not be perfect or up to a MUA standards, but it educated me and I have skills I wouldn’t have developed without it!

YouTube! I was a late bloomer and didn’t get into makeup until after I graduated from college. I’m so thankful for YouTubers!

In the beginning I learned from watching my mom, I was always fascinated watching her put on her makeup, especially here eye shadow she used her eye shadow as eyeliner by wetting her little sponge applicator and I was amazed. Then when I turned 13 my mom took me to Clinique for a ‘make over’ and they taught me how to take care of my skin and gave me my ‘tawny’ makeup that I used all throughout Middle School. Then I just kinda taught myself as I got older, tried new things and now I learn by watching YouTube and playing.

I’m 25, and I’m learning now from youtubers, blogs, and discussion forums. My mother rarely wore makeup though she did give me a Kevyn Aucoin book when I was 14 or so, but I had some major insecurities that prevented me from wearing makeup before now. Now that I’m slowly learning how to love myself I finally have the courage to dabble in it – and I still find it “funny” how many people assume makeup is the tool insecure women use to hide behind. Everyone has different reasons for using makeup.

Self taught too, I also had a Kevyn book and an old Way Bandy book too. I was teen model, with my very protective dad with me always. I copied the makeup techniques 🙂 I was really into it at a young age. I even wore fake lashes to school a few times lol

Some from my mom, some from teen and fashion magazines while growing up, but mostly self-taught. General art classes and art books are great for learning about highlighting, shading, blending and using colors.

Oddly My 17 year old daughter taught me! I really didn’t know how to wear it until I had reached my mid 40’s. She loves studying tutorials and creates the most tasteful beautiful looks. I’ve learned everything I know from her.

Great question! Mostly self-taught. I read Vogue from a v young age (12-13) and would play. Also music mags, as this was glitter/glam rock time. Mum taught me v little. Worked in trendy E Village boutiques & sold to the drag community, many who became good friends & watching them I learned fun stuff (far too theatrical for everyday.) Later went to cosmetology school & got asked to teach the class MU app. (should’ve asked for pay! Also taught haircuts, completely insane that the teachers were so inept.) No Internet back when I was a hair/MUA so I played & taught myself. Freelancing was great & did fashion shows, videos, film, SFX for private clients. Salons were horrid & was what made me switch careers.

i learned through youtube! well first off, I watched as they put makeup on me at the various counters where i purchased makeup but i didn’t really learn how to do it myself until i started watching youtube. It was hard at first finding a vlogger that had the same type of eyes or skin needs as myself and also a style that i liked. But yes without youtube i’d be totally lost!

Mostly trial and error at first. Then I would try the makeup tips from fashion magazines such as Seventeen, Teen, Glamour

My sweet mother taught me about makeup. She took me to Merle Normans when I was in 8th grade.
She always loved her makeup, Clinique in later years. She would reapply Her lipstick throughout the day and remind me if I needed some. Thanks Mom for an example and fun of beauty…inside and out!

It was a combination of things. I did a lot of practicing myself, I watched my older sister when I was a tenager and I read magazines, (for years now) on different ways to apply makeup.

My sister tried to teach me but it didn’t work because we have different eye shapes.. and then i found the world of beauty gurus in 2011..

Self-taught all the way. I started wearing very badly applied eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara in middle school (so I was about 12?) I just gradually learned what looked good and how to apply it. I didn’t watch YouTube until after I graduated from high school and by then I already knew how to apply my make up well. I mainly watch for inspiration now or to get an idea of how a product would work on me.

In my day – early 60’s when I started wearing makeup – there weren’t any books about how to apply makeup. I got my ideas from Teen Magazine and Seventeen Magazine, etc. We were so limited on makeup shades – the colors! It was awful. I managed and have loved it ever since. I get dizzy thinking of the money I spent on makeup this past 50 years. It’s been so much fun! It’s great being a girly girl. I wouldn’t change a thing : )

I have a collection of beauty/ style books spanning from the 20s-80s, the early ones had small sections & weren’t very in depth. You’re spot on about colour, the 70s is when things got quite colourful, but still some awful formulations! Today’s formulas are SO much better! Jet

I initially learned from watching my Mom put on her makeup. I loved watching her. When I was a kid, I received a Barbie makeup head for Christmas with her own “makeup”, rollers, brush/comb, everything. I’ve been practicing my makeup skills ever since (lol). I’m 51 and my Mom still gives me makeup treats. Makeup enthusiasts today are lucky to have YT and blogs. Back in the day you practiced on yourself and your friends and copied looks from magazines.

I’m 55, and honestly still love getting inspiration from magazines! Having been in the biz for around 40 years (started as a teen selling Avon) I see some atrocities on YT by so-called “beauty gurus”, of course not all bad, but gosh! Christine always does a beautiful job!

Been around 3 or 4 years from Youtube.. And when I could do it on myself I wanted to learn how to do it on others so I went ahead for a makeup course.

