Hourglass Ambient Lighting Edit Palette for Holiday 2015

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette

Ambient Lighting Edit Palette ($80.00) (Limited Edition)

The Ambient Lighting Edit is designed to give you everything you need to finish, brighten, contour, and highlight your skin in a single compact. Featuring the Ambient® Strobe Lighting Powder in Iridescent Strobe Light, a sheer illuminating highlighter that’s designed to emulate the way in which strobe lights capture and reflect light on the face. The optically transparent particles in the Ambient Lighting Blush and Bronzer allow for seamless blending, color transitions and natural contouring. Each product is universally flattering and delivers a multidimensional luminescence to every skintone, making it appear softer and lit-from-within. These Ambient Lighting products use Photoluminescent Technology to filter out harsh light and refine the appearance of the complexion®enhancing skin in any lighting, including flash photography.

  • Ambient Strobe Lighting Powder in Iridescent Strobe Light
  • Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light
  • Ambient Lighting Powder in Diffused Light
  • Ambient Lighting Blush in Luminous Flush
  • Ambient Lighting Blush in Mood Exposure
  • Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze Light

AVAILABILITY | Now at Sephora for VIBs/VIB Rouges


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Mariella Avatar

I have none of the blushes or bronzers and I think only one of the 4 powders I have is in this palette, so I may well buy this. I do think all the Ambient Light stuff has been overdone and I do think it’s overpriced but this palette seems a very good value so…..

Lorrin M Avatar

I really wanted to like this palette given its versatility, but why would they include two blushes that were already in the Ambient Lighting Blush Palette? I now have three out of the six colors so it will have to be a pass, sadly.

Genna Avatar

Aw crap, I thought Mood Exposure was the only blush repeat- which I already have in full size and in the blush palette. I knew Luminous Flush looked familiar-lol!!! I already ordered the palette because I thought my only repeats would be Dim Light (this will be my 3rd), Mood Exposure (my 3rd), and now Luminous Flush (my 2nd)- I’m starting to think I might have made a mistake in this purchase:(.

Nicole Avatar

why would they do this? The new shade-Ambient strobe is in this big palette and not available alone? Most fans of this powder probably have most of these already. I have all of them. I can’t buy the palette for one at $80. Hopefully hourglass will release it as a single.

Mariella Avatar

Nicole, I feel the same about the one shade that’s exclusive in the trio palette – Incandescent. It’s my favourite of all of them and it’s only in the palette. I bought the full size of the next nearest shade (Ethereal, maybe) but I wish they’d release Incandescent!

Mariella Avatar

I also wonder how much this will be in Canada (Hourglass is one of the companies that, IIRC, has a significant markup here, unlike Chanel, Guerlain and a few others). If this hits the $100 mark, I don’t think I’ll buy it unless the blushes and bronzer are perfect for me. It’s not even showing on the Canadian Sephora site yet which is annoying as I’d like to know the price.

Mariella Avatar

Poonam is right – it’s showing on Sephora’s Canadian site as $95. What’s more annoying even than this inflated price is that, apparently, there’s only something like $45(US) worth of product, by weight, in here. Learning this, it’s getting easier for me to pass on this because that is just a rip off!

Aditi Avatar

You know, I was all like “aaahhhh I need dis” when I first heard of it, but after doing the math, it’s not worth the price. For the amount of product you get it’s worth about $50. I’d even be okay if they charged a little bit more for the packaging, but yeah no I’m not paying $80 for this.

emilyc Avatar

Totally agree. I have been eyeing the palette since the news came out, since I missed out on the blush palette. However, after doing the math, it is just so not worth it.

Tracey E. Avatar

I look at it a little differently. If I buy 1 lighting powder and 1 blush, I’ve spent $85. Plus the bronzer. The regular size of the lighting powder is too large for me. For the cost, I get variety. I would have preferred just the blushes and bronzer. A customizable palette would be optimal!

Tracey E. Avatar

I’ve just come back from Sephora. Wanted to look at size and shade colors. The powder palette is smaller in weight than 3 full sized singles. But, the bronzer may be too orange for my complexion and I’d have to buff a lot to take that and the sparkles down. I’m now on the fence with that and the amount of product, despite the lovely variety.

Hannah Delacour Avatar

Wowee! I have to admit, I’ve never bought into the whole Hourglass Ambient Lighting phase as individually, they’re just so expensive! However I think that this palette is incredible value. I may treat myself! Although, sometimes these ‘universal shades’ don’t always suit my skin tone so I think I’ll have to swatch in store. Thank you for sharing beautiful!

