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I’m pretty confident–as long the shade doesn’t venture into black, I’d say, then I can’t say I feel particularly confident! You have to get used to seeing yourself with such dramatic color, so wear the color around the house, when you don’t have to go anywhere – and work your way up to wearing it out!

— Christine

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I’ve just now taken to occasionally wearing read lip gloss – something I’ve always been nervous to do (my mom never wore red if that says anything). But I’ve finally decided that if I’m stuck being pale as a vamp, I might as well own it and go for it. Compliments from friends really help boost the spirit when trying it too πŸ™‚

Oh totally if you’re talking about a red and hot fuschia that is Coz those ate the only bold colors I’ve tried.i just bought them and wore it like i was born to do it.what other bold colors should i try? I’m v similar to Ur complexion.

After years and years of wearing just neutral lips or gloss, In the last couple of years I’ve gradually weaned myself into wearing brights and darks by wearing them around the house and now I do not feel uncomfortable in them at all. It took awhile as I was used to seeing myself with little to no colour on my lips. I’m now at the point where I feel my look is more polished with lip colour.

It depends on the occasion, when I go out for dinner with my family, I love to play around with a bolder eye or a darker lip, but usually I like to go a bit more neutral during the day. My favorite tip to using darker colors is to sheer them out by putting on lip balm before you apply a lipstick, or to use any product with a bit of natural shine but not super glossy or super matte.

I’m not very confident in a bold lip. I think I need more attention on my eyes, so I don’t do a bold lip very often, and I stick with my safe medium-dark berry or red colors. I also stick to creamy finishes, instead of glitter/shine/matte. Once in a rare while, I’ll do a classic bright red.

To feel more confident, I just stay in my safe zone (and I’ve worn bright makeup in the house a few times too).

I am extremely confident when I’m rocking a bold lip! I feel my lips are my sexiest feature, and I love to play them up!

I love it! As long as the lipstick stays in place, I’m confident πŸ™‚
The only time I felt insecure all day long was when I found a very creamy lipstick (European brand Catrice) on my teeth and chin a couple of times.

I love red lips, even for everyday. I find that they rather give me a bit more confidence, than making me feel awkward. I had to work my way up to bold plums and really dark burgundies, though, that took me some time and some encouraging comments from friends about the very dark lips.

Me too. I think I have nice pouty lips, and I like to play up one feature. I have no problem with wearing a bold lip, and I do wear bold lipcolors daily. I do draw the line at more outlandish colors like very dark purples, blues, blacks, etc. I will do bold lips so long as they’re in the red-pink-fuchsia range.

Not at all! My lips are naturally quite pigmented, and I’ve always envyed those with pretty baby pink pale lips… So I pale out my lips a tiny bit with concealer every morning!

I love bold red lips, plum lips and berry lips – you name it! But unfortunately I don’t love it on myself. Actually I rarely ever use lip products other than lip balm. I really love lipsticks and lipglosses though! I just have really dry lips and always generally feel out of place wearing something on them.

It’s too bad really! πŸ™

I’d say I am quite confident about it. May be not black. But MAC Prince Noir is still fine for me. Today I am wearing Dubonnet! Yay! And it’s for the morning school run for my daughter. It’s raining cats and dogs, and Dubonnet just ‘brighten’ up my face and makes the rainy grey weather more bearable. πŸ™‚

i would be more confident if lipstick didnt wear out like crazy on me. when i wear a bold color, lets say a red or hot pink, i get maniac and im constantly worrying and looking at the mirror to check if everything its okay just because it disappears on me or get glumpy in the middle and i can’t stand it.

I’m definitely getting better at it! It’s true that you have to get used to seeing yourself with it, and it’s also important to test the formula out so that you know there won’t be any nasty surprises (bleeding, feathering, uneven fading…). There are lipsticks I can wear without feeling uneasy or the need to check how they look after a meal/drink, because I know they’ll be just fine!

I’m not confident at all with a bold lip. They always make my big cheeks look bigger for some reason. On Halloween I’ll usually wear a vampy lip for fun but other than that it’s clear, subtle pink, or subtle coral.

