Holiday 2007 Gift Guide – Lola Cosmetics – Laptop Color to Go, Spellbound

Lola products always grab at my heart, because I just love the name of the brand and their packaging is so sultry with their signature red compacts and coloring. Here’s a little peek at their holiday offerings…

Spellbound Color Clutch

Spellbound Color Clutch: This comes in an elegant vintage clutch, black on black, with subtle floral detailing on the outside. You’ll find three lipgloss shades with a hint of mint, two creme blushes, and eighteen shadow shades grouped into complementary trios. Three of these trios are exclusive to this holiday palette. I love how light weight the palette is in its entirety, which makes it a great option for travel. I find that the eyeshadow shades are tame enough to work for most buyers, but there are a few colors there to give others a way to kick it up. I also liked that there was a good variance, and it’s nice to have a group of colors you could use in one look right there for you–less thinking for those early am applications. $38.00


Laptop Color to Go Palette in Joy: I first saw this gorgeous number on (in fact, check out Karen’s in-depth review of the Laptop Color to Go in “Joy” palette and look using it), and I can’t help but be pulled in by that light, shimmery gold and the deep bronzey shadows. I found the mirror’s ability to twist and turn convenient, yet not – sometimes I didn’t want it to move, and it would pivot more than I’d like, but it’s something I could learn to get used to. I didn’t dig the sponge applicator, but I have a preference for actual brushes, and you don’t often find those in palettes! I think they could have given you two, though; one for the shadows, one for the lip products. The deep lip color is workable, for me, if I make sure to use less rather than more – that vampy lip thing is so not happening for me. $36.00