Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush at Sephora for VIBs Now!

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush for Spring 2014
Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush for Spring 2014

Sephora has the new Ambient Lighting Blushes available for purchase as an early preview for VIBs from now until February 1st. Sephora says they will be available in-stores on February 21st, and “quantities are limited.”  Ethereal Glow wasn’t in stock when I first saw it on Sephora (not sure if it’s already stock or wasn’t stocked yet), but I bought the other five.

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Thanks for posting that Sephora had them available. Got your tweet and stopped all work!! Been checking the hourglass site but keeps saying out of stock. Purchased 3 for now, rest next month. Went through ebates and then used the 10% promo code. Like to think I got a tad bit of a deal….

How did you get a 10% promo code, Melanie??

And thank you Christine for posting about the Sephora preview sale. However, I was so disappointed that I wasn’t able to use the “limited quantity” VIB Rouge code for a free full size Dior lipstick.

Can’t decide which one to get!!! 🙁 Christine did you order them through regular shipping or expedited? I might wait for your swatches to decide

Hi Cinthia,

I paid for the Flash program, so it’s coming 2-day. Normally, I would upgrade to 1-day, but I refuse to spend like $20 to overnight something that won’t be here until Monday at the earliest (because it’s Friday and so the weekend). I just can’t do it. Paying for shipping makes me sad inside. The reality is if they sell through stock by Tuesday, while I’ll review with all the speed I have, if it’s nearly impossible to buy, the extra shipping cost isn’t worth it!

That is the ploy that gets to me the most! Here you are thinking it’ll be therebthe next day, then *after* you pay for it, only then you realize all of the extra processing/mailing time that it takes, and you would have been in the same time frame as those who didn’t fall for that trick. I wonder how much profit margins rise from people falling for this dishonest ploy?

Well, for me, it would be faster, since I’m in CA and I know it gets here faster with upgraded shipping than if I went regular/standard shipping so I don’t actually find that it’s a ploy – Sephora usually ships the same day but it can depend on any cut offs (I don’t remember what theirs is off hand). I know Nordstrom and MAC are 3PM EST for same-day shipping.

I just think the wording is a bit misleading. “Overnight” should mean just that, and placing an item on the site on a Friday kind of makes that impossible, yet when one goes to check out, there isn’t an obvious disclaimer until *after* the confirmation.

I’m all for profits, and charging any rate, but as a consumer, I deserve full disclosure. I’ve known people who have paid extra, even rearranged schedules, only to have it outlined in the fine print the approximate delivery date is 2-3 days later.

I don’t know – it says right on the product’s page “Shipping Info” for each product, and you can open up all the information for shipping. In the cart, it says “Shipping & Handling Information,” and if you go to select your shipping speed during check out, it tells you the time and delivery dates – e.g. they don’t deliver on Saturday. I guess I just disagree that it’s hidden at all, so we’ll just be on opposite sides of this one 🙂

The deal with overnight is Sephora uses UPS and they don’t deliver on Saturday or Sunday so that’s why delivery would be Monday. There has to be a cutoff time so these packages can leave the processing center arrive at the office of mailing, then these overnight packages have to be on a flight to their perspective states unloaded send to the office of delivery scanned put on a delivery vehicle and out to its destination it is a lengthy and fast paced process that would be impossible to achieve with out a cut-off time. Consider using a company such as USPS that has Saturday and Sunday delivery.

Welp, I just dropped my wallet and money fell out into Sephora, for two of these. I own no Hourglass items but everything seems to be worth the hype. I got myself Dim Infusion and Luminous Flush. I also went through ebates and found a VIB promo code that gave me 10% off. I eventually hope to own the other Ambient Lighting products – they seem almost magical from everything I’ve read.

I thought these were permanent so why would there be limited quantities? I was definitely going to wait to see some reviews first, and then purchase!

Hi Cat,

I imagine it is with respect to the early access/early preview for VIBs – that they’ve only set aside some stock for the preview with the rest for full launch.

Manufactured hype… This is actually turning me off to even wanting to try the brand, and Sephora is a store that is seeing less & less of my business, as there are too many comparable places to shop.

It’s one of the nice (?) things about living at the ends of the earth – everything gets here 6 months later (we’re just getting the revlon lacquer/matte balms now), so hype isn’t such a problem! :- P

Envy, now… 😉

I’m kindnof the opposite. As soon as I learn of a new product, I want to be able to just get it! I hate waiting for it. That’s what I mean by “hype”. The product os advertised for a while, then quantities just sort of trickle out, like with Naked 3; I knew about it for a while, but it sold out on UDs site, was released a few days later, sold out *again*, although I’m quite certain there was plenty of stock in a warehouse, somewhere.

I’m trying so hard not to give in to the hype and buy all of these without seeing swatches! Limited now, but permanent and they WILL restock (repeat five times). I have to keep telling myself that I can wait. 😉

I thought I didn’t need these, then snapped one up yesterday from Hourglass because…everyone was getting them? Now I’m tempted to buy something JUST for the free Dior lipstick, because I hunt down “perfect” reds…Why do I do this to myself?!

Shani x

I was going to wait to see your reviews and then they went and did the lipstick thing…sigh. Well, hopefully I picked a good one. Oh, Sephora. You know just how to take my money. 😉

I just bought Dim Infusion, I have a weak spot for coral blushes in my heart!! If you are a VIB you can use the code ” V436CB” to get a 10% off. Hey …better than nothing!