Self-taught in high-school, no books or anything. Random girls in my grade would compliment me and ask me to do their makeup, so when I was 21 (lost not knowing what I wanted to be when I grow up, suddenly realizing I WAS grown up) I chose to study makeup artistry at a school. It bumped my level from “Natural Talent” to “Professionally Skilled” 😀

Started playing with makeup really early. By age 5 I was a pro. Lol. Self taught all the way. As I’ve gotten older I do enjoy watching tutorials. But the base skills I learned through trial and error.

Drawing and painting faces, magazines and books, drama club. I loved make up even in later grade school, fourth or fifth grade but of course didn’t wear it then. I think I snuck. Mascara, the cake kind, in seventh grade. No one in my family wore make-up and neither did my friends. I graduated high school in 1967.
I learned about shading and light and dark from art class so the rest was logical.

Omg cake mascara! I remember that! It was what my mother used & the first kind I did. Also cake eyeliner was fab, wish I could find a good one again. Wow blasts from the past! <3 Jet

Oh, Jet, the colors were black, Brown and blue. I think it was Maybelline but not certain. I had to buy blue bc they were sold out of the others sat the dime store. I’m 65 to put it in perspective. I got in big trouble with the blue mascaca! My youngest sister was about your age. Huge changes in those ten years. So happy that you commented.

Hi Susan! Yep I think you’re correct, it was Maybelline. They had little red brushes right? The cake liner did too & I honestly think I still have one of those liner brushes hidden away somewhere! Oh no, you had to get the blue! Gosh blue mascara was HUGE even through the 70s, I recall in HS girls wearing it. You’re correct, makeup changed a lot in the 10 years between us. Now it’s quite confusing with the selection, which is another reason why Christine is so great! I’m glad you posted too, it’s fun recalling the silly things we had to work with! <3 Jet

I already commented but just wanted to add that thinking about this and reading everyone’s story was some of the most fun I’ve had either general questions. To all those who were helped by their mothers, please give them a hug and kiss and say thanks.

I agree! I don’t think I’ve ever commented so much either! And how sweet, yes kiss & hug your mums not only for helping you but just because! <3 Jet

Oh, Jet, the colors were black, Brown and blue. I think it was Maybelline but not certain. I had to buy blue bc they were sold out of the others sat the dime store. I’m 65 to put it in perspective. I got in big trouble with the blue mascaca! My youngest sister was about your age. Huge changes in those ten years. So happy that you commented. True, time slips away. Always express appreciation and love. It can never hurt.

Trial and error over the years. I have an art background, so I luckily have a steady hand and a naturally good eye for color and shading… but oh boy, the things I wish I could tell my middle school self!!

Pretty much self taught. I do find myself, now, watching various “tutorials” and do pick up some tips but, “back in the day” there wasn’t a “Youtube” to watch so I just went on gut and the (small) artistic ability I have to apply my MU.

Self taught mostly, though I ate up anything magazine wise or book wise when I was in my teens because I was desperate to make my acne look less.

I learned how to do makeup with trials and errors. I have a background in art and fashion design. I started applying my first swipes of eye shadow and lipstick in fourth grade. Of course I wasn’t allowed to wear it outside, only for pretend. I was “officially” allowed to wear it at fifteen years old. I began experimenting with various looks and colors over the years until I got it right. I also found my signature look in the process.

I discovered the world of YouTube makeup tutorials in middle school and there was no going back. 🙂 But ultimately I began with just one channel for most of my learning needs, and that was Marlena (MakeupGeek)! And I still watch her tutorials today.

Funny thing is, I wore hardly ANY makeup, up until the last two to three years, and I’m forty-five now. My skin was flawless, rarely, if ever had blemishes, and always had this natural glow. I was fortunately blessed with nice, naturally tan Hawaiian skin. But since menopause two years ago (TMI?), I began having AWFUL breakouts. to the point I was embarrassed to go into public. I did tons of research on what facial cleansing products would be most suitable for my age and skin issues, and after time, I finally found it. As for learning how to apply makeup, what makeup works well, and what doesn’t, I’ve learned from the girls on YouTube. Desi, Chrissspy, Young Wild and Polished, Kathleen Lights, Jaclyn Hill, etc. etc. It used to take me nearly three hours to apply makeup, (I can’t believe I had that kind of of time), but now it takes me approximately 45 minutes tops for full face makeup. I’m still learning, of course, but I must be doing something right. I get lots of compliments!

Originally from my aunt, who wore a lot of make up; my mother, who didn’t wear very much, and teen magazines. Then I took a very long break from modern make up, first because I was doing medieval/renaissance reenactment and then because I didn’t want to bother. The last couple of years, it’s been You Tube videos, blogs and trial and error.

Self taught at first, I would just wear a little eye shadow, mascara and gloss. Then I discovered Youtube and it was OVER lol I remember the first one I watched was a Jessica Harlow smoky eye video and I’ve been hooked ever since!

Trial and error. A GWP lesson from YSL. it was a few hours long and very good. One excellent makeover at a Dior counter, Kevyn Aucoins books, I love them still. I tried look after look and had so much fun. Also copying various photos, from old Hollywood films to editorial magazine photos.
There was no You Tube back then.
These days I love tutorials on You Tube. Most of all I like to watch people like Klaire de Lys, stagey, edgy fun. For more wearable makeup, I love Lisa Eldridge.

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