Emily Avatar

I disagree about this palette being an incredible value. This is actually the worst value of all their palettes so far. I think the palette may be good for those who want to try out several of the products in this line, but strictly value wise, it’s not good. Based on the full size product sizes, the total cost of the contents in the new palette is $48. There’s a total of 0.294oz product in the palette which is less than a full size ALP (0.35oz), which costs $45, and less than what’s inside the original ALP palette and blush palette (0.33oz per palette), which cost $58. I think $58 for this new palette would’ve been a more reasonable price.

Dani Avatar

Very good point! And once again, the blush shades are too similar… Just like in the blush palette last year, all three shades looked exactly the same on Christine’s face when she put out the review…that’s why I didn’t get that one. Plus, I have tried their individual blush and it’s not that impressed, formula wise. And the bronzer is definitely not a universal shade! I’d say go for the hilighter palette for better quality and value or just individual ALP if you know exactly what you like. This palette is a big no no for me.

xamyx Avatar

However, if one wants to try a few shades/products, they won’t have to buy 3-6 different items at $45 each. How many of us actually get through one product before tossing it? You may get “more” individually, but if you’re tossing 2/3 out, then that’s a waste of $30…

Emily Avatar

I don’t disagree with that. It’s not bad if you want to try all these shades. But strictly value wise when crunching the numbers, it’s not a good value. There’s quite a large markup. The original ALP palette’s markup wasn’t nearly as bad (approximately half the amount), while the blush palette was quite a good deal.

xamyx Avatar

I just recently purged my makeup stash, and realized just how much money I wasted on unfinished/unused products. I’d rather pay $80 on a variety of smaller pans than toss out almost full products, if I don’t finish it off, which if I place a dollar amount on the remainder, is still money spent. That said, if someone actually intends to get through a full-size compact, then it isn’t such a great deal.

Katherine T. Avatar

I use mine as a setting powder in winter, when my skin is drier, but it’s too bad most of the colors are too warm for me, or I would grab this set

Ti Avatar

I have the full size of this bronzer, and the 2014 blush palette (and I’m an NW45, fyi). I would say the “luminous” shade of the bronzer would be a no-go for NW50. I love the bronzer for a natural all-over warmth, for daytime, but I don’t think it would do much for deeper complexions, since I’m already pushing it with mine.

The blush shades would also probably look more like a tinted highlight (if there is such a thing), rather than a proper blush, on NW50 skin. The formula is great if you like a more forgiving, barely-there type of blush; that also means it might be too subtle for deep complexions. But, they do have more pigmented shades that aren’t in the palette, if you have a chance to swatch in store.

MissJae1908 Avatar

Ti, where have you been my whole makeup life? Lol! Thank you for that quick review. Now I have another question. Do you own the Ambient Lighting Palette? And if so, how do you like or how would you describe it? I own one of the powders in Mood Light and I love it! Is it worth it to get the entire palette?

Sorry for all the questions.

Ti Avatar

No worries, happy I could help! I do have the Ambient Lighting Palette. I like it, but I don’t find they’re effective as highlighting powders, which people often say they use them for. I think for deeper complexions like ours, they’re too subtle to highlight, but they’re nice as finishing powders, to blur the skin. You can use them all over the face, but since I’m oily, I just use them on my cheeks, to blur imperfections (pores, texture), after I’ve done the rest of my complexion makeup. I think the palette is a nice way to try out a few different shades of the powders (and you can mix them together to get different effects), so I think it’s worth a go if you’re curious!

Heather Avatar

I was so looking forward to this, but I feel like it’s not much product for the price. I get that this palette makes it possible to try six at once (vs buying six full-sized, which would be way more expensive!) and that these powders last a long time; still, trying to fit a huge powder brush in those little pans doesn’t seem like much fun!

Plus, there is no way that bronzer is going to look good on me (very fair warm-neutral), even with the sheerest of sheer applications. Trying to decide if it’s worth $80 for the .25 ounces of product I’d be able to use, vs buying the larger Ambient Lighting Palette for $58 and tacking on a full-sized blush for a few dollars more.

I really like the assortment, though. Decisions, decisions!

Wednesday Avatar

I pretty much own this palette already with the exception of two shades, one bronzer and one new finishing powder so I will not be buying. Lovely for someone who does not already have a hoard of hg products.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank another Temptalia reader who posted a tip and number of months back suggesting hg diffused light be used as a setting powder for concealer. All I can say: bloody brilliant! Unfortunately, I cannot remember exactly who made the post, but THANK YOU!!!. Finally I can set my concealer without the powder making my undereye area look crepey after a couple of hours of wear. The weird light yellow colour of this particular shade while does absolutely jack for my complexion, works like a dream for concealer area.