I love a bold lip as long as I’ve made sure it hasn’t traveled to my teeth. But a dark shade like a deep purple or black won’t work for me so I wouldn’t be comfortable with that.

I’m very confident in matte or satin reds and bright pinks. It took me a while to feel comfortable–I always wanted to remove it after a few minutes at first–but I stuck with it and now I do a bold lip every day. I would definitely suggest wearing it around the house first, then wear it out for short errands like grocery shopping. After you get somewhat used to the look and feel (and the compliments!), wear it to work or school–and vow to keep it on all day!

Quite confident, I love a bold lip! It’s interesting, though, I’m probably the shyest, most insecure person you could meet, but when it comes to lipstick, I’m all about the bold colours. In fact, it’s very rare that I wear anything else but those on my lips, I feel nude colours just don’t suit me.

totally confident. but morange makes me uncomfortable. everytime i wear it, i feel like i m wearing too many layers of lipstick. even though i m tan skintone. nc42. but other than that, super duper comfortable. that’s all i buy, bright lipsticks and unless i m going to work, i only wera bright lipstick.

you should do a must have bright lipsticks list, where you list your EXHAUSTIVE list of bright lipsticks, i want them all! (yes i know i just contradicted myself with must have and exhaustive).

please do a post like that. thanks!

Confident in berry shades, not so confident in red – and no way would I wear any of those weird lip tar colors πŸ˜›

I am completely comfortable wearing a bold lip; often I plan my makeup around the lip color. That being said – I am not confident in nude lipstick. Neutral, yes. Nude, no.

Im confident with black, red, and berry colors, but I wish I could do blues! My trick is to go matte, make sure my complexion is clear with a heavier coverage foundation, and a neutral or lighter blush like marsh douceur, or deep throat :).

working up to it is a very good suggestion – I always feel a bit like I’m playing dress up when I wear a bold lip. And it’s usually only something as bold as MAC Made with Love, Hot Tahiti (which is a glaze) or skew. I own reds but I’m too chicken to wear them!

I love a bold lip, especially when I want an eye-catching make up look that doesn’t require a lot of work. I’m too uncoordinated in the morning to do fabulous eyes, but I can slick on a bright lipstick and feel good to go.

That reminds me, I need to buy disciple by illamasqua. I look fab in it.

I’m very confident with orange, coral, and bright pink/magenta/fuchsia lipsticks. I rarely wear red, except on special occasions and depending on the clothes that I wear. Plus I’m highly picky with reds since I think that one red lipstick is enough.

I’m not confident at all with black, purple, and pale white pink lipsticks.

I used to not dare to wear any lipstick out, because I suffered from some kind of delusion that perfectly-lipsticked women managed to stay that way with no checks and touch ups at all. Just allowing myself the luxury of (very) frequent mirror checks the first couple of times I wear a lipstick out helped a great deal. After that, I know how it wears and can dial it back a bit πŸ™‚
I’ve always wanted to be a lipstick person, and that has me finally learning!

I just bought So Chaud from MAC, and with my death-pale, pink based skin, with only pink blush, curled lashes and clear mascara, I look really weird in a really deliberate way. I wore So Chaud out the first time on a gray day, in a gray mood, and it really cheered me – and other people! I have never gotten so many stares and smiles on the street before. Not all of appreciation, but that didn’t really matter – I looked confident even if I started the day feeling like dirt, and I ended up feeling it too. I’d never wear a pastel, though, they make me look actually sick πŸ˜›

I am *absolutely* comfortable with doing a bold lip. However, I don’t do it as often as I would like, as it can be too inconvenient to touch up as often as necessary.

I find that as long as the shade is appropriate for whatever environment I’m in, then I have no problem wearing blackened (or even *black*) lipstick shades. I also like doing an extreme nude, “corpse” lip if I do really heavy, dark eye makeup. Unfortunately, with some of the places I go, ie, work, my daughter’s school/play-dates, etc, I have to “tame” my appearance, in which case it’s a balm, gloss, or neutral shade.

I think as long as one likes the shade, then go for it. As long as I feel comfortable within a color range, why not? I don’t wear orange, bright pinks, fuschia, magenta, or coral, though, because I simply don’t like them for *me*, and they just don’t work with my wardrobe choices.

