Hourglass Radiant Finish Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette for Spring 2017

Hourglass Radiant Finish Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette for Spring 2017
Hourglass Radiant Finish Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette for Spring 2017

A limited-edition blush palette with the illuminating effects of Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder fused with blush pigments for glowing color and a natural-looking, radiant finish.

December 1st, 2016

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The Details

Radiant Finish Ambient Strobe Lighting Blush Palette, $62.00 (Limited Edition, Sephora Exclusive)

  • Incandescent Electra Coral
  • Brilliant Nude Soft brown
  • Euphoric Fusion Mauve

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I’m glad they are doing another 3-pan layout; I find them so much more practical than the recent 5- and 6-pan formats with their tiny individual pans.

Looks really promising, although I would have prefered a highlighter in stead of Incandescent electra or even better, diffused light. that would have been the perfect palette for me. all in 1

I’ll be curious to know the cost per ounce value of this compared to the regular blushes because Hourglass is, IMO, notoriously unforgivable for their rip-off tactics and that’s why I’ve completely boycotted the brand since that first Holiday Gouge-fest 2 or 3 years ago! But I do want to try their blushes and if the value on this is at least equal to or even close to the pricing for full size, I might just bend my boycott.

Shoot! I was honestly hoping that maybe they’d at least provide equal value or slightly less but that’s outrageous. You’d think they’d be ashamed but I guess people still buy it (though I did notice that the last 2 years, their palettes didn’t fly off the shelves and lots were left after the holidays). So, my boycott continues unchallenged (well, sort of).

Its actually 2.55 PER pan.
Each of these pans is 0.09oz (total 0.27) for $62. where as a full size is 0.15 for $38
I think this is a good value. I never finish a blush so I would personally rather have three colors at smaller sizes

Let me know if I am misreading this?

They’re actually 2.55 grams each, not total, so you’re getting 7.65 g for $62 ($8.10/g) compared to the regular blush at $8.94/g. It’s a value palette.

Okay – that is considerably better. Still not as nice as the companies that give EXTRA value ($75 worth of product for $50, etc.) but better than it sounded originally. The boycott is under threat again…

Hmm mm tempting! Always wanted to try their blushes and missed out on the first blush palette… It the blushes don’t lean two warm for my complexion I might consider it!

Pretty. But spring? Ugh. Haven’t we just been through this with holiday madness? I’m fully saturated and sure a lot of this will just wash over me. I have no bandwidth left for spring collections at this point.

I feel the same way, Linda. I’m presently going into a state of information overload myself. All circuits are well on their way to being blocked or blown!

Nancy T – my concern was the same as your and loads of thanks to colourwheel for setting us straight. I’m kinda surprised that HG isn’t ashamed to do this sort of blatant rip off but, heck, what do I know?

No, they’re actually 2.55 grams each, not total, so you’re getting 7.65 g for $62 ($8.10/g) compared to the regular blush at $8.94/g. It’s a value palette.

So gorgeous! I use the other Hourglass blush palette quite often — I am super bummed that the Incandescent Electra is a repeat though. It’s my least used color in the other palette.

Ok. So we’re getting 0.27 oz total. At least that makes this palette a somewhat ok deal.
I thought if we’ll only get 0.09 oz for 62$, I might as well go get one Tom Ford blush instead. And that’s actually still a better deal price per oz. lol?
Thank you for clarification:)

Welp there went my last shred of will. I had decided I have bought more than enough makeup this season and the only thing I was still going to get was a lucky bag if Beautylish still offers them. But nope. Barring a horrific rating this already has me sold. Hook. Line. Sinker. SEE HOURGLASS! It’s not that hard. Give us beauty and quality we will SHOW UP. Give us itty bitty insults in a mock marble lunch tray and we’re just going to buy more lipstick. From a different brand.
Too harsh? Lol

I think the beauty community should stop calculating the value of limited edition or new products and palettes by straight grams compared to full size, permanent products. New shades require R&D and formulation investment, it’s not just about spitting the same products into pans that already exist.

Not only that, every time a new product is launched all the stores need to get refit with new displays, etc and a brand is never guaranteed a product will be a hit (especially with the transparency of social media and influencer reviews) so I’m sure there are a lot of intangibles that the brand has to absorb to bring us exciting new things on a regular basis that we should factor into fair pricing.

Hi Linda,

If it doesn’t bother you, then you don’t have to worry about it! πŸ™‚ Buy on and enjoy!

However, I definitely don’t think that we as a community shouldn’t look critically at how brands market and price their products. Many brands do release palettes with brand new formulations and/or packaging, and they still manage to provide great value. I don’t think it is fair to try to stunt any discussion about pricing and value of products made by companies that are for-profit and are unlikely to be out there trying to save me or other customers money. There’s real merit in determining whether a palette offers the right value to someone, whether that’s in terms of number of shades/products included, volume of product in it, or total price. For example, if you’ve always wanted to try an Hourglass blush, you might consider the cost of an individual shade of your choice compared to the palette and find that you’re better off purchasing just one shade – why wouldn’t we look at that?

It is actually quite common for a palette to offer a better value than purchasing standalone — look at how many brands promote “$X Value” on their sets and palettes compared to the price. It’s totally fine if it isn’t something that you consider; there are many who consider values to be too much product and therefore not worth the money or would rather spend $50 on 3 shades they’d use all the time, even if it costs more per ounce. There are those that don’t care at all and only care about the performance of the product. These are all worthwhile viewpoints to discuss and share.

I guess I don’t operate under the assumption that brands price things in the interest of consumers, given they are for-profit and beauty as an industry is known for its high markups and margins. There is a lot of branding/marketing in beauty, and as a result, prices are often set to create levels of prestige – mid-end, high-end, luxury, etc.

I missed out on the first blush palette they did in 2014 and been hoping they’d bring it back since. I have also been pissed at them for overcharging us for measly holiday palette pans so haven’t bought anything. Hourglass did a teaser of this on their instagram and I was hoping you would post about it and lo and behold you did! Thank you πŸ˜€

Quick question: Do you know if any international stockists will have it for non US customers?

I wasn’t that impressed by the holiday palette so didn’t pick it up, but this is gorgeous. And bonus it doesn’t have Luminous Flush aka the only one I have in a single

I almost purchased during the First Access but I’m still not sure I need it (like I need any makeup at the moment lol). I’ve actually been hauling a lot of skincare lately…none of the newer makeup releases have really drawn me in…

I bought the blush palette last year and love it. I see now that Incandescent Electra is part of this palette too. Wish we had had 3 new colors ! Wondering if I should get it or not….. waiting for your review !

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