Ti Avatar

Not worth it for me, since I have the ambient lighting palette, the blush palette from holiday 2014, and both of the bronzer (both shades of the bronzer, in fact, though this only has the lighter shade). Put together, that means I have 4 of the 6 powders in the palette. I think this would be great for travel, but I don’t travel enough to justify buying it for that!

Rachel Avatar

I just can’t justify it. I understand you are getting a variety, but the blushes are 1/3 of a full size, the powders are 1/7 of a full size, and the bronzers are 1/8 of a full size! The value comes out to $48 and they are charging $80!

Genna Avatar

I’m so glad this is finally available so I can stop lusting after it- lol! This will be my 3rd Dim powder and 2nd Mood Exposure blush, but, thankfully, the other shades in my collection are different than the ones in this palette. Can’t wait to get it!

Rachel R. Avatar

This is a beautiful palette and very tempting, but I agree with those saying the math doesn’t work out. It’s not a great value for the pan size. Even so…if one is an Hourglass Ambient lover, I can see where this would be hard to refuse as a holiday splurge. It’s gorgeous and convenient. I’d rather put the $80 toward UD Vice 4 and Spectrum palettes, though.

Trina Avatar

Darn i have everything except the obvious new product. I really wanted this. I’ve barely put a dent in the powders i have i definitely don’t need doubles. They should of put more new products in this. I think they really missed an opportunity to make a great palette.

Nancy T Avatar

While this certainly looks very appealing to me, the value for the dollar is lacking compared to their other palettes. Too little product. So, sad as this makes me feel, because I was hoping for equivalent amounts of product, I will pass on this one.

melanie Avatar

I love this….but I have most of them individually plus the 3 pan palette of highlights…..so this is a pass. It would have been nice to see new shades besides 1 new one then this could truly be called a limited palette …..maybe the newer shade will be sold separately down the line?

Angela Avatar

I love the way this palette looks but I already have the ALP in Dim Light & Diffused Light, ALP blush in Luminous Flush & Mood Exposure and finally ALP bronze in Luminous Bronze Light (single pan) the others I have in the previous releases of the limited edition three pan. So why would Hourglass think that I would purchase another LE just to get the Strobe Lighting powder in Iridescent Strobe Light event though it is a gorgeous shade. Why not release new exclusive shades in the powders and blushes and then it might have been worth getting especially here in Australia where the price will be $130 (AUD) or more. Hopefully the Iridescent Strobe Light powder will be available in single pan in the New Year.

Cat Avatar

I was really hoping I was wrong when I predicted the colors in this palette. Sadly, I own two of the powders and another two in this set probably wouldn’t be the most flattering on me. I won’t be purchasing this… but I may opt for the Ethereal Light instead.

Mariella Avatar

This is now showing on the Canadian Sephora site – for an alarming NINETY-FIVE dollars!!!! At that price, I will really have to check it out in-store before dropping that kind of money. I have 4 Ambient Light powders already and, to tell the truth, I really don’t think they’re all that amazing so I’ll really have to give this some thought.

Mariella Avatar

I’ve been doing a bit of research and not only is this $95, but this is NO VALUE PALETTE – apparently, going by the cost per ounce of the various products in this palette (when sold individually), you’re only getting about $40 or $50 worth of product and the pans themselves are quite small (I read a review that said they’re not much bigger than a quarter!). Convenience is one reason I buy palettes but so is value; being “ripped off” on the list. Christine, if you are planning to review this, I’ll be very interested to see if your calculations re value/cost confirm what I’ve read online. I wanted to get this because I thought it would be a “value” way to try some of the items I don’t have and didn’t really want to purchase in full size but if what I’ve read is true, I won’t bother with this at all. And to think I was so excited initially!

Meghan Avatar

I wish that there wasn’t so much overlap between palettes and products. I guess we should be more confident that the quality is great for the ALPs etc. but I already have so many of the individual products, it doesn’t really seem worth it to buy it… It seems absolutely perfect for travel though!

Tarah Avatar

So after some humming and hawing and reading / watching reviews, Tiffany at Makeupbytiffanyd and Karen at Makeupandbeautyblog have some really good videos regarding this product , I decided to jump on trying these since it’s an all in one palette and I have never tried anything by hourglass before and since its limited I figured why not . So there is a bit of talk on how the pans are smaller but it’s $26. 0.049oz x 6 would equal $156. And i paid $95. So I think that’s a pretty good deal !!
I really can’t wait to try them , the packaging is gorgeous and to look good and glowing during the dry winter season is win win all around in my opinion !! Thank you Christine for posting this , it couldn’t have come at a better time since I just became VIB !! Lol

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