I love a bold lip especially if I just been ill, woke up in a bad mood or when the weather is gloomy. I love MAC Rebel lipstick, Ruby Woo lipstick, Nars Red lizard and Scarlett Empress lipsticks.

For me, a good red/burgundy/deep raspberry feels very empowering and confidence boosting. Not because I think I look any better in it than I usually do, but because it makes me feel more grown-up (and I’m almost 30 – I shouldn’t really be needing lipstick to feel grown up :D), more feminine, more put together. Maybe it’s because my mom wears deep red lipsticks all the time (and kitten heels and pearls and Chanel No. 5), while I’m normally a much more laid back/boho/messy type of person, so red lipstick makes me feel like I borrowed some of that poise for a night out.

I feel pretty confident in bold lip colors…In fact, I prefer them over nude, neutral, or light pink shades, which I think tend to wash me out. Bold lip colors are my lipstick shades of choice and I think they tend to brighten up my face in a way that paler shades do not. With that said, I do tone down bold lip colors in office environments and I’ve been experimenting with lighter, less bold shades of lip color, as well. But I do like my vibrant lip colors!

I LOVE bold lips! I’m wearing OCC Nylon right now. On days where I’m lazy, nothing makes me feel prettier than lots of mascara and a bold lip. I have no problem with wearing them out and about. The only thing I worry about with bold lip colors is my teeth and if they are white enough.

I overcame my fear of bold lips when I had to start wearing glasses. Behind frames and prescription lenses, fancy eye makeup was wasted at best and at worst, made me look like Morticia Addams. Interesting lipstick was the best replacement. My trick to those on the fence: try a bold color when you’re wearing dark sunglasses, the darker the better. There’s something classic about a strong lip and sunnies. Plus, you can check out other people’s reactions without letting them know!

Can’t do it. I can handle some plum colors because they look natural on me for some reason (perhaps I’m actually purple?), but nothing truly bold.

I love bold lips. I have a few colors from OCC, MAC and Ka’oir cosmetics. I just hate the comments. Of course people will look but one time I wore a mint green lipstick from Ka’oir cosmetics and I got comments and some young guys even laughed. <_< Like come on people it's lipstick, get over it but I definitely love bold, loud colors. Not for the faint of heart. Pair bold lips with a neutral eye shadow and your good to go.

Totally confident…however, now that I am 40..I fuss over how dark and bold I should go. I love to do a bold orange lip with a black outfit in October ! Not about to give that up yet, 40 or not!

Honestly, I don’t tend to play up the eyes a lot, so a bright coral is my “everyday” shade. Occasionally I’ll do a dark plum or red, but I think my love really stays for coral.

I’m getting more confident in it – for a while all I wore were sheer glosses, or MLBB shades. But I’m getting more confident about wearing bold lips and have started wearing more of them πŸ™‚ I try to keep a couple MLBB shades or neutral shades in my purse, and one bold lip color that I change frequently so I have options depending on my mood.

I love wearing a bold lip – current favourites for day or night are CdP Black Baccara and Serge Lutens Mise a mort – but I’ll admit that it’s not a look at suits all occasions or all outfits. Bold lips can easily be thrown off by an outfit that looks uncoordinated and untidy.

Super confident. I love fall because I really enjoy dark shades on the lips. My favourites are the CoverGirl Outlast lipstain in 450 (product really lasts a long time on the lips) and the crazy purple-black Cyber by MAC. It’s really not so scary if you dab it on and blend with your finger for more of a stained look.

Pretty confident actually. Its not something that I rock every day but I love my lips and I like a nice pop of color on them to show them off. I keep the rest of my makeup neutral so that only the lips pop out. I just recently bought OCC Lip Tar in Anime, its a bright hot pink fushia that goes SO well with a pink tshirt and I love the way it looks on my fair to light skin. I get compliments all the time.

I have been in love with a bold, old world hollywood red lip for over 25 years. I just cant help myself. There is nothing that makes me feel more confident than a beautiful red lip! I’m looking forward to being that 80 year old pushing a shopping cart with beautiful red lips!!!

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