The Rouge Dior lipstick is already gone … barely lasted an hour on the site. Crazy.

I did order Mood Exposure and Diffused Heat, can’t wait for them to arrive!

Noooooo! I promised my self to hold off any makeup purchases because I just dropped a huge amount of money after buying hakuhodo brushes but I want this soooo bad! Let’s see if could wait for your swatches…I can do this!

Omg I just tried also! I was able to add to my cart then I got this notification – “This item cannot be shipped to Canada”

Nooooooooo!! :(!!!!

On the upside, I’m glad it’s not just a problem with my computer.

I’m from Europe (and there is no Sephore here) and I can’t figure out how to get these beauties.
Help, anyone? Which sites offers international shipping?

I already bought Radiant Magenta, and it’s taking all my willpower not to go for Mood Exposure, too. Or Diffused Heat. Or all of them.

I am telling myself to wait and see how Radiant Magenta performs before splurging on the others. Let’s see how long I hold out!

I know that VIB/VIB Rouge is a perk and not a right, but Sephora is not winning any points with me lately as I have been very underwhelmed with the program’s supposed benefits. I tried to redeem the Dior lipstick offer within an hour of receiving the email and it was already gone. The other product I wanted was the Ethereal Glow Blush and it is already out of stock. It’s just not good business. I understand that demand sometimes exceeds supply, but good grief, how difficult can it be to stock enough product to begin with? End of rant, sorry!

Ethereal Glow has been out of stock since it seems like it went live, so either there was almost no stock at all, or it was never in stock to begin with! To me, it is weird that the other 5 shades are still in stock and Ethereal Glow’s been out of stock since maybe 15-20 minutes after it went live!

If you’d like Ethereal Glow, check the Hourglass site directly tomorrow between 8 and 9 am PST. They restocked all but Diffused Heat today. They might have more for you tomorrow!

Sephora has lost a great deal of my business over the last year, for various reasons. If not for them being the only store in my local mall that carries NARS, and the occasional Kat von D palette, I don’t think I’d have reason to step foot in Sephora. I can get my UD at ULTA or Macy’s, as well as many other brands piled on their shelves, so why bother? Nordstrom actually has a better selection of NARS, and ULTA has a better customer loyalty program, so becoming “VIB Rouge” seems to be the only incentive, but if they don’t carry enough product to make the benefits worth it, why bother?

At least you got the email for the lipstick? I never did – I was only able to redeem because I saw Christine’s tweet and went to purchase something immediately. It also became unavailable as I was checking out (luckily I tried a second time and was able to place it in my cart and pay). I looked and looked and looked after the fact and couldn’t figure out where on earth Sephora had advertised the promo; it’s only here I see they sent an email which I never got. So there’s that! I’m a VIB Rouge and only came across a promo by chance…

That’s weird, I got an email this morning saying that the first Rouge gift was a NARS Illuminator. It’s phrased exactly like that, except the product is different.

I got an e-mail this morning saying that the first Rouge gift was a deluxe Caudalie serum. Is Sephora is sending out different gifts to different VIB Rouge members? Why don’t they send out a code with all the possibilities, so we can choose the one we’d like most? Not exactly thrilled…

I also got an email about the caudalie serum. I’ve been wanting to try it, so it’s not a problem for me, but having options would’ve been nice too.

I will totally admit that I just gave Sephora more of my money (when don’t I give them more of my money, quite honestly) and bought Luminous Flush, but the more logical part of me was a little skeptical about this line here:
• The hand-made powders are formulated using an advanced miscelare technique—which means “to mix” in Italian—creating the perfect balance of pigment and powder, and no two look alike.

i mean wouldn’t these be the same principle in theory as the baked mineral-type blushes with the pigments mixed?

if it’s hourglass though, i know these will be fantastic, so either way i’m still considering this a win!

I may have to bite the gun and buy one of these! I’ve been lusting after the Ambient Lighting Powders, but never bought one. But this blush?! I’m gonna have to ship this to work so I won’t get yelled at by my husband LOL… thanks for the info Christine. I just LOVE being a VIB <3

As a Canadian, I wasn’t able to check out with the Ambient blushes in my cart – it said “this item cannot be shipped to Canada”. Well I DM’d Sephora on Twitter, and their response was apologetic & that they’re aware of the problem and trying to fix it.
I think us Canadians will have access to them soon! I wonder if it’s just a glitch? Or if the blushes were just supposed to be released only in the States after all?

I’ll keep you posted! 😀

Available in Canada now! 😀 Ethereal Glow & Luminous Flesh are currently out of stock, but I bought the other 3… (This broke my make-up no-buy New Years Resolution. I only lasted 25 days 😐 – but I’m justifying it as an early birthday present!)

I bought Radiant Magenta, Diffused Heat and Mood Exposure. Hope they look great on my chocolate cheeks. Yes, the Dior lipstick was out when I ordered and I’m getting the serum too….hmmm.

Just ordered two of the blushes. Two of them are already out of stock at Sephora. If you’re a VIB you might want to order sooner than later.

I can sit and keep staring at this pic – it is so vibrantly beautiful. It took me a minute to realise that the backdrop is individual pieces of blushes. So simple and so breathtakingly beautiful.

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